Book 13 Chapter 46 - Vomiting Lin Xi

Gao Yanan looked at Lin Xi. She knew that Lin Xi wouldn’t do anything he didn’t have confidence in doing. However, Lin Xi’s expression still left her extremely nervous.

Lin Xi looked at his bleeding finger.

In his perception, apart from the feeling of being cut by a sharp object, there wasn’t any other special feeling.

Everyone waited for him to say something.

However, they saw him become quiet.

Everyone looked at his expression, knowing that he couldn’t find an answer. Moreover, in their eyes, there was a type of helplessness when facing an unknown object.

An honest and considerate Yunqin black-armored soldier, after a bit of hesitation, couldn’t help but say, “Sir Lin… my entire body seems to be heating up a bit.”

This ordinary Yunqin soldier looked extremely simple and honest, his goal for speaking out extremely simple, just not wishing to see his beloved Sir Lin be in any trouble, only wishing to help him the slightest way he could.

However, right when he spoke, in that instant, the air in this street seemed to have become even colder.

Lin Xi suddenly raised his head, his eyes landing on that soldier’s body.

Tang Chuqing’s eyes narrowed slightly. He took a step out. Crazy winds swept about. He arrived in front of this simple and honest Yunqin black-armored soldier in an instant.

This Yunqin black-armored soldier didn’t even even have time to make an instinctive movement, Tang Chuqing’s hand already touched his forehead.

Tang Chuqing’s expressions suddenly changed greatly.

This Yunqin black-armored soldier only felt his entire body temperature was a bit higher, but when he touched it, this Yunqin black-armored soldier’s forehead was boiling hot. It was even hotter than the forehead of someone with a fever from a cold!

His hand didn’t retract back.

With just a touch from his palm on this Yunqin black-armored soldier’s forehead, the powerful perception of a Sacred Expert made him certain that right now, the blood flow of this Yunqin black-armored soldier’s body even exceeded that of when ordinary low level Soul Knights used soul force.

This Yunqin black-armored soldier naturally already realized that Tang Chuqing was examining his body’s condition, which was why he smiled in a bit of awkwardness, not moving at all.

Tang Chuqing’s mind shook, his hand also trembling slightly.

If it was poison, the faster one’s blood flowed, the faster the detoxification process would become as well. Right now, he could use soul force to stimulate the blood flow within this Yunqin black-armored soldier, but the result of doing this… would be turning this Yunqin soldier into an experimental subject, perhaps even making the poison act even faster.

He naturally understood where he had to make a sacrifice right now. However, the simple smile on this Yunqin soldier’s face instead made him hesitate.

Right at this time, there was a bit of wind and rain that brushed the side of his body.

The pale expressioned Lin Xi also already arrived at his side.

Lin Xi’s finger landed on this soldier’s forehead. When Tang Chuqing turned around to look at him, Lin Xi’s finger already released faint yellow light. The soul force within his body already entered this black-armored Yunqin soldier’s body in wisps, pushing the blood and qi within this black armored soldier’s body, making it run even faster within this body.

This Yunqin black-armored soldier released a muffled groan, feeling pain.

After just a few breaths of time, there was a wave of indescribable ruthless and irritable expression on his face that was twisting from pain. His eyes also began to turn blood red.

Tang Chuqing took a deep breath.

He could sense that it was Lin Xi who instead felt more pain. That was why right now, he only inwardly admired Lin Xi’s strength, as well as felt shock towards this Yunqin black-armored soldier’s transformation.


This Yunqin black-armored soldier suddenly released a wild beast-like roar, not a trace of humanity left on his face from before. He suddenly reached out his hands, wishing to grab Lin Xi, and then bite down towards Lin Xi’s neck!

“Zhu Bei! You’ve gone mad!”

Several dozen Yunqin soldiers immediately cried out loudly in alarm.

In these Yunqin soldiers’ eyes, even if this Yunqin black-armored soldier was in pain because of Lin Xi, treating Lin Xi like this was simply unimaginable.

Lin Xi’s lips trembled slightly.

He grabbed this Yunqin black-armored soldier’s hands.

The power that transmitted outwards made it so that he had to use soul force to restrain it.

“Do not move!”

He released a low shout towards Tang Chuqing, but his voice was resolute.

With a kacha noise, his hands surged with yellow light. This Yunqin black-armored soldier’s arms were pushed forward like two sticks, the bones around his shoulder area completely shattering. His body also tumbled backwards, falling into the embrace of several soldiers behind him.

His actions were far faster than those Yunqin soldiers’ cries of alarm.

At this time, the cries of alarm had just sounded. This Yunqin black-armored soldier who had both his arms snapped smashed into several Yunqin soldiers behind him. The instant these several Yunqin soldiers wanted to support him, there was a growling noise released from within his throat, directly taking a bite out of the hand of one of those soldiers.

This soldier released a cry of alarm, wishing to subdue this Yunqin black-armored soldier whose arms were snapped, but discovered that he couldn’t at all. After struggling for a bit, he was actually thrown back instead.

“All of you, move aside.”

Right at this time, Lin Xi’s figure moved, already arriving in front of this Yunqin black-armored soldier whose arms were snapped, saying this.

Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi’s brows were both deeply furrowed. Lin XI’s voice carried a bit of abnormal coldness, this type of coldness felt unnatural to them, giving them an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

This Yunqin black-armored soldier whose arms were already snapped shouted out, once again throwing himself at Lin Xi.

Lin Xi drew his sword.

The air around him became even colder.

Lin Xi’s sword stabbed directly through the chest of this Yunqin black-armored soldier, deep enough to prove fatal. However, this Yunqin black-armored soldier didn’t seem to sense this at all, as if he didn’t even feel pain. His body still pressed against the sword’s blade, his flesh and bones releasing heart palpitating grinding noises against the sword.

Lin Xi’s hand struck this Yunqin soldier’s chest, breaking several bones in his chest, sending him flying backwards. The longsword in his hands pierced out again, stabbing into this Yunqin black-armored soldier’s forehead.

Everyone’s breathing stopped at this instant.

This was especially the case for those familiar with this Yunqin soldier. When this sword thrusted in, it felt as if it entered through their foreheads.

Even if they knew that Lin Xi had a reason for every action he made, knowing that this Yunqin soldier was inevitably going to die, this scene still made their hearts twitch.

However, what made their eyes contract even more was that… even when this sword thrusted deeply into this Yunqin soldier’s forehead, this Yunqin soldier actually still didn’t die. His body was still moving forward… still wishing to bite Lin Xi.

The sharp sword tip already came out from the back of his head. However, his body still continued to move forward, the sword grinding against his skull, releasing shrill grinding sounds that made everyone’s expressions extremely pale.

Lin Xi’s hand trembled slightly.

However, he pulled out his sword as quickly as possible, and then thrusted out again, removing this Yunqin soldier’s head.

This Yunqin soldier’s movements finally stopped, falling down.

This street became dead quiet.

Everyone was looking at Lin Xi and his longsword that was dripping with blood.

Lin Xi didn’t stop. He walked up to that Yunqin soldier who was bitten by the dead soldier.

“This matter is related to the lives and deaths of all Yunqin people in East Scenery City.” He looked at this Yunqin soldier. After saying this, he gripped this Yunqin soldier’s hand, soul force pouring through his palm and fingers again.

This Yunqin soldier also realized something, his body involuntary shuddering. However, he still clenched his teeth, nodding, no longer making any movements of resistance.

The fine drizzle continued to scatter down.

This Yunqin soldier’s body continuously became hotter, the expression of pain on his face quickly becoming one that was ruthless and lacking in humanity.

A wild beast-like low roar sounded again.

Lin Xi’s body staggered slightly. He didn’t make any movements to stop this person, only closing his eyes. As if he already used up all of his body’s strength, he pushed that ‘green roulette’ in his head.

Time returned to several halts ago, returning to before Tang Chuqing even arrived in this street and appeared in front of him.

He looked at the Yunqin high ranking officer in front of him, cutting off some of the words the other party wanted to tell him, directly saying, “Help me pass on an order to the entire military, the highest level emergency military order! All those who see the twin headed dogs released by Great Mang are to immediately avoid them, they definitely cannot approach to try to kill them, absolutely must not let them bite you… All soldiers who have already been bitten are to gather here as quickly as possible.”

This grave and stern Yunqin officer stared blankly for a moment. He looked at Lin Xi, not understanding why even though they were just chatting leisurely a second ago, talking about Great Mang’s army withdrawing from this region, he would suddenly issue this type of military order.

Moreover, he could tell that Lin Xi’s expression was extremely pale, even his lips lacking color.

This Yunqin high ranking officer turned around in shock, starting to continuously shout outwards, seriously passing on Lin Xi’s military orders.

“What happened?”

The expressions of Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi who were extremely familiar with Lin Xi became even more grave. They couldn’t help but quietly ask Lin Xi.

Lin Xi opened his mouth, wishing to explain something, but the instant he opened his mouth, he could no longer hold himself back. He bent over, starting to vomit continuously.

All of the Yunqin soldiers here looked at the Sir Lin they admired in a stupefied manner. They just couldn’t figure out how Lin Xi, this powerful cultivator, would suddenly become like this.

This type of scene was something that would only happen to new recruits who joined a battle for the first time after seeing an exceptionally bloody scene.

“What’s wrong?”

Tang Chuqing who carried the corpse of a twin headed black hound appeared from the alley. He saw Lin Xi who had clearly already vomited for quite some time, asking this in a nervous and rushed manner. His entire figure turned into a flowing shadow, quickly approaching Lin Xi.

“I don’t know.”

Gao Yanan shook her head. Right now, she didn’t know the reason either, but she still made a gesture to not touch Lin Xi to Tang Chuqing. It was because she understood that Lin Xi’s matters were something only Lin Xi could deal with.

Lin Xi raised his head.

He still found it a bit hard to control his body’s twitching and vomiting feeling. However, he still looked at Tang Chuqing and said with difficulty, “We have to eliminate all of these twin headed hounds as quickly as possible… and we have to do so while ensuring that we absolutely do not get bitten by them.”

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