Book 14 Chapter 24 - Great General’s Childishness

Night surrounded Central Continent City.

To Central Continent City’s north was a Central Continent Guard camp.

Within the central-most military tent, a wave of wine fragrance wafted about.

Yunqin attached great importance to military might, and they believed those who drank were heroic. That was why as long as those in the army were not carrying out military affairs, there were no restrictions on drinking.

The two high ranking officers drinking were Guan Yong and Lu Miedi.

These two military officials were originally high level officers in Central Continent City. Previously, after paying a great price to obtain Wen Xuanshu’s trust, they then controlled the City Defense Army. Wen Xuanshu’s troops were defeated, everything they did, the sacrifice of many people finally had meaning, so regardless, this was a time worth celebrating.

Guan Yong was always a rather rough individual. He didn’t really understand how to weigh up words and observe facial expressions, so he offended quite a few people in the army. Later on, after following Lu Miedi, only then did he obtain appreciation, becoming one of Lu Miedi’s arms.

He drank extremely happily, but after the second jar of alcohol was warmed, he saw that Lu Miedi’s originally cold expression became more and more ugly, finally noticing that something wasn’t right.

“What happened?” He immediately became nervous. He lowered the wine glass in his hands and looked at the ugly expressioned Lu Miedi as he asked.

Lu Miedi looked at the cup in his hands, as if this was his enemy, slowly saying, “Today, the emperor has already drafted up the decree, tomorrow, Martial Sector’s appointments will be released. I will rise to Central Continent Guard Central General, while you will be appointed as City Defense Army’s commander.”

Guan Yong stared blankly.

He really just couldn’t understand. These were clearly two promotion messages! Central Continent Guard’s Central General was precisely Central Continent Guard’s number two figure, City Defense Army Great Commander was the number one figure of the entire City Defense Army.

Even though both him and Lu Miedi served great use during this chaos calming period, Lu Miedi obviously wouldn’t think that this type of reward still wasn’t enough, that it was beneath his achievement.

“Di Choufei has taken on the position of Central Continent Army Great Commander, additionally conferred the title of Peace Bringing Great General, also concurrently holding the position of Martial Sector Great Supervisor.” Lu Miedi said with a sneer.

Guan Yong’s expression immediately changed greatly.

“I do not have any objections to Di Choufei being above us. After all, in Central Continent City, we were originally only small figures. In terms of cultivation, military contributions and military command during the war, we are indeed similarly inferior to Di Choufei.” Lu Miedi laughed coldly as he emptied a cup of wine, finishing it in one gulp and saying with a stern voice, “However, what qualifications does Di Choufei have to be on equal footing as Great General Gu? Commanding all of Central Continent Army… together with the position of Martial Sector Great Supervisor, this type of authority is already enough to put him on the same level as Great General Gu… what qualifications does he have?”

Guan Yong’s expression also immediately became even more ugly.

“This is let alone the fact that he was only brought out from Dragon Snake Border Army through Wen Xuanshu’s hands. Outsiders do not know this, but many people in my military know that it was precisely because he wished to mistreat Sir Lin that he was exiled and demoted in Dragon Snake Border Army, so he is naturally Sir Lin’s enemy, moreover, he won’t have much good intentions towards Great General Gu. His highness directly placed him in this type of position in these troubled times, what benefits will this bring?! What benefits will this bring to the southern border battlefield?!”

Lu Miedi’s expression was cold and fierce, but his mood was clearly more and more resentful and stirred up. The corners of his lips even couldn’t help but start twitching. “Moreover, today, there was a military order passed down within the sector, stating that Mountain Yin Province Army is to head north.”

“Order Mountain Yin Province Army to head north? What is the meaning of this?!” Guan Yong’s expression instantly became deathly pale, his teeth even releasing ge ge sounds. “What does his majesty wish to do?”

“His majesty claims that he wants to establish a garrison army in Ocean Mountain Range. However, behind Ocean Mountain Range are the Four Seasons Plains, and behind that is Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, within Heaven Ascension Mountain Range lies Green Luan Academy… This is something even four year old children in Yunqin are aware of. Heaven Ascension Mountain Range and Green Luan Academy are our Yunqin Empire’s natural protective screen to our Yunqin Empire’s north. Ever since my Yunqin was established until now, there has never been any defenses established in the north!” Lu Miedi released a fierce laugh. “What else can his majesty’s actions possibly mean? Isn’t it just to start a siege against Green Luan Academy?”

Guan Yong was shocked, resentful and disappointed… His mouth was opened, but there was actually nothing that came out.

