Book 14 Chapter 15 - First Variable

A Central Continent Guard officer dressed in silver armor commanded dozens of soldiers in an extremely efficient manner, sending several blade carts’ giant whirling blades into the Imperial Palace’s walls one after another.

Right now, the Imperial Palace’s walls already had several openings, but there still wasn’t a single Central Continent Army soldier that charged in.

The entire Central Continent Army only continued to fire, continued to use crossbow carts and blade carts, releasing a storm of metal towards the Imperial Palace.

While none of them charged, forcing the guards inside the Imperial Palace to come out and fight, this type of arrow rain and military equipment bombardment’s destructive force was limited. However, this was enough to express a type of attitude… Central Continent Army could completely rely on this type of method to push in bit by bit, eventually swallowing up the entire Imperial Palace.

The workshops most Yunqin standard military equipment was produced in were originally in Central Continent City’s outskirts.

Right now, the Imperial Palace already became an island in Central Continent City. All of these workshops were naturally in the grasp of Central Continent Guards’ hands.

That was why if they exaggerated a bit, all of the arrows and crossbow bolts that were just created in these workshops could even immediately be brought to Central Continent City, and then sent towards the Imperial Palace.

Normally, Trade Sector’s storerooms, the military equipment storehouse and even these large scaled military equipment workshops’ own storerooms had large amounts of fine steel and other raw materials, enough for the workshops to continue production for many days. In other words, in Central Continent City,  Central Continent Army would have an endless supply of arrows and crossbow arrows for quite some time.

The things these workshops produced would flow into the hands of Central Continent Army, and then they would be converted into a ruthless iron stream, sent towards the Imperial Palace without any fear of squandering.

Yunqin Imperial Palace was an existence that carried the most dignity, the most reverence for ordinary Yunqin people. Making this type of place the enemy, this type operating military equipment in such a numb manner was easier for their hearts to handle… Meanwhile, if you could continuously crazily bombard the place you normally carried the greatest reverence towards for a long time, this type of reverence would naturally unknowingly fade.

Right now, this Central Continent Guard officer’s mind was already a bit numb. He already gradually unknowingly felt like this battle wasn’t much different from normal.

However, right at this time, he suddenly heard a bit of abnormal metal noise.

This type of sound that came from several blade carts at his side wouldn’t draw the attention of any ordinary soldiers, but for him who had already used these blade carts for a long time, this type of voice was extremely strange.


He issued the order almost subconsciously.

However, the instant he released this order, his chest already released several bursts of blood.

Following his loud shout, his chest and lungs released sounds of leaked air and blood.

At this time, several blades that had just left the blade carts exploded. Two of the blade carts’ front covers also suddenly shattered.

The metal fragments flew through the air, passing through the bodies of the soldiers in the surroundings one after another, including his own body.

Countless muffled groans and miserable howls instantly sounded.

At the same time, a lot of military equipments’ cover boards or certain mechanisms exploded and flew everywhere like grenade shrapnels, releasing shocking destructive power towards Central Continent Army’s front lines.

A Central Continent Guard officer clutched his bleeding neck, his expression ashen.

The military equipment that had something wrong with them were all Revolving Blade Carts and Mountain Piercing Crossbow Carts… the instant countless metal fragments shot out, he immediately felt shock and confusion. How could there possibly be so many blade carts and crossbow carts that had problems? However, immediately afterwards, he squeezed out two words from the gaps in his teeth. “Rong Family!”

Yunqin’s standard blade carts and crossbow carts’ durability and safety had already long gone through the long test of time. If something happened to one or two of them, then they could still blame the maintenance or error in operation, but with so many of similar types of military equipment messed up at the same time, it could only mean that someone tinkered with them. This could only possibly be the work of high level craftsmen who were extremely familiar with these two types of military equipment!

However, even if some craftsmen wanted to mess with them, there was no way they could rig up so many of these military equipment!

In all of Central Continent City, the only one that could do this type of thing was Rong Family!

Out of the nine rich and powerful cauldron foot like families, only Rong Family never clearly expressed their attitude. After the emperor removed those nine heavy layers of curtains, Rong Family also seemed to have vanished without a trace. However, today, Rong Family instead fully expressed their stance through this type of method.

Rong Family completely and firmly stood by the emperor’s side!

Even though those factories were occupied by Central Continent City Guards, all of the military equipment brought out under the inspection of the military, Rong Family was actually still able to do this type of thing!

Under the military equipment’s sudden eruption of metal, the Central Continent Guards at the front suffered a devastating blow, they were swept down in a uniform manner. Only a small amount of soldiers who stood between the military equipment were still fortunate enough to be like this standing officer.

Many Central Continent Guards in the back began to tremble.

It was because rather than the casualties, what they feared more was the strength behind these casualties. Perhaps it could be said that under the previous storm of iron, some of the fear that had previously disappeared returned to their bodies again, and this fear was now much more powerful.

Wen Xuanshu’s carriage arrived at the central road of Imperial City as if he was just participating in a court session.

