Book 13 Chapter 50 - Many Years Ago, You Were Inside the City, I was Outside the City

Some people vow to the heavens and earth, yet will often just say it’s a thing of a past, the promise nowhere in sight.

Some people will only quietly say a line, yet they will guard it with their lives.

The affection developed between life and death will always be the more sincere, the strongest affection.

On a worn-out house less than a hundred steps from where Lin Xi and the others were, there was a petite body that was calmly concealed. The black robes she wore were too big, but because it sucked away all of the aura around her body, moreover acting like the skin of some lizards in this world, blending into the surroundings, the Yunqin soldiers next to a blade cart less than twenty steps in front of her didn’t notice her existence at all.

She remained in the darkness alone.

No one noticed her existence.

However, she instead didn’t feel like she was alone… especially after seeing those ordinary Yunqin soldiers calmly and heroically face death.

Right now, her ears were moving slightly. When she heard the last few words Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi exchanged that weren’t all that quiet, even though she couldn’t join in their conversation, she knew that if this city couldn’t be defended, if it was destroyed, then she would die together with them here. However, right now, she actually felt a bit happy because of these words.

Shentu Nian expressionlessly watched the streets and alleys ahead even though rain was still scattering down, so he couldn’t see the exact scenery before him at all. Those fragmented and orderly sounds instead made him sure that Yunqin’s forces didn’t enter a state of chaos at all.

The one in the carriage surrounded by seven court sword masters also similarly heard the sounds coming from the streets ahead, slowly releasing a sigh.


The seven court sword masters immediately released a cry of alarm.

Shentu Nian suddenly turned around, only seeing that the carriage’s curtains moved despite there being no winds, moving outwards.

A thirty something year old faced white clothed sword master walked out from the carriage. His face was extremely handsome, but what was even more alluring was the aura released from his body, the type of extraordinary presence he exuded.

If one were to say that every person in this battlefield was a blade, then he was precisely a divine weapon that would be recognized from a single look, yet one that didn’t show off its ability.

There were no swords on him, but the first impression he gave off was precisely being one proficient with the sword, a sword master.

The seven court sword masters understood clearly what their master leaving the carriage meant. However, what left them even more shocked and confused was that this deeply moved white clothed swordsman gave them a look, calmly and gently saying, “You all should return to Great Mang, return to Flowerwind Mountain to cultivate the sword in seclusion. If you all are not able to become Sacred Experts in this life, then there is no need for you to even come into this world.”


These seven sword masters all released sad cries, all of them prostrated on the ground.

“I’ve already made my decision.” The white clothed sword master gave them a look, saying indifferently, “Unless you all do not acknowledge me as your teacher.”

The seven court sword masters all left while weeping in grief.

Shentu Nian didn’t stop them.

Only when these seven court sword masters’ figures disappeared into the night did he look at the white clothed sword master, his voice a bit cold as he said, “Sir Jun also believes we will definitely lose this battle?”

The white clothed sword master shook his head, saying with a smile, “If I believed that this battle will inevitably be lost, I would have also directly left. By remaining here, I precisely believe that regardless of whether I am alive or dead in the end, it is worth a gamble.”

Shentu Nian’s brows were slowly raised. “How do we gamble?”

“Things that have never appeared in this world have no chance of being understood by others. General, your attack, according to normal reason, has no chance of being fruitless. When Yunqin’s soldiers come to realization, it should already be too late. Being able to guard against it, their side not becoming chaotic, is something entirely without reason. However, this type of thing that is entirely without reason has happened.” The white clothed swordsman gave Shentu Nian a calm look and said, “That is why the rumors regarding Lin Xi are true. He is indeed like Principal Zhang, someone with Divine General talent. Only a Divine General can do this type of thing that is entirely without reason.”

Shentu Nian’s expression became calm again. He looked at him and said, “Sir Jun’s intention is that Lin Xi should be in the streets and alleys inside right now?”

“I cannot say with a hundred percent certainty, but this place is the most crucial place. It has just suffered these changes, so the chance of him being there is naturally extremely high.” The white clothed sword master looked at him and said, “He obviously also has a chance of leaving, which is why we have to act quickly. That is why I have come out at this time. Only by killing him, only by opening this gap, is there a chance of winning this battle.”

Shentu Nian understood that they indeed needed to act a bit faster at this time. However, his brows still furrowed, saying with a bit of hesitation, “The battle situation being set like this, isn’t it a bit too fast?”

The white clothed sword master chuckled in self-mockery. “Could it be that General Shentu needs to remind me...that what we need to think about is only this battle of ours in this city? This is our only chance to go all out, the matters of the other cities, from the very start, were not something we need to consider at all.”

After a slight pause, the white clothed swordsman looked at Shentu Nian, continuing, “I obviously do not know how your Purgatory Mountain Patriarch Shentu thinks, but if it was me, I would naturally believe that for Purgatory Mountain, killing a Divine General is even more important than the victory or defeat of two or three cities.”

Shentu Nian nodded.

