Book 13 Chapter 60 - News of Victory

A group of black-armored Yunqin soldiers slept in a general goods shop.

The ground was only covered with a thin quilt, so sleeping on it still gave one an extremely cold and hard feeling. However, these Yunqin soldiers instead slept extremely well.

A huge clamoring suddenly transmitted from the distance.

This noise was extremely loud. First, the ground surface trembled, and then a lot of dust fell from the eaves.

Several soldiers woke up from the ground with a start, these Yunqin soldiers’ first instinct was to grab the weapons at their sides. However, immediately afterwards, the dust in this shop immediately made them cough intensely.

Then, all of the remaining Yunqin soldiers here woke up.

“What kind of sound is this?”

A young Yunqin soldier who looked like he hadn’t been in the army for that long, not much calluses around his hands, most likely just a recently enlisted soldier, covered his mouth and nose with a black cloth, asking a forty something year old crew cut soldier next to him.

This crew cut soldier who seemed to be this group’s officer narrowed his eyes and coldly said, “There are cheers from Great Mang barbarians, I reckon a large chunk of the southern city walls has collapsed.”

“Just what kind of drugs did these Great Mang barbarians take? How can they still cheer after not sleeping for two days?” A Yunqin soldier said angrily.

“Get some more sleep. Regardless of what kind of medicine they have taken, we won’t have the strength to take their heads if we don’t sleep.” The forty something year old crew cut officer gave the surrounding Yunqin soldiers a look. “Every second of rest we can get here is exchanged for through the lives of those brothers in the front lines.”

The shouts of killing and heaven shaking cheers continued to sound.

These sounds were many times louder than the clamoring in a marketplace.

However, when they heard this crew cut soldier’s words, none of these Yunqin soldiers in this shop no longer said anything, silently plugging up their ears, closing their eyes, and then continuing to sleep, even though they were less than three li from that collapsed city wall.

A more than hundred meters large opening appeared on Meteor City’s collapsed southern wall.

Large pieces of crushed stone towered like a rock valley. The Great Mang army outside the city surged towards this place like an ocean wave.

On the city walls not far from this opening, a Yunqin soldier was currently carrying a Moon Piercing Crossbow Arrow, wishing to equip the crossbow machine next to him.

However, when he bent down to pick up this crossbow arrow at the bottom of a wooden chest, this Yunqin soldier suddenly felt like the sunlight above his head was exceptionally white, that it was a bit difficult for him to see clearly. He felt a bit dizzy at this time. The heavy crossbow arrow that he picked picked up with difficulty smashed into his foot, immediately producing a bone fracturing noise.

He staggered back and forth, subconsciously clenching his teeth, once again picking up this crossbow arrow. However, when he bent down again, he instead fainted.

An officer released a large shout, having someone take his place. However, the movements of the one who took his place were clearly more sluggish than usual, appearing a bit numb.

Unlike East Scenery City and Harmony Splendor City, Meteor City was all of Yunqin south’s most important stronghold. The city was where large amounts of military equipment and provisions passed through, built within the city were many large storehouses for military goods. These resources were extremely important for Yunqin’s entire military, which was why this battle of Meteor City was even more difficult for the defending side, they had to stop the enemy outside the city walls.

Even if it was Gu Yunjing, according to previous predictions, he could only hold Meteor City for three days. After three days, if either East Scenery City or Harmony Splendor were broken through, if it wasn’t Yunqin’s reinforcements that arrived, and it was instead Great Mang’s army, then Meteor City would be lost.

However, this battle was even more difficult than Gu Yunjing anticipated.

Under the support of Devil Eye Flower’s medicine, most people in Great Mang’s army, even if they didn’t get any shut eye for two days and two nights, still remained in an excited state. Meanwhile, even if Yunqin’s military could swap out to get some rest, they still couldn’t help but enter an exhausted and overtaxed state. The minds of some soldiers who obtained almost no rest even became a bit distracted, their reaction speed also dropping to an extremely dangerous level.

The eyes of the Yunqin officer who had just called for a loading soldier to take the previous one’s place immediately turned red.

The opening in that collapsed city wall was too large, the number of enemies who rushed through too many. The five hundred or so Yunqin light armored troops who had just rushed over to block this opening were instantly wiped out.

Meanwhile, at this time, an enemy heavy armored cavalry rushed into this broken wall area.

Yunqin arrows shot out from behind that opening, smashing into this Great Mang cavalry’s bronze heavy armor, releasing concentrated rain pattering like sounds, but completely unable to pose any threat to it.

Right now, most of the army behind the opening were ordinary infantry soldiers. The heavy armored cavalry in Meteor City, soul weapon heavy armors and other armies had already been almost completely sacrificed during these two days.

Meanwhile, at this time, there were actually still more than a thousand heavy cavalry that could still be mobilized in Great Mang’s army.

Right now, the thoughts of this Yunqin officer now were also a bit numb. He didn’t try to consider whether or not they could stop these heavy cavalry from charging in through the military force they still had, he only released another hoarse and fierce shout. “Faster! If we move faster, less of our brothers will die!”

