Book 13 Chapter 58 - Broken Wall, Fire Beacon, Sword in Hand

When the sky had just brightened, Wenren Cangyue who Yunqin’s military was most scared of already appeared in Harmony Splendor City, trying to kill the opponent he wanted to kill the most, at the same time completely changing Harmony Splendor City’s situation with his strength alone.

At the brink of dawn, Lin Xi was leaning against a broken wall, resting.

Even the light green longsword’s rune grooves were filled with dried blood. His High Priest robes didn’t suffer the slightest damage, but there was a lot of dirt, as well as several clear traces from swords and other blades.

Right now, Qin Xiyue was also not far from where he was, leaning against the broken wall in recovery.

Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi, Bian Linghan, as well as Ai Qilan who seemed to have already gotten used to darkness, not used to sunlight, were all leaning against the broken wall.

These academy youngsters all had some injuries, visible or invisible, all of them in rather sorry conditions, all tired to the point where they didn’t even want to lift a finger.

Lin Xi felt like it was just like when he had just entered Green Luan Academy, when he was struck by the Direct Spear Strikes Trial until he couldn’t even crawl back up, and then he dragged back in to be struck a few more times.

He looked at his group, how they were leaning or crouched against the broken wall, weak and without strength, suddenly unable to hold back his laughter. He felt like this group of people were like a bunch of monkeys who wanted to fight to the death over some raisins, but were ultimately so tired they couldn’t even crawl back to their feet, only able to squat together and watch the rising sun.

However, even if they were monkeys, they were monkeys who managed to defend this city.

This street they were in was where East Scenery City’s most miserable battles took place.

A small town street that could normally only fit two to three hundred people had more than two thousand soldiers from both sides fall here.

Around this piece of broken wall they leaned against, as far as the eye could see, it was hard to find even a single house that was still completely intact and could block the rain.

However, right now, this street was already quiet.

At this moment, in a city even further out, there was some faint smoke that rose.

There were Yunqin people who were making breakfast.

However, while looking at this rising faint smoke that couldn’t be more ordinary, and then at his fellow students who were lying all around him like monkeys staring at the rising son, Lin Xi instead felt incomparably moved.

“That thing you used in the end that used up Shentu Nian’s and all of our soul force, just what kind of thing was that?”

He took a deep breath, turning his extremely sore neck, looking at Ai Qilan next to Gao Yanan and asking this.

Ai Qilan was a bit nervous.

She hadn’t chatted with anyone like this for a really long time. This was especially the case after she learned of Lin Xi’s identity. She always looked at Lin Xi with the admiration and respect of a star chasing little girl. “It’s… Zhang… Zhang…” That was why when she heard Lin Xi ask her like this, she couldn’t help but stutter.

“Zhang zhang?” Lin Xi and Gao Yanan stared blankly. “The name is this strange?”

“That’s… that’s not it.” Ai Qilan’s face turned red, saying quietly. “Zhang… Principal Zhang called this All Life Equality.”

“All Life Equality?” Lin Xi stared blankly.

Ai Qilan nodded and said, “It is because this type of thing can cover a large amount of land. Almost all cultivators within four or five li will lose all of their soul force and suddenly become ordinary people.”

“A good name. However, if the academy had this type of thing, why didn’t they just use it earlier to deal with Wenren Cangyue?” Lin Xi asked this, and then suddenly released a tired chuckle of embarrassment, saying in self mockery, “This really is a stupid question.”

Bian Linghan curled her lips.

She originally wanted to say this line, just that when her body moved a bit, her arms felt great pain, so she almost directly cried out in pain.

This was indeed an extremely stupid question.

If they could use it, why wouldn’t the academy use it?

This was clearly something that could only be used as a type of last resort.

If it wasn’t because of this battle, if it wasn’t because of Lin Xi, this thing might not have made an appearance in this world at all.

“There is only one, now that it is used up, there is no more.” Ai Qilan didn’t really think that Lin Xi was stupid because of his own self-mockery. She still explained quietly with a bit of a nervous voice, “This thing, according to the plan, was best left for Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.”

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan both entered a momentary silence.

Behind Yunqin and Great Mang’s battle, was the battle between Purgatory Mountain and Green Luan Academy.

Purgatory Mountain, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, these were Green Luan Academy’s most powerful enemies.

“Wenren Cangyue’s cultivation was beneath Li Ku’s, Li Ku was inferior to Purgatory Mountain Patriarch… Purgatory Mountain Patriarch is indeed the one who is most deserving of this thing being used on.” Lin Xi released a light sigh. “Can this be considered a soul weapon or something else? Where did the academy even pick it up from?”

“I don’t know. According to some legends and ancient recordings, this is just like some items from unknown lands, a weapon left behind by ancient and distant cultivators.” Ai Qilan said quietly, “Previously, when this type of thing was used in Meteor City, it was obtained by Principal Zhang earlier while wandering the world. Later on, the academy has always been investigating the exact source of this thing. Twenty years after Yunqin was established, the academy finally found it. That thing was something a caravan from Tangcang brought out. After careful examination later on, it was found to be something Tangcang’s people unexpectedly stumbled upon when on a devout journey to pay their respect to Sanskrit Temple’s Great Buddhas. Later on, the academy found this type of thing around the head of a Sanskrit Buddha.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed slightly, saying in shock, “Could it be that Sanskrit’s great Buddha is also like an unknown land historical site?”

