Book 13 Chapter 49 - If We Survive

Blood poured out crazily from his shoulder area, but Tang Chuqing’s expression instead became calm again. His sword returned into his sleeves, and then his palm pressed against his injury.

The bleeding gradually stopped.

He moved, picking up the eight twin-headed hounds he killed and his own arm, landing on a burning hut to the side.

Then, his figure turned into a flowing shadow once more, disappearing into the night.

On the previously calm street, countless noises sounded again.

Within the alley around the main porter street, four Great Mang soldiers’ bodies were nailed with arrows, but they still continued to run towards several dozen Yunqin black-armored soldiers ahead.

While running, some arrows fell from the wounds, some crushed flesh falling out from within these Great Mang soldiers’ bodies, to the extent where even some of their inner organs were dragged out. This type of scene was extremely terrifying.

These people clearly already couldn’t be described by the words living human.

However, these Yunqin black-armored soldiers who faced them instead remained extremely calm.

“Aim at their legs! Shoot with more precision!”

An officer calmly commanded. When there were still a dozen or so steps between these four Great Mang soldiers and themselves, he forcefully waved his fist, issuing this order.

More than thirty black arrows shot at the legs of these four Great Mang soldiers with great precision. Muffled sounds of flesh being torn and bones shattered continuously sounded.

These black arrows naturally couldn’t kill these Great Mang soldiers, but they prevented these Great Mang soldiers whose leg bones were shattered from standing still, their movements becoming completely sluggish.

Several shield bearing blade wielding Yunqin soldiers quickly rushed out. As if they were bringing down wood, these four Great Mang soldiers were completely hacked down, their heads removed.

This process was extremely easy for these Yunqin soldiers, but when they thought about the military order Lin Xi released, how there were countless monster-like existences like these who would appear among their own side, all of these Yunqin soldiers still felt as if their minds were wrapped within a chilliness that just wouldn’t disappear.

Lin Xi was still in that porter main street.

There were many Yunqin soldiers around him, as well as the flickering light of a lot of large scale military equipment.

In front of him laid a Great Mang soldier.

This Great Mang soldier’s eyes were blood red, completely lacking humanity. His body didn’t look like it had many injuries, but most of the bones in his body were already shattered. That was why even though he didn’t die yet, right now, he couldn’t climb up anymore, only continuously releasing wild beast-like roars from his mouth.

Lin Xi’s fingertips pressed against the pit of his stomach.

His fingertips flickered with faint yellow light. Wisp after wisp of soul force continuously surged into this Great Mang soldier’s heart artery, spurring on the blood flow of this Great Mang soldier even further.

This Great Mang soldier’s eyes became suffused with greater and greater blood redness, the expression on his face also turning more and more crazy and berserk. However, as Lin Xi continuously infused soul force, the red radiance in his eyes began to dim, the body becoming ice-cold and rigid.

Gao Yanan was squatting right next to Lin Xi, her hand also always gripping Lin Xi’s.

Since Lin Xi’s expression was extremely pale, she knew that Lin Xi was already extremely tired, but he definitely couldn’t just fall weak and collapse at this time. Those Yunqin soldiers who died for this city were even more so a reason why he had to defend this city. That was why she only used this type of method to bring him some warmth and support, accompanying him in this battle.

“Even if they aren’t killed, they will still eventually die?”

While watching this Great Mang soldier before her die, she quietly asked, “Approximately how long does it take?”

Jiang Xiaoyi was also right by Lin Xi’s side. He saw Lin Xi’s rather dry and parched appearance, not saying anything, only placing a water sack into Lin Xi’s hands.

Lin Xi took a sip of water and then said, “After the outbreak, they have approximately twenty halts of time[1].”

“Around twenty halts of time?” Gao Yanan bit her lips, unable to help but repeat this sentence.

She was a cultivator, so she naturally understood extremely clearly that the power one displayed was the power accumulated within them. The jiangshi zombies[2] in Yunqin’s storybooks were naturally without any reasoning to her, things that didn’t exist. In her opinion, this type of craziness was also just some crazy illness outbreak, just an eruption of one’s potential, but once this potential completely erupts, one’s functions completely declining, the body will then naturally be unable to to support itself, thus perishing. These Great Mang soldiers who seemed like they didn’t understand pain, not dying even after suffering serious injuries, actually already had most of their brains die, their bodies just carrying out some of the most basic biting and other instinctive movements. Right now, Lin Xi’s experiment already confirmed some of her suspicions, but on the battlefield, several halts of time was extremely long. If those twin-headed hounds hadn’t been killed, those hundreds of Yunqin soldiers gone crazy like this too, perhaps in less than twenty halts of time, there wouldn’t be many ordinary living people left in this region.

“Quite a bit of time has already passed. Great Mang’s military should have already learned that our Yunqin position hasn’t entered chaos.” Lin Xi raised his head slightly, looking at Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi. “They will obviously know that throwing in these few hundred people is already useless. If they want to really give us something to deal with, wishing to break through our formation, I fear that they need to at least throw in a couple thousand of these Great Mang soldiers at once to show some results.”

