Book 13 Chapter 48 - Severed Arm

A Yunqin black armored sentry guard climbed up to the black eaves. He wiped off the rainwater on his face, at the same time wiping away his tears.

In the alley right behind him, more than ten quiet Yunqin black-armored soldiers were also softly chanting the song of past glory.

Among their group, there were several brothers who were wounded by the twin-headed hounds. Meanwhile, at this time, after more military orders were passed on, they also learned what being bitten by the hounds signified.

Suddenly, these Yunqin soldiers’ bodies went taut.

In a courtyard not far out, sounded a rough dog barking noise.

Apart from that sentry guard whose body became a bit more tense, the other dozen or so Yunqin soldiers immediately gathered tightly together, holding up their shields, doing their best to protect themselves. Moreover, they extended their weapons out of the cracks in the shields, assuming a total defense stance.

They didn’t fear death, and they also wanted to get revenge for their brothers, but they were scared that they would become a burden to the army, which was why they had to strictly carry out military orders.

The dog bark ended after just a single noise.

A figure flew out from that courtyard, bringing with it a wind stream that swept over the roof of this sentry post.

This figure who was fast to the point where not even the sentry post could see it clearly was precisely Tang Chuqing who personally went after the twin-headed hounds. Right now, there were four twin-headed hound corpses in his hands. When he passed over the roof, this Yunqin sentry guard couldn’t see him clearly, but he could clearly see the tears in his eyes, seeing the expressions of the Yunqin soldiers who were huddled behind shields.

His surging soul force paused, stopping in front of those huddled Yunqin soldiers.

“Help me deal with these dog corpses.” He looked at these Yunqin soldiers and said, “Best if they’re burned.”

After saying this, his figure turned into an afterimage again, disappearing into the darkness ahead.

These ordinary soldiers realized that this was a great figure on their side who was hunting down these twin-headed dogs. When they subconsciously showed a military salute, the other party already left. They stared blankly at the four twin-headed hound corpses. After a few breaths of stupor, some of them suddenly brandished their blades, fiercely hacking at these twin-headed hounds’ bodies.

The rest of them began to brandish their blades as well, venting out all of their hatred and grievances, almost hacking these twin-headed hounds into mush.

Some hay and wooden boards were brought out from within the house.

Even though this alley was extremely damp, a drizzle still descending from the sky, these soldiers still tried to burn the hay and wooden planks with ropes, burn this crushed flesh into ashes.

Tang Chuqing made his way through the streets and alleys.

A black figure was running in front of him, instinctively feeling fear. However, soon afterwards, it discovered that it couldn’t get away. As such, it released a low roar, turning around to throw itself at Tang Chuqing.

This was a Purgatory Mountain twin-headed-hound, its black fur seemingly blending into the darkness of night. When it rushed through the night, it looked like it only consisted of two red specks and snow-white teeth. The feeling they gave off was like four red arrows and two snow-white blades.

Tang Chuqing’s feet landed on the ground. His forward momentum didn’t stop at all. When this twin-headed hound leapt from the ground, the instant it bared its fangs at him, his leg that was currently rising suddenly increased speed, the tip smashing into this twin-headed hound’s neck.

This twin-headed hound’s body suddenly released many cracking noises. There was the sound of flesh being crushed, as well as bones snapping… its entire body was like a sack that was picked up by a hook, flying into the air.

Tang Chuqing reached out his hand, grabbing this twin-headed hound by its neck, and then continued moving.

A courtyard wall collapsed in front of him. Several parts of a bamboo fence shattered. Hundreds of pieces of bamboo shot out, firing towards a grass hut a few dozen meters in front of him.

A panicked black figure rushed out. Under his pursuit, it quickly discovered that it ran into a dead end.

This black figure couldn’t jump over the two floor tavern’s walls. It turned around in despair, four red lights and two snow-white streaks flickered in the darkness.

However, Tang Chuqing’s figure suddenly stopped at this time.

His brows furrowed slightly. He turned around slowly, exposing his bottom to this twin-headed hound.

Specks of red lights appeared in the darkness.

Seven twin-headed hounds appeared in the region he had just passed, approaching him quickly and silently, instead wishing to trap him in this alley.

Behind these seven twin-headed hounds’ flickering red eyes, a trace of an even stronger red color appeared.

This was a snow-white faced, skin exuding a bit of strange indigo color, Purgatory Mountain young red robed Divine Adjudicator.

A faintly discernible indigo blue radiance quickly flashed past his eyes, as if there were some strange vein lines taking form in his eyes. “It was Yunqin Central Continent Army’s teacher, the Tang Chuqing who knows how to defend a city best after all.”

Tang Chuqing looked at him, calmly saying, “Devil Transformation cultivation isn’t easy.”

The young red robed Divine Adjudicator’s voice became a bit strange, his voice becoming rough. “Are you saying this to pity me?”

As they spoke, Tang Chuqing was always walking towards this young red robed Divine Adjudicator.

Within the time it took to say these words, Tang Chuqing’s body already covered dozens of meters of distance, already less than five meters from these seven twin-headed hounds and the young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator.

