Book 13 Chapter 61 - City of Cheers

The third row, fourth row, fifth row… All of the heavy cavalry in the back reined in their horses in alarm, the thunderous sounds of horse hooves stopped.

Several fierce shouts and angry cursing sounded from the Great Mang troops in the back.

All of these Great Mang heavy cavalry who didn’t dare continue forward braced themselves. They began to slowly advance towards this Green Luan black robed lecturer who made all of their bodies break out into chills.

The heavy cavalry at the very front jumped off of their horses, hiding their bodies behind their thick and solid horses, even starting to advance while under the cover of these horses’ abdomen.


Green Luan Academy’s black robed lecturer released a curse of disdain. The flying sword that already returned in front of him once again turned into a shadow that was hard to make out with the naked eye, flying towards the densely packed heavy cavalry up ahead.

Waves of howling and cries of alarm continuously sounded.

Hiding behind and underneath the horses was completely useless.

The flying sword moved along the ground. This time, what it cut through weren’t the feet of horses, but rather the feet of Great Mang soldiers, one after another.

Every single soldier lost one of their feet.

Ordinary infantry might still barely be able to advance if they were missing a foot, but the soldiers wearing heavy armor, after losing a foot, couldn’t maintain their balance at all. After they fell, there was no way they could stand back up.

During this type of great battle, making the enemy directly lose their fighting strength and directly killing them didn’t have much difference.

Moreover, all of the experienced high ranking officers understood extremely clearly that letting their soldiers continuously howl miserably was extremely bad for morale.

The horses in the front that were no longer being controlled began to run about crazily.

The Great Mang heavy cavalry advancing from the back began to enter a state of disorder as well, many Great Mang soldiers were also horrified of this flying sword that specially aimed at their feet. They were scared that their own horses that were out of control would trample on their fallen injured comrades.

“Step over them!”

“Charge! What is there to be scared of? He is only one person!”

However, several fierce shouts sounded from the army behind them.

When they heard these orders, these extremely pale faced Great Mang soldiers’ arms shook. They controlled their own warhorses, directly stepping over those miserably howling soldiers’ bodies.

When the Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer saw this type of scene, his lips moved slightly, wishing to curse them for being idiots again.

RIght at this time, another fierce and furious shout sounded from the enemy’s formation. “Release the arrows!”

Bowstring noises sounded one after another.

The lips of the Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer on the rock moved. This time, he didn’t curse them for being idiots, instead cursing out “Motherf*ckers!”

Then, he jumped off the rock.

More than ten Yunqin light cavalry soldiers who were originally watching in shock reacted. They lifted up their shields from the ground one after another, to the extent where those who couldn’t find shields directly raised Great Mang soldier corpses, gathering towards this Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer’s side.

The reason why sword controlling Sacred Experts seemed especially terrifying in the eyes of the people in this world was because their flying sword’s speed was fast to the point where ordinary people couldn’t react at all. Moreover, wherever one willed it, the flying sword would move there, as nimble as one’s thoughts. Furthermore, it could kill enemies like chopping vegetables beyond a hundred steps.

However, sword controlling Sacred Experts had another glaring weakness, which was precisely when they didn’t have their flying swords by their sides. Their bodies’ defensive power would be extremely weak, to the extent where even a single arrow had a chance of endangering their life.

Arrows descended one after another, all of them blocked by the shields and Great Mang soldiers’ corpses.

This type of arrow rain that wasn’t all that concentrated didn’t pose much threat to this Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer. The sword radiance still moved about along the ground like a mirage, cutting through feet one after another. However, just the fact that they managed to make him jump off that rock… this scene alone already gave these Great Mang heavy cavalry soldiers a great morale boost.

The black expanse of cavalry troops suffered disastrous casualties.

However, the soldiers at the very front instead got closer and closer to this Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer.

The shouting of that unknown Great Mang officer wasn't mistaken.

In the end, this Green Luan Academy black robed sword controlling Sacred Expert was only one person.

No matter how fast the flying sword could reap lives, his soul force could only make him remove the feet of these Great Mang heavy cavalry soldiers.

Rather than withdrawing after losing a few hundred people, they might as well throw in a few hundred more, and then charge through this opening before Yunqin army had time to transfer over more reinforcements.

Moreover, Sacred Experts were Sacred Experts regardless of where they were placed. Since this Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer already appeared in Meteor City, then Great Mang’s military had to face him, they had to pay the price to take him down sooner or later.

The face of this Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer was still filled with disdain.

However, as his flying sword continuously advanced through the sky, his expression became more and more pale. Inside the black robes, his fingertips also began to release drop after drop of blood.

Sacred Experts could defeat an army of a thousand, they could easily kill a thousand soldiers dressed in ordinary armor.

However, this heavy cavalry in front of him was far greater than a thousand.

There were already three or four Yunqin military officers who gathered near the city walls. These officers already prepared to give out orders for the infantry army to charge, to take the place of this Green Luan Academy Sacred Expert.

Right at this time, horse hooves sounded in the alleys behind them.

There was only a single horse hoof sound, but it was an extremely fast horse.

A calm expressioned snow-white clothed man rode on a yellow military horse, heading towards this city wall opening.

When they saw that this calm expressioned moon white clothed man had a longsword that looked no different from an ordinary border army standard longsword, displaying strength and discipline, not showing too many tricks, even the length the same, only the shaft a bronze color, these Yunqin infantry high ranking officers suddenly realized who this person was. After giving the one on the speeding horse a look, these high ranking officers immediately released a military order, ordering for all of the infantry army to move aside, open up a path for this man.

