Book 14 Chapter 8 - You Wanted to Possess Everything From the Very Start

Autumn winds rose.

The dark clouds above Central Continent City became thicker and thicker.

A great rain that knocked down all yellow leaves descended, scattering across every Central Continent City street and alley.

Inside the magnificent and glorious True Dragon Mountain which now lacked activity, a seated long haired woman slowly raised her head, calmly looking towards the entrance

This woman’s appearance was eighty or ninety percent similar to the imperial princess, even her lips that most people thought were a bit too thin, but extremely pretty, were extremely similar. The only difference was that her lips seemed a bit more rosy in color.

The palace doors were pushed open with a creak noise. A pale and slim faced middle-aged man slowly walked in. Under this gloomy weather, the dragon embroidered on his golden dragon robes seemed exceptionally sinister, as if it was about to rush out.

There were no thunder noises.

However, with a shua sound, lightning radiance erupted within this palace hall. Golden lightning instantly lit up everything here in an incomparably dazzling manner.

The entire palace hall seemed to have started shaking.

Yunqin Emperor’s furious and unrestrained body seemed especially domineering and powerful.

However, at the same time, while standing at the entrance, he seemed exceptionally lonely.

The doors closed behind him with a groan sound.

He slowly walked in, walking up to this long haired woman’s face.

His face was already completely warped.

“Where did she go?”

He looked at this beautiful woman who looked just like the imperial princess’ twin sister, asking this one word after another.

“I do not know.”

This woman shook her head. She looked at Yunqin Emperor, saying apologetically, “Your highness, I really don’t know where she went or where she will go. Your respected self should understand that since she wished to escape from this city, she will definitely try to do it in an absolutely safe manner. She wouldn’t leave behind any clues for your highness to trace.”

Yunqin Emperor looked at her in silence. After a long time passed, he slowly said, “You didn’t know anything, just blindly sacrificing yourself for her? You should at least know that if you deceive some people in her place, stay here in her place, what kind of consequences you will have to bear… You even dare do this type of thing, could it be that you’ve gone mad?”

“I did not wish to do this, but I had no choice. I cannot just watch her die in Central Continent City.” This woman who had a similarly beautiful appearance as the imperial princess, but lacked some of the imperial princess’ loftiness looked at Yunqin Emperor, calmly shaking her head. “I did not go mad, it is your highness who has gone mad… She is your respected self’s dear younger sister, yet your respected self wished to possess her, treat her as a tool for your respected self’s reproduction, this is something that disregards all ethics and cardinal relationships. Fathers must not have thoughts towards other women, brothers must not lust after their sisters… This is reasoning even Yunqin people who have never studied before understand. If your highness has not gone mad, then how could you not even care about this?”

“Unbridled! How can the son of heaven be someone you can presumptuously criticize?!”

Another flash of lightning erupted in the palace, dazzling to the point where all things flickered with radiance. In that instant, the furious Yunqin Emperor reached out his hand, fiercely gripping this beautiful woman’s throat, pushing forward. He stepped over the couch and tore apart the hanging curtains, directly nailing this woman against the palace walls!

This beautiful woman’s fine neck that was spotlessly white like that of a swan was gripped by the emperor, the fine white color slowly turning red. However, she didn’t have any expression of begging for pity, only gasping for breath as she said, “Why does your highness obstinately cling to your ways, unable to even tolerate those closest to you, truly choosing to cut yourself off from others?”

The veins on Yunqin Emperor’s hands bulged, as if he was about to use more force. However, he instead seemed to have heard something from these words, his hand relaxing a bit.

“I remember your eyes. You are Luo Yunling, her childhood playmate.” He looked into this beautiful woman’s eyes, coldly shouting.

“Your highness actually remembers even this, actually even remembering an insignificant figure like me.” The beautiful woman said while gasping for air.

Yunqin Emperor sized up this beautiful woman’s face in an overcast manner. “After not seeing you for so many years, who would have thought that she actually went through such great effort to change you into her look-alike. However, does she believe that just because your appearances are similar to this degree, that this Emperor will be reluctant to kill you?”

“Of course you are willing to.” This woman who had an extremely similar face to the imperial princess said while gasping for breath, “You could kill even those who had gone from the cradle to the grave with Changsun Clan, so who is there in this world that you cannot bear to kill?”


Yunqin Emperor berated furiously. His hand exerted force, raising this beautiful woman to the point where her feet almost left the ground, only the tips of her toes touching the ground.

He looked at this woman who, because her lips were gasping for breath, her face became red, producing a type of mysterious charm with ridicule and bitter resentment, ruthlessly leaning forward and saying, “This Emperor won’t kill you. Since you dare take her place, then this Emperor will have you take her place.”

rip noise sounded.

Flicking dazzling thunder radiance erupted within this cold palace hall again.

All of the clothing covering the lower body of this beautiful woman was ripped to shreds by Yunqin Emperor with one hand. Her spotlessly white body seemed even more dazzling under the electrical radiance.

Yunqin Emperor leaned over her body, entering her body like a wild beast, fiercely pounding.

