Book 13 Chapter 44 - Second Thing

The Night Devil Heavy Armors that advanced dauntlessly wave upon wave, almost drowning Lin Xi and the others, also noticed this strange noise. This type of strange noise was like a huge ocean wave, instead sweeping towards them from several different directions.

When panic and alarm finally reached the entire army, what entered these Great Mang soldiers’ line of sight were green metal figures that were even taller than them, appearing one after another.

Among Yunqin’s standard heavy armor, the only heavy armor that looked even more massive to the eye than Night Devil Heavy Armor could only be Green King Heavy Armor[1].

Green King Heavy Armor’s weight was originally much heavier than Night Devil Heavy Armor[2]. Normally, Night Devil Heavy Armor still had an advantage in terms of flexibility and conservation of soul force, but under this type of concentrated slaughter, Green King Heavy Armor was definitely the bane of Night Devil Heavy Armor.

Right now, even though the amount of Green King Heavy Armor wasn’t clear, just judging from the sound around them, it was definitely not few. Moreover, the Sacred Expert on their side already ran, the soldiers at the center were also long killed until they were utterly terrified, the soldiers backing up occupying the majority. This powerful soul weapon heavy armored army that could play a critical role in all of Great Mang’s main army became like a metal tide that clashed with itself. Then, it completely became chaotic, disorderly and crushed.

Right now, Xiao Huihai forced himself to not think about the battle’s course at all. It was because the instant he ran, he already felt like if he carefully thought about it, then he would feel like this entire world deceived and betrayed him, so he might not even want to run anymore.

Right now, the only thought he had was to not die, to flee from this place that left him in despair, the place that was completely without reason.

Only, there were some people who didn’t want him to get away.

It was because in the end, he was still a Sacred Expert.

Even the most down and out sword controlling Sacred Expert, if forced onto the battlefield, could still kill many people with his sword.

When he began to flee into the darkness of the night, Nightingale already raised her blade, starting to chase after him.

Under the chaotic rumbling of countless golden figures, Nightingale whose wrinkles were bleeding moved as quickly as the wind.

She seemed to have truly become a nightingale.

The scenery around Xiao Huihai quickly fell back, everything becoming black flowing shadows. He didn’t care which street or alley he was running through at all, he only continuously fled in the city wall’s direction.

The roiling sounds of heavy armored slaughter were completely left behind him.

Nightingale’s figure stopped outside Yunqin’s heavy armored army. Her figure staggered, but she didn’t fall. Then, her finger tapped against the long blade in her hands.

When this finger fell, it shattered. The long blade in her hand also shattered to pieces.

Xiao Huihai released a great roar of horror.

The blue flying sword in his sleeves took flight again, instantly drawing out countless sword shadows behind him, forming a blue cascade.

There were immediately countless fine white scars that appeared on the blue cascade.

Then, his blue flying sword’s radiance completely dimmed. Quite a bit of fine metal powder fell from the blue flying sword.

This flying sword seemed like it became a piece of rusty iron, falling to the ground.

Xiao Huihai released a spurt of blood. The wall in front of him bloomed like countless red plum flowers.

He wanted to continue running, wanted to jump over the earth wall and the courtyard in front of him.

However, right at this instant, a hole appeared on the earth wall.

A pair of hands that were even sturdier than steel reached out from the hole, gripping his throat.

His body continued to jump upwards, but with a kacha noise, he heard his own neck bones shatter, seeing the night sky behind him he previously couldn’t see in this position.

The last thing in this Tangcang sword controlling Sacred Expert’s mind was the realization that his neck had already been twisted to the point where his head was facing behind him.

Then, he lost consciousness, dying under this Yunqin person’s hands, dying on Yunqin soil.

Jiang Xiaoyi, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan all remained in place, not chasing after those scattered or fleeing Night Devil Heavy Armors under the massacre of Yunqin’s Green King Heavy Armors. After continuously releasing soul force, every single nerve and muscle fiber in their bodies were twitching.

Even though not much time passed, there were already close to two hundred sets of Night Devil Heavy Armors collapsed around the three of them.

In this type of battle where every single strike would face several enemies with almost Soul Master level strength, the heavy armors they wore making their bodies even stronger than Soul Masters, they also quickly approached their limit.

“There are no cultivators who are unmatched in this world after all.”

Lin Xi returned Big Black into the wooden chest, unable to help but say this with a quiet voice.

Right at this time, there was one person who suddenly stood up from within the bloody rubble.

He was Tangcang’s number one swordsman, Han Xuzi who was taken down in mutual destruction by Zhong Cheng.

He was clearly injured to the point where without any extremely excellent medications, he would quickly die, even standing up something he did purely by relying on willpower. No one even knew how he managed to not be trampled to death by those heavy metal figures during the chaos just now.

Lin Xi rubbed his sore fingers, looking at him calmly.

