Book 14 Chapter 18 - Battle Between Daoist Immortals

Ni Henian walked along the central street filled with the corpses of cultivators and Central Continent Guards.

There were one or two Central Continent soldiers who charged at him, but when they only approached his body, they already flew out.

His hands didn’t even move an inch.

Perhaps it was out of fear towards a powerful individual in this world, just like when a mouse saw a cat, there wouldn’t be any Central Continent Guards who approached him.

A carriage slowly moved out from the fleet behind Wen Xuanshu.

This carriage was extremely new, just that after continuously traveling these two days, the axles were grinded extremely severely.

The carriage’s windows and doors were all shut. There was too much dust that rushed out, making one feel as if this was a coffin that had just been dug up from the earth.

Ni Henian looked at this carriage that rushed out, a pensive look appearing on his face, stopping.

“If one wishes to ascend True Dragon Mountain, in the end, one still has to fight against daoist immortals.”

While looking at the carriage he passed by and Ni Henian on the Imperial Palace’s central street, a Central Continent Guard Order Transmission Officer’s face produced a hint of a bitter smile.

Regardless of whether it was the Central Continent Guards who were normally entirely dressed in silver armor, mighty and brilliant, or if it was the normally aloof and remote, unworldly Immortal Academy swordsmen, or even the Thunder Academy cultivators who were currently fighting an intense battle against Central Continent Guards, they were all nothing more than some pawns for these great figures.

This battle was destined to either result in Wen Xuanshu’s side killing the emperor or the emperor’s side killing Wen Xuanshu.

If the emperor’s side wanted to kill Wen Xuanshu, then they had to grind away at the tens of thousands of troops in Wen Xuanshu’s hands so that a cultivator like Ni Henian could pass through the great army and reach Wen Xuanshu.

If Wen Xuanshu’s side wanted to kill the emperor, then they had to at least rush up True Dragon Mountain and find the emperor.

Right now, regardless of how the battle between the Central Continent Guards and Thunder Academy Cultivators in the Imperial Palace ended, as long as those Central Continent Guards could no longer stop the steps of a sacred level cultivator, then the only battle left was the one between daoist immortals.

A cultivator of Ni Henian’s level, in the eyes of ordinary people, was indeed already not much different from a daoist immortal, he naturally wouldn’t care about the expressions of ordinary people. After his eyes had been burned by radiance, he already couldn’t see too clearly. However, he still turned around, removing the blurry world from that moving carriage. He looked at Wen Xuanshu and calmly said, “When the late emperor and Principal Zhang established the empire, there was a group of Juliu Clan cultivators who conspired a rebellion, doing some things that Principal Zhang couldn’t tolerate. According to normal reason, all of the cultivators from back then who thought they could prevail over Principal Zhang should all be dead. However, because of some extremely precious underground ore veins only those at the sacred level could excavate, Principal Zhang and the late emperor didn’t kill them, only ordering them to atone for their crimes through labor.”

Wen Xuanshu smiled confidently and said, “Soldiers, vicious weapons and outstanding individuals have all already set the stage. Great Consecrator Ni, telling us about the history of these people at this type of time, isn’t it already a bit too late[1]?”

Ni Henian forever carried the expression of a senior looking at a junior. He shook his head. “I am only telling you that those people have already died.”

Wen Xuanshu put away his smile, his expression becoming indifferent and powerful. “When the seven city gates descended, Di Choufei rebelled, these people were already destined to die. However, they are Sacred Experts, even if they are a bit older, a bit more ruined, if you all want to kill them, you must pay a certain price. This is perhaps the reason why Rong Family’s two consecrators and those craftsmen still haven’t appeared.”

“Those men of mine are trying to break into True Dragon Mountain from the back of the Imperial Palace. Did Rong Family’s people kill them at the foot of True Dragon Mountain? I fear that these people who fight for Changsun Jinse with their lives, Changsun Jinse won’t even let them in, right?” After a slight pause, Wen Xuanshu said this with a bit of mockery.

These words sounded like they completely lacked meaning, but someone of Wen Xuanshu’s level, at this type of time, naturally wouldn’t speak meaningless things.

“These types of words are completely useless against me.”Ni Henian coldly looked at Wen Xuanshu. “My interest does not lie in True Dragon Mountain or other places, I only care about my cultivation. For me, the value of someone like you is even beneath that of Jiang Family’s Zhong Cheng and Immortal Academy’s He Baihe[2]. This Central Continent City is part of the secular world. I have already achieved the sacred in the secular world, this secular world is already sufficient for my cultivation. Schemes and plotting, for me, they are completely without use. It is because I am unrivaled in this city, there is no one able to prevent me from killing you.”

These words were extremely domineering, but right now, no one dared laugh at Ni Henian.

It was because Ni Henian, in Central Continent City, was indeed unrivaled.

Many years ago, Central Continent City’s cultivators all already acknowledged that he was unrivaled in Central Continent City.

To a certain extent, it was precisely because Ni Henian’s existence that many figures who were already extremely powerful in this world never appeared in Central Continent City.

For the people in Central Continent City, Ni Henian’s words couldn’t be argued against.

Wen Xuanshu didn’t say anything else, only turning around to look at that carriage in front of him that was extremely new, but was covered in dust.

Just who was it exactly that was in the carriage?

