Book 14 Chapter 5 - Attacking the Mind

People would always die eventually.

Even if it was someone as powerful as a Sacred Expert, the day would come when they would die, turn to dust.

When he thought about how just like many great figures in this age, he would be recorded in the books of history, how his name would be passed down verbally through stories, this old civil official like cultivator who was actually a Great Mang Imperial Court Consecrator, apart from feeling relaxed, also felt a type of indescribable excitement and impulsiveness.

The carriage continued to move through the early morning.

However, an expression of shock and extreme surprise appeared in the eyes of this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert.

The two old horses who pulled this carriage, because of the aura his body released, suddenly felt like this carriage was incomparably heavy, they couldn’t pull it at all. They released sad cries, releasing some white foam from their mouth.

Under the early autumn morning light up ahead, a youngster dressed in Yunqin High Priest robes carried a massive chest on his back, slowly walking towards him.

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s tightly pursed lips opened slightly, the wrinkles on his forehead deepening a bit.

He recognized who this youngster was.

It wasn’t just the other party’s outer appearance and clothing, there was also that type of indescribable aura from the other party that made him sure that the youngster who was walking over was precisely Lin Xi.

The one he came to see was precisely Lin Xi.

Only, before he encountered Yunqin’s outpost army, even before he expressed his own request, the one he needed to see instead already appeared in front of him on his own, this making it so that when he looked at this youngster who was walking under the fluttering yellow leaves, this type of feeling was just as if one day, he suddenly wanted to eat a piece of fatty braised pork, but before he told anyone, when he just walked out of his door, he already had someone hand over a bowl of extremely fatty braised pork to him.

This type of feeling felt extremely unrealistic.

This made him hesitate greatly, momentarily not even moving aside the carriage’s curtains.

Lin Xi continued to walk towards his carriage.

This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert began to feel that the air in the carriage was a bit suffocating, finally unable to help but move aside the carriage’s curtains.

“You should know who I am, I also know that you came on Wenren Cangyue’s orders.”

Lin Xi’s footsteps stopped at a distance that was extremely close for cultivators. He looked at the old face that was exposed behind the carriage’s curtains, calmly saying, “I just don’t know your surname.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s mind trembled, his brows furrowing, his tone carrying a hint of clear disbelief. “You know that I came on Wenren Cangyue’s orders?”

Lin Xi looked into his murky yellow eyes. “That is why I came out of the city to wait for you.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert looked at him, his brows furrowing, remaining momentarily silent.

“Regardless of whether I agree or refuse Wenren Cangyue’s request, whether you end up dying together with this Green Luan Academy student or if you end up destroyed together with Big Black, these are things that are destined to be recorded in the future books of history. I suppose that is why you came here?” Lin Xi instead looked at him, calmly saying, “That is why I think you ought to at least have a name.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert suddenly straightened his body, raising his head.

With a kacha noise, several carriage boards below him suddenly snapped because of his body’s trembling.

If one were to say that Lin Xi’s direct appearance and declaration that he knew he came on Wenren Cangyue’s orders produced a bit of stirring in his heart, then Lin Xi’s words now made him feel true horror.

Those who could ultimately become Sacred Experts were almost without doubt brave and fearless, individuals with exceptionally sturdy wills. However, when facing this type of thing that was completely impossible for one to understand, this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert, even if he wanted to hide his expression of shock, it was impossible to accomplish.

However, what left him even more shocked wasn’t just this.

“You are surnamed Chun? Given name Jiannan? Chun Jiannan, this is quite the unique name.” Lin Xi looked at him, and then slowly said this.

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s body stopped shaking.

It was because his body was already completely rigid.

If one were to say that Lin Xi previously knew Wenren Cangyue sent him here, it could still be explained through the other party receiving some information sent by spies, or purely guesswork, but this name was already something completely impossible to explain.

It was because he was sure that there weren’t many people in Great Mang who knew about his background, his true cultivation and name. Only some among them knew that he wished to leave behind this true name in the books of history.

“How did you know of all of this?” He looked at Lin Xi, using a type of distorted voice to say this.

Lin Xi looked at him, not replying to his question, only calmly asking in return, “Which do you feel is scarier, Principal Zhang or Big Black?”

This question didn’t seem to follow the previous words at all, but this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert understood Lin Xi’s intentions. There was heavy chilliness that suddenly surged from the depths of his heart. “Because you are a Divine General?”

“No one in this world knows just what kind of ability Divine General truly signifies, but now, you know.” Lin Xi used a type of pitiful expression to look at him. “Know the arrival of fall without a single leaf falling… I can foresee some things ahead of time, I know why you came… where the enemy’s troops come from, what kind of methods the enemy will use… that is why the past Nanmo Country army of three hundred thousand couldn’t take down Meteor City. That is why right now, your Seven Paths Great Army couldn’t take down this city… Do you feel that what you are doing now has any meaning? Have you ever thought to yourself that Great Mang, under Wenren Cangyue’s rule, will ultimately have to decide victory or defeat against me and against Yunqin? What kind of result will Great Mang ultimately face? Do you feel like you all can win?”

