Book 13 Chapter 57 - Snowflake Divine Sword

The sky brightened slightly.

Behind a restaurant that became ruins a moment ago, a Yunqin soldier removed the head of a Great Mang soldier.

Around his body, there were corpses of Yunqin and Great Mang soldiers everywhere.

Among the Yunqin and Great Mang troops slaughtering here, he was already the only one left who was alive.

This was in Harmony Splendor City[1].

At least a small half of Harmony Splendor City already became ruins.

Since there were too many people who died, the number of people who were still alive wasn’t many. That was why right now, this city that was already completely ravaged from the battles instead seemed especially calm and quiet.

There were just too many people who died. Many connections that previously existed had long been destroyed.

In this type of heavy and quiet dawn, this Yunqin soldier who had blood dripping out from his shoulder’s black armor didn’t even know who had the upper hand in this battle. He didn’t know when this battle would end, whose victory it would end with.

Since he sweat too much, he was a bit dehydrated.

He noticed that the water sack he carried long fell off, which was why he wanted to see if there were any water sacks on the bodies of the corpses.

Right at this time, a large and tall figure that seemed like it was cast from iron, a long red cloak floating behind him, appeared in his line of sight.

He forcefully swallowed his saliva, licking his cracked lips. He looked at this cast iron like commander who walked over, raising the black border army long blade in his hands and charging.

It was impossible to see clearly what kind of movements the other party even made, but the long blade in his hands snapped. Then, he flew out backwards, falling to the ground.

Several of his bones cracked, but he discovered that he didn’t actually die.

“I remember you. You’ve helped me wash my horse before in Jadefall City.” The dignified general whose brows were thick like ink, lips red like blood spoke. He continued forward, not paying this Yunqin soldier who fell to the ground any more attention, the voice sounding from the direction of his vanished figure clearly entering this Yunqin soldiers’ ears.

This Yunqin soldier looked in the direction where this general departed with a complicated expression.

Yunqin’s military was always trying to guess which city an expert like Wenren Cangyue would ultimately appear at.

Right now, this ordinary Yunqin soldier already obtained an answer.

He saw Wenren Cangyue before. Just like Wenren Cangyue said, he previously helped him wash his horse.

He was previously a border army soldier in Jadefall City.

However, he also only saw Wenren Cangyue once, which was when Wenren Cangyue investigated their troop in Jadefall City. He casually pointed at him, having him help him clean his warhorse.

Wenren Cangyue had met who knew how many soldiers in Jadefall City, yet he actually remembered an ordinary low level soldier like him.

The only reason Wenren Cangyue didn’t kill him was because he recognized him as a past Jadefall City border army soldier, someone who was previously his subordinate.

In reality, the reason he was able to survive this long in this battlefield, the biggest reason was because of the training he received in Jadefall Border Army… Jadefall Border Army was the place where Yunqin had the soldiers who were most experienced and who were best at fighting.

If it was when he was still in Jadefall City, knowing that Great General Wenren recognized him after meeting him just once, he would definitely feel great glory and happiness.

However, right now, after seeing those comrades around him who already died, this Yunqin soldier didn’t feel any gratefulness.

After licking his dried lips, he forcefully spt out towards the direction Wenren Cangyue’s rear figure disappeared in. Then, he raised his broken blade, fiercely hacking towards his own throat.

Wenren Cangyue sensed what happened behind him, but his nature was cold. The reason why he didn’t kill was just because of a momentary nostalgia, which was why when this Yunqin soldier used the strongest method to express his attitude, it didn’t produce the slightest disturbance to his mood.

His cold face didn’t show the slightest change. What suddenly appeared in his powerful world of perception were some ice-cold snowflakes.

This type of perception made his cold face instead produce a hint of an excited smile.

He headed straight towards the direction he sensed.

There was blood and corpses everywhere around him, but there wasn’t a single living person who appeared in front of him, blocking his path forward.

Li Ku was already dead, Vice Principal Xia old, Purgatory Mountain Patriarch watching him from the distant Great Mang. Who in this world could still stop his advance?

The ruins gradually faded, corpses gradually decreased. A perfect and complete alley appeared in front him.

A scholar dressed in silver clothes was waiting for him, waiting for him on a stone path washed clean by the fine rain.

The sky already temporarily cleared up.

The air was extremely fresh, the smell of banana leaves and grass wafting over.

In the sky, there were large amounts of sparkling and translucent snowflakes that fluttered over.

Wenren Cangyue became even more excited.

The soul force in his body began to surge. The aura on his body surged until the house in front of him produced cracks and collapsed.

He then directly made his way through the collapsed houses. He needed his body to complete the best preparations, enter his peak state. He needed this type of drive.

