Book 3 Chapter 2 - Standing Stupidly in Mud, Unable to Speak

The result of waiting a bit, was more blood, more deaths.

The woman’s white clothes were gradually dyed red, and then diluted by the pouring rain. Her surroundings became even more muddy, becoming a scarlet red expanse. Meanwhile, the number of those still standing, was becoming fewer and fewer.

Perhaps because using this type of method to exhaust the other party’s soul force didn’t seem that honorable, the grim-faced middle-aged man’s head was tilted slightly downwards, a bit distracted as he stared at his own dripping cotton robes.

In the end, there was no longer a single other person standing around the white-clothed woman.

When the thirty or so masked swordsmen realized that they were the only ones left, their crazy bloodiness was finally suppressed by uncontrollable fear. However, before they turned around to run, the rain of arrows fired from the forest already turned them into porcupines.

Of the dozens of archers who were like stone sculptures, which one of them wasn’t an expert who could hit virtually any target within a hundred steps?

When faced with the arrow barrage, the white-clothed woman whose clothes were now stained dark red merely withdrew into the carriage. There were several black arrows she wasn’t able to cut down in time that landed on her body, but after a bit of yellow light that was hard to detect with the naked eye appeared, they couldn’t penetrate through her skin at all, dropping into the blood-soaked mud just like that.

This white-clothed woman’s intentions were also extremely simple; she wasn’t impatient at all. As long as she was still alive, regardless of whether she took action or not, there was no way the people here could properly continue living. Since this carriage’s protection was something these arrows couldn’t penetrate, then she would just wait inside. If they wanted to kill her, then they had to get close themselves.

Inside the forest, the grim-faced middle-aged man laughed inside bitterly, this well-known figure was as difficult to deal with as the rumors stated after all. After lightly sweeping away a few bamboo leaves that landed on his head, he turned to the heavy armored giant who was already eager to fight, nodding and saying, “Let’s go.”

All of the archers uniformly threw aside the bows in their hands, drawing dark longswords from their waists.


The Iron Man mark 1 like heavy armored giant released a roar of joy, his body immediately becoming like a motor that was operating at full speed. The patterns on this bronze armor that originally looked like it was just thick and simple began to shine yellow, immediately making it look splendid and magnificent. With a giant snow-white battle-axe that was as long as his height, his incomparably heavy body crushed into the earth, shaking up the surroundings to the point where the air released a buzzing noise. Everything that was in his path was smashed to pieces, regardless of whether it was the pouring rain or the sturdy green bamboo.

The middle-aged man slowly followed behind the bamboo hat wearing, black clothed swordsman, while Li Qilong who was standing on the muddy road also walked out from under his assistant’s oil paper umbrella, closing in on the carriage step by step.

In his hands appeared a pair of magistrate pens.  Similarly, threads of pretty yellow patterns appeared on these black pens.

The heavy armored giant rushed out from the bamboo forest, running faster and faster. In the end, it was as if he was bouncing off the ground, every step taking him two to three zhang of distance.

The carriage covered in arrows opened with a creak noise again. The woman whose white clothes had now been dyed a dark red walked out from the carriage again.

While looking at the heavy armored giant who was at least four times her size, her brows furrowed slightly. The tips of her feet tapped gently against the front of the carriage. The entire carriage body trembled, while her body drifted upwards, as if she didn’t have any weight, floating over to the heavy armored giant.

The heavy armored giant released an overjoyed fierce shout. The giant axe that was even larger than the woman’s body swept out left to right, cutting across like a white rainbow. The air was hacked apart, releasing splitting noises, countless sparkling raindrops directly smashed into blasts of watery mist, the power unimaginably vicious.

The white-clothed woman was still completely empty-handed. However, the moment it looked like she was going to be smashed to pieces by this giant axe, her right hand once again moved towards the giant axe.

A wave of majestic aura sprayed out from her palm and fingers that were fine white like jade. The countless raindrops in her surroundings, the moment they exploded, they then miraculously gathered towards her hand, actually forming a tail, a beautiful glowing yellow mermaid!


The raindrops and the great power that erupted from within her body were instantly hacked to pieces by the giant axe. However, the heavy armored giant’s mountainous body and the giant axe in his hands strangely froze midair.

Immediately afterwards, the white-clothed woman landed gently on the ground, while the heavy armored giant also fell incredibly heavily. He then sat down backwards, releasing a muffled groan.

“It was State Master level cultivation after all… the merged soul actually the Heaven’s Lens Mermaid…” Upon seeing this arrogant heavy armored giant immediately suffer so greatly, the grim-faced middle-aged man who had just stepped onto the muddy path instead muttered this to himself, as if he was relieved from a burden, seemingly confirming his previous judgment.

Rudong City supervisor Li Qilong, who was originally less than twenty steps from the white-clothed lady felt his face become deathly white. One of the magistrate pens in his hands was pointed at the white-clothed woman, shaking as he screamed like a lunatic, “You… you actually had the cultivation of a State Master!”

It sounded like his shock was directed at the woman’s cultivation, but right now, the horror Li Qilong felt inside was something only he himself was clear on. The white-clothed woman’s cultivation, even though it was astonishing, it didn’t exceed their predictions by that much. What truly left him shaken, was that the three individuals who remained paid absolutely no attention to him.