Lin Xi’s voice was always extremely calm, extremely gentle.

However, the words he spoke were like small blades that stabbed deep into this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s heart, making this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s heart and even all of his inner organs begin to twitch within his body.

This was precisely the result Lin Xi wanted.

It was because the method Wenren Cangyue wanted to use, was precisely to torment the mind.

Meanwhile, what he was doing, was precisely attacking the mind.

He already met quite a few great figures, including Sacred Experts who lost control of their composure when things that didn’t match reasoning happened. What he had to do right now was precisely to make his existence in this world seem even more illogical within this Great Mang Sacred Expert’s heart.

The expression on the Great Mang Sacred Expert’s face was one of great pain.

Since he couldn’t understand it at all, couldn’t believe what was happening, that was why his entire body experienced exceptional pain and discomfort.

“There is no need for you to feel doubt.”

Lin Xi calmly gave him a look and said, “For example, right now, I also know that you are using Death Linking Chains, you are connected to my fellow student in this way. I also know that you are carrying a gemstone that is sharp enough to cut through Big Black’s strings.”

“How could you possibly know these things? How could you possibly know?!”

This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert finally entered a near state of collapse due to excessive pain. He continuously coughed, his body twitching slightly. He was like a large prawn dragged out of water, about to die of dehydration. “How could there possibly be anyone who can foresee the things of this world?!”

“It isn’t everything, but I can indeed foresee many things directed at me.” Lin Xi’s voice was still extremely calm and gentle. “That is why Wenren Cangyue is destined to die under my hands, that is why I ask you, please think about your country, about your family… could it be that you want your country, your homeland to be erased from this world together with Wenren Cangyue?”

“How could someone like you possibly exist in this world? How could there be this type of person…” This Great Mang Sacred Expert began to continuously mutter to himself, his face becoming even whiter than paper.

“Me and Great Mang originally didn’t share much great enmity. The enmity I carry is against Wenren Cangyue. The one I need to kill, is only Wenren Cangyue.” Lin Xi looked at this Great Mang Sacred Expert, saying seriously “After killing Wenren Cangyue, this war can end… then there wouldn’t be any more Yunqin or Great Mang people who would die. Right now, do you wish for me to kill Wenren Cangyue and end this battle sooner, or do you want Great Mang and me to accumulate more grudges, ultimately dragging Great Mang down into the abyss together with Wenren Cangyue?”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert coughed in pain, looking at Lin Xi. “Yunqin won’t wipe out Great Mang?”

Lin Xi looked at him and said, “When Principal Zhang was here, when Yunqin could wipe out Great Mang, even then, they didn’t destroy Great Mang… what our Green Luan Academy wants is only peace.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert laughed in a distressed manner. “Your Green Luan Academy doesn’t wish to destroy Great Mang, but those in Central Continent City do.”

Lin Xi said calmly, “I will stop this type of thing from happening, this is my promise.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert became quiet.

A moment later, he raised his head to look at Lin Xi. “What do you want me to do?”

“I wish for you to let go of my fellow student and then leave, return to Great Mang to calmly spend the rest of your days.” Lin Xi gave him a look. “Your name will still be left behind in the books of history. Those of future generations will still know of the significance your choice has brought to Great Mang.”

This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert became quiet once more.

When he raised his head again, his expression was still that of great pain, but his eyes already calmed considerably.

“I am already extremely old.”

He looked at Lin Xi, carrying reverence as he said slowly and seriously, “The older one becomes, the more things they have to consider. I can believe that you will stop Central Continent City from destroying Great Mang, I can believe that what you ultimately want is peace, moreover that you will tolerate Tangcang and Great Mang to continue existing. However, have you ever wondered what would happen if Green Luan Academy no longer existed? What if you were no longer in this world?”

“People will always die, the same is true for Divine Generals. Even if you aren’t killed by anyone, after many years pass, you will still die of old age. Can you ensure that there will still be Divine Generals like Principal Zhang and yourself who will appear? Yunqin is so powerful, in the future, it might become more and more powerful. At that time, if Green Luan Academy doesn’t exist anymore, who will be in control of this empire? Perhaps there might not be any Divine Generals anymore, but Changsun Jinse, Wenren Cangyue, these types of people will definitely continue to emerge.” The face of this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert produced an indescribable bitter smile. “Do not say that I have thought for too long, thought too far out. I have interacted with Wenren Cangyue much longer than you, so I might understand his power more clearly than you do. Moreover, I have seen even more powerful people from Purgatory Mountain. Compared to these people, you are still too weak. Perhaps at a suitable time, I fear that even if you knew they were coming to kill you, you still wouldn’t be able to escape at all. Moreover, those who wish for your death might be much more than just Purgatory Mountain and our Great Mang… If you die... if you die and Big Black, this type of thing, ends up in the hands of someone like your Yunqin Emperor, then would our Great Mang still be able to continue existing?”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed.

