Book 14 Chapter 6 - My Life, Your Life

Fine metal chains slowly withdrew from his flesh.

The words Lin Xi said before, together with the Big Black he was holding right now, all of this together changed his shock into complete enticement. It was as if a great gate filled with endless enticement appeared in front of this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert.

He seemed to be able to see that behind this large gate, he brought back Big Black to Great Mang, seeing his own name written on mottled city walls by some scholars, seeing his name recorded in the books of history and passed onto later generations.

However, the instant those five cold bloody chains withdrew from Hua Jiyue’s clothes, his body suddenly trembled. He discovered with horror that his clothes were instantly soaked through.

He suddenly raised his head, his expression pale. However, his face changed from the previous astonishment and ecstasy to complete gloominess and harshness.

Lin Xi had never urged this old Great Mang Sacred Expert.

This was indeed the most crucial point. When he saw the sudden change in expression of this Great Mang Sacred Expert, the tip of his brows couldn’t help but slowly move upwards.

“Lin Xi, you are indeed extremely formidable.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s face became even colder. “Only, it is a pity that you failed at the final step.”

While looking at Lin Xi whose brows moved upwards, starting to frown, his expression also becoming overcast, now silent Lin Xi, this old Great Mang Sacred Expert laughed coldly. He slowly reached out his hand. His hand gripped that dagger-like, extremely sharp edged azure crystal.

“Even though I do not know what kind of plan you had, I will not believe you anymore. I will destroy this Big Black.”

Lin Xi looked at the azure crystal in his hands, still calmly saying, “The only area where I am confused over is why you would suddenly feel like I schemed against you.”

“Your heart attacking technique is indeed extremely formidable. Using the secrets of the Divine General to first leave me in a state of shock, unable to think, even making me wonder if this world was real. Then, you used Big Black, this type of thing that could disturb the minds of all cultivators to disrupt my mind. When facing your methods, I fear that no one would be able to think calmly, all of them would be led along by the nose by you.” This Great Mang Sacred Expert said with cold mockery, “Only, I fear that your heart attacking technique has a huge gap.”

“I just can’t figure out where the gap lies.”Lin Xi gave this Great Mang Sacred Expert whose face turned from reverence to complete sinisterness a look, bowing slightly. “I must ask sir to show me some guidance.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert gave Lin Xi a look, coldly saying, “This gap lies precisely in the secrets of Divine General… The true power of Divine Generals come from the ability no one in this world truly understands. If those Purgatory Mountain great figures who really care about their own skin, those six Great Elders and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch knew that you could actually foresee many things, actually having this type of powerful ability that far exceeds their imaginations, then they definitely wouldn’t be able to sit still. They would personally descend to this world, kill you before you reach the sacred level, even if there are casualties. That is why you definitely cannot let me bring your secret back to Great Mang, you definitely cannot let me leave alive.”

“This is indeed a gap I didn’t consider.” Lin Xi thought for a bit, looking at him and saying, “I didn’t expect that at this type of crucial moment, you could actually suddenly think of this. It seems like what sir said is correct, those who are older indeed think about more things, they indeed think about some things in more detail.”

When he heard Lin Xi personally admit it, the body of this old Great Mang Sacred Expert who finally woke up at the most crucial point shook again. Cold sweat poured out from his body’s countless pores again.

He began to feel alarm, extremely lingering fears and anger.

If he didn’t notice this at the final moments, the ultimate result would be that this Green Luan female student and Big Black would return to Lin Xi’s hands perfectly intact.

“Just what kind of methods did you prepare to deal with me? What kind of traps did you prepare to cut me off along the way?”

He spoke out, unable to help but ask Lin Xi again.

However, right at this time, he discovered that he couldn’t control the trembling of his lips and body.

He thought that it was because of alarm, lingering fears and anger that his body began to shake. However, at this time, he discovered that there were other reasons.

His breathing suddenly stopped.

