Book 14 Chapter 20 - Hard to Pass Through the City

When the dazzling golden radiance flickered about, Ni Henian was still thinking.

The skull formed from thick black smoke and the golden thunder radiance were like two entirely different worlds.

He was just like a silkworm cocoon that was currently spinning silk. The wisps of vital energy on his body seemed like they were being removed by invisible small black hands, and then instead converted into these countless small black hands’ power.

The black skull was rocking back and forth, smiling sinisterly.

Ni Henian was thinking.

In his perception, the countless wisps of black smoke around his body were like countless rune threads, locking him down firmly in this world.

These symbol threads’ source was within the hands of that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

This made it so that he seemed like a fish within that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s net.

Fish had no chance of surpassing the fishermen, which was why right now, he was already in a trend of inevitable defeat.

However, for some reason, he just felt like there was an issue somewhere… He just felt like as long as he could locate the issue, he could definitely prevail over this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.

This type of feeling, for a cultivator on his level, often signified truth.

He thought deeply to himself. The moment the golden radiance spread into his world of perception, when the dazzling radiance entered his eyes that already could no longer see that clearly, there was a streak of light that appeared in his mind.

He figured out what the issue was.

That was why he raised his head. He was still Central Continent City’s most powerful cultivator.

He didn’t do anything, slowly retracting his hand, only calmly letting the black smoke remove his body’s vital energy wisp after wisp.

It was just as if he was waiting for his death.

However, Purgatory Mountain Great Elder instead released a low roar. The black smoke and black flames surged forward crazily like a volcanic eruption.

He who was originally only waiting for Ni Henian in place roared out. He brandished the scepter in his hands, charging at Ni Henian.

The black smoke and flames that continuously surged around his body made him seem just like a giant that was continuously increasing in size.

However, he didn’t have legs. While roaring and brandishing the scepter in his hands, he instead looked extremely laughable.

The tide-like golden lightning spread outwards, and then slowly disappeared.

Legn Zhennan was the first to fall out of the thunder radiance.

There weren’t any injuries on his body, but his hands continuously trembled.

For a powerful Sacred Expert archer, if they couldn’t even grip the bow and arrow in their hands steadily, it meant that he already couldn’t fight.

As such, he continuously staggered backwards, smashing into several carriages, continuously withdrawing towards Central Continent City outside the Imperial Palace.

Thunder radiance still continuously receded, and then Wen Xuanshu’s body was revealed.

What left some tottering Thunder Academy cultivators in despair was that Wen Xuanshu still stood steadily amidst the carriage remains.

The two faint streaks of blood that flowed out from within his ears seemed like two runes that were drawn. The dazzling radiance his True Dragon Armor released under the sunlight seemed like countless small dragons swimming around the surface of his body, making this former Yunqin subject with the greatest authority seem even colder and more powerful.

That shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword still had that soft flying sword tangling about it, as if they were a pair of lovers as they fiercely grinded against each other, producing bursts of sparks.

At this time, the eyes of that shadow Sacred Expert hidden within the shade of a certain throne room beam were filled with horror.

Wen Xuanshu steadily reached out his hand.

That small purple sand colored metal hand seized the shadow Sacred Expert’s flying sword with absolute accuracy.

The thin flying sword split apart under a single strike, turning into dozens of streaks of flowing light in this Yunqin autumn.


The shadow Sacred Expert released a mouthful of blood, dyeing the exquisite decorations on the pillar red.

The white clothed scholar stood perfectly fine within the autumn radiance.

Wen Xuanshu was also standing coldly and powerfully, bathing in this autumn radiance.

The world seemed to have become more quiet. Only that roaring Purgatory Mountain Great Elder who didn’t have feet was still charging at Ni Henian.

“I was always thinking about where exactly the issue laid before. I finally realized just now.”

Ni Henian still didn’t do anything, only calmly speaking, as if he was lecturing a later generation. “If you possessed the power to kill me, then Purgatory Mountain Patriarch wouldn’t need Wenren Cangyue to kill Li Ku at all.”

“However, the strength you displayed on the surface was even more so this powerful, powerful to the extent where not even I could contend against it.”

“This means that there is only a single possibility, which is that you are already too old, old to the point where you cannot hold on much longer… You look like an incomparably powerful giant, but in reality, you are already only a set of rotting dried bones.”

The Purgatory Mountain Great Elder was still roaring.

The black smoke and flames around his body surged, thick to the point where no one could see his figure within, just feeling like an incomparably massive devil god was continuously increasing in size.

However, when he heard the words that he was just a set of rotting bones, his originally prideful and dignified face instead revealed shock and alarm, just like the expression he showed when facing Purgatory Mountain Patriarch back in that black jade palace.

He knew that Ni Henian was extremely strong, but he never expected Ni Henian to be powerful to this extent.

