Book 14 Chapter 7 - Do Not Question My Authority

Yao yao yao, check it out…”

Wisps of blood flowed out from the corners of Lin Xi’s lips. He was coughing, laughing, singing a tune no one understood, carrying Hua Jiyue as he walked on a path outside Meteor City, walking towards this city that posed extraordinary significance to Yunqin.

Hua Jiyue listened to Lin Xi’s amusing tune, laughing and saying, “What kind of nonsense are you singing now?”

She was smiling, but tears flowed out from her eyes, the droplets seeming especially sparkling on her slightly dark skin.

The people on Meteor City’s city gate tower still didn’t know what kind of alarming thing happened, but they saw the great radiance Lin Xi released.

While looking at Lin Xi and Hua Jiyue’s smile, at the blood on these two’s bodies, their lips still flowing with bloody wisps, many people on the city gate tower were first shocked, and then for some reason, the corners of their lips also couldn’t help but become a bit astringent.

“One trip two three li, smoke rising from four five homes. Pavilions number six seven, eight nine ten different flowers.”

In this world’s most majestic Central Continent City, there was a child who was singing a catchy nursery rhyme.

A carriage made its way through Central Continent City’s streets and alleys, arriving at a Central Continent City city gate opening, undergoing a routine city inspection.

A dark faced middle-aged city guard was originally walking about casually. He suddenly saw a crowd of all different types of people who were about to enter, but when he inadvertently saw the face between the gap between the carriage curtains, his dark face paled slightly. Then, he quickly walked up to this carriage, indicating for two soldiers to bring the elder driver to the side for interrogation. Meanwhile, he himself walked next to the carriage curtains, speaking to the woman inside with an extremely low, grave and slightly shaking voice, “Your highness imperial princess, his majesty has already specially given the order to not permit the imperial princess to leave the city. All violators are to be executed on the spot.”

“Liu Xiao.”

The imperial princess in the carriage looked at him through the carriage’s curtains. “I do not wish for you to go against his majesty’s orders, but even if I remain in the city, I cannot survive. That is why I chose to leave the city through this place… Do not worry, I have already arranged for everything, the investigation won’t end up involving you. I know that you are someone who understands gratitude and revenge, which is why I let you see my face. I hope that you can let me through, and then help me a bit in the other few checkpoints.”

The dark faced middle-aged city gate guard officer’s body went slightly rigid. He didn’t say anything else, only walking past the side of the carriage, indifferently waving his hands at the two elders who were interrogating the old driver, showing that there was no issue, that the carriage can leave the city.

The old driver gave this dark faced middle-aged man a fierce stare, inwardly thinking that he had already come and left through this city who knew how many times, the soldiers by the city pass already recognizing his face, so what else was there to inspect?

The carriage continued along, leaving Central Continent City.

On the ancient road where not even the city gate towers’ Brass Hawkeye could see her face, the imperial princess had the old driver stop the carriage. She walked out of the carriage, turning around to look at this world’s most majestic city.

She gave this incredibly majestic great city she loved dearly a deep look, tears appearing at the corners of her eyes.

“Brother emperor, how could you have become mad to this extent? Your actions… even if there is an after, will there still be a Changsun Clan left in this city?”

The old driver saw her gaze towards the distant Central Continent City and the tears at the corners of her eyes. He couldn’t help but think that being this pretty, yet having lips this thin, appearance inconsistent… if it wasn’t an opera singer, then it was a willow lane worker, perhaps someone who ended up in some rich family, but was chased out again.

The world entered autumn.

There were still sky reaching pillars of smoke in Purgatory Mountain, the smoke suffocating.

This day, there were many serfs and even many red robed Purgatory Mountain disciples who were prostrating on the ground in fear regardless of the dirt and filth beneath them, wishing they could just bury their entire face into the pitch-black dirt to display their own fear and sincerity.

It was because on this day, the six Purgatory Mountain elders once again respectively left the caves and palaces they previously resided in, heading towards that Purgatory Mountain tallest volcano.

These six figures, because of the thick black smoke and flames their entire bodies released, seemed especially large and powerful.

Apart from the people inside Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s palace in the tallest volcano, all of the remaining Purgatory Mountain disciples and elders had never seen the faces of these six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders. It was to the extent where most people didn’t know how long these six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders lived for.

It was because when their teachers and masters joined, these six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders had already existed in Purgatory Mountain.

However, all Purgatory Mountain disciples understood clearly that these six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders were just like Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, the most respected people in Great Mang, perhaps even in this entire world. Even Great Mang Emperor didn’t receive as much respect as these six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders. Even all of their lives added together might not be as precious as the lives of these six Great Elders.

If any of them offended these six Great Elders’ dignity, they might immediately be thrown into the mines, forever unable to see the light of day again, dying after suffering every kind of pain.