Lu Miedi instead continued to laugh viciously. “From Jadefall City until now, even the civilians in Central Continent City and several cities around it experienced heavy blows to their livelihoods, let alone the people in the provinces to the south. I originally believed that after his majesty carried out the Autumn Sacrifice rebellion elimination, even if he didn’t first stabilize the provinces to the south, not taking action to increase the public purse  through various means, restore the livelihoods of the common people back to how it was, he would at least first clear out the military paths, fully focus on recovering Thousand Sunset Mountain and kill that traitor Wenren Cangyue. However, right now, the only thing I have seen his majesty do is to face Green Luan Academy!”

Guan Yong remained stupefied for a long time, and then he finally said, “What should we do?”

“What can we do?” Lu Miedi revealed a distressed laugh. “If it was still someone like Wen Xuanshu who was doing these things, we can still do some things, but the one who is doing this is his majesty, the son of heaven! What can we possibly do?!”

After saying these things, he raised the wine pot in his hands, pouring the alcohol straight down into his mouth, and then down into his stomach.

However, when alcohol enters anxiety, it only increases one’s worries.

The autumn cold became thicker.

In the night, the entirely white haired Gu Yunjing was currently borrowing a candle flame’s light, his brows tightly furrowed while thinking in front of a sand table.

After several quiet and respectful notifications, Lin Xi’s figure appeared at the entrance.

Gu Yunjing’s tightly furrowed brows loosened. He turned around to look at Lin Xi who walked in, saying with a gentle voice, “You are going to leave Meteor City?”

Lin Xi smiled and said, “Great General truly has incredible foresight.”

Gu Yunjing smiled and said, “The one who has incredible foresight is you.”

Lin Xi put away his smile, respectfully and seriously showing Gu Yunjing a deep bow of respect. “This time, it was precisely to bid Great General farewell, to thank Great General for your care during these past few weeks.”

“Why is there a need to be so formal?” Gu Yunjing put away his smile as well, his expression turning complicated as he looked at this youngster who he was quite fond of as early as when he was in Dragon Snake Mountain Range. He released a sigh as he returned the greeting. “If there is gratitude that should be expressed, it should instead be given by me in place of all of the common people within the several provinces behind South Tomb Province, in place of the soldiers here.”

Lin Xi’s gaze landed on the sand table in front of Gu Yunjing. He reached out his hand and then pointed at a certain small flag on it. Without any excessive formalities, he said quietly and directly, “The rebel army hurrying over from Dragon Snake’s direction, your respected self can view it as mine.”

Gu Yunjing stared blankly. His brows furrowed slightly, his expression becoming a bit more grave.

“What have you planned for me to do?” He didn’t ask anything else either, only turning around to look at the sand table.

Lin Xi walked up to his side, also looking at the sand table and saying, “I wish for this rebel army to bring this Great Mang army back to Turtle Edge Mountain.”

“Today, I received some information, according to the current situation, this rebel army returning to Turtle Edge Mountain is practically an impossible matter.” Gu Yunjing said slowly.

“Right now, Zhantai Qiantang and this rebel army are being pincered from both sides by Great Mang’s army.” Lin Xi looked at the two flags that represented Great Mang’s army. “I only need Great General to block Great Mang’s rear pursuing army.”

Gu Yunjing was a bit surprised as he said, “The Great Mang army in the front number seven thousand, you are certain that this rebel army can deal with it?”

Lin XI calmly nodded. “I am certain.”

Gu Yunjing released a light sigh. “I really still can’t see through you…”

Lin Xi shook his head. “Great general isn’t Tang Niu after all.”[1]

Gu Yunjing revealed a bitter laugh. “And what kind of nonsense is this… You have such great confidence, it seems like you can even deal with the provisions needed for this troop’s journey. This is definitely not a small amount.”

“We can first seize the provisions of the Great Mang troop cutting us off. As for the rest, I can deal with it.” Lin Xi said seriously.

“The rebel army is a rebel army, Great Mang’s army is Great Mang’s army, in the end, they are still entirely different.” Gu Yunjing turned around to calmly look at Lin Xi. “You really have set your resolution to do these things?”

“Actually, the reason I didn’t interfere during the emperor’s struggle with Wen Xuanshu isn’t because I wanted to see the two tigers fight it out and wait to receive the benefits after, I only wanted to see the emperor’s attitude. There is another line of nonsense called ‘leave a line for integrity, and there can be a good future meeting’. The nine curtains have all been torn down by him, Wen Xuanshu has died, all of Yunqin is already practically without anything that can stop his will, so I thought he would have already been satisfied. However, he still isn’t satisfied, not wishing to leave behind a line of tolerance.” Lin Xi looked at Gu Yunjing, saying seriously, “I believe that your respected self also understands clearly that it isn’t that I am deliberately trying to scare you, but when needed, he might even deal with you.”

