Book 14 Chapter 3 - The Dead and the Living

Everyone first looked at Lin Xi and then at this old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert, their expressions were all extremely complicated.

It was because everyone knew what kind of soul weapon Big Black was… Yunqin had many legends regarding Big Black, which was why this city immediately became deathly still and cold under the autumn winds.

“Big Black is what Wenren Cangyue is currently most scared of. With Wenren Cangyue’s injuries, he doesn’t dare face Big Black head-on for a long, long time. As long as it is a place where Big Black exists, he will have to hide like a mouse.” While this Great Mang Sacred Expert said this with a sigh, the dark red masked stern high ranking officer said this with an ice-cold voice only he and Gu Yunjing could hear. “We absolutely cannot allow Big Black to be destroyed.”

Gu Yunjing turned around under the clear clear and cold autumn winds. He looked at this stern high ranking officer, releasing a light sigh and saying with a voice only the two of them could hear, “In the past, when Principal Zhang arrived in Central Continent City with Big Black, deities and devils weren’t a match for him… it isn’t Wenren Cangyue alone who fears Big Black in this world. During Meteor City’s battle against Nanmo Country, the reason Purgatory Mountain’s few old but not dead elders and patriarch didn’t appear in Meteor City, wasn’t it just because they feared the Big Black in Principal Zhang’s hands? This Big Black will always be a shadow that looms over these people’s hearts.”

The stern high ranking officer’s eyes narrowed. “That’s even more reason why we cannot let Big Black be destroyed.”

“What you say carries great reason.” Gu Yunjing shook his head slightly, looking at Lin Xi not far from him with a pitiful expression, saying quietly, “However, I have no choice but to remind you that Big Black has never belonged to Yunqin Empire, it only belongs to Green Luan Academy. As for how to deal with it, we have no right to express any opinion. All we can do is watch.”

The stern high ranking officer’s body went rigid. He still wanted to say something, but Gu Yunjing instead calmly spoke out again. “There are many great figures from Green Luan Academy in the city. If we are to oppose this, there will naturally be people who will voice their opinions. What right do we have to join the liveliness? ...Moreover, Green Luan Academy has their own way of doing things. They might believe that this type of Divine General is more important than an iron-blooded death god or a divine weapon like Big Black.”

The stern high ranking officer’s eyes flickered with radiance. His head hung slightly, no longer saying anything.

Xu Shengmo wasn’t on the city walls. Ever since Lin Xi arrived in Meteor City, he had always remained within a small alley where he could see the city walls.

In this type of small alley, an ordinary person already couldn’t hear the voice of that Great Mang Sacred Expert outside, but Xu Shengmo’s ears were many, many times better than an ordinary person’s. He was always listening to the activity on the city walls and outside the city.

When this city became deathly still, he walked out from the cabin he was previously resting in, starting to walk through this small alley.

He quickly stopped, because someone who he really didn’t wish to see stood  in front of him.

“Tong Wei, a good dog doesn’t block the street. What are you standing in front of me for?” His face sunk in an extremely impatient manner, saying this with an overcast and cursing voice.

Just like a black tree, Tong Wei who stood calmly in front of the alley looked at him, not replying to his words, instead asking in return, “What do you want to do?”

“You are just like me, asking questions you already know the answer to.” Xu Shengmo spoke these words that were normally quite amusing, yet weren’t funny in the slightest right now. He raised his head slightly, his eyes passing over Tong Wei’s large and tall body and landing on the city wall in the back. “Isn’t it because your idiot of a student will easily do some stupid things?”

Tong Wei looked at him, coldly saying, “He is also your student.”

Xu Shengmo’s expression became even more irritated, his voice rising. “When did you become this stupid too? Could it be that you don’t understand that speaking these types of words right now is just nonsense?”

“I only hope that these words of nonsense can make you not become as impulsive.” Tong Wei took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “Do not forget that it was Brother Ming[1] who placed Big Black in his hands… since Brother Ming made this choice, then he has acknowledged his identity. Big Black is his. What he chooses to do with it is not something we have any right to interfere with.”

“You are speaking utter horse sh*t.” Xu Shengmo was so angry he began to laugh. “I don’t care what kind of reasoning you have. Even if Big Black is his, I still have to stop him from doing stupid things. I only care about value… Big Black’s value, forget about the life of a Self Defense freshman’s life, even if it is our lives, it cannot compare at all.”

Tong Wei shook his head coldly. “I won’t let you interfere with his decision.”

Xu Shengmo said fiercely, “Then I will kill you! You should understand that at this type of time, I can definitely kill you.”

Tong Wei gave him a look, slowly saying, “If he decides to use Big Black to save Hua Jiyue, then if you ended up in Wenren Cangyue’s hands, he will also choose to save you.”

Xu Shengmo’s angry expression instantly disappeared, his brows furrowing. “You are sure?”

“I am sure.” Tong Wei gave him a look, saying with a cold laugh. “It is because it is just like you said, sometimes, he is indeed quite stupid.”

Xu Shengmo nodded as if he was somewhat entranced. “He really is stupid.”

“If Vice Principal Xia wasn’t fiercely loyal to his people, would you be standing at his side right now?” Tong Wei said with a bit of mockery, “You are normally dissatisfied towards him, but regardless of how dissatisfied you are, didn’t you still stand by his side? Could it be that you forgot what Principal Zhang and Vice Principal Xia said? What is worth or not worth, in the end, our own side’s lives are the most important?”

