Book 13 Chapter 42 - Tangcang’s Two Swordsmen

When winter left and spring came, grass would grow and birds would take flight, all things experiencing a great transformation. Regardless of whether it was the fine or greater things, there would always be a fixed trajectory that could be followed.

When a stone was thrown, regardless of how high it was thrown upwards, it would return to the ground afterwards. A chunk of gold the same size as a steamed bun would always be heavier, water would always flow to a lower point… These were all part of this world’s trajectory and natural reasoning. All things that grew in this world, regardless of how powerful they were, couldn’t break free from these principles.

A thousand ordinary heavy armored soldiers were even enough to completely exhaust a Sacred Expert’s soul force, able to kill a Sacred Expert through whittling him down, let alone a thousand fully armed Night Devil Heavy Armors, this type of soul weapon heavy armored troop.

This army was already Great Mang main army’s most important force.

This was just like an adult fighting against a small child, how could the adult instead be given a beating by a small child?

When Zhong Cheng and Lin Xi appeared in succession, the black clothed tangerine yellow short sword wielding man’s confidence indeed already wavered, also admitting himself that he lacked enough confidence. However, if even the most basic reasonings were overthrown, then for him, both this world and his own cultivation already completely lacked meaning. If he didn’t fight, was he supposed to doubt this world, doubt his entire past life?

The strength of cultivators came from oneself and from the world. Meanwhile, even if it was oneself, their longevity and prosperity still hinged on this heaven and earth. If even this very world couldn’t be relied on, then how were they supposed to stand in it?

That was why this tangerine yellow short sword wielding Sacred Expert still resolved himself to fight in the end.

This was also true for the blue clothed Sacred Expert next to him.

Iron Man like Night Devil Heavy Armors already entered Chirping Alley one after another.

The tangerine yellow short sword wielding black clothed man watched as Lin Xi, Nightingale and Zhong Cheng spoke to each other, but because their voices were extremely low, their bodies even turned, under the rainy mist and darkness of night, there was no way this black clothed Sacred Expert could determine what Lin Xi was saying through lip reading and other methods.

Having the soul weapon heavy armors whittle down some of the enemy’s soul force should be the best plan of action right now. However, this sword holding black clothed Sacred Expert already felt like he couldn’t wait any longer, because if he waited any longer, his confidence would waver further, his will and sword stance would also become even weaker.

As such, at this moment, after taking a deep breath, he let go.

The tangerine yellow short sword flew out, shooting straight into the sky, disappearing into the rainy mist with a flash. After a flicker, it already turned into a shocking rainbow, appearing above Lin Xi’s head, drawing an arc, and then shooting at the nape of Lin Xi’s neck.

Lin Xi didn’t move.

Gao Yanan and Jiang Xiaoyi at his side didn’t move either.

It was because they still didn’t have the strength to face Sacred Experts head on. These two sword controlling Sacred Experts’ opponents were Zhong Cheng and Nightingale. What they needed to do was just to stop those Great Mang soul weapon heavy armors from disturbing Zhong Cheng and Nightingale’s battle against these two Sacred Experts.

The one who moved was instead Zhong Cheng.

This sword radiance, for an ordinary cultivator, was already fast to the extreme, as if it came directly out of the autumn rain. However, he still had time to take a step out.

Right when this step was taken, fireworks were released.

Crazy winds stirred around his body, countless droplets of water surging outwards, spinning about, forming transparent mirrors one after another, making it so that the distance between him, Lin Xi, and the others became hazy and illusory.

At the same time, his hands rose upwards, making an empty hugging gesture. Radiance filled the world between his arms, as if he was hugging a bright moon.

One strike dao, Bright Moon Hammer[1].

He sent this attack right at this tangerine yellow flying sword, extremely simple and direct.

However, within a short instant Lin Xi and the others couldn’t even react to in time, this tangerine yellow flying sword’s radiance quickly dimmed. Two blasts of vital energy began to fluctuate with even greater intensity, blossoming between the black clothed Sacred Expert and white masked Sacred Experts’ faces at the same time like lotus flowers.

Biting cold sword energy turned into streaks of white fine wisps, extending into the air. Moreover, because the power they carried didn’t disappear from the sky for a long time, they formed frozen scenes in the sky one after another.

A small ivory sword and a small blue sword flew out from the black clothed Sacred Expert and blue clothed Sacred Expert’s sleeves at the same time, carrying surging power as they moved along the ground, both of them aimed at Nightingale!

The black cloth covering the black clothed Sacred Expert’s face and the white mask covering the blue clothed Sacred Expert’s face both already exploded due to the berserk auras released from their bodies. However, at this time, there was already no use in trying to hide these two’s identities either.

In the past, when Gu Xinyin and Yun Hai worked together to assassinate Tangcang’s Imperial Uncle[2], these two flying swords had also made an appearance.

The small ivory sword’s name was ‘Holy Sign’, while the small blue sword was named ‘Ocean of Wisdom’, both of them originating from Tangcang.

That was why this black clothed Sacred Expert was precisely the number one expert under Tangcang Imperial Uncle Xiao Xiang, Tangcang’s number one sword expert Han Xuzi. The blue clothed Sacred Expert was naturally Xiao Xiang’s adopted son, Xiao Huihai.

Regardless of whether it was Han Xuzi or Xiao Huihai, when Xiao Xiang was killed by Gu Xinyin, Tangcang’s new emperor reaching some secret agreements with Vice Principal Xia, they had no place left for them in Tangcang. As such, these two thus joined the battle between Great Mang and Yunqin, the battle between Purgatory Mountain and Green Luan Academy.

