Book 14 Chapter 19 - Powerful Noise

Central Continent City was this world’s most majestic city, the city that decided the fate of all of Yunqin.

A battle that would ultimately decide who Central Continent City belonged to would inevitably be even more intense than the battles that took place in East Scenery and Harmony Splendor Cities, more cruel, having more extraordinary individuals involved.

The battles that were taking place at the Imperial Palace’s main entrance was just an outline of this heaven shocking changes taking place. Even if it was the countless Immortal Academy swordsmen and the countless Thunder Academy cultivators, they were still all nothing more than sacrificial pawns used by true great figures to clear out a path onto the stage. In other places within Central Continent City, there were some other great figures whose names alone were already legendary.

During the few words Ni Henian and Wen Xuanshu exchanged, the battles between some Sacred Experts already ended.

However, apart from Ni Henian, this unrivaled Sacred Expert in Central Continent City, there was actually another powerful sword controlling Sacred Expert who appeared.

All Sacred Experts were existences who couldn’t be looked down upon.

Right now, Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder were currently fighting it out… One was an unrivaled cultivator in Central Continent City, while the other one was one of Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful and mysterious Great Elders whose status was even more respected than Great Mang’s emperor. This type of battle, for any cultivator, was hard to see in their entire lives, definitely a miraculous battle that would be recorded in the history books. The most crucial point was that the battle between Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain’s Great Elder, these types of existences, might be extremely short. It was because even a single breath of time, in their perception and reaction speeds, was already extremely long, already able to do many things in that time.

That was why this type of clash naturally drew the attention of all cultivators, unknowingly wishing to always stare at these two without blinking, fearing that they might miss out on a single detail, a single heart shaking scene.

At this type of time, this streak of faint shadow-like flying sword’s assassination, was naturally even more sinister, even more threatening.

Wen Xuanshu’s eyes were still on Ni Henian and Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s bodies, seemingly not noticing this shadow-like flying sword at all. However, his left sleeve moved slightly, releasing a weng noise, as if a bee flew out.

There was no flying sword that flew out.

There was only a purple sand colored small metal palm that reached out.

This small metal hand looked just like the ‘backscratchers’ Yunqin people used to scratch their backs, the size about the same. However, the five fingers were exceptionally fine and graceful, as if they were nipping a flower in the void, as if they were picking a new tea leaf.

This type of small metal hand was more like a toy, and not like a soul weapon.

However, the instant this small metal hand was released from Wen Xuanshu’s sleeves, a shrill cry of horror sounded from a glazed roof’s shattered eaves.

“Juliu Hand!”

“Wen Xuanshu… You… you were actually a descendant of Juliu Clan?!”

“Do those who possess Juliu Clan’s soul weapon have to be Juliu Clan’s descendants?” In this instant, the figure of that woman who played a round of chess with him appeared in his mind, that woman who changed his entire life, as well as this sentence.

However, right now, he felt it completely beneath him to explain himself, which was why he didn’t say anything. The purple sand colored small metal hand extended out steadily towards that shadow-like flying sword.


The moment this small hand appeared, the shadow-like flying sword already trembled, crazily withdrawing. This small metal hand wasn’t able to directly touch this flying sword, but just from an empty grasp, it was as if this flying sword was seized within it.

Juliu Hand, it specialized in locking down the world’s flying swords!

Xiyi Fifteen Divisions’ certain banner-like weapons came to be precisely because a certain Xiyi cultivator had the luck of seeing a Juliu Hand take action, gaining some enlightenment from some runes on the Juliu Hand.

This shadow-like flying sword, following the cry of alarm from the sword controlling Sacred Expert on the roof, was firmly seized within this metal small hand’s grip. Wen Xuanshu’s arm only shook slightly.

However, this sword’s assassination wasn’t finished.

The instant before this flying sword was locked down by the Juliu Hand, an even finer, even thinner sword figure split off from this flying sword.

This was a real, entirely different flying sword.

What he excelled in had never been protection, but rather assassination.

It was just that those who tried to assassinate Yunqin Emperor would often silently die under his assassination.

This flying sword of his silently moved under his previous flying sword, hiding under that flying sword’s shadow.

That was why right from the start, it wasn’t a single sword controlling Sacred Expert who attacked Wen Xuanshu, but rather two. Even more so, since the very beginning, it wasn’t one flying sword, but rather two.

When Wen Xuanshu easily locked down one flying sword, this thinner and more sinister flying sword already suddenly flew out, stabbing at the space between Wen Xuanshu’s brows.

In this instant, Ni Henian faced the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, still quietly thinking to himself.

At the same time, Wen Xuanshu faced two sword controlling Sacred Experts’ assassination.

However, this wasn’t it.

Following a ding noise, the moment his Juliu Hand locked down a flying sword, on a carriage behind him, Trade Sector’s Sector Head Zhou released a cry of alarm, blasted flying.

Yunqin was established through military might and promoted through military contributions. Someone who could serve as Trade Sector’s Sector Head was naturally also a powerful cultivator.

However, right now, when he faced the eruption of the aura beside him, he clearly still wasn’t powerful enough.

The one who took action was Leng Zhennan[1].

