Book 14 Chapter 22 - Whose World

The people in Central Continent City looked at the sky in a daze, as if they were completely stupefied.

In their lives, and even in their imaginations, this type of scene had never appeared before.

Streaks of golden lightning that were even thicker than arms descended from the sky, smashing into the Imperial Palace.

In the skies above the Imperial Palace, this type of lightning covered everything densely.

Many Yunqin officials who were inside their own courtyards, waiting for the final result, knelt down on the ground in shock, expressing their reverence and servitude.

No cultivators could have this type of great power.

That was why this was heavenly might, the punishment high heaven brought down on the people, punishing those rebel subjects who dared go against the son of heaven.

The lightning was like pillars, like giant rods that crazily thrashed down by the heavens above as divine punishment.

A Central Continent Guard high ranking officer cried out in horror, wishing to flee from the Imperial Palace, but he saw that even the surrounding world was filled with streaks of lightning like this.

Then, he saw a giant thunder pillar descend on his head.

His body was fiercely slammed into the ground, blasted into scattered limbs and pieces.

Yunqin Emperor walked by his body in a cold and dignified manner, walking past his corpse that was broken up into pieces. He was just like a deity that came from a divine kingdom, punishing those of the world who dared show him disrespect.

Wen Xuanshu woke up.

There were no streaks of thunder radiance that descended towards his body yet.

Only when the white clothed scholar died under the thunder radiance, did he react.

He understood some things.

“So this was precisely your Changsun Clan’s tortoise shell!”

He roared out viciously.

Then he saw the emperor who walked under the thunder radiance, he saw the golden pillars of lightning smash into the emperor’s body, but they instead flowed around his body like water.

The anger and fear on his face changed into a bit of a stirred-up expression.

His body also began to shine, starting to flow with golden lightning.

He saw that the golden pillar of lightning was neutralized through the golden lightning flowing down the emperor’s body, the terrifying power becoming as gentle as water.

He could also release golden lightning.

It was because he had the unique and sole True Dragon Armor made from endless pieces of True Dragon Gemstones.

His entire body was submerged within golden thunder radiance.

Then, after a bit of hesitation, he charged towards a streak of golden lightning descending in front of him.

The pillar of thunder smashed down onto his body from above.

The excited expression on his face instantly froze.

This pillar of lightning wasn’t like how he imagined or hoped, becoming a gentle and soft waterfall, but rather like a sky supporting giant pillar that crushed downwards.

An explosive boom sounded.

Two waves of thunder radiance split apart.

Wen Xuanshu staggered out.

The True Dragon Armor on his body produced many cracks.

True Dragon Gems that were even more golden than pure gold scattered out from the cracks of his True Dragon Armor like pearls on a snapped string.

Yunqin Emperor was already not far from Wen Xuanshu. He used an expression of disdain and pity as he looked at the staggering Wen Xuanshu, saying with ridicule, “Fool… Could it be that you believe all lightning in this world is equal? If they were all the same, then why would this world still be under my Changsun Clan’s control?”

While speaking these words, he decided to inflict even greater humiliation upon Wen Xuanshu.

As such, he reached out his hand, reaching into a streak of lightning that hacked down ahead.

His hand passed through this streak of lightning.

This terrifying streak of thunder radiance flowed down his arm like water.

Wen Xuanshu’s eyes became blood red. He roared out as if he went crazy, getting up again and charging at Yunqin Emperor.

However, right when he just took a single step, another streak of thunder radiance descended upon his head.

Wen Xuanshu released a miserable howl.

The countless pieces of True Dragon Gem scattered everywhere. His body fell under this thunder radiance.

This Yunqin’s true Autumn Sacrifice already concluded.

It was because in the eyes of countless Central Continent people who saw this scene today, this was the will of heaven, the heavens were still helping the sacred son of heaven.

However, the golden lightning continued to descend.

Many Central Continent Guards who wanted all of this to end here weren’t able to hold on until the results they wanted to see came.

Many people were already kneeling down on the ground, but golden lightning still landed on their bodies.

Yunqin Emperor stood on the Imperial City’s central axis main street, watching as this massacre continued.

Xu Zhenyan watched this violent storm of lightning descend upon the rebel army Wen Xuanshu was currently with.

He also felt shock, but he didn’t feel that this was too unexpected at all.

Judging from the heaven and earth vital energy that surged within the pillars of thunder radiance descending from above, he was sure that even if it was a Sacred Expert like Wenren Cangyue, they still had no chance of walking out alive from this thunder radiance.

That was why Wen Xuanshu died.

That was why his choice was correct.

The corners of his lips produced a hint of a cold and complacent smile. It was because he believed that in all of Yunqin, he was the only one left who knew that secret.

Di Choufei also stood on a certain part of the city wall, watching as streak after streak of golden lightning continuously rushed out from the void, and then viciously smashed into the ground.

He was the only person in all of Central Continent CIty who didn’t feel shock or surprise, the one whose mind was the most calm.

It was because he had long been aware of this secret in True Dragon Mountain. Moreover, it was precisely because of this secret that he let Wen Xuanshu and those other Sacred Experts throw their lives away, instead coming here to lock down the six city gates.

He knew that Wen Xuanshu wouldn’t survive.

He was a bit moved, feeling a bit of pity.

It was because Wen Xuanshu was indeed a true ambitious and ruthless character.

Only, he felt like even if True Dragon Mountain’s secrets were told to Wen Xuanshu, with Ni Henian overseeing this city, Wen Xuanshu might not necessarily be able to find a way to win. That was why for him, the side with the greatest benefits would naturally be to sacrifice an ambitious and ruthless figure like Wen Xuanshu.

Right now, in this majestic city submerged in thunder radiance, many elders already died.

That was why this city was already full of opportunities, already the stage of youngsters like him.

The thunder radiance was extremely tall and extremely bright.

Even the people far outside Central Continent City’s city walls could see it.

Wen Xuanyu who was traveling along a certain small street outside the city could also see the sea of thunder flooding the skies.

He could also sense that this sea of thunder was coming from True Dragon Mountain’s direction.

He didn’t know why it was like this, but he knew what this sea of thunder signified.

That was why his hands firmly gripped the thin blanket covering his body, starting to cry out bitterly in pain within the tightly shut carriage.

After hacking down ruthlessly for several halts of time, the thunder radiance finally suddenly disappeared.

Within those overcast palaces on True Dragon Mountain, the fluttering heavy curtains became dark again, no longer moving, as if they were heavy iron curtains.

Yunqin Emperor walked out of the ruined Imperial Palace gates, facing this city.

All of the cultivators and Central Continent Army soldiers who were still alive knelt down.

Many people who were gazing towards the Imperial Palace, vaguely saw his figure, also completely bowed down.

“Long live the emperor! Long live!”

These types of voices sounded within Central Continent City, spreading outwards.

Yunqin Emperor’s breathing carried a bit of bloodiness. He heard the unprecedented reverence within these voices, inwardly thinking that this type of feeling truly was good.

The Central Continent Guard troops who were waiting outside the city walls, originally just waiting sternly, ready to attack the city at any time, lowered the blades in their hands one after another, all of them also kneeling down on the ground.

“Whose family’s world is this?”

“This is Changsun Clan’s world!”

Yunqin Emperor, in front of the Imperial Palace’s entrance, muttered this to himself.

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