Book 14 Chapter 32 - This is Precisely Yunqin

Jiang Xiaoyi and Wang Simin returned to Lin Family’s small courtyard in Swallow Descent Town.

More and more people gathered in front of Lin Family’s entrance as well, wishing to catch a glimpse of the Young Sir Lin they adored.

Starting from East Port and Swallow Descent Town, Sir Lin always worked for the people, an honest and upright official who didn’t fear influential officials. Meanwhile now, their Young Sir Lin was already a hero who shocked the entire world.

Regardless of weather it was wiping out a great army that attacked Meteor City, or when he took down Xu Qiubai under the drum tune of Star General’s Advance… All of these deeply moving stories had long been passed around through the mouths of Yunqin people one after another.

Ordinary heroes, since their visualization was too great and powerful, that was why they were aloof and remote, didn’t seem real at all.

However, Sir Lin was someone who had lived among them before, so he was exceptionally real to them, this also making them feel exceptionally proud.

“Shopkeeper Lin, your respected self has seen as well… We don’t wish to bother Young Sir Lin, it is just that everyone wishes to see what Young Sir Lin is like now. Could you just let everyone take a look? Just a single look… and then I will have them leave. What does your respected self think? Even if after these people get a look and then more people come afterwards, they can still tell them what Young Sir Lin is like now… Otherwise, this will also get a bit out of hand.” Swallow Descent Town’s new Town Supervisor that took Lin Xi’s place after he left looked at the crowd behind him, a bit embarrassed and respectful as he asked Lin Xi’s father.

“It isn’t me who insists on hiding him.” Lin Xi’s father apologetically greeted this Town Supervisor and all of the fellow countrymen who had gathered outside, explaining helplessly, “Even though it is true that he returned, this time, he isn’t actually at home, or else how could he not come out to greet everyone?”

The people who heard him were all a bit disappointed, some people asking, “Why would Young Sir Lin leave right after coming back?”

“That’s not entirely it either, it is just that he left because he has some matters to take care of. I don’t know where he went, but he should return today.” Lin Xi’s father, a shopkeeper who normally seemed extremely well-tempered laughed and said, “Everyone, there is no need to worry. In two days, we are going to hold a great celebration. If everyone wishes to join in on the liveliness, then all of you would be able to see him then.”

“A great celebration?” Many people couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of celebration is shopkeeper holding?”

Someone seemed to have realized something, crying out in alarm. “Shopkeeper Lin, could it be that Young Sir Lin is going to take on a wife, this type of celebration?”

Lin Xi’s father nodded with a smile on his face.

Cries of alarm and joy erupted.

“Shopkeeper Lin, just which daughter has such great fortune, to actually be a match for Young Sir Lin?” Someone asked with great joy and envy.

“Exactly! Shopkeeper Lin, just which family’s daughter is it that can match Young Sir Lin?” Another voice sounded in agreement.

Lin Xi’s father's smiling face became respectful, saying with glee, “What another family’s good fortune? It is clearly our Lin Family’s fortune… It is Grand Secretary Zhou Family’s daughter.”

This place immediately erupted with noise.

Many people who originally thought that the girl wasn’t a good match immediately became completely relieved.

Ordinary people didn’t know about the power struggle in Central Continent City, but Grand Secretary Zhou had served for so long, allowing most of the common people to live well. Only previously, when Grand Secretary Zhou opposed the southern expedition, did some of the people feel a bit of displeasure towards Grand Secretary Zhou, but after the southern expedition failed, Yunqin’s people woke up, realizing that what Grand Secretary Zhou said before was correct, which made Yunqin’s common people think even more fondly of Grand Secretary Zhou.

Grand Secretary Zhou, this type of great figure’s daughter, in the hearts of these common people, really was about the same as an Imperial City princess.

For them, there was indeed only the esteemed daughter of Grand Secretary Zhou’s family who was worthy of Young Sir Lin.

“This time, it is two simultaneous happy events. Xiaoyi will also get married, some men were already sent out to bring his parents. After another two days, this celebration can be held.”

“Young Sir Jiang is going to marry Miss Wang?”

“This really is a talented man and beautiful woman… truly two simultaneous happy events!”

Waves of cheers and joy erupted like a flood in front of Lin Family’s courtyard.

“Young Sir Lin and Young Sir Jiang’s wedding celebrations, this is going to be a huge event!”

“Indeed, we have to make it big, or else if we all come to disturb them here, this courtyard won’t be able to hold that many people!”


East Port, Swallow Descent, Clear River… These peaceful little towns along Breath River’s shores all suddenly became enthusiastic and full of jubilation because of Lin Family’s great news.

Then, where did Lin Xi go at this type of time?

Swallow Descent Town’s river blocking dam was extremely grand and magnificent. Since it needed to store water, the dam was even taller than before, looking like a giant dragon as it towered in Breath River.