For Han Xuzi, during the battle against Yun Hai, what he lost wasn’t only a place for him to live, what he lost was also pride and courage.

When facing the fear that would appear even during battles and cultivation, even if it was a Sacred Expert, it would be like one already crossed over the highest peak of their life, already heading down a path of decline.

Perhaps only by defeating powerful opponents one after another, would one recover their previous state, be able to drag oneself back from the path of decline… that was why Han Xuzi was more careful than ever before, both him and Xiao Huihai covering their faces not only to hide their identities, but also their swords.

That tangerine yellow small sword looked fierce, but it was actually a ‘feint’.

This type of instantly letting go of the flying sword, and then ‘cutting’ off all of the power infused into this sword, imbuing it into another flying sword sounded easy, but in reality, it was like pouring water into a huge jar, and then immediately moving aside that huge jar to pour water into another one. It was extremely difficult to do it in a fluid manner and not reveal any traces.

Han Xuzi didn’t know who, apart from himself, could do this in this world.

Moreover, he had never formally used this type of feint to hide the true sword before… Zhong Cheng clearly already used up all of his strength under this strike, this strike being extremely fierce, as if his entire body was thrown out. In this situation where he was already baited by his fake sword, it was definitely impossible to change his momentum. Meanwhile, even though Nightingale was strong, she still wasn’t Ni Henian’s match, so she naturally couldn’t block their full strength dual attack.

That was why in his mind, with this sword, Nightingale would already inevitably die.

The two flying swords shot out with great tacit agreement, one in front and one in back, separately flying at Nightingale’s chest and back, the amount of time between the two swords extremely slight, an amount of time not even Sacred Experts could react to in time.

When facing these two flying swords, the choice Nightingale made was to tap her finger on the tip of the long blade in her hands.

Several dozen fine spider web like cracks extended along the blade, as if there were suddenly many runes formed. With a dang noise, the sound waves carrying endless wisps of power suddenly descended behind her, striking the blue flyingsword that arrived first.

Nightingale could only block one sword.

She chose to block the first one to arrive, the blue flying sword.

Han Xuzi’s small ivory sword reached Nightingale’s heart artery like a phantom. When he sensed that success was at hand, that this flying sword that was like his very own palm and fingers was already about to penetrate the other party’s flesh, Han Xuzi found it hard to conceal his excitement.

However, even at this moment, his eyes were filled with an extremely complex expression.

It was because he sensed that all of Zhong Cheng’s power surged out from within him, smashing down like a bright moon. Zhong Cheng’s power didn’t smash at his ‘feint’ sword, but rather at his true sword, on the Holy Sign sword all of his soul force was poured into!

This instant was already impossible to alter.

The small blue sword shook fiercely, the sword body producing countless transparent cracks.

Xiao Huihai’s complexion became snow-white, several drops of blood scattering out from his fingertips. The small blue sword rapidly pulled back.

The bright moon broke apart. Zhong Cheng’s two cuffs completely split open, shattering, streaks of extremely fine cut wounds appearing on his skin.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

At the same time, the small ivory sword completely shattered.

Some of the fragments flew towards the distant Han Xuzi’s body, the formless power surging along his soul force passage and entering his body, rippling and battering the inside of his body, just like the fragments of the bright moon which also penetrated his body.

Five or six fine holes appeared on Han Xuzi’s body. The small ivory sword’s fragments flew out from behind him, dropping out.

These small holes on his body all released fine streaks of blood. Viscous blood flowed out from his mouth and nose as well.

Zhong Cheng shook his head, and then directly sat down.

He already suffered serious internal injuries from his battle against Ni Henian. Now that he released another strike, he already didn’t have any strength to fight further. Only, he was sure that he at least exchanged his own strength for Han Xuzi’s, which was why even though he carried a bit of regret, there was still a bit of a satisfied smile that appeared on his face.

Han Xuzi also sat down.

His flying sword exploded, internal organs suffered serious damage, his condition was even worse than Zhong Cheng’s. However, what suffered the greatest damage, was his heart.

The higher the level a cultivator was at, especially at the Sacred Expert level, the more their battles would look simple on the surface, but in reality, they were complex and profound. The results would be quickly decided, with injuries at the lightest, life and death during serious confrontations.

In a battle between Sacred Experts,a single exchange within a breath or two of time would oftentimes be enough to decide life or death. This was something extremely simple. It was because in the breath or two of the bystanders watching, these Sacred Experts would have already invested everything they cultivated in their lives, everything they cultivated into the battle.

That was why being seriously injured to the point where it was untreatable within an extremely short amount of time, for Han Xuzi, wasn’t impossible to accept. What was impossible for him to accept was that there was no reasoning.

That was why his head was completely blank right now.

Xiao Huihai’s internal injuries were a bit lighter, still able to fight. Moreover, both sides lost one Sacred Expert, so this battle situation was still beneficial for their side. That was why the fluctuations within his mind were comparatively lighter.

Right now, what he felt even more was only fear.

“They only have these few people. Kill them!”

He withdrew his blue flying sword, making it float in front of him. At the same time, he gave the Night Devil Heavy Armors that already rushed up from behind him this order.

He no longer chose to fight with his own life on the line, choosing to rely on these heavy armors to wear down these enemies before him.

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