Book 14 Chapter 21 - Under Thunder Radiance

“It’s about time.”

Since he had already fought in this city for a long time, feeling like this city already wasn’t like how it was ten years before Yunqin Empire was established, to then seeing too many dazzling cultivators, at this time, Ni Henian was already weary to the extreme. His voice seemed a bit empty.

However, when he heard these words, Wen Xuanshu’s heart suddenly became ice-cold. He didn’t know what was going to happen soon, but he just felt like what was about to happen was extremely terrifying.

Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder died.

Even though Ni Henian was this city’s unrivaled Sacred Expert, in the end, he still wasn’t a true daoist immortal, he couldn’t continue fighting.

The city gates defenders betrayed him.

Di Choufei rebelled.

Leng Zhennan rebelled.

All those expected to rebel have rebelled, those who weren’t expected to rebel also rebelled.

However, he only borrowed these people’s strength to do this type of thing. Right now, everything was still within his grasp, he still seized the winning advantage.

In this city, what else was there that could stop him from ruining Changsun Clan and ascending True Dragon Mountain.

He raised his head to look towards True Dragon Mountain.

If, at this time, there was still something terrifying that could stop him, then it would definitely come from True Dragon Mountain.

Deep within those dark palaces hidden within True Dragon Mountain, heavy layers of curtains suddenly fluttered about. Countless streaks of light flowed down from these thick curtain cloths like water.

The intense fight in the Imperial Palace suddenly became quiet.

It wasn’t because of that scene the people of this world couldn’t see, but rather because a bright yellow figure walked from the foot of True Dragon Mountain to Imperial Palace’s central street, slowly approaching this place.

All of the Thunder Academy cultivators and Central Continent Guards who saw this scene couldn’t help but fall back, starting to lower the weapons in their hands.

It wasn’t only because of the awe-inspiring appearance this individual gave off, more of it was because this person could completely deal with all of the chaos and slaughter.

Right now, the only one who could have this type of effect was naturally Yunqin Emperor.

Wen Xuanshu’s fiercely furrowed brows loosened.

When he saw Yunqin Emperor slowly walk down this perfectly straight Imperial City central axis main street, he knew that regardless of what was going to happen, this was going to be the final decisive battle. He liked this type of decisive battle feeling.

He turned around, giving the white clothed scholar at his side a look.

The white clothed scholar looked at him and nodded. He produced a red-purple stone pillar from within his sleeves. There weren’t any runes on the stone pillar, instead carrying countless fine openings.

A hint of soul force poured out from this white clothed scholar’s hands into this foot long stone pillar.

Extremely fine red-purple small bugs that were like mosquitoes, yet not mosquitoes, rushed out from this stone pillar’s opening.

This type of red-purple small bug was many in number, to the extent where looking at it from the distance, this pillar momentarily seemed like it produced streaks of extremely fine red-purple fine smoke.

These small bugs were elated when they smelled the endless fresh blood.

As such, they began to greedily enter those pools of blood, starting to suck the blood, mate and produce countless even smaller fine white eggs before finally dying.

The white eggs then hatched, turning into even more red-purple little bugs, and then even more red-purple bugs repeated this process.

Eating, mating, laying eggs, propagating the next generation, this was originally this world’s simplest life cycle, but all of this was happening too quickly.

It was fast to the point where it made one feel extreme terror, leaving them feeling absolutely horrified.

This process completed a cycle in just three breaths of time.

It was as if before you blinked your eyes, it was still dawn, but then after blinking, you discovered that night already descended.

Wisps of extremely fine red-purple smoke quickly turned into pillars of smoke, becoming blasts of red-purple mist.

Even though right now, Wen Xuanshu and the white clothed scholar still hadn’t taken any other action, this type of small bug had never appeared on a battlefield before, to the extent where it had not even appeared in the ancient texts of cultivators. Apart from Wen Xuanshu and this white clothed scholar, no one knew just what kind of use this type of small bug really had, where it was formidable. However, all of these Central Continent Guards and Thunder Academy cultivators felt extremely shocked, feeling great fear.

They knew that this was definitely Wen Xuanshu’s most formidable method, the most powerful trump card he was using to decide this battle.

Yunqin Emperor still walked along Imperial City’s central axis avenue where nine black gold carriages could move along side by side.

He made his way through the ruined throne room, standing in front of it.

He also saw these small bugs that seemed to have condensed the cycle of mortality, but in his eyes, there was only domineeringness, power, confidence, dignity, zealotry, even desire… there wasn’t even a hint of fear.

These fanatical expressions that were all related to power made his face and eyes that were a bit emaciated release blazing radiance.

When faced with Yunqin Emperor who controlled Yunqin, Wen Xuanshu wanted to say some things.

Meanwhile, when facing Wen Xuanshu who dared challenge himself, or perhaps the other enemies who didn’t yet appear in this Imperial City, Yunqin Emperor also wanted to say something.

In the end, it was precisely Yunqin Emperor who first waved his hand towards Ni Henian, indicating that Ni Henian could leave first.

The weary Ni Henian drifted into the distance, disappearing into the ruined palace.

