Book 13 Chapter 64 - Unreconciled

Within an East Scenery City alley, a young Yunqin priest apprentice raised his head towards the sky.

The white priest robes he wore were already incredibly dirty. However, after experiencing East Scenery City’s great battle, witnessing the bravery and courage of many Yunqin soldiers these past two days, this young Yunqin priest apprentice seemed to have undergone a type of cleansing. His expression became more resolute, under the radiance, his body seemed to release some type of true radiance.

Only, right now, his expression carried some misgivings.

It was because according to the predictions of various signs from the past few days, it was also going to rain today.

However, at dawn today, this rain instead already stopped, at this time, the sun was already high up in the sky.

“You truly are extremely beautiful.”

Within a small alley in Natural Course Temple, Nightingale looked at Qin Xiyue, saying this with a sigh of appreciation.

Qin Xiyue naturally knew that she was extremely beautiful, even if she was extremely tired and haggard after this great battle.

However, during this great battle, the deaths of those Yunqin soldiers instead made it so she didn’t think about this at all, only feeling a bit downcast as she said, “What is the use of beauty? It cannot help me take down a few more enemies.”

Nightingale laughed.

Her laughter made the wrinkles on her face even deeper, even thicker.

“You do not view beauty as a type of asset, but many people do. At the very least, a beautiful girl like you who still charges across the battlefield is one I have never seen before in my life.” She smiled, looked at Qin Xiyue and said, “When I was your age, I was also extremely beautiful.”

Qin Xiyue didn’t understand why Nightingale would say these words now. Her somewhat downcast self turned around to look at this older woman whose face was covered in wrinkles. Then, she quickly saw something, her beautiful eyelashes starting to tremble, her fine lips also starting to tremble lightly.

“After I die, there will be no one left from Jiang Family in Central Continent City. However, this Sound Rippling Technique, I wish to pass it on.”

Nightingale gave Qin Xiyue’s extremely beautiful face a look. She looked at the small flower-like bells around her wrist, saying with a light chuckle, “I am quite fond of a girl like you.”

Qin Xiyue had never met Nightingale before. The only things she knew about her was what she did in Central Continent City, how she rescued Zhong Cheng[1].

However, at this time, when she looked into Nightingale’s eyes, she knew that this female Sacred Expert who came from Willow Alley was on the verge of departing from this world. She couldn’t help but feel a surge of deep sorrow.

“Jiang Family’s Sound Rippling Technique and this soul weapon given to you by Green Luan Academy share some similarities. You should understand that all powerful cultivation methods are built on the foundations of some predecessors, and then taken further. If it was thirty years ago, if I had your soul weapon, perhaps I might have been able to comprehend many things, might even have been able to kill Ni Henian in Central Continent City.” Nightingale slowly reached out her hand, placing a fish-shaped jade pendant covered in many fine characters into Qin Xiyue’s hands. “Now, this type of thing can only be done by you.”

The jade pendant was extremely gentle, extremely light.

Qin Xiyue tightly gripped this jade pendant within the palm of her hands.

When she saw Qin Xiyue’s resoluteness and cool-headedness, Nightingale who had satisfied her final cherished desire smiled with even more satisfaction, and then she began to cough.

With each cough, another wrinkle seemed to be added to her face.

These wrinkles seemed to cover her entire face.

Her expression gradually dimmed under the coughing. Within this small courtyard, she passed away, forever departing from this world.

Qin Xiyue was indeed quite the strong girl, but when she saw this older woman peacefully depart from this world with a smile on her face, she still couldn’t help but become like Lin Xi that day, drop after drop of tears falling from her eyes.

From Nightingale’s eyes, she could see from that when Nightingale saw her, it was as if she was looking at her own younger self.

She could also sense that there were many similar things between Nightingale and herself.

Only, Nightingale’s background wasn’t that great, which was why even now, Nightingale only said that she was quite fond of a girl like her, not saying anything else.

A girl who was born through the hardships of prostitution, in the end somehow becoming a Sacred Expert… back then, just how many stunning stories did she have? Just how much entanglement was there between her and Jiang Yanzhi? Why did she ultimately hide in Yellow Sparrow Temple?

All of these stories departed with her. In the end, there was already no one who knew about them.

In Meteor City, the Divine Wooden Flying Crane that landed on top of the city waited for the arrival of Gu Yunjing and the other military generals.

Gao Yanan’s shoulders sunk.

She saw that Lin Xi already fell asleep on her shoulder.

The bright and beautiful sunlight shone on his face, sleeping extremely soundly like a child.

There were many Yunqin soldiers around them.

She was a bit embarrassed, but when she thought about the things that happened in East Scenery City, about the words she, Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi spoke back then, she already calmed down. She moved her body a bit closer to Lin Xi, allowing Lin Xi to sleep a bit more comfortably.

Gu Yunjing and some military officers arrived in front of Lin Xi and Gao Yanan.

When they saw the sleeping Lin Xi, this old general made a gesture, not disturbing the already extremely tired Lin Xi. He directly had someone set up a tent around this Divine Wooden Flying Crane.

