Book 13 Chapter 56 - This Long Night

Lin Xi looked at the ground covered in bloodstains. He bent down, picking up the four transparent bead fragments.

He actually didn’t want to immediately kill Shentu Nian or the white clothed swords master, at the very least, he wanted to learn a bit about what the bead’s uses were from them.

Only, right now, he was only a cultivator who used up his soul force. In his line of sight, there were only cultivators who had no soul force left, there was no one who could capture Shentu Nian or this white clothed sword master at all.

The Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators who lost the support of soul force also long lost their usual dignified and prideful appearances.

Even if they were only facing an ordinary Yunqin army, they already lost their confidence. At this time, even the red divine robes that fully displayed their brilliance seemed suffocatingly heavy.

Shentu Nian fell, passing away, this even more so made these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators fall into complete despair.

“Kill him!”

A Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who was leaning against a wall corner gave this order to the fist-sized, hairy white spider next to him.

He was precisely that Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who had his chest impaled by Tang Chuqing during their battle.

Now that he lost the support of soul force, that wound on his chest couldn’t be stabilized either. The curling flesh directly separated from the snow-white spiderwebs, the inner organs and other objects flowing out in an extremely horrifying manner.

Only, he still wasn’t resigned to just die like this. He forcefully endured the pain, wishing to see if his white spider could leave behind a strong brush stroke in the books of history.

When that trace of black turned into countless specks, not only did it erase the soul force of all cultivators in this alley, even the soul force within the bodies of fiend beasts was no exception.

However, even without soul force, his white spider’s speed was still extremely fast. Moreover, he understood extremely clearly that regardless of whether it was this white spider’s white fur or its fangs, they were all extremely poisonous.

This white spider faithfully carried out the order of its dying master, turning into a streak of white light.

However, this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who held on through sheer will didn’t see the scene he wished to see.

When it was just a few dozen meters from Lin Xi, this white spider suddenly stopped, sensing fear.

The small golden Yunqin phoenix made its way out from Lin Xi’s sleeves.

It already lost its soul force, but it could still fly.

It flew up and then just like a hawk catching a mouse, it directly descended upon this white spider’s head.

Its claws fiercely dug into this white spider’s fur, pecking at this white spider without any reservations, directly pecking it to death. Then, it devoured it one mouthful after another.

The Meteor Sky Phoenix didn’t fear even a hundred poisons… some poisonous fiend beasts were actually great nourishment for them.

When this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator saw this scene, he coughed in pain. With this cough, even more of his inner organs flowed out. He passed away in pain and unwillingness.

Over a hundred Yunqin black-armored soldiers rushed up to Lin Xi and the others’ sides.

Ceng Rou, Yunqin’s highest level commander within East Scenery City, was also among these soldiers.

Right now, there was undisguisable joy on his usually grim face. “Should we light a fire beacon?” He looked at Lin Xi with the most respectful gaze, asking this.

“Of course we need to. Light the fires a bit more brilliantly, I hope Qin Xiyue and the others can see them too.”

Lin Xi nodded. He leaned against Big Black’s chest that he originally carried on his back, replying to Ceng Rou.

Right now, even though the enemy’s chief commander and Sacred Experts all died, even if nothing unexpected happened, there were still many high ranking officers in Great Mang’s army that had to be dealt with. Regardless of whether they were in despair or not, they still had to slowly take down this Great Mang army of tens of thousands. The battle would continue for a long time, there would still be many Yunqin soldiers who would die.

Tang Chuqing who was missing an arm and had countless cut wounds all over his body didn’t even have the strength to stand up, but he instead smiled.

“What kind of pearl did Shentu Nian bring out in the end?” He smiled, unable to help but ask Chu Yehan who was covered with blisters next to him.

Chu Yehan was one of the few greatest Yunqin craftsmen. He naturally knew more regarding the research of some soul weapons and runes than others.

“I don’t know.”

Chu Yehan also shook his head. He also turned around to look at Lin Xi, asking, “Lin Xi, do you know what kind of thing that pearl in Shentu Nian’s hands was?”

Lin Xi shook his head. He handed the four fragments in his hands to Chu Yehan. “I do not know.”

Chu Yehan stared blankly. He was extremely sure that the four fragments in his hands were more pure and transparent than any type of gemstone or crystal he had ever seen.

“If you didn’t know what kind of item Shentu Nian’s most powerful trump card was, why didn’t you choose to evade, instead insisting on coming here?” He couldn’t help but look at Lin Xi, saying, “You clearly understand that you are more important than anyone else in East Scenery City. We can die, but you cannot.”

Lin Xi gave him a look, wiping away some of the rainwater in his eyes. He shook his head and quietly said, “It is because Shentu Nian will also think this way, which is why I decided to appear here.”

Chu Yehan’s brows furrowed, not understanding the meaning behind Lin Xi’s words.

However, when he saw the rain and sweat on Lin Xi’s forehead, he could see his extreme paleness and fatigue .

He thus suddenly understood.

Regardless of whether it was his status as a Windstalker or Divine General, this Green Luan Academy heaven’s choice student was still human in the end… Even if it was the past Principal Zhang, this was also the case. When one was human, they would tire.

