Book 14 Chapter 13 - Father and Son

Heavenly Qi Avenue was only one of Central Continent City’s sixteen main streets.

However, at this time, this street already became Central Continent City’s most important street.

It was because Wen Xuanshu’s carriage was currently moving along this path.

He only rode on an ordinary carriage. However, right now, the entire Central Continent CIty was flowing with dazzling silver radiance. There were even some powerful auras rippling within some of the carriages behind him. That was why right now, in Central Continent City, who dared stop him?

However, there were indeed people who dared stand in his way.

A black clothed long haired youngster stood at the center of this path, currently facing Wen Xuanshu’s carriage.

He was Wen Xuanyu[1].

He, Lin Xi, and Gao Yanan were the same, Green Luan Academy’s ‘heaven’s choice’ of this generation.

This was especially after Yunqin Emperor and Green Luan Academy broke relations, unknown how long it would take for Green Luan Academy to return to their former glory, how long it would take before heaven’s choice students would appear again.

This youngster whose face bore seventy to eighty percent resemblance to Wen Xuanshu, but was even more handsome, a bit slimmer, was naturally extremely outstanding throughout all of Yunqin. Only, since he was of the same generation as Lin Xi, his radiance was overshadowed by Lin Xi’s. Together with how he normally did things in a low-profile manner, that was why during these two years, his name was even a bit forgotten.

However, he always held positions in the royal court. Many people knew that he was in Central Continent City… It was precisely because he was in Central Continent City, moreover being Wen Xuanshu’s only son, that was why right now, his name had already been mentioned again by many people.

Wen Xuanshu looked at his son who looked nearly identical to himself when he was young, releasing a light sigh.

Then, he nodded towards a high ranking officer from the Central Continent Guards to his side.

Those soldiers dressed in silver armor and carriages continued to advance. Only, when they approached Wen Xuanyu, the silver tide separated into two streams, none of them dared disturb this Grand Secretary son standing in the middle.

Wen Xuanshu’s carriage stopped before Wen Xuanyu’s face.

The other carriages continued forward.

Wen Xuanyu stepped into Wen Xuanshu’s carriage.

Wen Xuanshu who looked at him with a type of profound and doting expression stared blankly for a moment, his brows furrowing slightly.

Originally, he felt like he understood everything about his son, even if Wen Xuanyu was standing at the center of the street. However, Wen Xuanyu only made a single movement, this alone making him feel as if he already no longer truly understood his son.

“You can continue.”

Wen Xuanyu, this youngster whose cultivation speed improved faster than most Green Luan Academy students, but who instead slowly faded out from the eyes of most Yunqin people looked at his father, saying this calmly.

Wen Xuanshu’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he didn’t say anything. His fingers tapped lightly against the carriage in front of him.

The carriage continued forward.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Wen Xuanyu directly sat down at the front of the carriage, facing Wen Xuanshu, his back towards the horse. His long black hair began to flutter behind him coldly as the carriage rose and fell.

“I thought that the first thing you would’ve asked would be why I did this.” Wen Xuanshu looked at him, saying with a smile.

Wen Xuanyu said indifferently. “Is there any difference?”

“Nobody understands one’s son better than his father.” Wen Xuanshu said with a smile. “Since I asked like this, there is naturally a difference.”

“Regardless of whether there is a difference or not,” Wen Xuanyu said angrily, “I only want you to reply to my question.”

“It is because whether or not I told you already makes no difference.” Wen Xuanshu shook his head. He sighed inwardly as he looked at his own son. “It is because today’s events had already begun to go into motion even before you could think for yourself. A path without any retreat route, the only choice is to continue walking down this path.”

Wen Xuanyu remained silent for a moment, and then said, “You should have told me about these things earlier.”

Wen Xuanshu shook his head. “I understand you better than anyone in this world, you would definitely try to stop me from doing what I needed to do. Before what is done cannot be undone, you might try to do many things. The reason why I didn’t tell you ahead of time is precisely because I didn’t want you to do anything stupid.”

Wen Xuanyu became quiet again.

Wen Xuanshu looked at him, saying with a sigh. “The reason why I chose to send you to Green Luan Academy is precisely because I wanted you to receive some of Green Luan Academy’s teachings, precisely so that when you faced this type of thing in the future, you could handle it a bit easier… I know that you have always been loyal to this empire, you would love to be able to fight to the death on the front lines. However, have you ever thought to yourself before, this type of emperor, is he truly worth doing all of this for? This type of emperor, could it be that we shouldn’t rebel against him?”

“You’ve misunderstood my intentions.”

Wen Xuanyu shook his head expressionlessly. “The reason why I said you should have told me these things earlier is because you should have trusted me. After all, I am your son.”

Wen Xuanshu’s brows furrowed. Right now, he indeed didn’t fully understand his son’s intentions.

“If you told me, I might have been able to make you even more patient, we might have been able to wait until an even better opportunity.” Wen Xuanyu looked at him, saying with a heavy voice, “Right now, it looks like no one from the military could stop Central Continent Army, seemingly the best opportunity… However, even if we win, what will happen to Yunqin? South Tomb’s frontlines would be even more lacking in support, what will happen in the future? How many Yunqin people will die because of this? Even if father, your respected self wins, how can your respected self quell the grievances of the public?”

Wen Xuanshu raised his head.

His mind was slightly shaken.

