Book 14 Chapter 16 - City Gate Changes

On Yunqin Imperial Palace’s central road, there were streaks of sword radiance everywhere.

Immortal Academy swordsmen began to easily cut through the iron webs just like cutting down grass in the plains, cutting through the chained blades and stabbing through the other party’s throat.

Those extremely heavy heavy armored soldiers fell like blades of grass one after another.

The reason why Yunqin’s military always retained great pride when facing cultivators wasn’t because their military equipment was powerful enough, but because the number of cultivators was too few… Cultivators would always be extremely few in this world. When facing cultivators, the army would always have a huge advantage in terms of numbers.

When the huge numbers of superiority no longer existed, ordinary Yunqin soldiers, before large amounts of cultivators, really would be cut down like grass, easily hacked apart by the enemy.

Several hundred Immortal Academy swordsmen easily released sword radiance. Most Yunqin people had never seen so many cultivators in their lives, they never saw so many cultivators weave through an entire army, this type of grass mowing scene.

The Central Continent Army that were advancing looked like they were retreating, but in reality, they were still charging. It was just that the speed at which these Immortal Academy swordsmen killed was just too fast, their speed of advance too fast, which was why it produced this type of misconception.

These Immortal Academy swordsmen were even more agile than monkeys in a forest, the blood flowing beneath their feet and the collapsed Central Continent Guards formed tides of silver and red.

This scene of several hundred swordsmen from the same cultivation land slaughtering an army, this was something not even the Central Continent Guard with the greatest seniority had witnessed before.

Only, at this time, Wen Xuanshu was still watching all of this calmly.

A graceful white clothed scholar rode a green horse, rushing over from the main street in the back. He slowly arrived at the side of his carriage, stopping. Then, this scholarly white clothed individual on the horse also calmly watched this slaughter take place in the Imperial Palace.

“He left?”

Wen Xuanshu didn’t turn his head, quietly asking this scholarly white clothed individual.

The white clothed scholar nodded. “After all, he still has the status of a Green Luan Academy student. At the very least, Green Luan Academy wouldn’t trouble him.”

“Then that’s good.” Wen Xuanshu laughed. “Have you ever regretted being involved in this type of thing?”

The white clothed scholar said with a gentle voice, “Why would you think about something like this at this type of time?”

“Perhaps the closer one reaches to the final reveal, the more the amount of things one thinks about would increase.” Wen Xuanshu said with a smile, “However, at this type of time, everything will continue on its course. Even the very first instigators, at this time, are like ordinary spectators, not much difference between them.”

The white clothed scholar calmly nodded his head. He watched as the massacre on the Imperial City’s central road took place, quietly saying, “Immortal Academy is finished.”

Wen Xuanshu still had a bit of a benevolent father expression on his face, but at this time, it was instead already covered with the coldness and power of an ambitious and ruthless character.

“When Celestial Sword He Baihe left Immortal Academy, Immortal Academy was already finished.” He said with a bit of mockery.

A Central Continent Guard officer’s footsteps slowed down.

It was because his surroundings had already become filled with corpses.

Over a thousand heavy armored soldiers dressed in White Tiger Heavy Armor were already collapsed in pools of blood.

It was just as if he was standing in a sea of blood filled with floating silver metal.

Chills began to completely flood his body.

He looked backwards.

The battle still continued behind him. Those hundreds of swordsmen were still continuously thrusting out their swords, slaughtering the silver tide-like Central Continent Guards.

In the hundred steps of distance between him and Immortal Academy’s swordsmen, there were also a few other scattered standing Central Continent silver-armored soldiers.

These Central Continent Guard soldiers dressed in silver armor were just like him. It wasn’t because their martial skill was especially outstanding that they survived the assault of these cultivators, it was instead because these Immortal Academy cultivators’ sword radiance overlooked them… When farmers carry out a weeding of their fields, there will always be one or two stalks left out.

They were precisely these one or two stalks in a field.

Many Central Continent Guards just like himself already felt inwardly cold. They had never experienced this type of battle or seen so much killing.

Many of them already couldn’t help but turn around to look at the distant carriage Wen Xuanshu was in. They already subconsciously wanted to hear the order to retreat, yet they never heard this order. The Grand Secretary in that carriage continued to coldly sit there.

They began to feel despair.

However, even after entering despair, they still didn’t have any other choice. They were still forced to charge by the army behind them.

A Central Continent Guard silver-armored soldier fiercely thrusted out the silver spear in his hands forward, just like how he normally practiced.

When he looked at the Immortal Academy swordsmen whose swords continuously released drips of blood, he only felt as if he was going to die in the next instant.

That was why he closed his eyes.

However, in the next instant, he didn’t feel the ice-cold sword tip enter his body, only feeling as if his spear seemed to have smashed into something. Then, with a pu sound, it entered deeply.

He opened his eyes. He first remained in a momentary stupor, and then he released a cry of wild joy.

His spear passed through the gap in that immortal Academy swordsman’s armor, passing through his lungs.

This Immortal Academy swordsman’s longsword was still frozen in the air, half a foot from him, but it was powerless to land on his body.

This was the first cheer that erupted from Central Continent Army on this Imperial Palace central road. A moment later, another hysterical cheer sounded.