“If there wasn’t a Principal Zhang who entered Central Continent City back then, you would only be an ordinary person.” As such, Wen Xuanshu was the first to speak. He coldly said, “This imperial position was bestowed upon you by the heavens and Yunqin, but you believe it is yours.”

“You are wrong.”

Yunqin Emperor didn’t get angry, only carrying many intense expressions of emotions that were related to power. He looked at Wen Xuanshu. “This emperor has never been an ordinary person. It is just that an ant like you does not understand.”

Wen Xunshu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

However, before he spoke, Yunqin Emperor already proudly said, “Green Luan Academy has always been teaching others reverence. Today… I am going to borrow you to make an offering to the heavens, let all under the heavens understand what is true reverence.”

“This is the true Yunqin Autumn Sacrifice[1].” He slowly said with zealotry and dignity.

His body began to release light.

It began to release true light.

Countless streaks of golden thunder strands surged from his body and from his skin.

Everyone’s breathing already stopped.

Even the narrowed eyed Ni Henian who was quietly walking through Imperial City, thinking about the battles he experienced before and gaining some enlightenment, felt that his breathing also completely stopped.

Ni Henian’s eyes were already failing him more and more, he could now only clearly see things five foot in front of him.

However, at this time, he still raised his head to look towards True Dragon Mountain.

The emperor’s body was releasing thunder radiance.

True Dragon Mountain also began to release light.

Within the gloomy palace, the heavy layers of curtains were already illuminated by the streaks of light until they seemed to be burning, as if they also became flowing curtains of light.

The profound runes on True Dragon Mountain palace’s metal surface also began to flicker with radiance, as if there was golden liquid flowing there.

The giant metal disk hidden within the layers of curtains began to rise upwards[2].

Turns out this wasn’t just a giant disk embedded into the ground, but rather giant metal pillars.

The skies above True Dragon Mountain only had a type of golden color left.

It was as if there was a giant path opened up in the skies, endless golden radiance descending from above, surrounding all of True Dragon Mountain underneath.

Everyone in Central Continent City saw this type of scene.

Everyone who was hidden behind tightly shut doors began to open their doors, walking onto the streets. All of the city gate defenders, Central Continent City’s Central Continent Guards and Investigation Army forgot the orders they were given, all of them stopping and looking at this type of scene in horror.

All of True Dragon Mountain began to shake, bathed in golden light.

True Dragon Mountain’s radiance turned into a sky reaching giant pillar of light. It was as if a path was opened into the sky, looking like there really was a heavenly deity about to descend from this divine radiance.

Endless fear occupied the hearts of the rebel army.

Could it be that this True Dragon Mountain was just like the legends, really having a dragon?

Wen Xuanshu was also shocked as he watched True Dragon Mountain turn into an unimaginable golden pillar of light.

Even the white clothed scholar who always remained the calmest felt fear. He blew the bamboo flute in his hands.

The flute sounds whimpered. Blasts of red-purple mist formed a whirlwind, following his will, surging towards Yunqin Emperor whose entire body was flickering with thunder radiance.

A great boom noise sounded!

Thunder rolled high up in the sky!

It made the hearts of everyone in Central Continent City jump!

No one saw a heavenly deity, nor did they see a legendary true dragon.

There was only a streak of golden lightning that descended from the sky, landing in front of the emperor, blasting dozens of corpses flying. All of the bloody paste stuck between the street’s cracks was blasted out, turning into a clump of bloody mist.

Yunqin Emperor raised his head towards the sky.

Central Continent City’s people also raised their heads towards the sky.

In the skies above the Imperial Palace, countless white clouds became bright, becoming golden clouds of lightning.

Golden lightning began to flow around the thundercloud’s edges. Even the center of the white clouds began to release streaks of golden thunder radiance.

Ni Henian couldn’t see all of this clearly.

He only sensed terrifying vital energy fluctuations.

It was just as if countless Sacred Experts gathered in the skies above the Imperial City.

After one streak were countless others.

Countless streaks of golden lightning descended like rain.

Wen Xuanshu, all of the Yunqin rebelling ministers at his side and even all of the powerful cultivators’ entire bodies went cold, and then they began to tremble. They were like men covered in snow trying to shake off the snowflakes on their bodies.

Under the thunder radiance, Yunqin Emperor coldly gave Wen Xuanshu a look. Then, he began to move forward, moving along this rebel army in front of him.

There was even a bit of gratitude within his expression.

Wen Xuanshu understood his intentions. His brain became completely empty.

Endless voices of wailing, pleading for forgiveness and terrified screams sounded.

These golden lightning pillars smashed down into the world between Yunqin Emperor and the rebel army on this central axis street, looking like countless heavenly punishment divine whips as they smashed the corpses to pieces one after another, smashing these people who were howling in fear into pieces as well.

The waves of red-purple hurricanes were blasted into ashes by countless streaks of lightning.

Yunqin Emperor walked amidst these countless thunder pillars of light, walking between this storm of lightning. The white clothed scholar saw that the golden lightning pillars that landed on Yunqin Emperor’s body were just like a great rain, flowing down along the sides of his body.

A thick streak of lightning descended on the white clothed scholar’s body.

His body flew out, splitting open.

1. Yunqin’s sacrifice to the heavens, asking for good weather for raising crops

2. B12C60

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