An opening of more than a hundred meters was already an extremely wide opening, able to accommodate the charge of two hundred heavy cavalry side by side.

Right now, these over a thousand Great Mang heavy cavalry were precisely in rows of close to two hundred, separated into seven to eight rows, charging towards this opening like this.

There was roughly five meters of distance between each row. This way, when the heavy armored soldiers in front of them were killed and fell, the heavy armored soldiers behind them would have enough time to react. The horses’ hooves could step on the corpses or directly jump over them.

This type of more than a thousand heavy cavalry lined up orderly side by side, trampling on the great earth as they charged, was an extremely shocking sight. It would bring one an extremely great feeling of pressure and mental shock.

There were already over a thousand corpses lying in this rubble filled ravine-like wall opening.

At this moment, more than ten surviving Yunqin light cavalry soldiers still stood within these corpses and rubble.

Unknown whether it was because they were already completely drained, or if it was because they hadn’t gotten any sleep for a day and a half, their spirits already absent-minded, these dozen or so Yunqin soldiers who had survived an intense slaughter just now still stood in a somewhat numb manner.

In front of these rows of surging heavy cavalry, these dozen or so Yunqin soldiers were weak like candle flames before a storm.

“Hurry and run!”


The countless Yunqin soldiers in the back screamed crazily.

Right now, it had nothing to do with morale, it only had to do with life and death.

Horse hooves flew about, the trampling sounds thunderous.

In just a short instant, many people already saw that with this heavy cavalry’s speed, even if these dozen or so Yunqin soldiers began to run, it was already far too late.

By this piece of the city wall, almost everyone’s eyes were focused on these charging heavy cavalry troops.

That was why no one noticed that there was a faint streak of yellow light currently rapidly descending.

Only when this faint streak of yellow light reached a few dozen meters in the sky above these Yunqin soldiers who no longer prepared to run, did the people realize that this was a Divine Wooden Flying Crane that rushed over from Harmony Splendor City.

“We won in Harmony Splendor City.”

“Wenren Cangyue was seriously injured and left in defeat.”

Two ice-cold voices sounded from the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, clearly transmitting this information across this battlefield.


Two great noises that carried entirely different significance erupted inside and outside the city at the same time.

When the Divine Wooden Flying Crane was still six to seven meters above the ground, a lecturer dressed in Green Luan Academy black robes fluttered down, standing at the top of a piece of rubble.

This was a lone hawk like man whose face was almost completely expressionless, as if everyone owed him a lot of silver.

The charging Great Mang heavy cavalry also felt fear towards the words this Green Luan Academy black robed lecturer shouted.

However, they couldn’t confirm whether his words were true or not.

Moreover, there was no way their charge would end with just these two sentences.

Even if they were defeated in Harmony Splendor City, there was still East Scenery City… Right now, all of the Great Mang high ranking officers produced this thought in their heads.

“A group of idiots!”

When facing these heavy cavalry soldiers who were already extremely close to him, the lone hawk like black robed lecturer on the stone first fiercely cursed them.

“Do you not know that keeping me a bit further back will be a bit safer? I really wonder if you obtained some benefits from Tong Wei, if this was done on purpose.” At the same time, this black robed lecturer still senselessly used a voice only he could hear to say this to himself.

The close to two hundred heavy cavalry charging at the very front suddenly completely disappeared from the sight of the Yunqin infantry behind the city wall opening.

The heavy impact sounds made these people’s hearts feel as if they were going to jump out of their throats. Smoke and dust surged greatly.

All of the horses these heavy armored soldiers sat on lost one of their front hooves.

These warhorses had undergone extensive training, so even after losing one of their legs, they could still maintain their balance. However, when they lost one of their legs while charging at high speed, the only result would be a heavy collapse.

The cause of all of this was a streak of sword radiance that flew out from in front of this black robed lecturer.

This streak of sword radiance shot out from within the gaps in the armors of warhorses with incomparable precision, cutting them down one after another.

The horses’ hooves naturally had to be cut one by one.

Even so, this sword radiance was just too fast, fast to the point where one couldn’t see it clearly at all.

It was fast to the point where some people only had enough time to blink their eyes.

The two hundred heavy cavalry at the very front seemed to have fallen at the same time.

The heavy warhorses cried miserably, smashing open giant craters in the ground one after another. The cavalry army above flew out one after another, smashing into the rubble in front of them. It was as if they were like toads that were picked up, and then thrown viciously against rocks, smashing their limbs and crushing their bones, blood splashing in all directions!

There were immediately small mountains of flesh piles and crushed armor on many rocks.

The second row of heavy cavalry all felt chills run through their entire body.

“Another group of idiots.”

Without caring whether this second row of heavy cavalry had time to think things over, the black robed lecturer on that stone released another ice-cold curse.

His face paled slightly, the sword radiance already shooting out with great speed again.

Boom… boom… boom…

Even more small mountains of smashed flesh and armors were piled up on the rubble.

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