Book 14 Chapter 36 - Heroic

Inside Central Continent Imperial City.

Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse’s face was still slim, his cheekbones sticking out a bit. However, his spirit flourished more than ever before.

His confidence was also more powerful than ever before.

He had already ascended to the throne for many years.

However, only now did he feel like the dragon throne beneath him was really above Imperial City’s earth, that he was the one with true paramount, undisputed authority.

His overcast face looked at a dust covered gray robed cultivator who was quietly standing in front of him, asking, “What does he want?”

This forty something year old, travel worn gray robed cultivator respectfully reported, “He wants a Divine Wooden Flying Crane. To be more precise, he wants the Divine Wooden Flying Crane’s runes.”

“Only a Divine Wooden Flying Crane’s runes? After suffering this defeat, Wenren Cangyue’s appetite seems to have decreased a bit.” Yunqin Emperor laughed coldly in ridicule. He looked at this cultivator standing respectfully in front of him, asking, “Great Mang shouldn’t have any materials that can make the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes?”

The gray robed cultivator cautiously said, “Based on current reports, there currently aren’t any. Moreover, there is sufficient evidence showing that Green Luan Academy’s Divine Wooden Flying Crane’s runes were created after obtaining enlightenment from the runes on a Shentu Clan cultivator’s armor in that Great Desolate Swamp battle.”

“That is why Green Luan Academy’s research on runes is still number one under heaven, above Purgatory Mountain’s.” Yunqin Emperor said coldly. “That is why Purgatory Mountain wishes to figure out how to make Divine Wooden Flying Cranes through studying these runes?”

“Yes.” The gray robed cultivator nodded his head and said, “The conclusion Great Mang reached through their military analysis and statistics was that if there was no Divine Wooden Flying Crane transferred over, Wenren Cangyue’s chances of victory would be greater than his chances of defeat.”

Yunqin Emperor laughed coldly. “That is why Great Mang military’s higher level figures came to the conclusion that some of Wenren Cangyue’s blame will be shifted onto this point?”

“Isn’t it because these idiots’ thoughts are too far from Wenren Cangyue’s?!”

Yunqin Emperor’s voice grew louder. “Since the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes have already appeared, by launching this type of battle, then Wenren Cangyue already considered this factor. The real reason is still Lin Xi and Green Luan Academy’s efforts, because of the uses of He Baihe and Zhou Ruohai, these people. The timing wasn’t wrong, it wasn’t because of the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, what was wrong was that he underestimated those people.”

The gray robed cultivator shivered inwardly, saying with his head lowered, “Your majesty is wise and brilliant.”

“Green Luan Academy has Divine Wooden Flying Cranes, this Emperor also has Divine Wooden Flying Cranes. If Wenren Cangyue wishes to deal with the Divine Wooden Flying Cranes, he’ll be dealing with this Emperor’s Divine Wooden Flying Cranes as well.” Yunqin Emperor looked at this gray robed cultivator, saying with a bit of mockery, “But Green Luan Academy’s Divine Wooden Flying Cranes will always be more than this Emperor’s, this Emperor doesn’t have any archers as powerful as Windstalkers either… That is why, do you understand what this Emperor is saying?”

The gray robed cultivators’ brows shook slightly, respectfully saying, “I understand.”

“Go.” Yunqin Emperor waved his hand, saying with an overcast voice, “Since it is already a new scene, we need to be more careful when doing things. Bring back this Emperor some pretext for gossip.”

Night enveloped Meteor Lake.

Inside of a depression to Meteor Lake’s south, more than ten black military tents were set up. Under the darkness of night, it was practically impossible to see them.

Within one of them, Li Kaiyun was currently massaging his feet with a dry towel.

Even though while in the military, everything was simple, not that much attention paid to cleanliness and health, every single Yunqin soldier, even if they weren’t Green Luan Academy students like him who had been taught in Self Defense Department, understood extremely clearly that in the military, what they had to protect the most were their own two feet.

If they didn’t clean up their feet, allowing them to soak in sweat and filth, after just a few days of time, their toes would easily rot, suffering from ‘army feet’. When severe, they might not even be able to walk anymore.

Sitting in the same tent as Li Kaiyun, similarly massaging and cleaning his feet with a dry towel was precisely Li Kaiyun’s frontier good friend Fang Du.

Since the smell would always be a bit unpleasant, that was why the door curtains were opened. The night sky’s countless stars were visible, they could vaguely make out the reflective light of the distant Meteor Lake.

“This place isn’t far from where Sir Lin Xi and General Hu Piyi defeated that Great Mang naval fleet.”

Fang Du pointed to the side, saying quietly with a positive voice, “Perhaps just another ten or so li out.”

Li Kaiyun released an en of acknowledgment, saying absentmindedly, “Hu Piyi most likely didn’t die in battle. No one knows where he is right now either.”

“Even Grand Secretary Zhou and the others went to East Scenery City and Harmony Splendor City. I originally thought that if he didn’t die, he would also appear in that battle. I didn’t expect for him to still not appear.” Fang Du was a bit regretful, but his face was full of excitement. “Regardless, this battle was still won brilliantly. At the very least, Great Mang will be powerless in launching another attack. It’s only a matter of time before we can recapture Thousand Sunset Border Pass.”

Li Kaiyun nodded his head.

He naturally understood that seizing this battle’s victory meant that the war situation was completely in Yunqin’s favor. At the very least, this meant that the battles didn’t need to be as bitter as before, the number of Yunqin soldiers who died would also be much less.

