Book 13 Chapter 51 - Shentu’s Laughter

Tang Chuqing understood the meaning of these words well. That was why he didn’t say anything else, only reaching out a hand, grabbing a wooden carrying pole leaning against a corner.

This wooden pole was previously used to bring things from small boats ashore, now casually thrown to this corner.

Tang Chuqing grabbed this slightly damp carrying pole, his soul force rapidly pouring out from between his palm and fingers. As it moved along this pole’s surface, the heat that was produced  from the friction quickly set it on fire.

He held this burning pole, pressing it against his broken arm.

Waves of smoke accompanied zi zi sounds, surging from his broken arm’s injury.

By using this method, he could seal up his own injury a bit better. At that time, when he rapidly used soul force, the blood flowing out from his injury would be a bit less.

Shentu Nian and the white clothed swords master didn’t stop Tang Chuqing from doing these things.

Only when Tang Chuqing lowered the bamboo pole in his hands, did the white clothed sword master look at him, nodding slightly, and then drew his sword.

A burst of loud sword cries suddenly sounded in the rainy night. A thin faint green sword unknowingly appeared in front of this white clothed sword master, shooting towards Tang Chuqing like a streak of lightning!

The instant this sword appeared in front of the white clothed sword master, all of the raindrops between the white clothed sword master and Tang Chuqing flew towards Tang Chuqing along with the power of the sword.

These fine transparent raindrops were quickly pulled along while moving rapidly, acting like small transparent swords as well.

When they were just a few feet from Tang Chuqing, all of these thousands to tens of thousands of transparent small swords seemed to have faced a transparent wall, all of them shattering to pieces, turning into extremely fine specks.

A white wall of mist appeared in front of Tang Chuqing.

The white clothed sword master’s faint green thin sword rushed out through the white colored wall of mist.

Tang Chuqing’s pupils contracted. That floating iron ruler-like small sword released a clear sound, accelerating afterwards, but instead moved even faster than that white colored sword master’s faint green thin sword. With a dang noise, it seized that light green thin sword’s trajectory with incomparable precision, fiercely striking and intercepting the light green thin sword.

Tang Chuqing’s body shook.

The white clothed sword master’s body also shook. The earth beneath his feet produced two depressions.

He saw a few injuries open up where Tang Chuqing’s arm was severed, seeing that the scorched black color displayed a bit of bright redness again. He said with a light sigh, “What a fast Heaven Reliance Sword.”

The outer appearance of Tang Chuqing’s sword was just like a crude sword core, but when controlled, it was naturally much faster than normal flying swords.

During the battle of Meteor City, Principal Zhang saw this sword in the hands of a certain Yunqin cultivator, discovering the power of this sword, saying with alarm, “Who would have thought that such an ugly sword would actually be this formidable... how awesome, we might as well just name it the Heaven Reliance Sword.”

Back then, no one knew what the words ‘Heaven Reliance Sword’ and ‘awesome’ meant.

However, since he even said this, everyone thus called this sword Heaven Reliance Sword.

The first Yunqin cultivator who had this sword died in Meteor City. Then, a certain Green Luan Academy expert who followed Principal Zhang used this sword to defend Meteor City’s northern wall, slaughtering until there were rivers of blood. That Green Luan Academy expert ultimately died in battle, but this sword was also remembered by many Yunqin and Great Mang cultivators who participated in this battle.

This small sword Principal Zhang called Heaven Reliance Sword was also a part of this white clothed sword master’s childhood memory.

His light green thin sword’s sword body had several deep rune lines on it.

The moment he released a quiet sigh, these rune lines suddenly became large. This thin green sword began to break apart along these rune lines, dividing into seven parts.

A thin sword turned into seven even thinner sword pieces, the light green color almost transparent.

In this world, no one could simultaneously control two or more flying swords. It was because in a single instant, one person had no chance of thinking two entirely different thoughts. A single person’s mind could only be concentrated on one point, it couldn’t sense the runes of two swords, making their soul force separately enter the runes of two swords.

If spirit and will were merged into one sword, if one wished to use another sword, then they had to first let go of the first sword.

Tangcang’s number one sword master Han Xuzi’s true sword and fake sword were built on these principles.

In this world, only Han Xuzi could complete such a smooth transition within such a short amount of time, preventing a similar level opponent from reacting in time.

Great Mang Sword Study’s master Sir Jun naturally couldn’t control seven flying swords at the same time either.

His seven sword flakes weren’t seven flying swords, but still a single flying sword.

The streaks of runes weren’t this sword’s runes.

These seven flaked thin sword pieces were the seven runes of the sword.

The white clothed sword master’s soul force poured into these seven flaked thin sword fragments, but his will was gathered at the same point. However, these seven sword flakes affected each other, instead randomly flying about, as if seven people were controlling the sword and attacking Tang Chuqing at the same time, forming a sword formation where one flying sword wouldn’t clash with another.

