Book 13 Chapter 47 - No Need To Grieve For Us

Gao Yanan’s long eyelashes shook slightly.

It was because she was the one who understood Lin Xi the most in this world, so she could sense that Lin Xi’s reaction had something to do with this twin-headed hound. Only, she didn’t understand why it would be this extreme.

Even when the responsibility of an entire city and so many Yunqin lives were on his shoulders, how could he not be able to endure this type of thing?

Tang Chuqing wanted to ask something, but when he saw how even speaking was difficult for Lin Xi, he thought for a bit and only asked, “Is this urgent?”

Lin Xi nodded his head heavily.

“It is extremely difficult for normal cultivators.” Tang Chuqing looked Lin Xi in the eyes. He nodded, and then without stopping, he turned around to leave. “I will personally take care of it.”

“Be careful… if you are bitten, you will inevitably die!”

Lin Xi forcefully swallowed the bitter fluids that rushed out from his throat, saying this with difficulty to his rear figure.

Tang Chuqing’s figure stopped slightly, and then he turned into streaks of afterimages, disappearing into the night’s darkness.

When Jiang Xiaoyi and Gao Yanan heard what Lin Xi said, their bodies also became a bit colder.

Great Mang’s dozen or so twin-headed black hounds were all placed in the southwestern region. Together with the fact that the order Lin Xi just released was of the highest level urgent military order, that was why figures quickly moved through the hazy drizzle, rushing into this street, appearing before Lin Xi’s line of sight.

When he saw these Yunqin soldiers’ strong and healthy figures that strictly obeyed the military orders, a bit more pain appeared in Lin Xi’s eyes.

There were many people who were injured by the twin-headed black hounds. As time elapsed second by second, more than four hundred Yunqin soldiers who were already bitten gathered in this alley, gathering before Lin Xi.

Lin Xi stopped his vomiting, his body also stopping its trembling. However, he still felt a bit powerless… Because of his exceptionally pale expression, right now, his body appeared especially weak within the wide High Priest robes.

Everyone looked at Lin Xi.

The impression Lin Xi left these Yunqin soldiers with was resoluteness, strength and fearlessness. However, right now, they saw Lin Xi’s weakness.

They were waiting for Lin Xi to speak.

Lin Xi didn’t speak first. He showed them a deep bow, giving all of these Yunqin soldiers a salute.

“I’m sorry.”

Lin Xi said.

The street in front of him shook. All of these Yunqin soldiers were in a bit of commotion. None of them thought that the first words to come out of his mouth would be these.

“I’m sorry.”

Lin Xi repeated himself with difficulty. He looked at all of these Yunqin soldiers’ stunned and confused, but sincere faces, apologizing in pain. “I cannot save you all… I have already done everything I can.”

There was an even greater uproar.

A Yunqin high ranking officer whose arm was bit was stunned. A bit of a bitter smile appeared on his face. Immediately, he rushed forward, showing Lin Xi a military salute. “Sir Lin, your intention is that Great Mang’s hounds are strange, that those who have been bitten cannot be treated?”

Lin Xi looked at this calm and sincere Yunqin high ranking officer, his chest feeling as if it was cut open, and then had small stones thrown in. However, he still nodded. “Yes.”

This Yunqin high ranking officer could see the pain in Lin Xi’s eyes. However, he instead began to laugh in a free and at ease manner. “Dying in battle for Yunqin’s sake is our glory. Sir Lin doesn’t need to blame yourself.”

“Exactly! If we die, then we die. What is there to be scared of?”

When this Yunqin high ranking officer’s voice just sounded, those Yunqin soldiers outside were still deathly silent. However, these Yunqin soldiers who were bitten instead all began to shout in a carefree manner. “Sir Lin, being able to defend this city with you is already our glory! If we can sacrifice our lives for our country, sir should feel honor for us!”

“Sir Lin.” This Yunqin high ranking officer who Lin Xi didn’t know the name of asked with a respectful voice, “I wonder when the poison will activate? Otherwise, while we still have our strength, why don’t you just send us to the front lines, we can then kill a few more Great Mang barbarians.”

All of these Yunqin soldiers roared out in response, feeling like Lin Xi definitely won’t reject this request of theirs. However, they saw that Lin Xi shook his head.

“I cannot send you to the front lines to kill the enemy.” Lin Xi looked at them and said with difficulty, “This isn’t a poison… you all can understand it as a type of epidemic. After a few halts of time, all of you will start an outbreak, and then you will lose your rationality, unable to distinguish between friend and foe… moreover, those who you bite will also quickly become sick, attacking all those around you. Those who become afflicted and go mad will have strength equivalent to a Soul Knight, their bodies won’t feel any pain. Only when the vertebra is snapped will they quickly die.”

This Yunqin high ranking officer was stunned.

All of the Yunqin soldiers on this street were also stunned.

This place became deathly still. There was only the sound of raindrops landing in puddles.