Ai Qilan nodded, explaining carefully, “Tangcang doesn’t have any ancient text recordings regarding when Sanskrit’s Buddhas were made… the academy’s craftsmen cannot deduce just how long the Buddhas have existed for either. That is why they should be this type of historical site.”

“This really is a newly risen world of civilization after one civilization withered away?”

Lin Xi slowly shook his head. He looked at the ruins in front of him, deciding to temporarily stop thinking about these problems.

“Help me find General Ceng Rou, have him find a cultivator in the city with the most soul force to control our Divine Wooden Flying Crane.”

He called over a Yunqin high ranking officer who was in charge of carrying out his orders, saying this, and then forcefully stood up.

Half a night of time passed. His true strength already recovered quite a bit. By relying on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, he might even be able to hurry to the other two cities before this great battle ended.

Only, at this time, he really hoped that those other two cities’ Yunqin people had already won, that they didn't need to rely on some of his strength anymore.

While he was thinking like this, on Harmony Splendor City’s stone path that experienced a great snowfall, the small ice-cold sword that shot towards Wenren Cangyue already became twice the size of a normal longsword.

This longsword condensed from endless snowflakes wasn’t only like a true flying sword, releasing terrifying vital energy fluctuations, it also became even heavier than true metal.

When the sword was still a dozen or so steps from Wenren Cangyue, there were already layers of ice in the air around Wenren Cangyue’s body.

There was even icy radiance that refracted from Wenren Cangyue’s face.

This made Wenren Cangyue look just like a fish that was frozen within a shallow winter lake.

In his perception, this sword already became a glacier, a glacier that floated in the sea, currently crushing down towards him.

As this sword advanced, his originally already serious expression became even more grave.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword suddenly backed up a few feet, returning to his hands.

Wenren Cangyue’s sword dao power was more explosive the closer it was to him.

That was why this withdrawal instead represented his most powerful strike.

At this moment, all of the ice around his body completely shattered. Every single piece of ice seemed to reflect Wenren Cangyue’s figure, as well as that great ice sword hacking at him.

He held the Seven Planets Devil Sword, thrusting it towards this sword of ice and snow.

The sword tip perfectly faced the other sword tip.

Two waves of powerful vital energy froze in the air, time seemingly freezing at this moment. That was why the snowflakes also completely floated in the sky.

Wenren Cangyue’s body seemed to have truly become one cast from iron.

He powerfully pressed forward.

The great ice sword immediately seemed like it was about to break apart to pieces.

However, right at this time, a fair hand gripped the hilt of this great ice sword.

Grand Secretary Zhou made his way through the flying snow, gripping this sword.

There already wasn’t a shred of warmth emitted from his body. His entire body seemed to be releasing biting cold air that was even colder than this sword.

He was also exerting force, thrusting this sword forwards.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword released a groan, greatly shaken, starting to back up.

Wenren Cangyue’s sword froze momentarily, and then it flew out backwards.

Wenren Cangyue who was powerful to the point where he could decide the ultimate victory and defeat of a city, almost no one in this world unable to stop him, was sent flying by Grand Secretary Zhou’s sword!

Wenren Cangyue released a light muffled grunt.

His left cheek was scraped by a snowflake while falling out in reverse, a bloody streek drawn out.

“You were extremely strong as expected, just as powerful as I imagined! You are Central Continent CIty’s true most powerful cultivator.”

However, there wasn’t a hint of shock on his face, instead only becoming even more moved and excited.

“When fighting in a battle of life and death, I originally might not have been your match. Only, it is a pity that I still have Li Ku’s sword[1].”

He suppressed the trembling and the fear-like cries of grief, to the extent where he even put away the entirely frozen Seven Planets Devil Sword, retracting it into his sleeves. Then, he produced a small sword with two fingers.

It was a small bone sword.

When Great Mang’s old emperor Zhantai Mang decided to pass on the throne to his student, he was already vaguely challenging Purgatory Mountain’s millennium of accumulated authority. As such, Li Ku and Purgatory Mountain Patriarch had previously already had a bout.

During that exchange, Li Ku learned that Purgatory Mountain Patriarch was indeed as powerful as the legends, while Purgatory Mountain Patriarch also knew that with his strength alone, even though he could defeat Li Ku, he couldn’t stop Li Ku from escaping[ref]B8C36[/ref].

That was why Purgatory Mountain began to look for someone who could stop Li Ku with him, ultimately finding Wenren Cangyue.

Meanwhile, Li Ku had always been cultivating a sword, a sword powerful enough to kill Purgatory Mountain Patriarch.

This was the Body Sword, Thousand Devil Nest’s king sword. When it left the body to face the enemy, it would carry devil beheading deity eradicating power.

Only, while fleeing, he ended up being caught by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch who was a step faster.

Before he ultimately cultivated this sword, he died in battle.

This sword was given to Wenren Cangyue by Purgatory Mountain Patriarch, because Wenren Cangyue was precisely the sword he was going to use to deal with Yunqin and Green Luan Academy.

Even though this sword still hadn’t been ultimately cultivated, the sword Li Ku cultivated his entire life was still more powerful than Wenren Cangyue himself.

Wenren Cangyue held this sword, thrusting it out towards Grand Secretary Zhou while flying backwards.

1. B10C14

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