Many Yunqin soldiers, the instant they sat down or laid down, were just like Lin Xi, falling into a deep sleep.

Sounds of snoring rose and fell across every corner of this entire city.

Many soldiers that took these sleeping soldiers’ places were sleeping before, which was why these soldiers all moved quietly, not wishing to disturb this extremely weary and soundly sleeping city.

Under the rising and falling snoring sounds, the storeroom that was guarded the most strictly in Meteor City was quietly opened.

The one who guarded this storeroom was precisely Dragon Snake Border Army’s most powerful Black Flag Army.

Even while experiencing such a tense battle in Meteor City, this Black Flag Army still guarded this place, not a single person leaving.

Inside this storeroom were piles of leather floats that still hadn’t been pumped with air.

When Meteor City’s storeroom was opened, a carriage carried Xu Zhenyan back to Central Continent City.

After leaving the carriage, this youngster who returned to Central Continent CIty discovered that many things had already changed.

He noticed that some places had already turned to ruins. Some crops in ruins already germinated, growing long and slender.

He discovered that some people didn’t return to Central Continent City.

At around the same time.

A group of vultures circled around Meteor Lake’s northern shore.

Wenren Cangyue who already changed into a set of ordinary cloth clothes was right under this group of sky covering vultures.

In front of him stood a Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator.

This Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator was just as young as the one he killed in Thousand Sunset Mountains, his cultivation level also about the same.

However, right now, this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator was much more cool-headed than the past one. He didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear in front of Wenren Cangyue, instead carrying a type of faint disdain.

This was despite knowing that if Wenren Cangyue attacked, he would still have the ability to kill him.

He naturally wasn’t ignorantly arrogant, having something wrong with his brain.

The reason why he was so calm and arrogant, still full of a dignified expression in front of Wenren Cangyue, was because he represented Purgatory Mountain, moreover, represented Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

He was the one designated by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, the one who could make some decisions and judgments in his place.

“Brother Shentu has died… even Li Ku’s sword the patriarch gave you ended up being destroyed in your hands. Moreover, your injuries are enough to make you directly fall from your flourishing peak, from now on, your inner organs could only deteriorate, no chance of becoming powerful again. It is difficult for you to cross the Sacred Master level for you in this entire life. I wish to ask Great General Wenren in the patriarch’s place, when facing this type of defeat, this type of calamity, what right do you have left to live?” This slightly blue skinned young Purgatory Mountain disciple who only grasped Devil Transformation, cultivation at the Soul Master level carried faint disdain as he asked Wenren Cangyue.

If it was anyone else who faced this type of interrogation representing Purgatory Mountain Patriarch’s will, they might be alarmed to the point where they would immediately defend themselves.

However, Wenren Cangyue only first calmly said, “If it is difficult for me to reach Sacred Master level, it will only leave the patriarch even more at ease.”

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator frowned slightly, instead remaining silent for a moment and saying, “This is a reason, but I cannot ensure that this reason is enough. This is especially in a situation where you know you cannot lose, yet you still lost, your ability and motives will both be called into question.”

Wenren Cangyue still gave this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator a look, saying, “All battles, before the ultimate victory or defeat, what one needs to look at is the value of what is acquired. I indeed lost this battle, but this might not necessarily be the case for Purgatory Mountain. I will help the patriarch get rid of what he feels the most misgivings towards.”

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s brows furrowed deeply, his eyes continuously flickering. He seemed to be continuously thinking over the deeper meanings behind Wenren Cangyue’s words.

Soon afterwards, he seemed to have understood. His expression was no longer prideful, instead showing Wenren Cangyue a bow, saying respectfully, “In that case, I will quietly wait for General Wenren’s good news.”

Wenren Cangyue looked at this young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s pale and slightly blue face, at the tall red divine hat on his head, a bit of an expression of looking at a pitiful creature flashing past his eyes.

He didn’t say anything, only nodding his head.

However, inwardly, he instead said to himself with coldness and mockery, “No matter how prestigious, in the end, you are just a dog who doesn’t have any of your own thoughts, someone who borrows your owner’s skin… Even if I cannot reach the Sacred Master level, who can say that a Sacred Expert definitely cannot kill a Sacred Master?”

Li Ku’s sword already shattered, disappearing from this world.

However, he already possessed this sword for a long time.

Moreover, he was one of this world’s most powerful cultivation geniuses.

Even if it was someone like Nangong Weiyang, possibly reaching the Sacred Expert level faster than him, in terms of cultivation methods and understanding of martial skill, she was perhaps still far inferior to him.

That was why the appearance of Li Ku’s sword was already deeply etched into his mind.

For him, what was most important in this world, most powerful, was probably this sword that was imprinted into his brain.

“Ten years, would this be a bit too long?”

He turned around. When he looked towards those vultures spiraling the skies above, Wenren Cangyue coldly asked himself, and then he replied to himself, “Ten years is indeed too long… that is why I won’t give you ten years of time.”

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