Book 14 Chapter 34 - Red Waves

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting now.” Gao Yanan’s voice sounded from under the red veil, just that right now, her voice was exceptionally shy.

Lin Xi stopped singing and said, “It’s because I’m happy.”

Gao Yanan quietly said, “We are always together normally too, what’s the difference.”

“You obviously know what is different about today.” Lin Xi reached out his hands, slowly moving aside the red veil. “Today, regardless of what we do, we don’t have to be scared of going beyond etiquette, right?”

When these thick-skinned words sounded, while looking at Gao Yanan’s thin brows, her beautiful powdered face under the red candlelight, he instead became stupefied.

“What is there to even look at.” Gao Yanan’s fine complexion immediately produced two red blushes.

“You’re beautiful.” Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan with an expression of being reluctant to part, sincerely saying with a sigh of praise. Originally, he was worried that East Port Town, this region’s local wedding matrons, would end up doing some shocking things, but right now, he knew that his previous fears were completely unnecessary. After just slightly fixing her eyebrows and coloring her lips, Gao Yanan changed from quiet and elegant into becoming gorgeous and lovely.

Even though sexy and flirtatious couldn’t be considered that good of a description word, at this time, he instead felt like this type of description was the most fitting.

It was because this was the type of look that was best at arousing a man’s desire, true endless splendor.

“Even the mythical fox spirit who can ruin a country with her beauty shouldn’t be any more than this, right?” His eyes followed her fine white and slender neck, seeing a heart shaking snow-white graceful arc that made his mouth and throat dry.

Gao Yanan didn’t know who the mythical fox spirit Lin Xi was talking about was, but when she saw Lin Xi’s fiery gaze, her face instead became even more red.

“Should we get some rest?”

Lin Xi couldn’t hold himself back anymore, his breathing a bit rushed as he looked at Gao Yanan, quietly asking this.

“Put out the red candles first.” Gao Yanan shot Lin Xi a fierce look.

Lin Xi wanted to laugh, but he forcibly stopped himself.

It was because with his sight, during this type of starry night, with or without a candle’s light didn’t make much of a difference, he could see everything extremely clearly regardless. Gao Yanan’s beauty was going to be deeply engraved into his mind, he wouldn’t have any regrets.

The red candle flame was extinguished under a wave of his hand.

The faint starlight scattered through the window lattice.

Gao Yanan closed her eyes.

She was happy, nervous, and a bit scared.

This was, after all, the first time the two of them shared such close intimacy.

Lin Xi was extremely impatient.

However, he felt like what he should do most was treasure every single minute, every single second of time, which was why his movements were extremely slow and gentle.

As if he was unraveling the most perfect piece of art, he undid Gao Yanan’s clothes bit by bit. Then, he truly saw the most perfect work of art, suddenly making him feel dizziness.

He embraced Gao Yanan, entered the covers with her. After taking a bath in the morning, they had more fragrances applied, which was why Gao Yanan’s body, apart from the usual fragrance of a young lady, there was also an even stronger fragrance. This type of fragrance and Gao Yanan’s current shocking beauty left Lin Xi bewitched. He couldn’t help but kiss Gao Yanan’s bright red lips, kissing her body that seemed to have been sculpted out of the best jade by the world’s most outstanding great craftsmen, every part just perfect, kissing every inch of her snow-white body.

Gao Yanan’s body began to shake, starting to heat up.

Suddenly, Lin Xi heard her start to whimper.

He reluctantly raised his head from her snowy peaks, kissing her behind her ears and asking, “What is it?”

“What do I need to do?” Gao Yanan released an extremely quiet pleading voice from between her lips and teeth, as if she was quietly sobbing.

Lin Xi stared blankly.

While looking at Gao Yanan’s current mysterious and complicated expression, as well as her slightly pursed red lips, the flame within his body began to burn even more fiercely.

He originally wanted to say ‘you don’t have to do anything’, but when the words reached his lips, his eyes moved… suddenly realizing that this was a huge matter that concerned his entire life.

“Changing this world might be too hard. Changing my wife though, this is more feasible…”

“If not even one house can even be cleaned, how can one clean the entire world?”

“This cannot be considered lying, right?”

Three mysterious lines that didn’t seem to have any type of connection between them flashed past Lin Xi’s head.

Lin Xi quietly whispered by Gao Yanan’s ears, “Whatever I do, you do, that should be enough.”

Gao Yanan finally opened her eyes.

She didn’t have any experience regarding the matters between men and women. If Lin Xi was going to teach her like this, then she naturally had to watch Lin Xi do this as well.

Lin Xi saw Gao Yanan’s eyes flicker under the darkness.

He obviously felt even more stimulated, even more excited. Only, for the sake of this great matter that was related to his entire life, he still held back, ‘facing the front lines’ as he taught Gao Yanan.

Gao Yanan trusted Lin Xi’s ‘lies’, starting to caress every inch of Lin Xi’s skin, turning over to kiss every inch of Lin Xi’s body.

Lin Xi also began to suck in bits of cold air.

Gao Yanan could sense Lin Xi’s happiness. While feeling bashful, she felt like what Lin Xi said should be correct. It was because when Lin Xi did this, she also felt similar feelings.

“Is this the so-called husband and wife’s true pleasures of close intimacy?”

“We really are like two fish.”

She inwardly thought absent-mindedly. Every single movement was still extremely underripe and inexperienced, but for Lin Xi, it was unimaginably enticing.

When Lin Xi released a light groan of pain, Gao Yanan was scared that she did something wrong. She raised her head to look at Lin Xi. When their eyes met, Lin Xi couldn’t hold back any longer, releasing a wild beast-like roar, turning over and plugging up Gao Yanan’s lips, completing the final step.

The instant she felt her body and mind filled by Lin Xi, Gao Yanan seemed to have instinctively understood. “Could it be… that it was just this?”

She released a voice that was a bit unfamiliar even to herself.

Lin Xi used the last bit of his rationality to firmly shake his head, saying positively, “Not at all… foreplay is also extremely important!”

Ugh...I couldn’t even last two halts… I really am Lin Second, not Lin Third… return!”

The great red brocade surged like a flood.

This was true red waves of brocade surging atop the bed.

This was the true day of great joy.

This was the true night of spring.

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