He discovered that his body’s water content continued to turn into cold sweat, flowing out from the pores of his skin, discovering that his body was quickly turning cold. Moreover, under an instantaneous perception… he sensed that his body, regardless of whether it was his flesh, nervous system or bones, they all seemed to be filled with countless fine granules… as if they were going to plug up his entire body, completely squeeze out the water content within his body.


He reacted, releasing a fierce shout of alarm. He concentrated his attention on Big Black in his embrace, raising it up forcefully. His soul force frantically surged towards the azure crystal in his hands, wishing to directly destroy Big Black, destroy this world’s number one soul weapon.

However, the instant he used the soul force within his body, there were countless fine stones that appeared in his body, as if a lot of his flesh in his body suddenly turned into endless yellow sand.

The soul force circulation in his body instantly became plugged up… his soul force was cut off by endless grains of sand, whittled away.

On his fingers, there was only some faint yellow light flickering.

Even more sweat poured out from his body, to the extent where it turned into large amounts of water, flowing out from his body. He looked as if he was taking a bath… However, this water instead came from his own body.

ka sounded. The crystal in his hands landed on the bow body of Big Black, but it seemed even weaker than an ordinary person, unable to leave the slightest imprint on Big Black’s dark and sleek surface.


This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert finally reacted, knowing what this thing that instantly filled his body with granules and made him feel as if he was a withered lamp was. He squeezed this word out from his mouth. Because of the large amounts of water flowing out from the top of his head and forehead, he couldn’t even open his eyes.

Lin Xi nodded, quietly saying, “Even though you noticed my greatest gap, you are like all of my opponents, already making a mistake from the moment you faced me.”

“What mistake?” This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert released a shrill screaming nose. Even his voice seemed like the grinding of endless yellow sand, as if his vocal chords, throat and tongue were all already dry to the point where it all completely turned into sand and stones.

“It is because all of you will use normal reasoning, or use the reasoning of the current time to think, instead overlooking a reality.” Lin Xi looked at him and said, “it is because I do not match normal reasoning at all, which is why when you use the reasoning of this world to think, to guess at my schemes, you were already wrong to begin with. There are many sure situations, things that seem like nothing unexpected will happen, yet when before me, they will change. Many things normal people don’t dare do or don’t have certainty in doing, I will do it, and I will instead change them into certainty.”

“What you said is correct. Right now, everyone knows that you are a Divine General, yet everyone will also forget that you are a Divine General.” This Great Mang Sacred Expert revealed a bitter smile. “Do you know why this is the case? It is because deep down, people still don’t believe that a special Divine General exists, which is why the higher one’s cultivation level, the more unresigned they will be… That is why there are still many people who will want to kill you, people who will make you their enemy. Just like right now, even though you calculated against me, what could you possibly change? I will still drag down this student of yours with me. Even if you know about Death Linking Chains, so what? Even though I already cannot use soul force, so what? There is no harm in me telling you some more details… As my body declines, the instant the last bit of soul force disappears from my body, the rippling produced by the death chains will be enough to shatter some of her important organs, making her die quickly, perhaps she will die even faster than me. That is why while on my deathbed, before I swallow my final breath, I should still be able to see her die.”

“You are still wrong.”

When he heard this voice, Lin Xi looked at this bitterly resentful Great Mang Sacred Expert whose body already shrunk to half its usual size, yet he still forcefully opened his eyes to look at Hua Jiyue next to him. Lin Xi shook his head, calmly saying, “You still forgot the words I just said, to not use your own reasoning to evaluate me.”

The voice of this Great Mang Sacred Expert whose body was still flowing with water suddenly stopped. In his perception, his body was completely filled with sand.

He couldn’t imagine just how Lin Xi was so sure he could save Hua Jiyue.

Quicksand was regarded by An Keyi as this world’s number one poison, the toxicity was naturally even more fierce than those poisons which killed after ten or so breaths of time.