Several pieces of shattered red cloth scattered towards him like snow.

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s red divine robes exploded into a thousand pieces. His body quickly expanded, blood vessels bulging streak after streak like runes under his skin… completing Devil Transformation.

Tang Chuqing’s eyes flickered with a bit of radiance.

A streak of ashen color, a teacher’s ruler-like small blunt sword flew out from his sleeves, flying towards the chest of this young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who had just completed Devil Transformation, becaming one and a half his previous height.

When he released his sword, those seven twin-headed hounds already charged crazily at him. However, in this instant, these seven twin-headed hounds were all like small sailboats in the sea, directly swept flying by the powerful vital energy surging from his body.

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator released his sword at the same time.

His sword was like Zhantai Qiantang’s, a longsword connected to chains.

The instant it flew out, this longsword and the chains it was connected to turned entirely red, becoming like melted mama. A wave of roiling volcanic aura directly burned the damp roofs around them dry, roasting them black. There was even a bit of smoke coming out, about to catch fire.

This sword was undoubtedly extremely powerful.

However, this young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s brows instead jumped at this time.

It was because he discovered that if his sword continued to rush forward as planned, before his sword could reach Tang Chuqing’s body, his body would have already been penetrated by Tang Chuqing’s sword.

In this world, the cultivation of cultivators mostly relied on who lived longer, who cultivated for more time.

This Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator knew that Tang Chuqing already experienced the city defense battle of Meteor City when he was in his teenage years. He knew that Tang Chuqing was extremely strong. However, right now, Tang Chuqing seemed to be even more powerful than he imagined.

Tang Chuqing’s seemingly extremely ordinary flying sword that even looked just like a rough sword core flew faster than most flying swords in this world.

Without any hesitation, this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator changed his sword stance. The entirely red chain and longsword spun in front of him, sweeping towards Tang Chuqing’s outwardly ordinary, but actually extremely high level flying sword.

Tang Chuqing didn’t change the trajectory of his flying sword. This was a type of courage, but also a powerful confidence in his own strength.

The flames and burning chains wrapped around his flying sword.

The flying sword’s tip was forcibly restrained by this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator in front of his chest, the sword tip shaking, almost touching his skin, but it just couldn’t move forward any more.

Even while facing the scorching flames, Tang Chuqing’s expression still remained extremely calm.

His body continued forward. The instant the flying sword was stopped, he reached out a hand, a fist smashing out. The fist passed through the flames and heat, fiercely smashing into the simple and crude small ruler-like sword’s hilt.

An explosive pa noise sounded.

Sparks flew in all directions. The roofs of the buildings all around them were completely set aflame under the rainy night.

The small sword stabbed into this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s chest. Even though this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s flesh was already as tough as steel, it still couldn’t withstand the penetration of the sword. While carrying the chains, even most of the sword hilt entered this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s chest.

This Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s feet tapped against the ground.

There were immediately two scorched depressions on the ground.

His massive devil transformed body flew backwards. The scorched chains forcibly pulled the flying sword out of his chest.

Tang Chuqing’s expression became a bit more overcast. A wave of soul force surged into the world from within his body again, pouring into his flying sword.

His flying sword broke free from the chains, piercing towards this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator’s wound again.

However, right at this time, his flying sword’s radiance flickered slightly.

A fist-sized spider filled with snow-white hair suddenly appeared on the roof of a burning hut.

The flames whirled about this snow-white spider’s body, but this spider didn’t seem to have sensed anything. A wave of boundless vital energy surged from within this spider’s abdomen. Endless wisps of fine white mucus seemed to have suddenly appeared in the sky, becoming a web that carried great power. It wrapped around his sword, even cutting off some of the soul force sent towards the flying sword.

While borrowing this gap in time, the Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator continued to quickly fly backwards, entering into the darkness.

Tang Chuqing reached out his hand, gripping the falling flying sword that was now snow-white from the webbing.

The instant the snow-white spiderweb made contact with his hand, it immediately broke apart.

Pu! Pu! Pu!...

His sword thrusted out in his surroundings, instantly passing through the necks of the eight twin-headed hounds charging at him.

However, there was one hound who, before its neck was cut, one of its heads took a bite out of the back of his left hand, tearing off a piece of flesh.

The instant this twin-headed hound was killed, he already reacted. This twin-headed hound’s strength and speed were above the other seven hounds’.

This might be the leader among these twin-headed hounds.

When facing a devil transformed Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator who had Sacred Expert level strength after Devil Transformation, his fiend beast companion who had some strange abilities, as well as these hounds that had Soul Master level strength, suffering a bit of injury was something unavoidable.

However, right now, Tang Chuqing already knew what being bit by these twin-headed hounds signified.

At this time, all of his perception was concentrated on his injured left hand.

The outside world was instantly erased… his perception was many times stronger than Lin Xi’s, so in that instant, he sensed wisps of strange things moving along his arm, quickly extending towards his body. Not even his powerful soul force could stop it.

He brandished his sword without the slightest hesitation, removing his own left arm.

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