“Many times, I cannot act based on my own wishes alone. Just like He Baihe and the others, even if they want to kill his majesty, in the end, they still came here, perishing here.” Gu Yunjing looked at Lin Xi, shaking his head. “I might be able to tolerate thousands of rebel soldiers behind Dragon Snake Border Army, but fifty thousand Great Mang Army soldiers behind Dragon Snake Border Army, this type of thing is too dangerous for Yunqin.”

Lin Xi opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Gu Yunjing instead already stared into his eyes, saying sincerely. “To put it in the simplest way, I can pretend that I do not see it, but I cannot help you overthrow this empire… Actually, even if I completely stood by your side, I do not have any confidence in doing this. Even though ever since the chaos of Jadefall City, Yunqin’s Sacred Experts became fewer and fewer in number, to the point where Central Continent City almost has none… Even though this will make Green Luan Academy’s Sacred Experts and lecturers seem even more powerful, indeed already an age for your younger generation, this world isn’t a world that can be decided by just one or two powerful cultivators. After his majesty’s Autumn Sacrifice, his prestige has already reached its limit. While living in this type of empire, in this type of mortal world, if one wishes to overthrow this type of emperor who carries the faith of an entire empire, the chances of success really are too fleeting. The ultimate result might instead be the complete destruction of this empire.”

“When daoist immortals fight, the ones suffering will always be the common people.” Gu Yunjing was full of hope as he looked at Lin Xi, saying with a pleading voice, “In my opinion, I feel like currently, the best plan is for all of you to temporarily hide in Tangcang.”

“Your respected self truly worries deeply for this empire, which is why you’ve spoken words that even I feel are childish.” Lin Xi said without any politeness. “Has your respected self thought to yourself that even if we truly did what you suggested… would the emperor really change his mind, aim his power against Wenren Cangyue?”

Lin Xi began to laugh with a bit of mockery, shaking his head. “He might just directly fan the flames of war at Tangcang, try to eliminate us from Tangcang.”

“Moreover…” After a slight pause, Lin Xi looked at Gu Yunjing and said, “I can send my family to Tangcang, my intention is precisely to maintain the absolute safety of my loved ones, but for Tangcang, my family is equivalent to their hostages, equivalent to my promise… After all, our Yunqin and Tangcang are enemy countries. Even though Green Luan Academy and Tangcang had cooperated before, the most powerful in the world is still Yunqin, so Tangcang also has no choice but to always be worried about the threat of Yunqin. If I send my family there, Tangcang Emperor wouldn’t worry that my Green Luan Academy would have any other schemes against them, this is also the most reliable mutual trust. However, even if our entire Green Luan Academy completely moves over, if our Green Luan Academy even finds it hard to stand in Yunqin, general, does your respected self feel like they would take on the risk of starting a war against Yunqin Emperor, to take all of us in? Tangcang will doubt our strength… Moreover, they will inevitably consider how many people will die in this war, even if they foresee that they will definitely win. This is let alone the fact that Tangcang’s situation cannot be considered stable. That is why general, your respected self should also already understand that even if Green Luan Academy and I can seem that admirable, that we are willing to wear labels like ‘enduring humiliation and suffering in silence for the sake of the common people’, this is not an option.”

Gu Yunjing didn’t get upset, his expression only growing dim. He knew that what Lin Xi said wasn’t wrong, that he indeed spoke some rather childish words because of a ripple in emotions.

He was just like those two high ranking officers drowning their worries with alcohol in Central Continent City, also aware that he couldn’t stop this inevitable tragedy from happening.

This was a great river that was impossible to go against.

“The academy has Divine Wooden Flying Cranes, so information can be spread a bit faster than in the military. Your respected self might not know yet, but when Wen Xuanshu began to send out his forces during the Autumn Sacrifice, a Mountain Yin Province Army traveled day and night to rush towards Central Continent City to fight against Wen Xuanshu. Even though that local army wasn’t able to arrive in time, they at least expressed their loyalty to the emperor. In reality, this type of army is indeed extremely loyal to the emperor. Right now, this local army has already received orders that they do not need to rush to Central Continent City, now instead traveling north.” Lin Xi said calmly, “I do not know if these are preparations in directly attacking Green Luan Academy, or if this is done to directly cut off some of Green Luan Academy’s resources and information channels.”

Gu Yunjing suddenly raised his head.

“Just like how I am actually conducting a type of transaction with Tangcang,” Lin Xi showed him another bow of respect, saying seriously, “by asking your respected self to allow this rebel army to bring Zhantai Qiantang and his Great Mang troops back to Turtle Edge Mountain, I actually wish to earnestly request Great General to carry out a transaction with me.”

1. Tang Niu is a character in the movie The God of Cookery.

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