Book 13 Chapter 59 - Sword Destroyed, People Remain

This sword was smaller than any sword in this world.

It was as small as a tree leaf.

However, when Wenren Cangyue thrusted out, his body that was moving backwards already stopped. His feet floated in the air, instead about to rush forward.

This sword’s power was great to the point where he couldn’t even control it, bringing him with it.

The crazy winds developed substance, as if a hundred meters long giant blade blew away all of the snowflakes outside his body.

This sword seemed to even bring the winds from the nine heavens down, and then this sword’s power completely shattered these crazy winds and snowflakes.

The fine sword, under the smashed winds and snow crystals, stabbed towards Grand Secretary Zhou.

It was still sword tip against sword tip.

Where the two sword tips met, rings of blast waves formed from the surging vital energy.

Grand Secretary Zhou’s legs left the ground. Layers after layers of diamond-like ice crystals formed, supporting him.

Behind him was a long carpet of ice that extended through the streets, even climbing onto the houses behind him, making these houses also become snow-white like frozen peaks on an ocean.

It was as if the world behind him turned into a frozen sea.

He himself also seemed to have become one with this frozen sea.

Li Ku’s sword froze in the air, unable to shatter this sword of his, unable to smash apart this sea behind him.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows furrowed.

His expression no longer showed the slightest bit of feverishness.

It was because he enjoyed killing opponents who were strong and who posed a threat to him, but he didn’t expect that this world had another opponent who was even stronger than him.

“The legendary Frost Giant descendant[1] indeed seems to be like the Changsun and Shentu Clan.”

“Even while using this sword, you could actually still stop it… That is why in terms of cultivation, even on the aspect of physical strength, you are indeed stronger than me.”

His brows furrowed. He looked at Grand Secretary Zhou who stood on the frozen sea, coldly saying, “That is why I now even more so must kill you.”

“It is just a pity that you are older than me, so my soul force and blood are more vigorous than yours. You don’t have as much blood as me to bleed.”

The instant this sentence coldly sounded, all of the armor covering the arm that held the sword ruptured. Since his arm that seemed to be cast from iron couldn’t endure the soul force exceeding the limit, the flesh began to rupture and his skin split apart, releasing a blast of bloody mist.

The small sword advanced.

The entire great ice sword split apart.

Grand Secretary Zhou’s palm and wrist also produced countless fine wounds, blood quickly spilling out.

Layers of cold sealed all of the injuries, but immediately afterwards, the frozen shell would be smashed apart by the vital energy again.

Blood then once again spurted out from his hand and wrists’ countless wounds.

The frozen sea behind him produced countless cracks.

The houses covered in ice began to collapse along the cracks that were produced.

This frozen sea seemed like it would disappear at any time.

However, Grand Secretary Zhou’s face instead remained extremely calm.

He still didn’t take a single step back, calmly standing on the ruptured frozen sea.

Wenren Cangyue suddenly raised his head towards the sky.

In the sky, there was a speck of faint yellow light that flickered between the early morning white clouds.

Wenren Cangyue sensed something.

He wanted to withdraw this most powerful sword in his hands, and then retreat backwards.

However, at this time, Grand Secretary Zhou’s hand instead carried a type of unstoppable aura, stabbing towards Wenren Cangyue.

In his hands was a piece of the great ice sword’s hilt.

The small sword’s sword body stabbed into the sword hilt.

The sword energy stabbed into Grand Secretary Zhou’s palm. However, this transparent great ice sword’s hilt instead firmly locked onto this small sword, making it so that this small sword couldn’t advance, nor could it retreat.

Wenren Cangyue’s face instantly became filled with extremely fierce coldness.

At the same time, a blazing sun appeared in the sky.

The powerful vital energy fluctuations and dazzling radiance condensed into nine massive golden phoenixes.

On the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, Tong Wei spat out a mouthful of blood.

His hands gripped an alternating gold and white giant bow that occupied a larger half of the wooden crane.

An arrow with phoenix runes engraved on it shot towards Wenren Cangyue.

Wenren Cangyue decisively let go. The instant he let go, the small sword’s sword intent instead rebounded, blasting against his right shoulder.

A bloody hole went straight through his right shoulder, the general armor that originally covered it was completely crushed to pieces.

This wave of power instantly sent him flying back several zhang.

The dazzling golden arrow landed on the small sword embedded in cold ice.

All of the power of this thumb thick golden arrow was gathered on the half rice grain sized speck at the very front of the arrow.

Wisps of invisible streams instantly spread the moment this speck landed on the small sword.

This small sword that carried a heaven-defying and unyielding aura suddenly silently ruptured, breaking apart like a piece of paper.

Wenren Cangyue’s head hung. He no longer looked at the Divine Wooden Flying Crane in the sky, his gaze becoming even colder.

The instant this small sword completely broke apart, turning into countless flying pieces, the Seven Planets Devil Sword in his sleeves flew out again.

This time, the end of the Seven Planets Devil Sword was connected to a black and red, magma-like chain.

This sword once again thrusted straight towards Grand Secretary Zhou!

