Book 13 Chapter 43 - Just Who Is It That Is Pitiful?

Roofs were destroyed, walls crushed, tiles flying.

In an instant, Chirping Alley’s two sides’ residences and walls were brutally smashed apart by soul weapon heavy armors flickering with radiance. Several dozen large and tall metal figures surged from all sides within smashed tiles, stone and earth.

Zhong Cheng sat on the damp ground, already unable to move.

Nightingale didn’t move either, because her opponent was always that small blue sword. Moreover, every sentence Lin Xi previously told her and Zhong Cheng was extremely precise, so she was even more sure that the legend of the Divine General was true. Right now, in her eyes, there was only Xiao Huihai and that little blue sword, the surrounding heavy armored soldiers nonexistent. She basically placed her life directly in the hands of Lin Xi and the others.

It was because everyone knew that under the suppression of the enemy’s flying sword, all of them would be quickly trapped within, surrounded by this heavy armor army, the same front, back, left and right. That was why Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi only stood casually in a triangular fashion, protecting Zhong Cheng and Nightingale at the center.

Soul weapon heavy armors were originally the most powerful method for dealing with powerful cultivators.

Even if they attacked from the weakest point of these armors, it would similarly exhaust a considerable amount of soul force. The amount of soul force a Sacred Expert had was only enough to kill a thousand ordinary heavy armored soldiers. That was why if a Sacred Expert didn’t run, if they just stood in place, fighting against a thousand soul weapon heavy armors directly, there would be no way they would win. Even before they killed a thousand soul weapon heavy armors, the soul force of a Sacred Expert would have already been completely consumed.

Sacred Experts would naturally be able to control their soul force exhaustion more precisely than ordinary cultivators. Only, when breaking a piece of tofu, not much strength was needed, but when breaking a steel plate, no matter how one tried to control their strength, a large amount of strength was needed. This was a reasoning that was extremely easy to understand.

A thousand soul weapon heavy armors… this was an extremely frightening force. Only in this type of sixty to seventy thousand sized army, within this type of important battle, would they have a chance of appearing.

When dozens of Night Devil Heavy Armors poured over like sets of electric charged robots from all directions, in places that were a bit further back, the Night Devil Heavy Armor soldiers that gathered also already formed a ring-shaped metal wall.

This was a scene that would even leave Sacred Experts shaking in fear and in despair.

However, Lin Xi and Gao Yanan’s faces remained extremely calm. Within his  Green Luan Wargod Armor, Jiang Xiaoyi’s expression was also extremely calm.

A fine drizzle landed on Lin Xi’s High Priest robes, condensing into water droplets that were extremely beautiful.

With a flip of Lin Xi’s hand, he opened the extremely large wooden chest on his back, producing a black object.

Nightingale and Zhong Cheng were shaken.

The distant Xiao Huihai’s face became slightly rigid, taking half a step back.

In this world, only a single soul weapon, in the instant it was revealed, could make three powerful Sacred Experts’ expressions change like this.

That was why the black object in Lin Xi’s hands could only be Big Black.

Lin Xi’s three fingertips landed on the three black bowstrings.

An extremely fine black radiance suddenly flew out following the shaking of three black bowstrings, not even stirring the slightest wind noise. It accurately moved to the nape of a Night Devil Heavy Armor, entering between two plates of armor.

A blast of blood scattered outwards. This rapidly charging Night Devil Heavy Armor suddenly lost power, falling to the ground due to its inertia, sliding across crushed stone and mud, stopping only when it reached three feet from Lin Xi.

Lin Xi’s three fingers continuously moved across the three bowstrings. Feint yellow soul force radiance seemed to dance between the bowstring. It was as if he was playing a zither, continuously releasing fine streaks of black radiance. Whenever a streak of black radiance flew out, there would be a Night Devil Heavy Armor in front of him that fell with a miserable howl.

This scene of him facing his opponents was extremely graceful.

Comparatively, Lucky and Gao Yanan’s methods were extremely barbaric and violent.

Lucky’s dark and chubby paw reached out from behind Gao Yanan’s shoulder.

Then, all of the raindrops in front of it became goose feather sized snowflakes.

Several Night Devil Heavy Armors’ bodies became filled with white frost. Unknown if it was due to the cold or fear, their movements suddenly became slow and rigid.

Gao Yanan’s movements were even more rough, sending a fist smashing out without any sign of a wise and virtuous lady.

Those snowflakes, under her fist, surged with even greater cold intent, becoming thin blades and hacking into the weak areas of the Night Devil Heavy Armors amidst the crazily stirring winds.

Jiang Xiaoy’s’ manner of facing his enemies was comparatively more efficient.

He first used the spear in his hands to kill three Night Devil Heavy Armors. When the Night Devil Heavy Armors in front of him seemed to have gathered close enough, the seven green metal tails would fly in front of him, break apart and turn into countless flying green blades before firing out, completely striking down the dozen or so Night Devil Heavy Armors that gathered in front of him.

True Green Luan Academy students, lecturers and professors couldn’t be evaluated with the same standard as ordinary cultivators.

This type of destructiveness placed even these Great Mang heavy armored soldiers who were under the effects of Devil Eye Flower medicine in fear. The soldiers at the very front momentarily didn’t even dare charge.