“Zhou Ruohai, many years ago, when I began to command Jadefall Border Army, I already began to doubt if the most powerful in Central Continent City was Ni Henian or you. As such, I always wanted to fight against you, just that I believed the two of us couldn’t fight a true life or death battle, so it would be hard to tell who is stronger and who is weaker. A battle that cannot decide life or death is like a dish that is only made to look pretty, but cannot be eaten, it leaves one with a bit of a tasteless feeling. Who would have thought that today, I would be able to satisfy this long-cherished wish.” He walked through the collapsed houses, untainted by a speck of dust. He walked up to Grand Secretary Zhou’s stone path, saying this with a laugh.

He never hid his true emotions. His laugh was also a dignified great laughter.

“Only for your own wish, you unleashed such great massacre, causing so many to become destitute and homeless. Is it worth it?” A bit of pity appeared within Grand Secretary Zhou’s calm eyes. “Don’t tell me that you do not feel that living amidst the eyes of those full of sincere love and respect, watching those people’s joyful livelihood is better?”

“I admit that in the past, I had this type of thinking, but there are many different phases of one’s life. At my current phase, I wish to scale past the highest peaks of this world, become that highest peak. As for after I have reached the world’s highest peak, whether or not I will share the thoughts you have right now, that is also unknown.” Wenren Cangyue retracted his smile, saying coldly, “For people like me and you, there aren’t many peaks before us anyway. Moreover, in this type of age, it is the best chance to reach for the very top. I do not know how you have resisted this type of enticement within you, but for me, only by reaching this highest peak, will I be able to feel carefree and unrestrained again. Only then will no one hinder or restrict me regarding what kind of person I am, what I want to do. Look at you, you are an exceptional talent for nothing. The virtuous minister of a country, loyal to the ruler, yet in the end, didn’t you still fall to your current state?”

Grand Secretary Zhou calmly answered, “In your eyes, my situation might be desolate, but the things I do have meaning for me. Meanwhile, you lack reverence within your heart, separating yourself from everyone else. In the end, you will naturally no longer be tolerated in this world.”

“This is precisely the so-called different dao, completely different beliefs and values.” Wenren Cangyue laughed and said. “For me, your only significance right now, is being the one in this entire Yunqin Empire, especially in this battlefield, that I want to kill the most.”

Grand Secretary Zhou looked at him and said, “Isn’t that Lin Xi?”

“Him?” Wenren Cangyue said with mockery, “He is too weak… After killing you, I have many years of time to kill him.”

Grand Secretary Zhou didn’t say anything else.

He was sure that he couldn’t change Wenren Cangyue’s way of thinking at all.

Only if someone could completely beat Wenren Cangyue into submission, would Wenren Cangyue have a chance of being changed.

He released a sigh.

The air he exhaled was warm, but every snowflake that wafted through the sky instead became larger.

Every single snowflake became the size of parasol tree leaves.

Harmony Splendor City, this southern city that normally experienced extremely small amount of rainfall, and also this stone path, began to experience the greatest violent snowfall since Yunqin was established.

This snowfall that was unimaginably heavy was extremely beautiful, every single dazzling snowflake fluttered down exceptionally slowly, almost as if they stopped moving in the air.

Wenren Cangyue raised his head slightly.

When the first snowflake produced changes, he already raised his head.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword[2] flew out from his hands, spinning around him at high speed, cutting through the snowflakes that approached him one after another, sending the frigid air that exploded from within flying out.

Great General Wenren who created his own close range sword dao and only knew how to attack, was directly forced to first adopt a defensive stance in this battle.

Under this Yunqin’s greatest snowfall, Grand Secretary Zhou reached out his hand, catching a snowflake.

This snowflake disappeared in his hands.

A chinese rose-like transparent ice crystal instead bloomed behind Wenren Cangyue, growing in the air.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows slightly furrowed.

A thick layer of white frost appeared on his hair and brows .

The long red cloak behind him became even harder than a piece of iron, vaguely producing cracks.

A light ka noise sounded.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword smashed through this frozen flower.

A snowflake landed on Wenren Cangyue’s shoulder.

A bloody streak directly seeped out from Wenren Cangyue’s shoulder armor, instantly freezing, as if there was a streak of red runes added to the armor.

In that instant, Grand Secretary Zhou’s fingers formed a sword. A streak of shocking sword intent extended across the sky covering snowflakes.

Countless snowflakes began to tremble at high speed, condensing into a small transparent cold sword. It followed his gaze, aiming at the space between Wenren Cangyue’s brows.

Wenren Cangyue’s gaze landed on this cold small sword.

The Seven Planets Devil Sword instantly floated in front of him, floating right before his brows, waiting for this small ice-cold sword.

However, this small ice-cold sword instead wasn’t like he predicted, arriving quickly.

Snowflakes still continued to cover this small ice-cold sword.

This small ice-cold sword’s speed became slower and slower, but the sword instead became larger and larger.

Wenren Cangyue’s brows furrowed deeply.

A trace of seriousness replaced the previous indifference by the corners of his lips.

1. This is where Grand Secretary Zhou is B13C18

2. Purgatory Mountain’s most powerful flying sword B10C13

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