An Immortal Academy swordsman’s forehead was struck by an arrow, slowly falling down.

Even though right now, behind this Immortal Academy cultivator, there were already who knew how many Central Continent Guard soldiers who died, this Immortal Academy swordsman’s collapse instead infused these Central Continent soldiers who already entered despair with a mysterious sense of courage, making them feel that these Immortal Academy swordsmen who killed them as easily as hacking down grass also grew weary… they could be killed.

An Immortal Academy swordsman arrived in front of a Central Continent Guard soldier who was frozen in place from the fear and pressure.

He ruthlessly thrusted out his sword.

However, the instant he thrusted out his sword, his face became exceptionally pale.

It was because his already sore arm, at this time, seemed to feel as if it was covered in lead. He gripped his longsword that already appeared more and more heavy, at this time, it felt like a giant iron pillar that weighed down on his arm.


At this time, this Central Continent Guard soldier snapped back to reality, brandishing his blade absentmindedly.

This Immortal Academy swordsman’s sword still stabbed through this Central Continent Guard soldier’s shoulder, but his eyeballs instantly bulged.

His throat had been cut by the randomly brandished blade, blood gushing out crazily.

He fell backwards, dying.

The Central Continent Guard who killed him was extremely young, still full of immaturity. When he saw that this Immortal Academy cultivator had been killed by him, he didn’t know whether it was because he felt like he had a renewed lease on life or if it was because of the pain on his shoulder, but he actually immediately began to sob.

Amidst his sobbing sounds, cheers erupted in Central Continent Army one after another.

Immortal Academy swordsmen who were previously graceful like immortals began to fall one after another.

Using large amounts of cultivators to stop an army was naturally an extremely good method. The key laid in that no matter how great a force… comparatively speaking, it was still small.

Central Continent Army had over a hundred thousand garrisoned troops, normally enough to quell any armed rebellions from the surrounding provinces. Wen Xuanshu who used the previous timing to swap in his own men now already had the overwhelming majority of support, the amount of troops that entered Central Continent City already exceeded thirty thousand. Together with Judicial Sector and other sectors’ men, as well as the several thousand membered Inspection Army[1], the Immortal Academy swordsmen who seemed extremely terrifying naturally couldn’t cut down the entire Central Continent Army, they could only kill a portion.

That was why from the very start, the ending of these Immortal Academy swordsmen that appeared was already set in stone.

These Immortal Academy swordsmen naturally couldn’t possibly be all of Immortal Academy’s swordsmen. However, this amount of force was definitely Immortal Academy’s core strength.

When Celestial Sword He Baihe was chased out of the academy by Ni Henian and his own Immortal Academy people[2], Immortal Academy who had lost their essence, in reality, already no longer existed.

Meanwhile, after this core power disappeared, Immortal Academy would not be more than an empty shell that only existed in name, perhaps it might soon disappear completely.

“Even Immortal Academy, this type of seed, was viewed as hidden danger in your eyes.”

While watching Immortal Academy swordsmen fall one after another, Wen Xuanshu looked in the direction of the Imperial Palace Imperial Defense Study, just feeling like the emperor was there right now.

“Didn’t you want to destroy Immortal Academy, destroy these things? Then fine, I will destroy these things you want to destroy, see what you will still have left.”

He thought coldly and with mockery inwardly. He brandished his hands towards a Central Continent Guard in front of him. “From now on, we can speed things up a bit… In one spurt of energy, at the very least let them pass through the corpses of the heavy armored soldiers ahead a bit faster.”

The numerous and densely packed heavy armored soldiers’ sea of corpses was enough to exchange for fear in the people’s hearts. However, the war drum sounds suddenly became intense.

All of the Central Continent Guards began to charge at full speed.

The scattered Immortal Academy swordsmen who already used up all of their soul force were already powerless to stop this type of flood. Their bodies were quickly drowned out and submerged within the silver flood.

Before the excitement of killing cultivators still wasn’t completely devoured by the new wave of fear, the Central Continent Army’s soldiers at the very front already charged past the deceased heavy armored soldiers’ sea of corpses.

The Emperor was indeed still in the Imperial Defense Study at this time.

They were already not that far from Central Continent Guards’ vanguard troops whose bodies were flickering with silver radiance.

However, right now, he was still extremely calm.

When he heard the reports from the officials at the entrance of the Imperial Defense Study, he only coldly nodded his head.

Wisps of white smoke rose from the depths of the Imperial Palace, and then quickly turned into a sky reaching fire beacon.

The entire Central Continent City had a total of nineteen city gates. Right now, only six of these nineteen gates were still open.

When this white sky reaching fire beacon appeared in the sky, before the Central Continent Army storming the Imperial Palace saw any changes, the southeastern corner’s open city gate instead suddenly closed.

Just like the Imperial City’s Heavenly Prison heavy gate, most of Central Continent City’s gates were also metal sluice gates operated with capstan and not drawbridges, just that these city gate passes’ city gates were who knew how many times heavier than the Heavenly Prison’s gates. Right now, when they fell with great speed, smashing into the ground, it was immediately as if a king of deities sent his hammer into the ground, producing a blast of air, a muffled noise that even oppressed the city walls’ drum sounds.

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