Book 13 Chapter 52 - Vacuum Sword Encounters Radiance

The ones on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane were Li Wu, Jiang Xiaoyi, Gao Yanan and Lin Xi.

Lin Xi looked at Shentu Nian.

Shentu Nian was laughing while looking at him.

In this type of battlefield full of countless miserable life and death situations, this type of laughter naturally seemed extremely strange.

In reality, Shentu Nian’s previous movements were already extremely strange.

All of the remaining military strength in his hands, the ten thousand rear army, together with the more than ten thousand soldiers that previously withdrew from this place were now all transferred here.

Then, he himself, this white clothed sword master, as well as more than ten Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators were all thrown here as well, immediately rushing here to assassinate Tang Chuqing.

The chief commander and the final forces all gathered in one place, he himself placed in the most dangerous place, this was precisely the stance of a decisive battle.

That was why Lin Xi decided to appear here.

The reason why he had to appear here was something only he himself knew.

“What are you laughing at?”

After watching his attitude change from cherishing his own life, to ultimately deciding he was going to live or die together with this city after seeing those Yunqin soldiers pass away, normally, this chief commander should be the one he hated the most, yet right now, his expression was instead extremely calm. He only calmly looked at the laughing Shentu Nian, asking this.

Shentu Nian looked at him, laughing while saying, “I am laughing because you really are here.”

Lin Xi calmly asked, “What other methods do you have?”

Shentu Nian didn’t reply to Lin Xi’s words, saying with a bit of mockery, “In this city, in the end, only you all could appear in front of us… Yunqin’s Sacred Experts, when did they become so few?”

Lin Xi instead laughed and said, “Yunqin’s Sacred Experts will forever be more than Great Mang’s. If there are less in this city, then it can only mean that there are more in the other two cities, so your chances of victory in the other two cities will become even more fleeting.”

“A single Divine General to stop several Sacred Experts? It seems like your Green Luan Academy really did think this way.” Shentu Nian gave those at Lin Xi’s sides a look and said, “Only, right now, it seems like even without any special methods, I can still kill you. You all only have one Sacred Expert, as well as someone who can only be considered to have Sacred Expert level strength at most, but is not a true Sacred Expert.”

Lin Xi directly cut off Shentu Nian’s words. “We also have many Yunqin soldiers.”

Shentu Nian said with a bit of mockery, “It is just a pity that they might not be able to break through to this place in time.”

Lin Xi calmly answered, “Then you can give it a try.”

Shentu Nian nodded and said, “I was just about to give it a try.”

The one who said he wanted to give it a try was Shentu Nian, but the first one to take action wasn’t him, but rather the white clothed sword master behind him.

He used his finger as a sword, extending forward.

When he made this movement, a wave of berserk sword energy already erupted like a flood, tearing open the sky, forming a streak of vacuum-like path.

His sword flew across this vacuum path, thrusting straight at Lin Xi.

When he released this sword from his sleeves, it already completely ruptured like two white colored tassels. There were streaks of cracks on his pure white jade arms that appeared on his skin like lines of runes.

This sword was his most powerful sword.

Ever since the battle of Meteor City, his teacher had him leave Meteor City. From when he returned to Great Mang to cultivate in seclusion until now, this was the most powerful sword he could cultivate, Vacuum Sword.

Some of the meridians in his arms sucked in some type of flowing golden color, as if they were about to refine a streak of runes.

When soul force completely erupted, directly using power to blast through the sky, no matter how fast it was, it was still like an arrow, easily intercepted by a formidable opponent.

However, his flying sword was originally precisely the Seven Palace Sword. When it reached the opponent, his sword turned into seven flaked sword pieces, its whereabouts unpredictable, only he himself knew where these seven pieces were headed next.

Chu Yehan didn’t know why Lin Xi insisted on coming here.

In his opinion, before Lin Xi’s cultivation reached the Sacred Expert level, in this type of battle, his most important role was precisely serving as the chief commander and making decisions, and not fighting head on. That was why this type of place where Sacred Experts directly faced each other was the most dangerous, so Lin Xi shouldn’t have come here.

He couldn’t understand, but he expected this white clothed sword master to take action.

The duck is the first to know if the spring water is warm.

When the ocean tide is about to arrive, there are some things that already know that the tide is coming.

The instant before the white clothed sword master took action, a certain part of the ancient bronze colored large chest on his back covered with fine decorative designs touching his skin, due to the unusual vital energy fluctuations in the air, already began to gather his soul force on its own.

In the eyes of outsiders, this large chest was only something he used to hold many weapons. However, only he knew that this large chest was his true secret, the true secret why even though he was only at the peak of State Master level, he could already face Sacred Experts.

That was why his speed of taking action wasn’t any slower than that white clothed sword master’s.

When the white clothed sword master’s arms burst with energy, soul force directly tearing open a vacuum tunnel, within a certain hole on the ancient bronze colored large chest, it was as if an old bull was blasting out air, releasing a stream of air.

A silver colored pole shot out from the opening, nailing itself into the ground and then extending outwards, unfolding, spinning at an unimaginable speed.

It was as if a spinning umbrella was instantly opened.

However, this umbrella didn’t have a real umbrella surface.

There were only hundreds and thousands of silver-white threads connected to this structure.

It was as if countless extremely fine chained spears were spinning in front of him, also as if a many layered metal umbrella was spinning.

He didn’t pour soul force into this weapon.

It was because as the Yunqin great craftsmen who was best at fighting, he also never used ordinary cultivator methods to face his opponents.

When the white clothed sword master’s thin sword divided into seven pieces, the silver threads of this weapon of his that spun off of who knew what kind of basic principles already wrapped around the thin sword pieces.

The thin sword pieces released shaking sounds. The streaks of silvery white threads already began to snap, unable to bear the pressure. The various joints of the spinning silver pole also began to produce countless sparks, about to be destroyed.

Right at this time, Lin Xi gave Tang Chuqing a look.

The darkness of night suddenly dispersed.

Everything around them became as bright as daytime.

Countless strands of dazzling light that were more pure than sunshine landed on Tang Chuqing’s body from Lin Xi’s eyes, pouring into Tang Chuqing’s body.

Tang Chuqing was extremely weak from excessive blood loss, to the extent where he was almost powerless in using soul force, but now, his eyes instantly became filled with shock and brilliance.

In this instant, the Heaven Reliance small sword in his hands that was covered in his own blood flew out.

Since its speed was too fast, the air around the sword began to burn, producing dark blue flames.

A dark blue streak of flames appeared in the sky.

Meanwhile, the instant everyone could see this streak of fire, at the end of the streak of fire, his sword already fiercely hacked down on one of the thin sword pieces.

Every single piece of the sword was a part of that white clothed sword master, a part of the original sword body.

Using an analogy, it was as if this white clothed swordsman was carrying out a tug-of-war against someone, the two locked in a stalemate, and then someone fiercely sent a club into his chest.

The seven flaked sword pieces still tore apart those threads, flying back.

The joints of the spinning metal pole also broke apart one after another under the bright sparks, falling to the ground.

However, that white clothed swordsman’s body staggered, taking a step back before stabilizing his body.

Following a light cough, a mouthful of scarlet blood surged from his mouth.

His arms also momentarily couldn’t be raised again.

“Only, it is a pity for this miraculous creation.” Lin Xi looked at the broken silver poles, saying this with a sincere sigh of admiration.

Chu Yehan who was shocked at the radiance released just now couldn’t help but bow slightly, saying with a sigh, “It is a pity.”

“Didn’t I say you won’t be able to kill me? Isn’t this how things turned out in reality?” Lin Xi turned around, saying this to Shentu Nian.

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