“That is why we will quickly become crazy cultivators… crazily pounce and bite, throwing all of East Scenery City into chaos. All of the people in this city will instead die under our own hands.” A moment later, the voice of the Yunqin high ranking officer in front of Lin Xi sounded again. He looked at Lin Xi seriously. “That is why Sir Lin would issue this type of most urgent military order for all of the people who were bitten to quickly come here.”

Lin Xi looked at him, nodding his head.

This Yunqin high ranking officer gave Lin Xi another deep bow of respect. “Sir Lin, bringing us all here was to give us an explanation, to apologize to us… however, Sir in, why is there a need for you to apologize? According to the current situation, your respected self’s decision should be to directly have us executed here… That is why all of us need to thank Sir Lin for showing us this share of sincerity… it is our glory to be able to defend this city with your respected self.”

“Sir Lin, your respected self doesn’t need to feel pain for us, because we are just like those who passed away defending Meteor City back then. Yunqin will remember our names.” A young but resolute voice sounded. The one who spoke this was actually that young scouting soldier. Right now, his young face flickered with radiance that made others’ hearts tremble.

“Brothers, get revenge for us, defend this city. I am heading out a step earlier.” That Yunqin high ranking officer who showed Lin Xi a military salute straightened his body. He said this to those silent Yunqin soldiers with a smile, and then with a fierce flip of his blade, blade radiance flashed, his own head sent flying.

“My hand is a bit weak, it truly is vexing. Brother, I must ask you to help send me off.”

A grizzled haired soldier showed Lin Xi a bow, and then said this to a robust soldier at his side, shaking his head and saying this with a chuckle.


The soldier next to him nodded, hot tears falling from his eyes.

Blade radiance scattered. The heads of these good men tumbled.

Gao Yanan finally understood why Lin Xi’s condition became so strange.

In this city, what was most unbearable to watch weren’t the deaths of Yunqin soldiers in battle, but rather having to personally send them off.

Even if they were sent to the front lines and fought to the death in some places that had to be defended, this would make Lin Xi feel a bit better, yet what Lin Xi had to do was make these soldiers who were loyal to the empire, absolutely loyal to him, die before his own eyes.

These Yunqin soldiers who viewed death as a return home showed Lin Xi a dignified military salute, and then they directly faced death, scattering their own hot blood across the cold street.

None of the surrounding Yunqin soldiers stopped these brothers from ending their own lives. They only showed all of these Yunqin soldiers military salutes.

“He wandered the world with a qilin and madarin duck at his side, travelled lands unexplored and barren. He removed the heads of demons, took the heads of great generals amidst an endless army. His glory in Meteor City no man can match…”

The solemn song that recalled Principal Zhang’s past deeds, his existence that influenced many generations, sounded again.

A fine rain scattered down.

Lin Xi’s tears continuously trickled down his cheeks silently.

Gao Yanan gripped his hand.

How could one not grieve?

He already did everything he could.

However, it was just like the words Principal Zhang left him with, in this world, no one was unmatched.

These soldiers were all already injured more than ten halts ago. His time was only enough to send out this order, to not let these bitten Yunqin soldiers become the first wave of zombie-like biological crisis, he already didn’t have enough time to save these soldiers who were loyal and fearless.

He was strong, yet he was powerless to change anything. That was why he felt helpless, felt grieved. He gripped Gao Yanan’s ice-cold hand tightly, silently weeping in this damp and cold street.

Several hundred Great Mang soldiers gathered in front of the divine robed, tall hatted Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators, vaguely hearing the continuous Yunqin song cries outside.

Those twin-headed hounds didn’t only attack Yunqin soldiers, these hundreds of Great Mang soldiers were also bitten by the twin-headed dogs, and then gathered here according to the military orders.

As time went on, many of these Great Mang soldiers’ bodies also began to burn up.

When they felt their bodies becoming hot, they quickly felt extremely parched. Then, they felt something was greatly off with their bodies, feeling an abnormal flusteredness. Their hearts’ beating was fast to the point where it was like they were going to jump out of their mouth. Waves of headaches made their heads feel as if they were struck by arrows.

When they saw that these Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators didn’t make the slightest movement, a Great Mang high ranking officer whose body was already extremely off gathered enough courage. He moved forward, saluting and asking, “Sir… our bodies are already feeling extremely abnormal. If I may ask, when will the antidotes be distributed?”

“There is no antidote.”

The leading snow-white faced young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator only gave him an indifferent look, coldly saying this.

“There is no antidote?” This Great Mang officer was stunned, unable to understand the meaning behind these words at all.

The young Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator coldly said, “This type of dry death sickness… does not have an antidote at all.”

This Great Mang officer became completely stunned. “Then why did you send us…”

The young Divine Adjudicator gave him a look, not saying anything, seemingly feeling like there was no need to explain at all.

This Great Mang high ranking officer’s face distorted.

He really wanted to throw himself over and kill this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, but his reverence accumulated over who knew how many years still prevented him from daring to do so. After just a few halts of time, his five organs distorted, his eyes becoming completely red. He finally charged at this Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicator, but at this time, he already lacked all humanity, already becoming like a wild beast[1].

1. Shentu Nian has three victory seizing weapons B13C38

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