These seven flaked sword pieces flew through the sky on their own, spreading out in the sky like runes. However, these seven extremely sharp sword fragments, for a cultivator, naturally possessed similar destructive power. As long as even one of these sword flakes entered the body, it would already be fatal.

This was a sword that was a hundred times more dazzling than Han Xuzi’s.

If Ni Henian and He Baihe, these figures personally saw this type of sword, they would definitely feel that it was stunning.

When faced with this type of stance where it was clearly supposed to be one sword aimed at his chest, but then seven sword flakes were piercing at his body’s various parts from all different angles, Tang Chuqing’s expression became a bit more pale. His right hand’s five fingers shook. The Heaven Reliance small sword moved around his body. Only an expanse of sparks could be seen, actually clashing with these seven fragments who knew how many times!

The speed of his Heaven Reliance small sword far exceeded ordinary flying swords. Right now, when facing the threat of death, under the support of his powerful willpower, Tang Chuqing’s perception exceeded the limit of his past. His flying sword tightly spun around his body, forming a screen, actually blocking all of the sword fragments flying at him.

However, in the end, he could only block the sword fragments that posed the greatest threat to him, and not completely block all of the spiralling sword fragments.

In just that instant, there were countless cuts made on his body. Even though these wounds weren’t deep, right now, under his even more rushed soul force transferring situation, blood continuously rushed out from these wounds, turning him into a blood drenched man.

The white clothed sword master’s face was calm. The seven sword fragments continued to fly through the night sky at high speed, releasing all different types of sounds. They continuously hacked against Tang Chuqing’s flying sword, releasing rapid noises that made one’s scalp turn numb.

More blood flowed from Tang Chuqing’s body. The blood droplets were smashed apart by the sword fragments, melting into the surrounding white mist just like blood red dandelions.

Right at this time, sounds of many Yunqin soldiers’ footsteps and fierce shouts could be heard.

Several dozen arrows descended fiercely towards the white clothed sword master.

The white clothed sword master didn’t move.

He had Shentu Nian next to him.

Shentu Nian who served as the chief commander of this army was right at his side, just like a personal attendant.

When the several dozen arrows landed five or six meters in front of his body, they were completely lit aflame. The arrows’ feathers and shaft quickly burned into ashes, the rest of the arrows that lost their balance were sent flying by the heat released from his body.

The faces of the several dozen Yunqin soldiers who immediately rushed over froze at the same time.

They could charge fearlessly at the two Sacred Experts, but they knew that Tang Chuqing might die soon. Even if they charged up, they couldn’t change this result at all.

Right at this time, there were many true silver colored dandelion flowers that floated down.

These were extremely small metal dandelion flowers that could be blown by the wind, fluttering through the sky.

These metal dandelions flowers were extremely light, not posing much hindrance towards flying swords moving through the sky. However, they were like countless runes, severing and sucking up the soul force in the sky.

The white clothed swords master’s seven flaked sword pieces’ radiance dimmed at the same time.

However, the white clothed sword master instead understood extremely clearly whose arrival this type of strange scene represented. He reached out his hand calmly, quickly merging the seven flaked sword into one, bringing it back to his side.

A middle-aged man dressed in dark green light armor, on his back a flat iron chest about the same size as himself quickly leapt out from behind the dozens of Yunqin soldiers, stopping these Yunqin soldiers from advancing forward.

The iron chest he carried was extremely special, covered in many holes, the inside seemingly filled with many things, but not a single item fell out.

Apart from this iron chest, there were many metal pipes, flat rectangular cases and round long tubes along his arms and legs.

This made it so that he looked more like a robot than even those heavy armored soldiers.

His nickname in this world was precisely Metal Man.

He was Chu Yehan, one of the greatest soul weapon craftsmen in Yunqin Empire.

Moreover, he was the one who understood how to fight the best out of these great craftsmen.

With Chu Yehan’s appearance, Shentu Nian also began to make his move. 

However, he too quickly stopped.

It was because right at this time, a streak of faint yellow light appeared in the pitch-black night sky.

He raised his head.

Flames surged from his Purgatory Mountain divine robes, releasing in all directions from his body.

The air became broiling hot, forming waves of rising air streams, sweeping away the countless metal dandelions Chu Yehan released, instead blowing them towards that streak of faint yellow light.

A hint of a nervous expression flashed past Chu Yehan’s eyes, but he didn’t stop at all. He walked up to Tang Chuqing’s side, proficiently removing a bottle of ointment and a roll of gauze, rapidly helping Tang Chuqing wrap up his wounds.

A white colored expanse of snow suddenly descended from the sky.

The white snowflakes made the broiling hot air become ice-cold, making those metal dandelions descend again.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane descended from the heavy snowfall, landing next to Chu Yehan and Tang Chuqing.

Shentu Nian looked at this descending Divine Wooden Flying Crane that arrived, glancing at the people on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, revealing a smile.

This was the first time he smiled since the start of the city siege.

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