The six black gemstone bone scepter wielding Purgatory Mountain Great Elders walked past the prostrating serfs and Purgatory Mountain disciples, walking towards that great palace made from piece after piece of ink black bright jade stones, countless flame runes carved from dazzling ruby-like embedded red crystals on them.

Zhang Ping was also one of the people prostrating on the ground.

His forehead and face were also almost buried into the filthy black roadside dirt. However, after a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder walked past his side, he instead raised his head slightly, greedily looking at the scepter in the hands of that Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, doing his best to stare at the runes on that scepter.

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch sat on the gemstone throne, bathed in the red radiance released by that precious throne.

The Six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders walked into the palace.

The instant they walked into this palace, the flames and black smoke on their bodies were instantly extinguished.

Their black divine robes dragged along the sleek black surface. One of the Great Elders whose pupils seemed to have flame runes continuously flickering within them said respectfully, “Patriarch, even Shentu Nian was defeated… we must kill Wenren Cangyue as atonement for his crimes. His ambitions are always a bit too great, and he has already lost his value of exploitation. He is now only an extremely egotistical piece of trash.”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch raised his head slightly. Red light was released from his powerful and unfeeling eyes, sweeping over these Purgatory Mountain Great Elders with silvery-gray skin. “Wenren Cangyue is someone I chose, someone who I agreed to have work for us. Are you all doubting me?”

The six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders’ heads all hung slightly, radiance flickering within their eyes.

The Great Elder with flame runes continuously flickering within his eyes spoke out again, his grand voice echoing through the spacious and empty palace. “We do not dare question the Patriarch’s decision… it is just that we have offered Wenren Cangyue such great strength, yet he squandered away everything we contributed, so he must pay the price for this.”

“Oh?” Purgatory Mountain Patriarch released an amused sound. He looked at this Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, as if he could see into his innermost depths. “It seems like you all are wondering if I suffered serious injuries during my confrontation with Li Ku, if I am still as powerful as before… That is why all of you are questioning my authority.”

The six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders all suddenly raised their heads.

The red radiance outside Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s body began to surge. His amused expression stared at the body of that Great Elder whose eyes continuously flickered with runes.

At the same time, there was roiling black smoke and flames that surged from this Great Elder’s body.

The black bone scepter in his hands also began to shine, heating up.


Purgatory Mountain Patriarch said coldly. “Because from today forth, you are already no longer a Purgatory Mountain Great Elder.”

Endless lotus-like scarlet flames carried terrifying heat, flooding the entire world before him, also flooding the entire world in front of this Great Elder.


This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder released a great cry of fear.

A devil king-like face revealed itself from his flames, devouring the smoke and flames in front of him, devouring his legs.

The terrifying surging flames disappeared.

The devil king’s face disappeared too.

His two calves also disappeared below his knees.

Silvery-gray blood gushed out from his knees, flowing out like streaks of heavy mercury.


His broken legs made contact with the ground, the wounds touching the ground, kneeling down.

This Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, despite losing his calves, there was still no need for him to fall to the ground like this.

However, right now, he didn’t dare resist.

His face was completely distorted from fear, completely losing its previous dignity.

He only dared kneel like this, directly kneeling on the ground with his injuries, letting the silver-gray blood flow along the black floor.

The other five Purgatory Mountain Great Elders entered a state of silence, their eyes also filled with expressions of fear and complete servitude.

They weren’t shocked at Purgatory Mountain Patriarch guessing their intentions for coming, they just didn’t expect that not only did Purgatory Mountain Patriarch not become weak… he instead seemed to have become even more powerful.

“Wenren Cangyue can never become a Sacred Master, so isn’t this even better? At the very least, you all don’t need to fear being killed by him in the future at any time.”

“By leaving him alive, I naturally have my uses. He can still kill those from Green Luan Academy. Could it be that even if Vice Principal Xia doesn’t die, all of you will dare personally head to Yunqin to kill people?”

Purgatory Mountain Patriarch calmly looked at the kneeling Great Elder and other five Purgatory Mountain Great Elders.

“You all should not have come to question my ability… with Shentu Nian’s death, what you all should be questioning and investigating is why our Purgatory Mountain’s sole Soul Cleansing Bead, something that was of important use even during the ancient war between immortals and devils, would lose effectiveness on Lin Xi’s body.”

“We must speed up the exploration of the Devil Prison Plains behind Purgatory Mountain. Our Purgatory Mountain needs greater power.”

“As for you.” Purgatory Mountain Patriarch looked at the kneeling Purgatory Mountain Great Elder, saying indifferently, “You can just head for those unknown lands. As long as you can bring back something valuable, I can pardon you of your crimes.”

After saying this, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch no longer said anything, not wishing to say anything else.

The six Purgatory Mountain Great Elders completely withdrew from this palace like a tide. Even the silvery-gray blood on the ground was burned up by the elder who had his legs cut.

This palace became quiet.

It remained quiet for an extremely long amount of time. Then, sounds of light coughing could be heard from Purgatory Mountain Patriarch within the red radiance.

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