His carriage curtains were always moved aside, this way, many other Central Continent Guard soldiers could still see him. Meanwhile, he could also see the Imperial City bathed in flames and the tightly shut Imperial Palace gates.

Right now, he naturally witnessed the sudden changes as well, he also witnessed the casualties. However, his expression still remained extremely calm.

Even though he wasn’t able to predict that Rong Family’s appearance would be through this type of method, Rong Family’s appearance had long been within his expectations.

“We can begin.”

He only calmly gave a Central Continent Guard high ranking officer at his side an order.

This grave and stern Central Continent Guard high ranking officer at his side took a deep breath, and then released a fierce shout. “Attack!”

It was as if great thunder erupted in the skies.

With a dong noise, a final series of war drums erupted, the war drums on the city gate towers all around also began to sound at the same time. The air in all of Central Continent City seemed to be shaking.

Rapid and fierce shouts erupted from the Central Continent Guards everywhere.

The feelings of fear that had just surged were suppressed by these drum sounds. All of these Central Continent Guards began to move their feet on conditioned reflex, running faster and faster towards the Imperial Palace’s city gates.

Concentrated rain and footsteps sounded.

Several rows of warhorses brought battering rams towards the various palace gates.

The heavy palace gates quickly began to warp under giant boat collisions like muffled noises.


The Imperial Palace’s central axis main imperial gates came crashing down. When the extremely heavy palace gates collapsed, waves of air and shattering noises sounded, to the extent where the warhorses at the very front suddenly fell to the ground.

In this instant, many Central Continent Guards’ silver-armored officers’ brows furrowed deeply.

There actually weren’t any excessive fortifications in their line of sight, everything was level. Behind the collapsed palace gates were giant golden bricks covered in dragon runes, extending all the way to the Golden Throne Room.

Dozens of Central Continent Guards carried expressions of confusion and fear as they charged through the collapsed palace gates, rushing into the central main path that allowed for nine of those black gold carriages to advance side by side.

When their feet landed on the golden floor, they became even more confused and fearful.

This was the first time they stepped here in their lives. This type of mysterious feeling made their running speeds mysteriously become faster and faster under their confusion and fear.

Only after running out dozens of steps, did the Central Continent Guard silver-armored soldier running at the very front begin to realize that their advance was too easy, actually not encountering the slightest bit of resistance.

They suddenly stopped.

It was because at this time, the great golden path beneath their feet began to shake like an earthquake.

Countless heavy objects smashing into the ground erupted from behind them.

They couldn’t help but turn their heads to look behind them. Then, they saw that what filled their sight were densely packed white heavy armors, their entire bodies swirling with radiance, crazily charging forward.

White Tiger Heavy Armor[1]!

Central Continent Army’s special White Tiger Heavy Armor!

These Central Continent Guards who charged at the very front all moved to the sides in horror.

Massive figures carried gusts of winds as they charged between these gaps one after another. All of these soldiers didn’t even dare make a single movement.

These White Tiger Heavy Armors wanted to completely raze Central Continent Imperial City to the ground and crush it to pieces!

A streak of faint sword radiance suddenly emerged from the first corner after entering the palace.

This sword radiance was extremely agile and swift. It was just like spring water descending from a tall mountain waterfall, but the sword radiance was also extremely nimble like a carving.

This sword entered through the gap in the abdomen between the White Tiger Heavy Armor at the very front, pulled out, and then stabbed at the next White Tiger Heavy Armor.

This was a sword that clearly carried Immortal Academy’s style.

The one who used this sword was also a cultivator dressed in One Immortal Armor.

One Immortal Armor looked like an ordinary long gown, woven out of extremely fine strands of metal. It wouldn’t affect these cultivators’ soul force surging and sword thrusting speed.

It was just like trimming Immortal Academy’s flowers, plants and trees.

This Immortal Academy cultivator instantly took down six heavy armored soldiers.

Only, these types of cultivators were already too few in Central Continent Guards.

This White Tiger Heavy Armored Army exceeded two thousand members. Meanwhile, outside the palace gates, behind this White Tiger Heavy Armored Army, was a Central Continent Army that numbered twenty thousand at the very least.

There had never been any cultivators who could stop an army. Even if they were Sacred Experts, they would still be smothered by a great army.

When six heavy armored soldiers collapsed before this Immortal Academy cultivator, the sounds of many different arrows flying through the air already sounded.

Nets and ropes were already thrown towards Immortal Academy cultivator.

However, right at this time, endless faint and indistinct streaks of sword radiance flickered from within the palace.

A cultivator couldn’t stop an army all by himself. If one wished to stop a great army through the use of cultivators alone… the only possibility was using many cultivators to do so.

In that instant, on this Yunqin Imperial City central road, many sword wielding cultivators appeared.

These cultivators all wore Immortal Academy clothing.

“Turns out those who were transferred to South Tomb Province were all fake… the true Immortal Academy swordsmen were all transferred to the Imperial City.” Wen Xuanshu slowly shook his head.

This was the true first variable that didn’t appear on his intelligence reports.

1. B3C23

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