Only, right now, what made him happy weren’t these things he already discussed many times, which was why he was a bit preoccupied.

Fang Du was a bit shocked as he turned around. When he saw Li Kaiyun’s absentminded expression as he stared out into Meteor Lake, only then did he react a bit, saying with a laugh, “Are you a bit regretful that you weren’t able to participate in Sir Lin’s celebrations? However, I don’t think this is that big of a deal. Since we already came here, in just a few more days, you’ll be able to appear in front of them, personally offer them your congratulations.”

Li Kaiyun laughed.

Only, this laugh concealed a bit of worry.

“Both him and Gao Yanan already shared affection back in Green Luan Academy, reaching their point today was only a matter of time. Jiang Xiaoyi is also my good friend, Linghan, Xiyue and the others are also all there, so it is definitely extremely lively. Me not being there is indeed a bit regretful, only I understand Lin Xi… Since this celebration is clearly a bit rushed, I reckon he is also a bit pressed to do some things, which is why he did this in such a hurry. There are definitely many things that can interfere with his and Gao Yanan’s marriage.”

“You should relax a bit.” Fang Du chuckled as he patted Li Kaiyun’s shoulder. “It’s not like you didn’t hear about East Scenery City’s battle situation… Lin Xi survived even that type of battle situation, so what else can trouble him, that he cannot deal with?”

Li Kaiyun thought for a bit, and then he couldn’t help but laugh as well. He looked at this good military friend and said, “What you say also makes sense. Actually, there is no harm in me telling you a secret… Even though Lin Xi, that fella, has never told me in front of my face and I also pretended that I didn’t know, I heard from Jiang Xiaoyi and the others that among all of his friends, the one he is always the most worried about is me. He has always been worried that I am too hot-blooded, that I might do something like rush in the frontlines, become the very first to sacrifice my life. He worries about me the most, yet I am now instead worried about him, isn’t this a bit superfluous?”

Fang Du laughed out loud. “Why does it just happen to be you?”

Li Kaiyun shook his head a bit helplessly. “I don’t know either. Could it be that it is because I look the dumbest, the most slow?”

Fang Du looked at Li Kaiyun amusingly, saying, “However, the dumb also have their blessings, or else Leng Family’s pearl wouldn’t have favored you. Sir Lin and the others were indeed in a bit of a hurry, or else if it was me and I didn’t have anything major, I would have definitely waited to get married together with you. This way, it wouldn’t be just two simultaneous joyful events, but rather three joys arriving home.”

Li Kaiyun became a bit embarrassed, about to say that the two of them were nowhere close to that. However, right at this time, his eyes suddenly contracted, his gentle expression suddenly becoming rigid and nervous.

Fang Du also sensed that something was strange. He suppressed his voice, asking what was wrong.

Li Kaiyun didn’t reply, only holding his breath, carefully listening and sensing his surroundings.

A second ago, he wanted to speak out for Fang Du and the others to withdraw first. However, the very next breath, his entire body became rigid.

“We’ve been surrounded… it shouldn’t be our own army, but rather an enemy army.”

Fang Du’s heart immediately sunk completely.

“How many?” He released a quiet cricket-like warning sound, at the same time asking Li Kaiyun this.

Li Kaiyun gave him a look, not replying.

Fang Du’s heart grew even colder. Suddenly, he thought of a different thing, saying with a trembling voice, “Our itinerary only passes through other military troops…”

Before waiting for him to finish speaking, Li Kaiyun already made his decision, quickly saying by his ears. “Your swimming skills are still proficient. In a bit, the only hope is to try and flee through Meteor Lake.”

“No, you need to leave first.” Fang Du immediately set his resolution as well, saying through clenched teeth. “You are a Green Luan Academy student, you are much more useful than us. Moreover, Miss Leng is still waiting for you… you…”

While he was hurriedly saying this quietly, the sounds of reeds rustling already came from all directions.


Li Kaiyun fiercely pushed Fang Du, directly pushing Fang Du out from inside the tent.

However, Fang Du instead didn’t leave. When he heard the countless fine and rushed footsteps, he released an extremely cold and fierce military order. “Prepare for battle! Cover Sir Li’s escape!”

Li Kaiyun’s expression became ash colored.

Several scalding hot and powerful auras appeared in his perception.

He sensed that even the path to the lakeside had already been cut off.

His gaze landed on Fang Du who had a black long blade in his hands. In this instant, he knew that perhaps only through this type of method, was there a chance of his good friend surviving.

In this instant, countless chi chi arrow sounds screamed through the air.

Li Kaiyun took a deep breath. His figure was like lightning, arriving at Fang Du’s side like a flash.

Before Fang Du had a chance of releasing any sounds, his hand landed on Fang Du’s lower back.

A wave of soul force fiercely surged into Fang Du’s back, smashing into Fang Du’s heart arteries.

Fang Du’s breathing fiercely stopped.

A concentrated rain of arrows descended.

Li Kaiyun released a fierce shout, standing in front of him. Sword radiance flew, crushing countless arrows. Meanwhile, his other hand instead grabbed an arrow, quietly throwing it out with a reverse grip, sending it into Fang Du’s chest.

There was blood radiance that gushed out from Fang Du’s chest.

Fang Du laid still on the ground, silent, as if he died.

Li Kaiyun gave the distant north a look, a hint of decisive radiance flashing past his eyes. He resolutely brandished his sword, rushing out like the wind.

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