He roared and reached up to Ni Henian’s face, brandishing the scepter in his hands like a barbarian who didn’t understand cultivation, as if he was striking the other party’s head with a bone.

This was an extremely simple strike, but the black flames behind him instead released a loud noise, completely sweeping in front of him, forming a black pillar of fire.

The black scepter carried the giant pillar of flame as it smashed towards Ni Henian.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder still held onto extravagant hope.

Ni Henian suddenly felt a hint of indescribable pride.

Currently, the Imperial Palace’s palace gates were already collapsed. Through the open palace gates, he could see even further into Central Continent City, see the majestic city bathed in autumn radiance. He only thought to himself that regardless of whether everything he did was correct or wrong, it was precisely his own dao that allowed him to reach where he was today, it was his own dao that allowed him to have the qualifications to defend this city.

With him here, those people who didn’t dare enter this city decades ago still couldn’t strut around inside this city.

While carrying this type of pride, his hands reached out, embracing the air.

Just like Zhong Cheng’s Bright Moon Hammer[1], a boundless wave of power was produced from his arms.

Only, this wave of power didn’t turn into that berserk bright moon, instead turning into a gentle sphere of air.

It was just like a rubber ball, blocking between him and Purgatory Mountain’s elder.

The black scepter surrounded by a giant pillar of flames only sent him flying high into the air, bouncing out.

“Ni Henian, could it be that you truly believe that you are the most powerful in this city?!”

Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder released a vicious roar. These were words of confidence, but not even he himself felt like his voice carried much confidence.

He suddenly wanted to run.

However, he also felt like there was nowhere to run.

Then, he thought that if he truly ran away in such a timid manner in this type of confrontation, ran like a coward, then his ending in the future might be a hundred times worse than even death.

As such, his body went a bit rigid.

Ni Henian’s body landed on the ground.

Then, he sensed that the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s power was already starting to decline. As such, his toes tapped lightly. Just like a true great crane, he fluttered outwards, instantly returning right in front of Purgatory Mountain elder’s face.[2]

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder roared out in fear.

He brandished the scepter in his hands at Ni Henian again.

Ni Henian’s two white jade-like fingers landed on his scepter.

His fingers became slightly burnt.

Two waves of faint vital energy flowed along the scepter’s runes, rushing into Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s body.

He cried out miserably in horror. The blood vessels on his hands began to split apart, starting to fester.

Everyone could already tell that the result of the battle between him and Ni Henian had already been decided, but he was still inwardly filled with unwillingness.

Blood flowed crazily from his arm.

The strange silvery-white colored blood on his arms congealed, to the extent where it quickly extended to his body.

His entire figure seemed to have turned into a silvery-white metal.

crack sounded.

His scepter fell from his hands, the clenched silvery-white fist smashed through Ni Henian’s two fingers.

A wave of oppressive power rushed in Ni Henian’s body through his arm.

Ni Henian’s expression suddenly became fierce.

Following a low shout, he took another step forward. His left hand fiercely tapped against Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s chest.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s chest was instantly penetrated by his fingers.

Silver mercury-like heavy blood gushed out, as if it was going to freeze Ni Henian’s hand.

However, before this silvery-white colored blood had time to congeal, Ni Henian’s two sword-like fingers already thrusted even deeper, piercing through his rapidly contracting heart.

After the tremendous power tore through this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s heart, it fiercely smashed into his back. Just like a sword, a wave of silvery-white blood carried a lot of inner organs and bone fragments as it shot out of Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s back like a spring.

Ni Henian’s eyes narrowed, retracting his own hand.

Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s mouth was also gushing with silvery-white colored blood.

More and more blood flowed out. His body’s skin and flesh began to continuously wither away as if he was being eroded.

Waves of black smoke and flames began to rush out from his body with the blood.

Soon afterwards, this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s blood and flesh completely disappeared, turning into ashes.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder truly became a set of dried-up bones, scattering across the ground with a pa ta noise.

 All of the Yunqin people who saw this scene felt extremely shocked.

Central Continent City’s most renowned Sacred Expert, when facing  a mysterious existence from an unknown land, won.

Only, everyone saw that Ni Henian was also already continuously releasing light coughing sounds, continuously coughing out blood.

Even if it was an ordinary cultivator, they could already tell that he had no chance of winning against Wen Xuanshu and that white clothed scholar beside him.

“Great Consecrator Ni, it is already enough.”

Wen Xuanshu showed him a slight bow of respect, and then said seriously, “Great Consecrator has always wholeheartedly pursued the dao, there is no need to accompany an incapable ruler to the death.”

Most of Ni Henian’s soul force had already flowed out. After experiencing so many battles, his body was already exhausted to the extreme.

However, at this moment, he instead only shook his head. He gave True Dragon Mountain a look, quietly saying with a strange tone, “It is almost time.”

1. B12C64

2. Meaning of Ni Henian’s name: Ni is the surname, He is crane, Nian is year

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