That Central Continent Guard Order Transmission Officer who was in a grieving mood looked at that carriage in shock. Looking at the fighting strength around this Imperial Palace central axis, he already saw many shocking scenes, he saw the emperor and Wen Xuanshu continuously revealing the cards in their hands. Meanwhile, Ni Henian and Wen Xuanshu’s discussion allowed even an ordinary officer like him to understand that in a place he couldn’t see, the emperor and Wen Xuanshu already revealed even more of their trump cards.

Meanwhile, who exactly was in that carriage right now? This person’s weight was actually even heavier than that of those trump cards.

The tightly shut carriage doors were opened at this time.

Any ordinary wooden carriage, the instant the doors were opened, there would be noises. However, when this door was opened, there wasn’t any sound, because the instant this carriage door was opened, it was already set aflame, instantly turning to ashes.

The flames were black, as were the ashes.

Then, black smoke rose from the carriage.

A figure entirely wrapped in black smoke and flames walked out from the carriage.

The two horses in front of the carriage didn’t release any sounds either.

It was because they had already knelt down on the ground out of fear, completely unable to release the slightest bit of sound.

The carriage burned behind this figure, turning into expanses of black ashes. It was as if a legendary devil king was descending, a flower of sin blooming in the void.

The carriage wasn’t that tall, any normal person had to stoop down if they wanted to come out. However, this person walked out perfectly straight, not bending at all, because he didn’t have his legs[3].

This figure whose smoke and flames rushed up two stories high continued forward. The two horses in front of him also already turned to charred coke, releasing a pungent smell. Some black smoke that rushed out instead rushed into this figure’s body, as if they were offerings to a devil king.

The Central Continent Guard Transmission Officer and the Central Continent Guard high ranking officers were shocked to the extreme, their opened mouth couldn’t utter any sounds either.

It was hard for them to imagine that there were actually still existences like these in this world.

“I can stop you.” This figure whose entire body was wrapped in black smoke and thick flames said coldly. His Yunqin language was extremely stiff, as if two burning rocks were grinding against each other.

Ni Henian’s eyes that were like thousand-year eggs released a slightly strange radiance. He looked at the other party’s body that was covered in profound runes, the black robes that were flowing like magma, at the scepter in his hands, understanding his identity.

“Merely a broken legged one.” A fiercely burning expression appeared in his eyes, as if a flower bloomed to its most intense state.

The broken legged Purgatory Mountain Great Elder stared blankly for a moment, and then roared with laughter immediately afterwards.

Much of the black flames and smoke scattered about amidst the laughter, as if black swallows were flying through the sky.

Even though he lost his legs because of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, becoming a cripple, moreover even had his Purgatory Mountain elder status stripped, he had still held a position in Purgatory Mountain that was even higher than Great Mang’s emperor, he sat there for who knew how many years. It was to the extent where in the eyes of someone like him, in this entire world, this entire secular world, the only one who was above him was Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

That was why he naturally had his own prestige and power.

Within his laughter, there was also that type of powerful dignity and arrogance of treating the entire world’s lives as ants.

“You are also merely a blind person.” He laughed loudly in disdain.

Ni Henian didn’t say anything else.

He began to move forward, moving towards this mysterious opponent who had never truly appeared in this world, someone who had never appeared in Yunqin.

With every step, the aura around his body was restrained more. Layer after layer of air gathered towards his body, forming a layer of thin crystal walls outside his body, as if he was wearing a set of transparent armor. His steps weren’t rushed or slow, rather light, not looking all that different from the gait of an ordinary person. They didn’t destroy anything along his path either, but the sky above his head suddenly brightened. A streak of heavenly radiance descended from the heavens above, landing on his body.

The broken legged Purgatory Mountain Great Elder’s laughter stopped.

“Somewhat amusing.”

His voice became a bit grave.

Then, he also began to move forward.

The black flames around his body moved with him, drawn out behind him. Meanwhile, the black smoke around his body began to flutter, scattering forward.

He extended the precious staff in his hands.

The vital energy between heaven and earth quickly reacted.

Several thousand paper ashes like thick black flames gathered together, vaguely forming the shape of a black skeleton, surging towards Ni Henian.

This skeleton head was extremely massive, larger than even Ni Henian’s body, releasing indescribable intimidation and terror.

Ni Henian’s face also became extremely grave.

He reached out his five fingers. Five waves of transparent vital energy released strange screaming sounds in the sky. However, the black smoke and flames that rushed at him were like a cage, still trapping him within.

The vital energy on his body and the heavenly light that descended from above his head all began to warp strangely. Wisp after wisp of vital energy continuously broke free from his body, as if there were streaks of candle flame that began to burn, turning into black smoke.

The giant skeleton head seemed to be releasing a nasty grin.

The distance from this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, in Ni Henian’s eyes, suddenly became extremely distant.

Ni Henian’s brows began to furrow deeply, starting to think deeply to himself.

He began to think calmly in this incomparable great battle.

It was because he understood extremely clearly that unless he could think through some things, he would definitely fall in this seemingly already endless distance.

Right at this time, a flying sword that was like a willow branch under the night’s moon suddenly flew over from Wen Xuanshu’s left, swiftly rushing at Wen Xuanshu’s neck.

1. B12C19

2. Inheritor of Immortal Academy’s most powerful sword who gave his life in order to defeat Wenren Cangyue

3. B14C7

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