Book 14 Chapter 33 - Fulfill My Wish

In East Port, Swallow Descent, Clear River, and other towns, every single family brought out red lanterns, the character for joy stuck everywhere along the neighborhood. Every family was slaughtering chickens and killing fish, all of them preparing tables and chairs… Today was Young Sir Lin’s joyous day, moreover, it was also Sir Jiang’s joyous day, but this atmosphere seemed as if every family was preparing for a wedding.

There were even great figures with extraordinary authority preparing festivities. Normally, when there were celebrations like this, even if every family prepared some tips for the happy occasion, there would always be some who did it unwillingly, doing it because they had to. For so many streets to work together, be of one mind like this, everyone celebrating as if it was their own family’s children getting married, then this family was definitely one of good moral standing and reputation in the town, someone who truly earned the respect of many people.

By now, all of the towns along Breath River’s shores were decorated with lanterns and colored banners, all of this only for Lin Family’s happy occasion, it truly was unprecedented since Yunqin Empire’s establishment. Along Breath River, one could only see that under this winter day, all of the towns were bright red, splendid like multicolored radiance, the red color covering half of Breath River.

Even in the areas that normally seemed a bit desolate during the winter, on the mountain slopes, there were people who arranged strings of centipede kites, the kites all colored red as well, the characters ‘great blessings’ written on them. It looked just as if red flowers blossomed in the skies, red lanterns hanging one after another.

Some merchant ships that passed by East Port and Swallow Descent Town, and some traveler ships didn’t know what was going on. They first felt shock, but when they heard that it was that Young Sir Lin who was often discussed among Yunqin’s people who returned, that it was this type of huge occasion, many ships also stopped at the ports. Many merchant companies and traveling rich merchants all prepared gifts in sincerity and good faith.

All of East Forest Province’s wedding banquets were carried out in the evening. This day, just from early morning until noon, East Port and Swallow Descent’s harbors and ports already had who knew how many ships parked. The people on the boats were extremely shocked when they saw the brilliant red color filling the streets. Meanwhile, when the people in the town who saw that this river that was normally filled with the sails of boats and river surface was now covered in endless red, the number of boats great to the point they were actually about to completely clog up Breath River, they also felt extremely shocked.

Since neither of the two individuals who were getting married were ordinary, moreover not a wife taken locally, that was why the pledge of oath, conclusion of betrothal, blessings from the family, bride and grooms’ escort, as well as the various stages were already simplified a bit compared to normal. However, despite this being the case, Lin Xi was busying about since early morning.

Washing up, shaving his face, arranging his hair, and all of the other steps that were only to make one’s appearance exceptionally bright and neat already used up half a day of time.

Then, there was round after round of putting on clothes and ornaments.

The groom’s great red robes actually had several layers of inner clothing, every single layer of clothing full of different decorations, there were even different dried fruits and other items of different significance within the pockets.

When he put on these layers of clothing, Lin Xi only felt as if it made his movements even more stiff than wearing military black armor.

When he saw that there were still some crowns, golden pieces, chest decorations, decorative gold and silver high boots, as well as a pile of other things left, Lin Xi couldn’t help but reveal a forced smile, unable to help but turn his head towards his mother who was sweating a bit, busying about with a few other aunties, with a look of pleading, saying quietly, “Mom, could we go a bit simpler on all of this?”


Lin Xi’s forced smile appearance brought back a flick on his forehead from his mother.

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting! Putting on this type of miserable face, don’t tell me there is still something you are unsatisfied with?” This soft and refined older woman quietly scolded her son. “Even Yanan doesn’t feel like this is troublesome, yet you do? This type of huge event has to be made big, it only happens once in your entire life, so how can we simplify it? If you don’t feel like you are showing others disrespect, I will feel like we let others down.”

Lin Xi immediately covered his head, begging for forgiveness, “I was wrong… Come, come, come, add it all on my body.”

The group of aunties helping all began to laugh. The soft and scholarly mother shot Lin Xi another look. “You’ve already settled down and gotten married, yet you still don’t have an ounce of decency.”

Lin Xi laughed, but he saw that there were sparkling lights at the corners of his mother’s eyes. He immediately held his mother’s hand, giving her a light hug, saying by her ears. “What is it, are you reluctant to let your son go?”

This soft and gentle middle-aged woman laughed. “I just never expected you to grow up so fast, already getting married.”

The bridal room always had some curious children gathered around it, waves of scolding sounding from time to time.

During this type of day of celebration, the amount of things the bride had to prepare were much greater than the groom. The ones who entered Lin Family’s residence were already Breath River’s best wedding matrons. Normally, those girls with ordinary appearance, after going through their hands, would have many blemishes hidden, and suddenly become much more beautiful.

However, since the two new brides’ appearances were too stunning, it was to the extent where these skillful middle-aged women found it a bit hard to set their hands. Just touching up the eyebrows had to be done several times, the amount of time used up even longer, this process becoming even busier.

Outside Lin Family’s courtyard was another scene.

Tables were arranged along the streets, actually filling up all of Swallow Descent Town. Many skillful kitchen aunties were busying about, many families’ kitchens releasing fragrance and white smoke. Some people in the town began to command people to do things like they were fighting a war.