These Yunqin high ranking officers knew that not long ago, two world shocking Yunqin swords came out from Immortal Academy.

The first was Immortal Academy’s Celestial Sword[1].

The other was East Forest’s General Sword[2].

Right now, they still didn’t know that Celestial Sword already seriously injured Wenren Cangyue in Harmony Splendor City. However, they knew that this General Sword had arrived in Meteor City.

All of the Great Mang heavy cavalry and the Great Mang soldiers looked at this moon white clothed man who appeared behind the black robed Green Luan lecturer, their eyes starting to narrow.

In this type of situation where it was already a Sacred Expert holding back a great army, now with this person walking out alone, his expression not changed in the slightest, not inferior to that black robed Green Luan lecturer, it could only be a Sacred Expert.

A streak of calm sword radiance flew out from this moon white clothed man’s back, rushing into this Great Mang heavy cavalry formation.

The throat of a Great Mang soldier who was currently pulling back a bow and firing suddenly released a streak of blood radiance, falling backwards.

These Great Mang heavy cavalry soldiers couldn’t see this moon white gowned man’s flying sword clearly at all either, but this black robed Green Luan lecturer instead saw it clearly.

He saw that this sword hilt was brass colored, the sword itself just an ordinary white iron long flying sword that hacked through the throat of this Great Mang soldier’s armor. While watching this sword smash through this Great Mang soldier’s throat through brute force, he couldn’t help but curl his lips, spitting out with disdain, “Idiot.”

However, immediately afterwards, he saw several pieces of armor fly out from that Great Mang soldier’s throat, passing through the eyes of several Great Mang soldiers around him with incomparable accuracy, and then entering through their brains.

He was momentarily stunned, and then he turned around to look at this white clothed man, saying with a frown. “Ye Wangqing?”


Ye Wangqing revealed a faint smile and said, “You are Xu Shengmo?”

This individual who liked to stand on a tall rock like a lone falcon, the eyes with which he looked at others as if they all owed him a lot of money, was naturally Lin Xi’s Self Defense Department Martial Skills course teacher Xu Shengmo.

Right now, when he looked at the smiling Ye Wangqing, Xu Shengmo instead suddenly said, “Your General Sword’s sword control is rather special… not bad… just that your soul force cultivation is a bit lacking.”

When he heard Xu Shengmo’s nitpicking words, Ye Wangqing only chuckled, nodding his head. “You are correct.”

Xu Shengmo thus decided that this was a bit senseless, thus turning his head around in an irritated manner.

Great Mang’s heavy cavalry was still advancing.

However, their movements were all a bit sluggish, a bit stiff.

It was because they were already completely terrified, completely falling into despair.

Ye Wangqing’s General Sword, whenever it cut through one’s body, the surrounding people would mysteriously collapse.

All of these Great Mang heavy cavalry already felt that regardless of what they did, it would be completely useless. In the end, they could only fall under this sword.

Right at this time, many people noticed that another faint streak of yellow light appeared in the sky.

Another Divine Wooden Flying Crane flew over.

They flew over from East Scenery City’s direction.

As this Divine Wooden Flying Crane got closer and closer, many Great Mang high ranking officers also began to feel despair.

Standing out above this Divine Wooden Flying Crane was a set of clothes and a black-red alternating banner.

The clothes were ruined Purgatory Mountain blood red Divine Adjudicator robes.

The alternating black and red banner was even more tattered than the divine robes. It was the past Nanmo Country’s military flag.

Most Yunqin soldiers still didn’t know the significance of these two items, but many of the Great Mang high ranking officers knew that these were the divine robes Great Mang Army Chief Commander Shentu Nian wore, and that this was the military flag of Great Mang on that side.

On the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, Lin Xi was weary to the point where he even felt like he didn’t have the strength to shout.

However, more and more people knew what happened.

“East Scenery City’s Great Mang Army has also been defeated!”

“Harmony Splendor City has been won by us, East Scenery City has also brought back victory!”

Shouts like this sounded one after another, erupting from the mouths of the Yunqin soldiers in this city, quickly becoming giant waves of cheers.

Many Yunqin soldiers who were still sleeping were woken up by these voices.

In many places within the city, these Yunqin soldiers who forced themselves to sleep, after being woken up by these voices and hearing the words that entered their ears, couldn’t help but stand up. They were no longer like before, forcing themselves to sleep, instead walking out. Then, they heard these voices even more clearly, also starting to cheer with everything they had.

The sounds of cheers began to engulf the entire city.

“It’s… Sir Lin!”

Soon afterwards, many Yunqin soldiers saw the red priest robes on that Divine Wooden Flying Crane. They began to release waves of cheers again.


Xu Shengmo also saw Lin Xi on that Divine Flying Wooden Crane. He turned around, muttering curses. Then, he looked at Ye Wangqing next to him, “Help me hold this place for now, I have some things to take care of so I’m leaving first[3].”

After saying this, he turned on his heels and left, hiding into the streets and alleys.

Ye Wangqing was a bit stunned, not understanding Xu Shengmo’s intentions.

1. He Baihe B13C12

2. River Water Severing Sword Ye Wangqing B13C12

3. Xu Shengmo has a sort of promise with Lin Xi B5C14

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