Even during the Autumn Sacrifice heaven denouncement, his mind wasn’t this shaken. It was because what he did was only fire an arrow, there was no chance of turning around. However, at this time, his own son’s attitude instead made it so that his mind couldn’t calm down. He looked at his own son, his expression becoming slightly rigid, and then he instead began to laugh, laughing in an extremely gratified manner. “Turns out you have truly grown up, I truly didn’t realize some of the changes that have happened to you.” He seriously said this in apology towards Wen Xuanyu.

“Perhaps by killing the emperor, Yunqin will indeed be a bit better off… In a situation where there isn’t any leeway for action, even if I stand at your respected self’s side, I will end up having to turn my back on Yunqin’s people. However, your respected self is my father, I cannot turn my back on my own father.” Wen Xuanyu bowed slightly. “This path, I will continue down it together with my father. I just know that father can win, that you won’t let Yunqin down in the future.”

Wen Xuanshu took a deep breath.

Under this autumn radiance, he reached out a hand, patting Wen Xuanyu’s shoulder.

He sensed that Wen Xuanyu’s shoulders were no longer as frail as what he pictured in his mind.

“You should leave for now.”

He gave this child who was extremely similar to himself when he was young a deep look, slowly saying this.

Wen Xuanyu suddenly raised his head, his already extremely calm face instantly becoming rigid.

“The less you are opposed to me, the more you need to leave.”

Wen Xuanshu looked at the faint golden radiance reflecting off of the distant palace, saying quietly, “You are still young right now, there are some reasonings that even if you understand, you still might not necessarily be able to understand it deeply. In one’s life, even if we are looking at the same things, there will unknowingly be great changes. I personally believe that I have always been someone of great ambition, which is why after that Juliu Clan woman played that chess match with me, I began to walk down this path without turning back. However, the longer I remain on this path, the more I feel like my ambitions were laughably superficial… Just like right now, perhaps if a marketplace figure came and saw the Central Continent Army and Imperial City, they would feel like the five thousand membered Central Continent Army would be enough to wipe out the Imperial Palace. However, the more one approaches the absolute peak of this Central Continent City, the more fear one would feel, the more I would wonder why I would choose to head down this type of path, wonder where my confidence comes from.”

“The emperor has never made a move, just waiting for me to make a move, so he definitely has more cards to play. Even though one’s strength will always eventually be exhausted, not even someone like Principal Zhang back then was able to prevent those close friends who followed him from dying in Meteor City. There should be no reason why a lone Imperial City could stop this type of great army. However, until the dust finally settles, I still do not have confidence in an inevitable victory.” Wen Xuanshu looked at Wen Xuanyu, filled with true benevolence as he said, “That is why I want you to leave. If I win, in the end, you can naturally still return to Central Continent City. If I lose, between the two of us, there will at least still be you who remains alive. Accompanying me to death in Central Continent City is something completely meaningless. After your mother passed on, I never took on another wife, but I did end up producing a son like you who I am proud of… at the very least, you have to leave behind a child for our Wen Family, right?”

During all previous conversations, even if it was facing the ruler and ministers, discussing great issues, Wen Xuanyu was always extremely calm and cool-headed. However, right now, when he heard Wen Xuanshu’s words spoken purely as a father to a son, he could no longer remain calm, his eyes instantly becoming blurry.

“Head to the thirteenth city gate towers and leave the city, your uncle is there, it is the safest place for you to leave the city. There should be no one who will stop you from leaving Central Continent City.” Wen Xuanshu patted his back. After a deep sigh, he quietly said, “If anything else unexpected happens, not even your uncle able to guarantee your safe departure, then just fight to the death… I do not wish to face the enemy using you to threaten me.”

“Just go!”

After softly saying these words by Wen Xuanyu’s ears, Wen Xuanshu released a loud shout.

“You unfilial son, you actually dare go against your father?!”

His previous gentle self instantly surged with a terrifying aura. His previously gentle fatherly hand turned into a heavy fist, smashing fiercely against Wen Xuanyu’s body.

Wen Xuanyu’s body felt as if he was flung high into the air like a piece of firewood, passing over many stores, smashing through a roof, and then falling down.

Wen Xuanshu gave the direction his son fell in a look, inwardly bidding his son farewell, hoping Wen Xuanyu would be able to leave Central Continent City smoothly.

One’s life was sometimes like a play, sometimes like a dream.

At this type of time, this type of Yunqin ambitious and ruthless figure instead released a bit of a bitter laugh. Only now did he understand that a lot of ambition and desires, many times, only came from some immature thoughts during a certain stage of one’s life.

In one’s life, after crossing one mountain, they would always have thoughts of crossing another great peak.

Even if they managed to cross this peak, they would discover that the scenery here might not even be as good as the one on the previous peak.

However, regardless, only this was true life.

Only this type of life was the most brilliant.

That was why right now, Wen Xuanshu didn’t feel any regret. He only wanted to surmount the Imperial Palace, to cross over the insufferably arrogant True Dragon Mountain, take a look for himself.

While Wen Xuanshu was getting rid of some of his final inner fetters, his eyes once again fixated on the great path before him and the Central Continent Army silver tide already began to attack.

The first round of arrow rain already brought ear-piercing roaring sounds as they entered the Imperial Palace.

1. Wen Family’s only son, heaven’s choice student B8C22

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