Book 13 Chapter 55 - You Do Not Understand

A great army of thirty thousand surrounding a city from all sides, just the thought alone filled one with a type of shocking and poetic feeling.

For anyone who personally experienced the past battle of Meteor City, many of those battle scenes were deeply etched in their minds, scenes that would never be erased.

In the past, Tang Chuqing had also been a part of this poetic battle, but back then, his young self mostly only helped take care of some wounded individuals, as well as transporting arrows and other military equipment, never at the front lines. That was why the amount of this shocking scene he saw was far fewer than this white clothed sword master.

He never saw this type of black before either.

However, this white clothed sword master’s teacher, during the battle of Meteor City in the past, was just like his current self, wishing for his disciples to see more things, learn as many things as possible. That was why even though back then in Meteor City, this white clothed sword master was just as young as Tang Chuqing, he spent most of the time following his teacher, situated at the front lines of the battlefield.

He saw many powerful Yunqin cultivators who followed Principal Zhang fight. In that great battle, because the number of Yunqin ordinary soldiers was too few, while the powerful cultivators who followed Principal Zhang were far greater in number, that was why the main players of that battlefield were always those ridiculously powerful Yunqin cultivators.

This white clothed sword master also obtained much enlightenment from the methods of those Yunqin cultivators and from the many scenes of that battle, ending up with the accomplishments he has today.

It was precisely during that scene that he saw this type of black.

It was precisely this type of trace of darkness that fell under the scorching sun that day, at the same time instantly becoming millions and millions of black specks that back then, Nanmo Country’s two thousand soul weapon heavy armored soldiers and several dozen powerful cultivators with Sacred Expert level cultivation’s soul force instantly melted like snow.

The two thousand soul weapon heavy armors that lost the support of soul force fell from high up in the sky, falling like lumps of iron, while the dozens of these powerful beings who most cultivators looked up to became ordinary people, crushed under steel, blasted into badly mangled piles of flesh.

This was one of the most shocking scenes within the countless past scenes in his head.

While following his teacher, this white clothed swordsman personally saw how unmatched Nanmo Country’s army was back then, with just what kind of magnificent manner they charged at Meteor City. Then, he personally witnessed Nanmo Country’s great army, in this type of overwhelming advantage, suffer defeats one after another, ultimately drowning in fear, entering a state of inevitable defeat. Back then, his teacher and those Nanmo Country’s most powerful cultivators of the same generation didn’t know whether this type of black thing that could make all enemies’ minds sink into the deepest darkness was a type of medicine or a soul weapon, but the only thing they were sure of was that it wasn’t something any craftsman in this world could make. It was definitely like Big Black, something that came from an unknown land.

After using this type of thing to wipe out Nanmo Country Great Army’s most important and powerful wave of force, this entire Meteor City still had many even more critical moments.

At that type of time, some cultivators who followed Principal Zhang, some of his friends, even forcibly used their own flesh to fill in some gaps in the city walls. Only when they used up the last shred of their soul force, lost all of the blood in their bodies, would their bodies fall while carrying countless injuries.

However, even when Principal Zhang’s most important friends died in battle, during the most critical moments, there was no more of this darkest black that appeared again. That was why the past Nanmo Country and later Great Mang cultivators all believed that there was only one of these things, now already used up, no more of this object left in this world.

However, in this East Scenery City, he saw this type of darkest black again.

It was a black that made all cultivators instantly fall from high up in the clouds down to becoming ordinary people.

In this instant, this white clothed swordsman who lost all of his remaining soul force seemed to have truly seen his own predestination, as if he saw his past right before him, feeling that he once again arrived right in front of Meteor City.

He felt a bit of bitterness inside.

He knew that the past Principal Zhang definitely already didn’t have any more of this stuff. If he had it, he would have definitely used it… It was definitely something Green Luan Academy acquired again after Yunqin was established for endless years.

Meanwhile, Green Luan Academy wasn’t flaunting that much, overly attaching importance to the Divine General ability.

Green Luan Academy would forever invest their greatest power on Lin Xi.

That was why East Scenery City was precisely the city Green Luan Academy invested the greatest amount of strength in.

From the sacred level that transcended this world to being directly beaten down to the ordinary, Shentu Nian whose flames and brilliance were completely extinguished had an indescribable expression on his face.

He stumbled, his figure that was rushing forward almost couldn’t stand still, directly falling to the ground.

Lin Xi was also extremely shocked.

His first impression of this type of transformation made him feel like his cultivation was instantly crippled.

However, he also saw that petite figure who quickly stood up by the riverside pavilion’s roof, knowing that this was someone on his side. He thus felt a bit more at ease, no longer completely entering a state of panic.

Then, he quickly felt great joy, because apart from his soul force disappearing, there were no other changes, thus allowing him to understand that this thing could only suck up all of the soul force accumulated within a cultivator in that instant, just like instantly dumping out pools of water, but the pools themselves were not damaged at all… that was why it only used up soul force and didn’t cripple cultivation. As long as one had time to carry out meditation cultivation again, then the soul force would slowly accumulate again.