“I’m sorry. Even if you allowed me to know what a true Divine General is, I fear that I still cannot entrust my hopes into an uncertain and remote future.” This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert looked at Lin Xi. “Moreover, I have already thought through things extremely clearly… Many times, even if you know how something will develop, you will still feel powerless to change it. It is just like ducks who know the river water will become warm cannot do anything to stop the river water from becoming warm. It is just like how you knew of my arrival, knew of my intentions, yet you still have no way of killing me and letting your fellow student live. You only appeared before me and spoke all these things to me, only entrusting your hopes onto making me change my mind. Perhaps I can even kill you right now.”

“I didn’t expect that after saying all of these things to you, it would still be this result.” Lin Xi shook his head at him. “You cannot kill me, the ultimate result will only be you dying together with my fellow student. Big Black will still be in my hands.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert remained silent for a moment. Then, he said, “If you have absolute confidence, you can choose to destroy Big Black, and then I will hand over your fellow student safely into your hands.”

Lin Xi’s brows rose slightly, saying coldly, “This cannot be considered a favor, you should understand the weight of Big Black… Moreover, you should already understand that this type of thing, if I yield to Wenren Cangyue once, then I might do it a second time, a third time.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert looked at Lin Xi, and then he slowly shook his head. “I don’t know if this can be considered a reminder. Perhaps you yourself already know that this type of giving up, if it happens once, it is bound to happen again.”

After a sight pause, this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert still carried reverence, but he released a light sigh as he looked at Lin Xi. “Moreover, you didn’t know that after you told me all of these things, I would still make this choice. That is why it can be seen that even though you are a Divine General, some things still cannot continue according to your will.”

“This world is a great river. In this great river, even the biggest fish cannot change this river’s path. However, we can at least decide where we wish to swim.”

Lin Xi looked at this aged Great Mang Sacred Expert. “Perhaps we can both choose to take a step back.”

The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert froze momentarily. “How do we both take a step back?”

“Big Black is something Principal Zhang left for the academy. In the hearts of Green Luan Academy and Yunqin’s people, its value and meaning aren’t only as simple as the most powerful soul weapon.” Lin Xi looked at him and said clearly, “That is why I cannot bear to see Big Black be destroyed… However, my Green Luan Academy was previously willing to lose Big Black. Even if we lose Big Black again, both me and Green Luan Academy’s people still have confidence in seizing it back.”

“Could it be that you want to directly give me Big Black?” The aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s entire body trembled, while his face was filled with an expression of disbelief.

“I will not directly give you the complete Big Black, I won’t allow it to become a weapon of slaughter for Wenren Cangyue and Purgatory Mountain.” Lin Xi silently shook his head. “I will unload its three bowstrings, and then hand you the bow body. I believe Wenren Cangyue and Purgatory Mountain will definitely be interested in researching Big Black’s runes, they definitely wouldn’t allow it to be destroyed. One day, I will come to fetch it again… if you can agree to this, I can still give you this promise. I will promise you this favor, promise that Great Mang can continue existing, unless I die.”

“You really can do this?” This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s entire body began to shake again. For him, obtaining Big Black’s bow body was naturally much more useful than destroying Big Black.

Lin Xi didn't say anything else, only opening the large chest on his back.

This aged Great Mang Sacred Expert’s breathing suddenly stopped. He felt Big Black’s unique aura gush out from within this chest. Then, he saw the dark bow body that didn’t have its three black bowstrings.

Lin Xi removed this stringless Big Black. He walked up to this Great Mang Sacred Expert, placing the stringless Big Black into his hands.

This Great Mang Sacred Expert made contact with Big Black.

The most powerful soul weapon in this world, the soul weapon that had the most wonders and legends around it, it seemed to even make his soul tremble.

He was once again filled with an unreal feeling.

Lin Xi was so close to him, was he not scared of being killed by him?

Lin Xi really would let him bring Big Black away?

However, if he went back on this deal, he could also directly destroy Big Black. For him, this was the surefire way.

While looking at Lin Xi who stepped backwards, calmly standing and watching him, this entirely shaking Great Mang Sacred Expert finally nodded.

He placed Big Black’s bow body into his embrace, sticking it close to his body.

The five chains behind him began to twist about like living things, removing themselves from Hua Jiyue’s body.

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