Even if it was the sacred level, this Great Mang Sacred Expert, at this time, the soul force in his body also completely declined. It was as if the last bit of water in a water pipe was filled with yellow sand and sucked up

This instant this soul force was severed, this Great Mang Sacred Expert who was about to die struggled to widen his eyes and look at Hua Jiyue.

The Death Linking Chains that connected him and Hua Jiyue’s body, the fine runes on its surface suddenly produced a bit of radiance. Then, these five fine chains shook at the same time, the power they rippled out with like transparent zither strings, penetrating and cutting into Hua Jiyue’s body.

It was also at this instant that the world in front of this Great Mang Sacred Expert became white.

White, because it was too dazzling, too brilliant, the color impossible to see.

At this instant, Lin Xi released great radiance!

Lin Xi’s body, his hands, chest, eyes, even his hair… every part released endless pure and dazzling holy rays of light.

It was as if endless streaks of light rushed out from his body, rushing into Hua Jiyue’s body[2].

This was true radiance.

Lin Xi had never released radiance to this extent before either.

This type of surging radiance even formed a dazzling, tangible light bridge between him and Hua Jiyue.

This type of radiance even seemed to make Hua Jiyue’s body a bit transparent.

Every single strand of pure radiance seemed to be transmitted through his own vital force.

That was why right now, Lin Xi was igniting his own life.

He was turning his own life into Hua Jiyue’s life.

It was as if he was giving half of his own life to Hua Jiyue!

A mouthful of blood rushed out from Hua Jiyue’s mouth.

Many fatal injuries in her body, because of Lin Xi’s half life, instead no longer became fatal. However, she was still seriously injured.

Lin Xi seemed like he suffered the same injuries as her, also spitting out a mouthful of blood.

However, in the end, the two of them were still only injured, not dying.

While looking at Hua Jiyue’s eyes, feeling that Hua Jiyue’s body didn’t turn ice-cold, still warm, his heart suddenly felt warm.

He coughed out blood, yet a smile instead appeared at the corners of his lips.

“Long time no see.” Since he was coughing blood, he didn’t utter any sound. However, his lips instead formed these four words.

This Great Mang Sacred Expert released an extreme roar of suffering, as if he had been parched for six to seven days, and then had his mouth filled with yellow sand.

Right now, even his eyes became completely dry, his body already no longer dried out, starting to fester. His skin peeled layer by layer, starting to truly turn into sand.

He couldn’t see, but he could instead sense what happened. He could sense that Hua Jiyue didn’t die.

“The reason why I bowed respectfully to you wasn’t because I was asking you for guidance, but because I wanted to thank you, thank you for letting me see more things about Big Black. Also, I must thank you for your defeat… your defeat is precisely Wenren Cangyue’s defeat. I want him, before me, to forever suffer defeats, make him discover that regardless of what he does, before me, it will always end in defeat… all the way until he is killed by me.” Lin Xi’s coughing became a bit more smooth. He looked at this Great Mang Sacred Expert whose entire existence was filled with unwillingness and resentment, seriously saying this.

His words made this Great Mang Sacred Expert feel even greater pain and resentment.

However, his life already reached its end.

His consciousness also quickly scattered.

He only had the final bit of fear left. “Medicine… medicine… medicine…” He released this type of sound through his ulcerating, sand transforming tongue. 

In his final bit of subconscious, it was unknown if it was because of the fear he felt towards the death brought by the poison, or if it was because he wanted the antidote.

“Medicine… medicine… medicine…”

When he heard this type of voice that came while representing Wenren Cangyue’s will and methods, and then looked at Hua Jiyue whose lips similarly formed the words ‘long time no see’, the smile at the corners of Lin Xi’s lips became even more brilliant. He coughed, and then laughed while singing out words only he knew the meaning of: “Yao… yao… yao… check it out?” [3]

1. Poison Lin Xi obtained after Gongsun Qian’s death B9C37

2. This is Sacrifice. A light healing method from Priest Hall he learned in B12C28

3. Medicine is yao, which sounds a bit like “Yo”. This phrase sounds a bit like someone rapping

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