Xu Shengmo furrowed his brows. He gave Tong Wei a look, and then looked at the city walls behind Tong Wei. He shook his head, uttered some indistinguishable curses, and then began to turn around, walking back to the cabin he was previously in.

Lin Xi remained quiet for a long amount of time.

For many people, right now, Big Black behind him was his.

However, for him, this Big Black was what Principal Zhang left for the academy, something Brother Ming ultimately exchanged for with his life.

This thing was originally enough to make all cultivators in this world feel reverence.

However, during his silence, he still thought through some reasonings.

As such, he suddenly calmed down.

He raised his head, calmly looking towards the old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert.

Everyone knew that he made his decision. Their hearts suddenly clenched.

“Weapons are dead, people are alive.”

Lin Xi’s voice was extremely calm.

He first spoke some words that really were complete and utter rubbish.

However, the old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert’s face revealed a bit of happiness.

Lin Xi’s voice was extremely calm and clear. He continued, “Wenren Cangyue believes that this weapon is more important than people, but I believe that people are more important than weapons. A Green Luan Academy student is more useful and more powerful than a dead weapon.”

The old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert understood Lin Xi’s intentions, but the joy in his mind instead mysteriously lessened, his brows unknowingly furrowing.

“He can’t even clearly distinguish this type of reasoning, yet Wenren Cangyue wishes to make the entire world his enemy? He alone, wishes to fight the entire world?” Lin Xi calmly looked at this old civil official and said, “By making this type of request, it can only mean that his current situation is extremely dire, meaning that he is extremely scared. He doesn’t even have the confidence to face Big Black, yet he still wants a footing in this world?” 

“Someone like him, he is worth dying for to you?” Lin Xi continued with a laugh of mockery.

The old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert shook his head, saying with an amiable voice, “My actions are all for the sake of Great Mang. Moreover, I am already extremely old myself.”

Lin Xi gave him a look, not saying anything else.

This old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert felt a bit mysteriously annoyed, saying with a sunken voice, “It is pointless to discuss all of this. I only want to know whether you will accept General Wenren’s request.”

“My intentions are already extremely clear.” Lin Xi nodded. He coldly said, “I will agree to his conditions.”

Even though previously, everyone understood Lin Xi’s intentions, when they heard him say it, at this time, many Yunqin soldiers and Yunqin high ranking officers couldn’t help but feel their bodies tremble, their expressions turning pale.

The old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert’s annoyance instantly disappeared. He said clearly, “In that case, then I must ask you to listen to our way of exchange, and then tell me if you have any objections.”

“There is no need for that.” Lin Xi shook his head indifferently. “I can first give you Big Black, and then you return her to me, that’s enough.”

“Directly hand me Big Black?” The old civil official like Great Mang Sacred Expert raised his head in a stunned manner. He looked at Lin Xi in confusion, not understanding why Lin Xi would do this. Could it be that he didn’t fear him going back on his words, that he’ll directly kill Hua Jiyue after receiving Big Black?

“Do not forget my status.” Lin Xi looked at him and said, “And then think about your mission.”

Lin Xi didn’t speak any threatening words, but this Great Mang Sacred Expert instead instantly broke out into cold sweat.

He thought about Lin Xi’s status, and then thought about some legends.

Could it be that the so-called Divine General really had a type of astonishing intuition, to the extent where he could foresee some things that were about to happen?

He completely understood why Lin Xi would use this type of simplest exchange method… Lin Xi’s confidence was a type of declaration towards Wenren Cangyue, declaring that his people would forever be more powerful than Big Black.

He raised his head to look at Lin Xi, momentarily at a loss for words.

Many Yunqin soldiers couldn’t understand this Great Mang Sacred Expert’s reaction. In their eyes, this Great Mang Sacred Expert was threatening Lin Xi, achieving the result he wanted. Then why was it that right now, there was instead no joy to be seen from this Great Mang Sacred Expert, instead, he looked as if he was the one that was threatened?

“Let him come over.” Lin Xi said.

Some strictly guarding Yunqin soldiers slowly backed up, withdrawing from the city wall. Moreover, under the guidance of some high ranking officers, they opened up the city gates.

The old civil officer looked at the path in front of him. After a bitter smile, he knew that there was already no way out for him.

The carriage continued forward, all the way until it reached below the city gate towers. Only then did it slowly stop.

Many people’s breathing suddenly stopped.

Even that old civil official’s breathing suddenly stopped.

A streak of black light descended from the city gate tower.

Lin Xi directly threw the Big Black in the chest behind him towards this old civil official.

The old civil official held this strange three stringed soul weapon.

His hands continuously trembled.

However, even though he was still filled with a feeling of shock and disbelief, the hair raising aura released from this black soul weapon made him understand clearly that this was precisely Big Black, precisely the Big Black that was unmatched under the heavens.

He held Big Black tightly.

The tail of his clothes suddenly began to move.

Five extremely fine chains withdrew from Hua Jiyue’s body.

These five fine chains were connected to her body.

In his hands appeared an azure crystal whose edges were extremely sharp.

He clasped this piece of azure crystal whose edges were extremely sharp, fiercely cutting against the black bowstring.

The three black bowstrings were cut.

The azure crystal also ruptured in his hands.

An extremely great wave of power directly blasted his hand into scattered flesh.

Countless fine cracks suddenly appeared on this zither.

Streak after streak of black radiance shot out from within these cracks.

1. Duck like creature who guarded Big Black and later on accompanied Principal Zhang and Big Black, establishing many legends B11C53

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