Book 14 Chapter 35 - Power and Authority

Di Choufei walked out from Wind Rain Whispers Pavilion, entering a carriage waiting for him outside.

Wind Rain Whispers Pavilion was a first class money squandering establishment in Central Continent City. If we used pleasant words, then it was a place where the ‘red service’ took place, if we spoke a bit uglier words, then it was a brothel for those of the highest level.

Yunqin revered martial might, it didn’t have any restrictions towards these matters of romance. A man looking for a woman, in the eyes of Yunqin’s people, looked extremely ordinary. The only thing that was different was that if the silvers in your pocket were rather limited, then you could only go to places with comparatively ordinary looking girls. If you had the skill and managed to get something for yourself, then you could go to the best places in the city, places where even a cup of wine was one or two silvers.

Swords, beauties, fine wine, in the eyes of Yunqin’s people, these were all things that came with being a hero. That was why even if it was some of Yunqin royal court’s important officials, bringing out a girl from within to a side room was but an ordinary matter.

A young cultivator like Di Choufei who was full of vigor and previously spent all his time in Dragon Snake Border Army, unable to meet many women year in year out, naturally had a need for this type of place.

Today, he had just popped the cherry of Wind Rain Whispers Pavilion’s most popular prostitute Zi Yan. In reality, he knew a long time ago that Zi Yan and a Government Sector official named Zhuo Qingying shared mutual affection. If it wasn’t for his appearance, then a beauty like Zi Yan should be like her body, it would be purchased by Zhuo Qingying, this type of young and promising official, unfolding some wonderful fantasies.

However, even though he inwardly knew that Zi Yan’s heart already belonged somewhere, he still pretended like he didn’t know anything. Meanwhile today, when faced with his request, Zi Yan not only didn’t refuse, offering her pure body to him, she even fawned over him in every possible way, using every method she had to serve and please him.

When he thought about the bit of tears he saw out of the corner of Zi Yan’s eyes when he did the deed, unknown whether it was from the pain or if it was because of that young Government Sector official, as well as still satisfying him three times after the first time was extremely painful, he also thought about how when he left, there wasn’t much of a fake smile to be seen on her face, the expression of Di Choufei in the carriage produced a hint of a faint smile.

“Power and authority really are good things.” He released a light laugh, saying this proudly and quietly to himself.

It was because he understood extremely clearly that it was precisely because of his authority that Zi Yan did  everything she did today. It was because ever since Wen Xuanshu’s rebellion, in Central Continent City, there already weren’t many people with greater authority than him.

She understood clearly that as long as Di Choufei uttered a single word, he could end her lover’s, that Government Sector young official’s prospects.

Di Choufei wasn’t worried if Zi Yan and that young official still had any affection for each other after today. It wasn’t because he didn’t care much about this prostitute from Wind Rain Whispers Pavilion, her fine white exquisite body still possessed extremely great attraction for him, there might not be many girls more outstanding than Zi Yan. The reason he wasn’t worried was because he knew Zi Yan was an extremely intelligent girl. Even if he didn’t say much, just from her eyes when she did her best to serve him, he already knew that she also recognized her fate, understanding that he was a better choice for her than that young Government Sector official.

This wasn’t his strength.

This was the strength of authority.

Di Choufei knew that these few days were precisely when Lin Xi’s great celebration took place. When he thought about his mortal enemy took on the daughter of the Grand Secretary, and then thought about how no matter how pretty the girl who pleased him just now was, she was still just a girl who came from a brothel, his face didn’t produce a hint of complaint or anger, instead producing a hint of a smile that carried deeper meaning.

The carriage slowly moved along Central Continent City’s streets, moving towards Vermilion Bird Avenue, eventually stopping next to a large courtyard.

This large courtyard originally belonged to Internal Affairs Sector Minister Zhu Zhengli. After Jiang Family and Zhong Family’s chaos, Zhu Zhengli was also linked together with them, thrown into prison, his family property seized. Right now, this great courtyard was granted to Di Choufei.

Di Choufei’s parents, siblings, and other family members, as well as some loyal subordinates from Dragon Snake Mountain Range were also brought to Central Continent City, most of them also arranged in this residence. Zhu Zhengli’s wife, children and servants, were also punished, becoming slaves and servants, granted to Di Choufei as well. That was why the previous Zhu Manor, now called Di Manor, wasn’t all that lonely and cold, instead giving off the feeling of a distinguished family.

Di Choufei’s fine military boots stepped over the slightly damp corridor floors that had just been washed, he made his way through several courtyards, entering a horse stable at the very back of the residence.

There were two old horses in the horse stable, one black, one yellow.

When they saw Di Choufei walk in, the two old horses both began to cry out, both of them in happy and animated states.

Di Choufei revealed a smile. He rolled up his sleeves, personally washing these two old horses, and then added some feed.

These two old horses were military horses he used when he was in Dragon Snake Border Pass, they accompanied him for many years in that place. For him, people might betray him, but these horses wouldn’t. That was why he always treated these two old horses as his old friends. When he left Dragon Snake Border Army, he also thought of every way possible to bring these two old horses out from Dragon Snake Border Army.

Only after taking care of these two old horses of his, did Di Choufei leave this courtyard and climb into a carriage.