Li Ku’s sword was one of this world’s most powerful divine weapons. Now that it was smashed apart in one strike, regardless of whether it was Wenren Cangyue who used this divine weapon or Grand Secretary Zhou who watched this exceptional divine weapon be destroyed, their expressions were extremely calm.

Grand Secretary Zhou’s left hand moved slightly.

Lily-like ice flowers continuously formed between him and the Seven Planets Devil Sword.

During the extremely short amount of time an ordinary cultivator couldn’t sense at all, all of the blooming ice flowers shattered. The shattered small sword’s bone remains blasted against his body, causing quite a bit of blood to burst from his body.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword’s power was also used up after the last ice flower shattered. Under the extreme cold, the chains connected to the latter even produced bits of extremely fine cracks.

However, when he saw the light wisps and the bloodiness that came out of Grand Secretary Zhou’s body when the bone fragments entered his body, for Wenren Cangyue, this was already enough.

“Was it worth it?”

He coldly looked at Grand Secretary Zhou, saying with a bit of mockery, “Just for the sake of destroying this sword in my hands, you didn’t hesitate to make an already wounded Windstalker’s injuries become even worse, didn’t hesitate to risk taking on injuries where even if you didn’t die, your cultivation would only regress, no longer improve?”

Even more blood rushed out from Grand Secretary Zhou’s body.

It was as if many peach blossoms bloomed on his silver clothes.

Some of Wenren Cangyue’s power, as well as that bone spur’s power stabbed about within his body. That was why the situation within his body was far worse than it looked on the surface.

However, when he heard Wenren Cangyue say this, Grand Secretary Zhou instead calmly smiled.

“I originally didn’t wish to fight against anyone to begin with. In the future, even if I cannot fight again, there isn’t much to feel regret over.” He smiled, saying with a sigh of sorrow, “I have already seen Great Mang’s most powerful sword… from here on out, it is time for me and you to watch Yunqin’s and even this world’s most powerful sword together. This sword will make you understand that it is worth it.”

Wenren Cangyue’s pupils contracted. When he raised his head towards the great alley behind Grand Secretary Zhou, his body began to withdraw with even faster speed than before.

There was a broken wall covered under ice in the direction he looked towards.

He Baihe walked out from this broken wall. His complexion was extremely pale, already lacking much strength. He poured the last of his strength into a certain part of this wall, and then his body leaned against this broken wall, looking at Wenren Cangyue[2].

The ice covering the ground released ka ka noises.

The ordinary wooden doors released a creak sound.

The tiles released pi pa noises… some of the ruined trees on both sides continuously released ka cha sounds.

Streaks of biting cold sword energy rushed out through the sword scars on their surface, gathering the vital energy of heaven and earth. They formed streaks of extremely powerful sword strikes, as if streaks of smoke surged in Yunqin’s early morning city, hacking towards Wenren Cangyue.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword flew about Wenren Cangyue’s body.

A faint streak of sword radiance cut into one of the cracks on the chains connected to this flying sword.

These extremely sturdy chains surging with fiery light broke into pieces.

Wenren Cangyue’s retreating body sped up a bit more.

An injury suddenly appeared on his right leg, blood pouring out.

He didn’t stop, instantly moving.

He appeared in front of a collapsed house, and then immediately afterwards, he already reached an opening by the ring fencing. Another moment later, he already appeared in front of a memorial arch that collapsed under the energy his body previously released.

However, with every step of his that descended, several pieces of his armor would be removed, another sword injury appearing on his body.

When he finally withdrew from this sword intent suffused alley, it only took him a few breaths of time, but the armor covering his body was completely broken, his cape also became strands of rags.

The dozen or so sword injuries on his body looked extremely fine, extremely long, and they didn’t reach deep into his body, the amount of blood flowing out not seeming that great either, but the blood remained extremely bright, more and more pouring out. The feeling it gave off was just as if someone carved in more than ten rune threads.

His complexion was snow-white.

It was unprecedentedly snow-white.

His eyes were filled with an unprecedented icy coldness as he looked at He Baihe.

“Please do not ask me if it is worth it or not.”

While looking at Wenren Cangyue’s expression, He Baihe released a light cough, and then began to laugh, laughing even louder than Wenren Cangyue when he first came here. “Yunqin’s history books will remember this sword of mine, this world will also remember my sword. The world will remember, that because of us, you couldn’t take down this city, the world will remember that because of us, you were injured to the point where you have no chance of reaching the Sacred Master level even if you were given another hundred years.”

“What is there that is happier than completely crushing the desires of someone filled with ambition?”

He Baihe sat down in exhaustion, his eyes starting to grow dim. However, he still looked at Wenren Cangyue in mockery, saying, “Being defeated in one go by others, how does it feel?”

“A momentary victory or defeat is nothing in the military…” Wenren Cangyue’s eyes narrowed, his expression becoming a bit calmer.

“Let’s not say these types of useless words anymore, no one will give you the chance to come back.” He Baihe directly cut off Wenren Cangyue’s words.

Wenren Cangyue became quiet.

He silently fled from this city.

1. B4C14

2. Inheritor of Immortal Academy’s most powerful sword B13C11

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