A Swallow Descent Town farmer was currently farming on a mountaintop field. Suddenly, he saw three figures whose bearing gave off an exceptional feeling.

He first felt that they were unfamiliar, but soon afterwards, he felt like the youngster between the male and female was exceptionally familiar.

Suddenly, he realized who this person was, the hoe in his hands immediately smashed into the field in front of him.

He began to choke with emotion, his body also shaking continuously.

Only when the three of them walked along the field’s small path, already not far from him, was he able to barely hold back his emotions. While carrying the most sincere respect, he bowed deeply with respect. “Young Sir Lin!”

The ones who walked up to this farmer were Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and Grand Secretary Zhou.

While looking at this farmer who was so moved he was beside himself, Lin Xi vaguely recalled this person’s face, but just couldn’t remember his name.

He seriously returned the greeting, pointing towards the distant dam gleaming with brilliance, saying with a smile, “There is no need for excessive formalities… This dam has actually already been completed! When was it completed?”

The farmer’s voice was still trembling as he respectfully answered, “Because of sir’s project plan… the great merchant companies all invested a lot of money, everyone also willing to be a part of the plan, so this dam was completed this spring.”

While looking at the smiling and nodding Lin Xi, the farmer then asked, “Sir, what did your respected self come here for? Is there anything I can help your respected self with?”

Lin Xi said, “I only came to look at this dam, offer my respects to Elder Chen[1] along the way.”

“Elder Chen Yangzhi’s statue is right over there, I’ll bring your respected self over.”

This farmer excitedly bowed, immediately turning around to lead the way.

An ordinary elder’s statue was facing the calm river surface.

Lin Xi and the others arrived before this statue.

Grand Secretary Zhou and Gao Yanan who had already heard Lin Xi talk about this elder’s work both showed this statue a deep bow of respect.

When he thought about the night this elder passed away, Lin Xi became momentarily silent.

The farmer who led the way, out of fear of disturbing their discussion, excitedly and respectfully told them he was going to leave first.

In the distance, there was a young girl who held a bundle of wintersweet flowers, walking over with a basket.

This young girl was only ten or so years old, her face still rather tender, not recognizing Lin Xi.

She sized up Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and Grand Secretary Zhou with curiosity, instead first looking at Gao Yanan with admiration, saying, “Big sister, you are so pretty.”

Gao Yanan couldn’t help but laugh. She looked at this little girl whose eyes carried great fondness, saying gently, “Little sister, you will be even more pretty than me when you grow up.” 

“That might not be true.”

The little girl seriously replied. “I have never seen someone as pretty as big sister in this town before. Big sister, did you come from outside? Why? Did you come to see this grandpa too?”

Gao Yanan nodded. She looked at the cakes in this little girl’s basket, and then thought about the many dried flowers around this elder Chen Yangzhi’s statue, thus asking, “Little sister, do you all often come to see this grandpa?”

“Mmhm! It is because mom told me grandpa is a good person, that grandpa saved many people! The people in our village and the people of other villages always come here to see this grandpa. Also, mom told me this grandpa will always protect us.”

This little girl’s reply was full of a childish feeling, but it made all three of them become quiet.

“So this is precisely the reason why He Baihe and the others faced death.”

Grand Secretary Zhou looked into this elder’s eyes, saying with a light sigh. “This is precisely Yunqin.”

“That is why this is the reason I dare let Auspicious Virtue do something like this.” Lin Xi laughed, his smile full of radiance. “The people who have truly done things for Yunqin will definitely be remembered by Yunqin’s people.”

The little girl couldn’t understand Grand Secretary Zhou and Lin Xi’s discussion, but she felt like people who came to see this grandpa were all definitely good people. Moreover, there was such a pretty big sister here, so she said with great happiness, “Pretty big sister, why don’t you guys all come to my house for a meal? The fish my mom cooks is really really tasty!”

“Little sister, our families also have people waiting for us, so we cannot go to your house today.”

“Then what about tomorrow?”


“How about the day after?” The little girl looked at Gao Yanan with great expectation, at this pretty big sister she liked. However, she suddenly thought of something, thus saying apologetically and with worry, “Maybe not the day after tomorrow… My mom said that Young Sir Lin’s family might hold a celebration, so she will go and help cook some fish.”

When she heard the little girl’s words, Gao Yanan’s fair cheeks became a bit red, saying with a smile, “Turns out it was this. Then there isn’t any need to worry. Who knows, we might just meet the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh, so you guys are also Young Sir Lin’s guests! Great! Then I will definitely look for pretty big sister!”


This Swallow Descent Town’s little girl left happily.

Lin Xi took a deep breath, slowly releasing a breath of white air.

“This is precisely Yunqin, this is precisely the reason why I was willing to die with East Scenery City.” Inwardly, he said this quietly to himself.

This was a world with love.

A simple and lovely secular world, a picturesque setting, the world he liked.

1. Chen Yangzhi, the elder who warned everyone about the dam situation B6C16

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