“Why, why is it that in such a big city, you ended up appearing here… why were those Green King Heavy Armors able to arrive in time? Those Green King Heavy Armor’s soul force is also almost entirely spent, they clearly just went through a long-distance trek to get here… Only if they knew that there would be this type of battle against Night Devil Heavy Armors here, would there be a chance of them appearing here.” Han Xuzi’s figure suddenly dropped a bit lower. He knelt down before Lin Xi, wishing to obtain a bit of explanation before he passed away. “Why, why did Zhong Cheng know my sword was fake…. This doesn’t follow normal reasoning at all, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Lin Xi looked at this number one sword master with a bit of pity. He shook his head and said with a light sigh, “If I told you that I could foresee the things that take place here, would you believe me?”

Han Xuzi shook his head. He still looked at Lin Xi with a pleading manner, still believing that there was definitely another reason. Even if Lin Xi told him that his perception was naturally different from others, able to sense the auras of everyone here, he could still barely accept this type of reasoning.

“I chose to respect you, at the very least respect your cultivation and achievements, which is why I wouldn’t lie to you.” Lin Xi looked at him and said seriously, “The people of this world cannot leave this world, but that doesn’t mean that this type of reasoning doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t make sense… It is just that the people of this world cannot understand. Not being able to understand doesn’t mean that there is no reasoning.”

“If I do not understand, that does not mean that there is no reasoning?” Han Xuzi began to laugh bitterly, and then quickly began to cry. “How am I supposed to understand this?” As he wept, his voice became lower and lower. His head hung, slowly becoming quiet.

While watching this Sacred Expert die as if he passed away from mental deterioration, Lin Xi shook his head, inwardly thinking even though I told Yanan so much, explained so much, she still couldn’t understand what a television or a computer is, she could only interpret what me and Principal Zhang went through as a dream, so how could you understand what is called energy, how can you understand parallel worlds and cosmos, the concept of space-time?

Let alone these things were things not even that old man Einstein could completely figure out, he himself and Principal Zhang even too lazy to think about it, so how could you possibly understand?

The drizzle stopped for a bit again.

Shentu Nian stood in a street to the southwest of East Scenery City, the street in front of him already an expanse of ruins. In front of the ruins and deeper within the ruins, there were all types of weapon sounds that surged like a tide, to the extent where they exceeded the fireworks of the clash between Night Devil and Green King Heavy Armors.

This street was originally a place where some porters and renters lived. However, after the battle erupted, Great Mang’s high ranking officers keenly sensed that the Yunqin military in this region still didn’t have time to carry out many arrangements in this area.

Dealing with such a large city and only knowing some of Great Mang’s plans, Tang Chuqing naturally didn’t have that much time. He obviously couldn’t turn the entire city into an impenetrable fortress.

This southwestern area of several li was equivalent to being a weak spot in Yunqin’s military.

Great Mang’s military naturally wished to cut in through this direction that would allow them to suffer comparatively less losses, while Yunqin’s military would naturally wish to seal this place up. Under the transferring of both sides, of Great Mang’s seventy thousand total army that was invested in East Scenery City, there were sixteen to seventeen thousand gathered here. The troops Yunqin’s army placed here might be no different from the size of Great Mang’s army.

That was why this street instead seemed to have become one of East Scenery City’s main battlefields.

The sounds of fighting were extremely bitter.

Large areas of the streets and alleys completely turned into ruins under the back and forth seizing and fighting.

Oftentimes, only when these streets and alleys completely became ruins, unable to hide or prevent a large scale army from passing through, would the Yunqin soldiers give up the struggle.

If this continued, the thirty thousand total troops both sides currently threw here might very well be completely used up from this place to the center of the city. However, before it was used up, Great Mang wouldn’t be able to penetrate far enough, thus preventing the Great Mang troops in the back to carry out a meaningful divide and conquer.

Several cavalry charged out under the darkness of night. When there was less than a hundred steps from Shentu Nian, one of the cavalry raised the bow in his hands, firing it towards Shentu Nian.

Shentu Nian reached out his hand, catching this arrow that didn’t have much power like a tree leaf, tearing off the small sheepskin scroll attached to the shaft.

After just a look, the air around Shentu Nian’s body suddenly became a bit hotter.

“What happened?”

A gentle voice sounded from behind him.

Behind him was precisely that carriage surrounded by seven court swordsmen.

Shentu Nian turned around, slowly saying, “Han Xuzi and Xiao Huihai, these two swords snapped. The Night Devil Heavy Armored Army was defeated by the city’s Green King Heavy Armored army”

The seven outstanding swordsmen’s faces immediately paled upon hearing this. The one in the carriage released a light sigh, not saying anything more.

Shentu Nian instead always remained respectful towards the one in this carriage.

The aura on his body was scorching hot, but his heart was cold… The deaths of these two sword controlling Sacred Experts who originally shouldered the important mission of launching a surprise attack, as well as the crushing defeat of the Night Devil Heavy Armored Army already placed Great Mang’s side into a disadvantage.

Right now, it would completely depend on the second decisive force to see if he could seize back the advantage.

After taking a deep breath, Shentu Nian reached out his hand, giving a military order to the soldiers waiting in the back.

1. Main heavy armor of the border army B7C11

2. Green King Heavy Armor is one fourth heavier than Night Devil Heavy Armor

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