Suddenly, everyone became shocked, many people moved out of the way one after another, shouting out, “The Longevity Elder has come.”

Under the support of several countrymen, an elder with snow-like hair and beard, his white beard falling to his chest, body weak and shaking descended from his carriage. He held a congratulatory gift wrapped in red cloth, arriving to offer his congratulations.

Originally, this elder was Breath River’s oldest elder, already more than a hundred and thirty years old. Without being a cultivator, this was already extremely shocking. Yunqin’s people believed in the supernatural, feeling like this person’s longevity was definitely because of his good deeds. Moreover, Yunqin’s people originally respected elders greatly, so they were all extremely respectful towards this Longevity Elder.

Only someone like Young Sir Lin could make this kind of Longevity Elder hurry over from Clear River Town to offer his congratulations.

Suddenly, another burst of gongs and drums sounded from the river surface.

“It is Dragon King Zhang’s people!”

Everyone raised their heads and looked out, but they discovered that there were wooden boards on top of over a hundred fishing boats, linked up into one. On top of them, many robust men were striking gongs and drums, performing lion and dragon dances, offering their congratulations towards Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi.

Not long after these gongs and drums sounded, there was another burst of gongs and drums that sounded. Countless people arrived from East Port Town’s direction, the dozens of people at the front looked like they were carrying palanquins. However, when they got closer, meat fragrance wafted everywhere. These were actually large pigs that have been cooked whole.

“These are Chen Village’s crispy skin fragrant pigs! The pigs are marinated whole, and then cooked in a covered vessel in a huge stove!”

Someone cried out.

When they heard these sounds, only then did many people react, realizing that the people from Elder Chen Yangzhi’s Chen Family arrived.

Chen Family’s villagers came.

Elder Mo who owned the riverfront building Lin Xi previously stayed at in East Port Town also came.

East Port Town’s Provincial Supervisor Jiang Wenhe arrived.

The people from Judicial Sector’s Enforcer Office also came.

The people of their fish market arrived.

Congratulatory gifts were delivered to Lin Family one after another.

Lin Xi’s father who was welcoming the guests during this day of great celebrations, also couldn’t help but want to reveal a bitter smile.

Even though things that were too precious were firmly refused by Lin Family, he couldn’t shirk some items of greater meaning and auspiciousness. It was to the extent where the two side rooms were all already filled, they couldn’t help but start piling up the courtyard.

All of the neighbors along the streets were extremely happy.

Except for that little girl whose family’s fish was extremely tasty.

Her mother was currently in the town, organizing and helping cook the fish, not paying much attention to her. She was standing right outside Lin Family’s courtyard, her eyes widened as she looked around, wishing to see that pretty big sister she saw two days ago.

However, even after staying here for more than half a day, up until the banquet was starting to be arranged, red candles even lit inside Lin Family’s residence, rites and music even starting, everything prepared, the bride and groom about to come out to complete the ceremony, with the wedding banquet about to start, she still didn’t manage to wait until she saw the pretty big sister.

As such, this little girl began to feel a bit wronged, tears starting to fill her eyes, inwardly wondering why that pretty big sister would lie to her? They said that they were going to come today, so why did they end up not coming?

However, since she felt like crying during this type of great event wasn’t that polite, this little girl secretly hid inside a corner no one paid attention to. After a bit longer, when her crying still didn’t stop, when she heard waves of cheers and toast sounding, knowing that the newlywed bride and groom already began their greetings, this little girl couldn’t hold back her curiosity. She rubbed her eyes and hurried up to the entrance. She shoved aside some small brats that were even younger than her, squeezing her way inside.

After just giving that direction a single look, her eyes immediately completely widened.

She saw the two newlywed couples, seeing that one of them was precisely standing next to that pretty older sister from that day. Then, when she saw that the new bride was extremely familiar, she immediately reacted, crying out.

No one noticed the cry of shock of this little girl.

The two brides’ red covers still hadn’t been removed, however, this little girl clearly saw that new bride’s hand quietly wave towards her.

This little girl immediately released a scream of joy, and then happily began to jump on the ground.

The bride and groom paid their respects to heaven and earth, paid their respects to their parents and paid their respects to each other.

When the ceremony was complete, Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi raised their win cups, thanking the guests.


In that instant, a shout of toast resounded through Swallow Descent Town and its countless streets, completely dispelling the coldness.

Lin Xi’s mouth moved a bit, producing a smile. He inwardly thought that this was an event that was supposed to be rich with meaning, yet his thoughts didn’t seem to be that pure, thus starting to become a bit nervous.

During nightfall, the people of Breath River who drank until they were unconscious for a long, long time were all collapsed on Swallow Descent Town’s streets, all of Breath River flowing with a tispy sweet aura.

The two newlyweds who were worn out from busying about all day were finally sent into their respective bridal rooms.

The festive Swallow Descent Town finally slowly quieted down.

In this bridal room where there was finally only himself and Gao Yanan left, Lin Xi rubbed his hands, holding Gao Yanan’s fine hands that were exposed outside of her wedding dress.

He mysteriously became nervous and excited, unable to help but start singing, “Today… I can finally finally finally obtain what I wished for in my dreams… fulfill this dream.”

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