That was why when he came here, Lin Xi was already no longer as powerful as he, Shentu Nian and the others imagined.

Towards this battle situation, he was already basically powerless.

That was why if Shentu Nian still had some extremely powerful methods, Lin Xi hoped that Shentu Nian would use them on him.

He might die, but he could use up Shentu Nian’s final gambit.

“That is why Shentu Nian was wrong from the very start. When he appeared here, Shentu Nian was already mistaken.” Chu Yehan looked at Lin Xi, saying with a light sigh of amazement. “It is because he didn’t expect that you wouldn’t hesitate to die with this city.”

Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi both understood Lin Xi better than anyone else.

Moreover, Lin Xi already told the two of them that after he dealt with those twin-headed hounds, he already didn’t have the ability to affect the battle situation. His use towards this city might already be less than that of a State Master.

That was why from the very start, the two of them understood clearly that Lin Xi’s purpose in coming here was to make Shentu Nian use his final trump card on him.

When she thought about how that pearl didn’t seem to do anything, leaving even someone like Shentu Nian at such a loss, and then looked at Lin Xi’s face that was drenched in sweat, Gao Yanan suddenly felt a bit nervous. “Do you feel anything wrong?” She couldn’t help but stroke Lin Xi’s forehead, fearing that something bad might have happened.

“Nothing, just that my head instead seems to feel a bit more clear.” Lin Xi looked at her and Jiang Xiaoyi, shaking his head. “I am just really, really tired.”

Gao Yanan’s hand trembled slightly.

She felt great pain.

Lin Xi was always an extremely brilliant person who would never give up no matter the situation. However, with the highs and lows of this battle situation, so many Yunqin soldiers’ majestic sacrifice, it instead even made him ‘seek death’ to defend this city. Just how many strong changes of emotion took place during this period, this short half night of time, how many instances of life and death? How could he not be tired, how could he not feel weak?

The same night.

In the distant Great Mang Purgatory Mountain, by the highest volcanic crater, in a great hall sculpted within a black volcano, Zhang Ping and twenty-six other young Purgatory Mountain disciples who were also dressed in red Divine Adjudicator robes sat on the ground.

Six elders whose bodies released black smoke and flames, looking incomparably dignified, gathered in this hall, examining them.

Only during the most important days of Purgatory Mountain, would these six Purgatory Mountain elders gather together, appear in the same place.

Zhang Ping’s head was slightly lowered, looking at the item placed in his hands.

This was an indigo blue rectangular crystal that flickered with gemstone-like radiance.

However, this wasn’t a gemstone, but rather something formed from some type of mysterious fluid.

This was the most important segment for Purgatory Mountain’s Devil Transformation cultivation, the essential Devil Transformation secret medicine. In Purgatory Mountain, it was also extremely precious, to the extent where six Purgatory Mountain elders had to appear at the same time, overlook this ceremony.

All of Purgatory Mountain’s young disciples who could sit in this great hall just like Zhang Ping knew that if they could successfully cultivate Devil Transformation, then they would reach heaven in a single bound. However, they similarly understood extremely clearly that only a small few could endure the invasion of this mysterious Devil Transformation medicinal substance, surviving through this experience.

That was why many people’s expressions were extremely pale, their bodies shaking intensely.

No one knew what Zhang Ping’s mood was like right now, no one knew what kind of thoughts he had.

He only had his eyes lowered, looking at this indigo blue crystal. Out of everyone here, he was the first to calmly stab this crystal into his wrist, using his own soul force to wrap around this crystal, allow this crystal to fully enter his blood, surge through his blood vessels.

Two Purgatory Mountain disciples who fell limp on the ground, not daring to use this Devil Transformation medicine, were brought away, killed right outside the hall and then thrown into the magma pool. Their Devil Transformation medicine was collected again.

All of the other Purgatory Mountain disciples were just like Zhang Ping, using this Devil Transformation medicine.

Many of these Purgatory Mountain disciples quickly silently failed, passing away. All of the blood vessels in their bodies split apart, black blood flowing out.

Before they died, these Purgatory Mountain disciples’ faces already warped to the point where they were no longer like humans. Even though not much time passed and even though they didn’t release any sounds, they seemed to have already experienced endless suffering.

In the end, only four Purgatory Mountain disciples were still sitting.

Zhang Ping was among them.

His skin became a bit more pale, his face also warped. Blood vessels appeared on the surface of his body one after another, twisting like runes, all of them a terrifying indigo blue color.

A Purgatory Mountain elder nodded.

For there to be four Purgatory Mountain disciples who could ultimately endure the medicinal strength of Devil Transformation was already enough to leave both him and the other Purgatory Mountain elders extremely satisfied.

These six Purgatory Mountain elders began to leave this hall.

There were only four people still alive in this black hall, as well as a floor full of corpses.

When Lin Xi, Gao Yanan, Jiang Xiaoyi, and Qin Xiyue were still fighting in East Scenery City against Great Mang’s army, that same night, Zhang Ping carried out Devil Transformation in Purgatory Mountain.

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