This beautiful woman still didn’t release a single voice begging for pity. She only looked at the palace roof with vacant eyes.

Yunqin Emperor released a wild beast-like roar, as if there was endless joy mixed into his suffering.

This beautiful woman heard the sounds he made.

She lowered her head, looking at this Yunqin Emperor who pinned her against the wall, his face also entirely suffused with blood, frantically groping and kneading her body. Her vacant eyes immediately released an expression of thick disdain and ridicule. “Turns out you originally didn’t only wish to continue Changsun Clan’s ancestral line… Your ambitions were just too great to begin with, desires too great, wishing to have everything. The things that are harder to obtain, more beautiful, the ambition within your heart would prompt you to occupy everything. That is why in your heart, you might have long had the desire to own the imperial princess… Only, ordinary people will feel humiliation, get rid of this type of desire, but you have truly gone mad, actually wishing to do this type of thing.”

“So what.”

Yunqin Emperor let go of her neck that was red from the pressure, using his own body to pin this beautiful woman against the wall. He continuously exhaled, breathing heavily as he said, “This entire Yunqin is this Emperor’s! Even if you say this Emperor has gone mad, so what? After today, every single day, this Emperor can still continue to do what I did to you today! This Emperor will come here every single day to deal with you like this.”

“And?” This beautiful woman was still smiling, instead tightening her legs, hugging around Yunqin Emperor. “Brother Emperor… Big Brother Emperor…” she quietly moaned by his ears. When Yunqin Emperor released a roaring noise from his throat, his entire body seemingly about to explode, she said calmly with a quiet voice by his ear, “Regardless of how you think, in the end, I am not the real imperial princess. You forced her to leave Central Continent City. In the future, the things you are to doing to me, there might be another man who will do this to her, while you cannot even touch a single one of her fingers.”

Yunqin Emperor’s body suddenly went taut, becoming rigid. He released a sky shaking scream, as if he was a true lunatic.

Ice-cold rainwater scattered down along the eaves, landing on the puddle on the ground, releasing pa pa sounds.

Yunqin Emperor walked out of True Dragon Mountain.

All of the wisps of rain were reflected by the aura released by his body, not a single droplet of ice-cold water could land on his body.

His body was dry, but his body seemed to be even colder than the rainwater. He was like an ice sculpture in the palace, lacking life force.

A youngster dressed in yellow clothes, head wrapped under a yellow cloth, face clearly different from Yunqin people was waiting for him in a side chamber.

He watched as he ultimately appeared in front of himself.

This youngster looked at him with a cold and fierce expression, saying with a bit of mockery. “Since your majesty wishes to meet me, don’t you think it would be more pleasant to act with more respect and sincerity? Why must there then be a need to make one wait for so long?”

“Fan Mingning, this Emperor knows that your journey here was extremely dangerous, but this Emperor believes that your meeting with me is something that is extremely beneficial for both of us.” Yunqin Emperor gave this cold faced youngster a look, saying indifferently, “In that case, do not bicker over a bit of delay in time. This Emperor’s directness can prevent a lot of unnecessary time waste.”

“Whatever Wen Xuanshu has given you, this Emperor can give you much more. What they can give you, this Emperor can give you as well. What they cannot give you, this Emperor can also give.” After a slight pause, Yunqin Emperor looked at this Divine Elephant Army’s new commander, directly saying this.

The head of the new commander of the Divine Elephant Army, Fan Mingning, lowered slightly, saying in self-mockery, “Your current struggle against Wen Xuanshu is something no one knows the ultimate victor of. The Divine Elephant Army is currently too weak. What we are thinking about is only how to become powerful as quickly as possible, to obtain the ability to protect ourselves and be of use. If we completely attach ourselves to one side, if that side is to be defeated, then our Divine Elephant Army would thus be completely erased from this world. This is especially the case where if we agree to your request right now, Wen Xuanshu might immediately get rid of us. At that time, we will become the first whetstone for his heaven ascension.”

Yunqin Emperor coldly shook his head. “This Emperor does not need all of you to come to my side at this time, this Emperor only knows that all of you share the same powerful enemy as me, Green Luan Academy. That is why this Emperor only needs a promise from all of you, which is that at a suitable time, all of you will join this Emperor’s faction. During this period of time, this Emperor will allow all of you to become more powerful, this Emperor will also grant you all the things you need.”

Fan Mingning didn’t immediately reply. He gave the slim and lonesome, sculpture-like Yunqin Emperor a look and said, “I do not understand why even though your majesty knows of Wen Xuanshu’s changes, your respected self still doesn’t act, allowing him to scheme as he wishes, only conspiring about things of the future. I do not understand where your majesty’s confidence comes from.”

“This Emperor’s source of confidence isn’t something you all need to know about.” Yunqin Emperor gave this Divine Elephant Army new commander a look. “All of you only need to wait for the results.”

Fan Mingning bowed slightly, showing Yunqin Emperor a Yunqin style bow. “What your majesty says is correct, we only need to watch the results… Your majesty is also correct in that we will always have the same enemy, which is why we only need to wait for your majesty’s results.”

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