However, just like other scenes of the army facing cultivators, the soldiers at the front were scared, but the soldiers in the back who didn’t immediately see the scenery up ahead would still be full of spirit, still rushing forward. This was especially when they saw that their companions were all around them, they would feel even more powerful. That was why even if the soldiers ahead wanted to step back, they wouldn’t be able to at all. They would still be plugged up by the soldiers behind them, crammed forward, pushed towards Lin Xi and the others.

Miserable screams and roars, unique droning noise of soul force flowing through the runes of soul weapon heavy armors and sounds of heavy metal bodies clashing continuously sounded around Lin Xi and the others’ bodies.

The collapsed heavy armored soldiers, within just a few breaths of time, already formed a metal inclined wall around them, blood continuously flowing out from between the metal cracks.

Nightingale’s pupils contracted fiercely.

The piled up heavy armors made it so that there would be intervals between her visibility of Xiao Huihai. When she took a step to the side and saw Xiao Huihai through the gaps between the soul weapon heavy armors, she clearly saw that the small blue sword that was always floating in front of Xiao Huihai already disappeared.

The drizzling rain around Xiao Huihai’s body began to shake like it was boiling. Just this degree of soul force rippling was already enough to prove that he was controlling this flying sword.

However, where exactly did the flying sword go?

Within the damp air scattered and crushed by the soul force surging from the densely packed soul force heavy armor, she couldn’t immediately sense where this flying sword was.

A chilliness began to surge within her.

A light zheng noise sounded.

This was the sound of a Night Devil Heavy Armor being struck by the neck by a streak of arrow radiance.

This Night Devil Heavy Armor’s vertebra snapped, falling like a pile of mud.

However, the instant he fell, that small blue sword moved along the back of this armor, flying out and shooting towards Lin Xi’s adam’s apple!

For Xiao Huihai, Lin Xi would always be the greatest threat.

Once Lin Xi was dead, the heavy armored army could naturally force Nightingale to attack, and then all of the rest could be killed… Even if they only killed Lin Xi and he withdrew, Lin Xi’s death might be enough to completely decide East Scenery City’s battle situation.

Nightingale didn’t sense this flying sword quickly enough.

That was why she didn’t have enough time to deal with it.

In that instant, her old face revealed a hint of a decisive expression. Her finger fiercely tapped against the tip of her sword.

Her long blade that was already covered with countless spiderweb cracks suddenly split apart, a shrill noise released from every crack.

The blue flying sword began to quickly shake like the wings of a cicada, moving backwards in retreat.

Pu! Pu! Pu! 

Several noises sounded. Along the blue flying sword’s path of retreat, the soldiers within the several Night Devil Heavy Armors in front of Lin Xi all had their intestines blown apart, dying.

Xiao Huihai’s body swayed.

In this instant, it was unknown just how many streaks of soul force he continuously released before this flying sword’s trembling was neutralized, preventing his flying sword from suffering damage. His arms were so sore that he almost wanted to cut off his own arms. However, when he looked at Nightingale in the distance, there was instead a hint of happiness that flashed past his eyes.

“Jiang Family’s Sound Ripping Technique is extremely strong, to the extent where it can vaguely suppress flying swords… However, what is a pity is that you were already injured.” He looked at Nightingale, saying this from the distance.

The current Nightingale already drew the other blade inserted into the ground in front of her. Only, every single wrinkle on her face was dripping with blood, the scene exceptionally bitter and miserable.

Lin Xi, Jiang Xiaoyi, and Gao Yanan’s rate of taking down these Night Devil Heavy Armors was also extremely fast. Right now, there already wasn’t a single Night Devil Heavy Armor that could pose a true threat to them. However, even though Lin Xi was using Big Black, already greatly preserving his soul force, soul force was still quickly drained from his body… this was let alone the fact that there wasn’t much soul force within Lin Xi’s body to begin with. That was why Lin Xi and the others’ deaths were something that was only half a halt’s matter.

“Even though I am quite good at feigning coolness, right now, I’m not really in the mood to pretend to be cool, indifferent or mysterious.” However, the mentally weary Lin Xi instead calmly laughed. “Only, it is a pity, a pity that you all… were a bit too late. Because of your lack of patience and some words of nonsense, not daring to fight decisively, you all wasted some time to decide victory. You are a Sacred Expert, so if you listen carefully, you should understand why I am saying this.”

Xiao Huihai’s expression suddenly changed greatly.

The small blue sword that returned in front of him suddenly dropped down, almost directly falling to the ground.

What mostly filled his ears were still the rumbling sounds of soul weapon heavy armors. However, at this time, he finally heard some entirely different vibrating sounds that didn’t belong to Night Devil Heavy Armors.

His breathing stopped.

Heavy and fierce metal clashing sounds erupted at this moment. It was as if this entire world turned into metal in his head, smashing and rumbling.


He released a light cough, releasing some wisps of blood.

Right now, just like back then when he fought against Gu Xinyin, his fighting spirit and confidence completely crumbled. His body flew outwards, directly no longer caring about the Great Mang Night Devil Heavy Armored Army here, directly fleeing under the darkness of night.

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