“Indeed.” Gao Yanan’s brows furrowed tightly as she said, “Since they can send in a couple hundred… knowing Purgatory Mountain’s methods, they definitely wouldn’t feel any tenderness towards the lives of a few thousand Great Mang soldiers. However, they already had enough time to do this, but still haven’t, this could only mean that they have a way to control a small amount of these types of walking corpses, but have no way of controlling large amounts of them. If they infect so much in one go, without being able to control them, they might instead cause harm to their own army first.”

Jiang Xiaoyi normally didn’t speak too much, but he knew that by speaking a bit more right now, it could help alleviate a bit of the pressure Lin Xi faced. That was why he also nodded and said, “I share the same opinion as Gao Yanan. These soldiers are stronger than ordinary soldiers, but their numbers are few. Moreover, without any coordinated combat abilities, dealing with them isn’t too difficult. However, if a few thousand soldiers are like this, the chaos they will unleash will be entirely different. Without a ten to twenty thousand membered organized army, there is no way to control them at all, so their own army will instead be directly squandered.”

“Even if they do it regardless of everything, it’s still useless.” Lin Xi nodded. “If they really directly turned those twenty to thirty thousand soldiers into these types of creatures, we can even just carry out a large-scale withdrawal. When most of their army dies, we can then slaughter our way back, they similarly cannot hold onto this city, let alone lead the remaining army to Meteor City.”

“That is why this method of theirs has already failed.” Gao Yanan’s brows loosened slightly, saying this while looking at Lin Xi.

Lin Xi’s expression didn’t relax much. He looked at Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi, saying, “However, we still don’t know what other methods Shentu Nian has[3].”

“Moreover…” After a slight pause, with a voice only the three of them could hear, he said, “Starting from now, I already don’t have much ability to change the battle situation here.”

“I only have the last few seconds of time I need to save.” He looked at Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi, inwardly silently adding this.

He was the Divine General in more and more people’s eyes, someone who even Tang Chuqing and the others were willing to entrust their lives to, placing this entire city into his hands.

He and Principal Zhang were the same, indeed the people with the greatest power in this world.

However, he still only had ten halts of time after all.

For the sake of wiping out the enemy’s two Sacred Experts and a heavy armored army who possessed decisive power, together with having enough time to pass down the military orders to the entire army, prevent a doomsday biological crisis from happening, he already did everything he could.

After suffering Xu Qiubai’s arrow in Jadefall City, from when he left Jadefall City until now, Lin Xi would always save a few seconds of time. This time was saved by Lin Xi to save the lives of those at his side. He would rather treat himself as Jiang Yu’er’s shield… these were the seconds of time he would definitely save, enough to prevent him from being in a similar type of crisis again.

“I know.” Gao Yanan nodded, her expression extremely calm.

Lin Xi was shocked at Gao Yanan’s reaction. He looked at her with an expression of confusion. “You know?”

“Divine Generals are still people in the end.” Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi and said, “If Principal Zhang had the great power to always grasp everything, he wouldn’t have allowed those friends who followed him in Meteor City to die… Back then, of Vice Principal Xia and the other thirteen academy experts, only a few survived in the end. When one is human, they will always become tired, will always feel exhausted, their strength will be used up. To be human means you will eventually die… We can also die, but we will die with this city.”

Her voice was extremely gentle and pleasant to listen to, but at this time, it sounded exceptionally resolute.

Lin Xi’s mood mysteriously calmed down a lot.

“Right, I’ll view myself just like them, as an ordinary Yunqin soldier who will also die. This way, I will feel much better.” He nodded, repeating, “To be human means we will eventually die. We can also die, but we will die with this city… which is why there isn’t much to worry about or fear.”

Jiang Xiaoyi patted Lin Xi’s shoulder, all of his thoughts shared tacitly.

“With a wife like this, what else can the husband ask for?”

Lin Xi knew that he had already made it through his weakest time. He only felt that Gao Yanan’s slightly cold small hand brought his heart incomparable warmth. This woman who went through life and death with him didn’t understand his other world, but she understood who he was as a person, understood his heart. While slowly straightening his body, he couldn’t help but quietly say this.

Gao Yanan stared blankly. Only, under the cover of night, in this city she had no idea what it would become like by the time the sky brightened, she wasn’t as bashful as before, only her palm becoming a bit warm.

Jiang Xiaoyi instead chuckled. “Lin Xi, you are the one with the thickest skin among all of my friends. Even though you are so sappy I’ve already gotten used to it… you two still haven’t gotten married yet.” When he spoke up to here, his smile instead unknowingly disappeared, filled with a mysterious feeling. “If we can still survive after defending this city… why doesn’t Yanan just marry Lin Xi, the two of you really becoming married?”

Gao Yanan shot Jiang Xiaoyi a look. “A pack of rogues, your skin has become more and more thick as well.”

Lin Xi instead gave both her and Jiang Xiaoyi a look, quietly but seriously saying, “Sure.”

Gao Yanan’s palm became even hotter, but she didn’t say anything else.

“If we can defend this city and survive, Xiaoyi, how about you just marry Miss Wang[4] already too?” Lin Xi turned around to look at Jiang Xiaoyi, saying quietly.

Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t say much, only nodding, also quietly and seriously saying, “Sure.”

1. One halt is one minute, so this is twenty minutes

2. Chinese hopping vampire/zombie

3. Shentu Nian had three victory seizing methods B13C38

4. Wang Simin from East Port Town B6C34 , B6C35

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