Even though he already left the local army for many years, his body put on weight, out of shape, he still never skipped out on a day of meditation cultivation. His cultivation already reached Soul Master level, half a step from becoming a State Knight, even though his cultivation level was still far from this white-clothed woman’s, it wasn’t as if he didn’t have any strength… However, the heavy armored giant sitting between mud and corpses, that middle-aged man in gray robes, even the ‘assistant’ who previously held up an oil paper umbrella for him, not a single one paid him any attention.

This was especially the case when he froze in place, that green-clothed ‘assistant’ walked past his left with the umbrella in hand, but didn’t even give him a single look.

He was supposed to be the one in charge of the assassination attempt this time, only through his approval and allocation could these three experts, as well as all these assassins appear here under the empire’s eyelids, yet these three’s attitudes… this matter, was already completely unrelated to him.

No one paid the momentarily stunned Li Qilong who stood on the muddy path any attention. The triple bunned gray-robed middle-aged man still followed behind the several dozen black masked swordsmen, slowly advancing. The green-clothed ‘assistant’ under the oil paper umbrella also passed by Li Qilong’s body, walking in an extremely patient manner.

The only thing in the eyes of the heavy armored giant who had fallen into the mud was the white-clothed woman. When he fell heavily onto the ground, as endless mud and blood splattered everywhere, his bronze heavy armor that was who knew how thick and heavy erupted with even brighter yellow radiance. Patterns bloomed like golden flowers one after another, this massive steel body crushing the ground until it trembled, bouncing up.

However, before the snow-white giant axe in his hands could be brandished again, the completely calm and indifferent faced white-clothed woman already had one palm pressed against his left abdomen.

An abnormally boundless and majestic force smashed heavily into the heavy armor, on the surface of the white-clothed woman’s palm and the cold metal surface, the watery mist instantly formed a spherical shock wave. The heavy armored giant released an angry roar of unwillingness once again, his massive body falling heavily onto the ground like a collapsing mountain.

The white-clothed woman’s foot stepped down heavily on the heavy armored giant’s chest, looked down on this giant who momentarily couldn’t struggle to his feet and saying indifferently, “To be able to easily move within Bronze King Heavy Armor, apart from having State Knight cultivation, you are definitely naturally blessed with divine strength as well. If you are willing to stop right now and follow me, I guarantee that you will be able to leave behind great glory in the annals of history.”

Ever since this white-clothed woman left Central Continent Imperial City’s walls, no one has ever doubted the words she has spoken. Since she gave this type of promise, as long as this heavy armored giant nodded, then what awaited him would inevitably be glorious prospects.

However, upon hearing this white-clothed woman’s words, what came from the metal slits in this heavy armored giant’s helmets, apart from a bit of bloodiness, was an even greater roar. Even though this white-clothed woman’s strength far exceeded his imagination, he was a true soldier. Apart from his desire for battle, there was also a powerful conviction that definitely couldn’t be swayed.

Under the roaring sounds, his entire body turned around, wishing to crush the white-clothed woman underneath him, the giant axe also brandished once more.

A trace of pity flashed past the white-clothed woman’s eyes. Immediately afterwards, the only thing left in her eyes was icy-cold and ruthless killing intent.

After tapping lightly on this giant’s breastplate, her body floated over him. Her figure resembled a dazzling mermaid, her feet giving off a mountainous and majestic aura as she smashed heavily into the rear first joint of this heavily armored giant’s helmet.


That area where the armor was connected displaced slightly, a wave of power directly passing through. 


A wave of blood immediately sprayed out from between the slits in the metal helmet.

While the heavy armored giant’s body was staggering, the white-clothed woman’s body twisted through the air, a palm striking the area where the armor was slightly displaced once again.

Even more blood sprayed out from the slits where the giant’s mouth and nose were. The heavy armored giant’s axe fell from his hands, body swaying like he was drunk, yet the gray-robed middle-aged man and the ‘assistant’ holding the oil paper umbrella still didn’t have any intentions of taking action, still walking extremely slowly.

The white-clothed woman naturally knew that they were doing this to exhaust as much of her soul force as possible. However, unknown as to whether this was because of her absolute confidence in her own strength, or because of her icy arrogant aloofness, she didn’t pay the other two any attention, instead single-heartedly devoting herself to sending her palm down on the back of the heavy armored giant’s head.

A black-clothed swordsman wearing a conical bamboo hat already arrived behind her. His body curled up, the black longsword stabbing from down to up in an extremely treacherous manner, directly piercing towards the space between her legs.

Regardless of whether it was an ordinary soldier or a low level cultivator… or perhaps even for swordsmen who weren’t necessarily cultivators, against a cultivator like the white-clothed woman, this sword aimed between the legs, was precisely the only weak point that could be attacked.

When faced with this black-clothed swordsman who, despite not being a cultivator, was still clearly a powerful soldier, the white-clothed woman still continued to indifferently smack the back of the heavy armored giant’s head.

As if planned through precise calculations, after this strike, the bones of the heavy armored giant released fracturing noises. His body could not remain standing anymore, falling backwards powerlessly. Meanwhile, the white-clothed woman effortlessly removed the giant axe from his hands, holding it in a single hand, smashing downwards.

The black-clothed swordsman’s body seemed like it had been hit by a carriage, the black longsword in his hands instantly broken into three parts, his entire body flying outwards. After smashing into several swordsmen, his body landed on the ground miserably, like a wet noodle.

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