From the moment Wen Xuanshu became Grand Secretary, after he took the place of Elder Huang behind the layers of curtains[2], he always firmly supported every order Wen Xuanshu gave. Without his support, Wen Xuanshu had no chance of suppressing all those officials during the Autumn Sacrifice[3], he also had no chance of easily leading troops into Central Continent City without him.

Yunqin Emperor quickly disposed of the nine heavy layers of curtains.

Leng Zhennan thus became the elder with the least amount of time to sit in this senator seat.

That was why Leng Zhennan fighting on the same front as Wen Xuanshu was something that seemed only logical in the eyes of all Yunqin officials.

It was just that only at this time, did everyone know that he was also a card the emperor grasped.

This card was now played.

There was a bow in Leng Zhennan’s hands.

It was a pure golden shortbow that was only half the size of an ordinary strongbow.

This shortbow’s bowstring was silver colored, the runes on the pure golden bow thick and full of an ancient feeling, as if there was a wolf flowing with pure red blood.

That was why this bow was called ‘Skyfire Wolf’.

This was a bow that was previously used by Yunqin’s archery master Zhao Milun. During the past battle of Meteor City, after Zhao Milun died, this Skyfire Wolf went missing, only now did it make a reappearance in the hands of Leng Zhennan.

Most people knew that Leng Zhennan was a Sacred Expert, but only today did they learn that he was actually also an archery master.

It was because only at this type of time, would he display the most powerful methods.

There were powerful winds sweeping about Leng Zhennan’s body, the atmosphere changing greatly.

Just the hurricane around him when he released the arrow with all his strength already sent Sector Head Zhou who was at the peak of State Master level flying outwards.

From this alone, one could see how powerful his arrow was.

Moreover, he was extremely close to Wen Xuanshu.

This type of distance, for a cultivator like him, was like pressing the arrow against the back of Wen Xuanshu’s neck before letting go.

That was why in this instant, there were actually three Sacred Experts who suddenly carried out a joint assassination against Wen Xuanshu!

That was why the expressions of the Central Continent Guard high ranking officers in the distance all instantly changed.

However, even when facing the joint assassiantion of three Sacred Experts, when facing Leng Zhennan’s betrayal, the corners of Wen Xuanshu’s lips instead produced a hint of cold mockery.

Under this type of assassination, he obviously wouldn’t believe that the power in the emperor’s hands stopped at Ni Henian.

The power within his own grasp naturally didn’t stop only at the Purgatory Mountain Great Elder either.

When facing this type of sinister and powerful assassination, he didn’t pay the flying sword aimed between his brows any attention, only turning his right hand and striking backwards.

The flying sword tip already made contact with Wen Xuanshu’s skin.

Another streak of sword energy seemed to have been added into this world.

The eyes of that graceful white clothed scholar on the carriage beside him were firmly locked onto this Sacred Expert’s thin flying sword. A streak of pure white sword radiance flew out from who knew where on his body, pressing against that hidden Sacred Expert’s light flying sword.

“Swirling Finger!”

The hidden Sacred Expert’s fierce shout sounded.

The entirely white sword radiance and his flying sword didn’t release any clashing noises, only releasing a sharp grinding noise.

The spotlessly white small flying sword softly tangled about his flying sword, directly freeing his flying sword from Wen Xuanshu’s brows.

A red scar appeared between Wen Xuanshu’s brows, blood dripping out.

Leng Zhennan’s silver arrow already erupted with terrifying noise, the arrowtip already smashed through the jade ring holding Wen Xuanshu’s hair.

Two streaks of faint blood flowed out from inside Wen Xuanshu’s ears.

His hand had completely no chance of striking that metal arrow that already reached the back of his head.

If this scene was frozen, then one would see that the mouths of many Central Continent Guards and officials following Wen Xuanshu’s carriage were open, but their voices weren’t as fast as this arrow.

Wen Xuanshu was already injured by the sound waves of this arrow. His head was about to burst open like a watermelon.

However, in this instant, the coldness and mockery at the corners of his lips didn’t seem to decrease in the slightest. A wave of even more explosive aura instead surged from his body.

His grand secretary uniform ripped into countless pieces, blown by the wind, about to flutter out in front of him, but didn’t have time to fly out.

Underneath the official uniform was a color even more pure than gold.

Chunk after chunk, all of it was True Dragon Gemstone.

The only set of True Dragon Armor they knew of was currently on his body[4].

Moreover, the aura he was surging with right now was even greater than Imperial Court Consecrator Zhang Qiuxuan’s.

That was why he was a cultivator who was even more powerful than Zhang Qiuxuan. He himself was one of the trump cards in his hands.


Golden lightning erupted like a storm, drowning the flying sword and the arrow radiance, shining with incomparable brilliance.

All of the Central Continent soldiers and officials’ eyes experienced stinging pain. They opened their eyes in alarm, momentarily unable to see just what exactly happened within the lightning.

1. Leng Family head’s Sector Head of Internal Affairs Sector

2. B10C16

3. B14C10

4. Zhang Qiuxuan wore this armor. He was killed by Xu Zhenyan. B12C62

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