This realization made his mind even more calm and cool-headed.

Shentu Nian regained his footing, but his body began to tremble intensely, his face warped to the point where deep wrinkles could be seen. He also finally understood what happened, recalling a certain recording in Purgatory Mountain’s records.

“This type of thing… Green Luan Academy actually still had more.”

He muttered to himself.

“You have sheets of excellent schemes, I have wall scaling escalades. Your Purgatory Mountain has mad dogs, our Green Luan Academy naturally has some good stuff as well.” Lin Xi thought about the power of this thing, saying this with a sigh of amazement, then suddenly felt like saying these things to Shentu Nian was a bit meaningless, so he muttered to himself, “However, this is like not understanding the darkness of night during the day, it’s all nonsense to you, you won’t even be able to understand.”

Shentu Nian was indeed experiencing a ‘lack of understanding of night’s darkness during daytime’. He obviously had no way of knowing what sheets of excellent schemes and wall scaling escalades meant. However, when he heard Lin Xi’s words of mockery, he became like those slaves that were already tortured until they became completely numb, already unable to produce any anger towards his words.

He only raised his head to look at Lin Xi. “So what? Even if everyone doesn’t have soul force, I still have the body of a Sacred Expert, my strength will forever be greater than yours.”

Lin Xi turned his hand, drawing his sword, answering to Shentu Nian with a type of mysterious tone and a hint of faint melancholy, “You can come and give it a try.”

Shentu Nian’s body froze a bit.

When he looked at Lin Xi at this time, he even began to doubt this world a bit.

Lin Xi’s calm and slightly melancholic expression gave off a powerful feeling of confidence.

That was why even if according to normal reasoning, a Sacred Expert without soul force was much stronger than a State Knight without soul force, moreover with Shentu Nian’s cultivation period being longer, his battle experience longer, no one stepped up to help Lin Xi, only watching him raise his longsword, face Shentu Nian alone.

Shentu Nian took a deep breath. He forcefully suppressed all of his emotions, throwing all of his doubts towards this world out. He bent down at the waist, picking up a piece of silvery white hollow metal tube.

This was something Chu Yehan used in the beginning, a piece that broke off after blocking the white clothed swords master’s flying sword. However, as long as it entered one’s body, it could similarly kill.

Shentu Nian began to sprint. His movements were still extremely fast. The air exploded, the silvery-white hollow tube suddenly leaving his hand, flying directly at Lin Xi’s neck. At the same time, his body went straight, one foot kicking towards Lin Xi’s underbelly.

In this instant, truth and mirages fluctuated.

With his foot’s power, it could still leave Lin Xi who was similarly devoid of soul force seriously injured, perhaps directly make him lose fighting strength.

However, right when the broken hollow pipe left his hands, Lin Xi already began to turn around.

That was why during this instant, Shentu Nian’s movements instead looked like he was accompanying Lin Xi.

Lin Xi turned around and lowered the sword downwards.

The silvery-white hollow broken tube passed by the side of his neck with wuwu sounds. Shentu Nian’s knee smashed into Lin Xi’s sword.

That was why when Shentu Nian’s leg kicked out, his entire calf was severed.

Lin Xi’s body moved past Shentu Nian’s side.

His movements didn’t seem that fast in everyone’s eyes, but with every single part of Shentu Nian’s weight suddenly separated from his body, Shentu Nian couldn’t maintain his balance at all, which was why his body was falling. Lin Xi wasn’t overly polite. When Shentu Nian threw out a fist, since his body lost its balance, the stance was a bit strange, not posing any threat. Lin Xi once again raised his sword, easily cutting Shentu Nian’s arm.

He stood behind Shentu Nian.

Shentu Nian who now lacked an arm and a calf fell heavily to the ground behind him.

His body was already numb.

When he fell to the ground, he didn’t even feel any fear.

He only felt like this world really didn’t conform to reason.

“Do I really not understand? Or is this just a nightmare?”

He coughed, using the last of his strength to fiercely smash his own head into a damp stone slab.

Sticky hot blood flowed out from his broken head.

“You are mistaken, pitifully mistaken.”

Lin Xi still didn’t turn around, but he knew what happened from the sound that came from behind him. As such, he said this inwardly, slowly turning around.

In his line of sight, in East Scenery City’s dark streets and alleys that were like the thickest ink and wash painting, there was a lot of blood that scattered about.

In this world, everything was real.

The hot blood that scattered from many Yunqin soldiers was incomparably real.

“It isn’t without reason, it’s just that there are some reasons that you do not understand.”

He then quietly said this inwardly.

The white clothed sword master looked at Lin Xi. No one knew what he understood at this time, what he figured out. He didn’t say anything, only silently revealing a bitter smile, walking forward and bowing.

His palms joined together, picking up his sword and stabbing through his own heart, the end coming out of his back.

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