At this time, a naked Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator walked out from the dark ruins up ahead.

There was a terrifying sword wound on his chest, crawling on the sword injury was a white spider.

The entirely snow-white haired white spider formed a web around his injury, stopping his bleeding. However, with every step, he coughed out a bit of black blood.

Within the snow and fine rain, Tang Chuqing’s figure was blurry like an illusion, fast like the wind, soft like sand.

Even though the power of high level cultivators in this world was great, the body, compared to one’s power, was often extremely weak.

A Sacred Expert like Tang Chuqing, even if he could send a heavy armor flying with a wave of his sleeves, when he used large amounts of soul force, it would be like an ordinary person running crazily, he would also become tired.

A Sacred Expert might not even need much time to kill a thousand ordinary heavy armored soldiers, but after actually killing a thousand heavy armored soldiers, the Sacred Expert would become extremely tired.

That was why regardless of what level a cultivator was at, the amount of time they could continue fighting for couldn’t be long.

This was precisely why even the one with two bowls of water talent, Principal Zhang who could accumulate twice the amount of soul force as a similar leveled expert, had to specially leave a message for those after him, one of the main reasons why he said that there were no unmatched people in this world.

Tang Chuqing’s expression wasn’t too old, but in reality, his age was already extremely great. His body’s functions naturally couldn’t compare to that of when he was robust. One of his arms was now missing. Even though there was still no danger to his life, he lost quite a bit of blood, which was why he already felt weakness and fatigue.

However, just like Lin Xi, he knew this city needed his strength, which was why he continued to fight.

He stopped by the side of a brook.

There were two Purgatory Mountain twin-headed hounds on the riverside dike.

Since the Yunqin soldiers in this region were still extremely concentrated, these twin-headed hounds would encounter Yunqin soldiers from time to time, producing a bit of disturbance. For a Sacred Expert like him, finding them wasn’t too difficult.

This should be the last two of the twin-headed hounds Great Mang’s military released.

These two twin-headed hounds appeared extremely fierce to ordinary soldiers and cultivators, but they seemed to fear water greatly. Right now, this brook was less than a zhang in width, the depth shallow, but even when these two hounds were forced here by Tang Chuqing, already in a tight spot, they still didn’t dare jump past the river to escape.

The instant Tang Chuqing stopped, these two twin-headed hounds instead completely went mad out of despair, charging crazily at Tang Chuqing.

Tang Chuqing was extremely tired. His right hand that was still fine gripped the small sword in his sleeves. However, in this instant, his eyes flickered with radiance, instead changing his mind.

He released the small sword, using his fingers as a sword, steadily piercing a certain area on the backs of these two twin-headed hounds.

The twin-headed hounds vertebra seemed to have instantly been removed by someone, falling limply a foot in front of him, but they didn’t die.

He stooped down, about to lift up these two twin-headed hounds that he restricted.

Suddenly, he straightened his waist, his body returning to its normal posture.

He turned around, looking towards the dark long alley behind him, his brows slowly rising, expression gradually becoming serious.

Crazy winds swept about, blowing through the wisps of rain outside his body.


A light noise sounded. The flying sword in his hands flew again, instantly starting to vibrate in the sky. It shot through the air, releasing a sound that was even more shrill than an arrow in the night sky.

The instant this sword released a shrill screaming noise, there were countless sounds that could be heard from within the alleys that were originally extremely quiet. The ground and sky all began to tremble.

This was the sound of an army starting to charge crazily again.

Tang Chuqing’s flying sword descended, landing in front of him.

Dressed in Purgatory Mountain’s blood red divine robes, Shentu Nian was the first one to walk out from the long alley.

Behind him, a white clothed sword master also walked out.

Tang Chuqing’s brows furrowed even deeper. His eyes only stopped t on Shentu Nian’s body for an instan, and then they landed on the white clothed swordsman. “Sir Jun?”

Shentu Nian didn’t say anything, only looking at Tang Chuqing with ice-cold eyes, looking into East Scenery City’s depths behind Tang Chuqing.

The white clothed sword master bowed gracefully, saying, “Precisely.”

Tang Chuqing’s flying sword moved a bit in greeting. “Sir Jun has always remained detached from secular affairs in Great Mang, not involving yourself in war, why are you joining this battle?”

The white clothed sword master calmly looked at Tang Chuqing and said, “Uninvolved in the secular, only peacefully cultivating the sword.”

After a slight pause, he looked at Tang Chuqing, a hint of deeply moved expression appearing in his eyes. “Actually, many years ago, we already met each other in Meteor City… just that back then, you defended Meteor City with Principal Zhang and the others, while me and my master were in Nanmo Country’s army. I saw the battle of Meteor City, and then I was ordered by my master to return. I couldn’t participate in the battle of Meteor City, while my master died in Meteor City.”

“That is why this can be considered getting revenge for your master?” Tang Chuqing chuckled in mockery.

The white clothed swords master released a light laugh. “Whether it counts as or not isn’t important, what is important is that I was born in Great Mang, so this is my destiny.”

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