The carriage then began to make its way through Central Continent City’s streets again, continuing all the way until Heavenly Qi Avenue could be clearly seen within the renovating Imperial City, only then did they stop in front of another large residence.

This was Leng Family’s residence.

During the final battle of Wen Xuanshu’s rebellion, only then did Central Continent City’s people discover that turns out from start until finish, Leng Zhennan who had the most reason to stand on Wen Xuanshu’s side was always under the emperor. It was only during that battle that many people in Central Continent City realized Leng Zhennan was also a powerful Sacred Expert[1].

When Wen Xuanshu’s henchmen were completely purged from Central Continent City, Leng Zhennan’s position didn’t seem to have changed that much on the surface, still managing Internal Affairs Sector, however, regardless of whether it was his prestige or real authority, both increased substantially.

Leng Zhennan seemed to have long been aware that Di Choufei would come at this type of time, which was why there weren’t any reports made, directly allowing Di Choufei’s carriage to arrive in front of Leng Zhennan’s study, only then did he invite Di Choufei out into the study.

After exchanging etiquette, Leng Zhennan who was habitually silent within the royal court remained quiet for a moment. He raised his head towards Di Choufei, no emotions visible as he calmly asked, “Is this only your intention, or does it also come from his majesty’s intentions?”

Di Choufei looked at this great figure who was injured during the Imperial City great battle, his face still a bit excessively pale, respectfully replying, “It carries my wishes, and it also carries his majesty’s. His majesty previously already told me that as long as Sir Leng agrees, he can give the decree to grant the marriage, that our later generations would also receive his majesty’s blessings.”

Leng Zhennan nodded, momentarily remaining silent.

Di Choufei wasn’t in a rush, only calmly smiling, continuing, “Sir Leng is a minister his majesty attaches great importance to, your contributions are much greater than a later generation like myself. His majesty’s intentions are also extremely clear, he doesn’t wish to specially summon you over this matter only because he doesn’t wish to trouble Sir Leng. As long as Sir Leng isn’t willing to and his majesty doesn’t personally directly say this to Sir Leng, it isn’t considered going against his majesty’s will. His majesty carries great fondness towards Sir Leng, holding later generations like me in high esteem, but I believe Sir Leng also understands his majesty’s grand prospects… There is already no chance for peaceful coexistence between his majesty and Green Luan Academy. That is why regardless of whether it is sooner or later, Sir Leng will have to face this choice.”

“I am an important military minister, in control of Central Continent Army, moreover, I supervise the high ranking officers of various regions. Locally, my prestige and power are both far inferior to Gu Yunjing’s, but in this Central Continent City, my authority is greater than Gu Yunjing’s.” After a slight pause, he looked at the quietly thinking Leng Zhennan, continuing to slowly say, “The officials of the royal court’s various sectors are now headed by Sir Leng. The reason his majesty permits me and Leng Family to be joined in marriage is precisely as an expression of his assurance in us. Forgive this younger generation for being direct, for his majesty to do this, it already isn’t easy. He can help us feel at ease, but we are unable to help him feel at ease, this is related to our lives and prospects. His majesty wishes for a rich and powerful golden age, what he wants is precisely a stable royal court he can feel at ease over, one that can completely carry out his decrees. Moreover, if I may be so bold as to ask sir, if we put aside all elements of affection, only discussing things as they stand, does your respected self believe that his majesty will be defeated under the hands of a cultivator like Lin Xi who hasn’t even reached the State Master level?”

“Sir, please consider your own prospects, think about your own family, think about how if your daughter walks together with those Green Luan Academy bumpkins, what kind of result there will be in the future.” After Di Choufei seriously said this, he respectfully bowed to Leng Zhennan.

Leng Zhennan still remained silent for a bit of time.

Then, he set his resolution. He thought about this powerful Yunqin Empire, about the powerful True Dragon Mountain, believing that what Di Choufei said was correct.

He felt like this was the decision that showed the most responsibility for both him and his daughter.

That was why he nodded, not showing any displeasure as he looked at Di Choufei, saying, “Right now, in Central Continent CIty, there aren’t any youngsters more outstanding than you. Since his majesty also shares these sentiments, then please have his majesty arrange for an auspicious day to carry out the great celebration.”

Di Choufei revealed a dazzling smile, kneeling down, showing Leng Zhennan a great act of respect, his waterfall like black hair flowing down his back.

“Father-in-law will definitely have your name left behind in history, this humble son-in-law will also share in this brilliance. Those who are trying to oppose this empire will undoubtedly vanish like smoke from a chimney.”

Leng Zhennan revealed a faint smile. He stood up, supporting Di Choufei to his feet. “From today on, I must ask for worthy son-in-law’s care. In the end, this Central Continent City will be the younger generation’s world.”

Di Choufei smiled.

He seemed to be able to see his authority take another huge leap, now standing at a place slightly beneath Central Continent City’s tallest True Dragon Mountain, overlooking the lives of all in this city.

Those were a brothel’s prostitute and the daughter of the Grand Secretary, what difference was there between them?

“Lin Xi, I have the greatest authority in all of Central Continent City. What qualifications do you have to face me as an enemy?” This outstanding, proud youngster with black hair flowing down his back like a waterfall who was about to become a Sacred Expert inwardly asked this in ridicule.

1. Leng Zhennan is a powerful cultivator archer B14C19

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