Book 13 Chapter 41 - Reasoning

“If you didn’t rely on these external things, you might not necessarily have been able to defeat me.”

“That’s nothing more than nonsense.”

“Even though you defeated me, if you use such vulgar words to shame me and not use reasoning to convince me, how can it make me acknowledge defeat?”

“What reasoning? If we follow your reasoning, then even soul weapons are external objects. Then when cultivators fight, are we just supposed to fight naked, not use anything? Just wake up already. A large part of our strength is obtained through merging our soul force with the vital energy of the world, ice, rain, lightning… these powers are borrowed to begin with, you can gather them if you have runes, cultivation methods… are we not supposed to use these either? Then we should just sit there, throw soul force at each other? This is fighting? What is even the point? Whoever is older, whoever cultivated longer will just win. The battle between cultivators, is it just whoever is still standing wins, whoever is lying on the ground and not moving is the loser? Oh, if I headed to some place others didn’t dare go, obtained something from that place to fight you, the amount of time I used to explore that place, is this not cultivation? Only the cultivation you all do with your eyes closed can be called cultivation?”

This was the conversation Principal Zhang had with a certain Central Continent City Sacred Expert. Under Principal Zhang’s string of rhetorical questions, that powerful Sacred Expert who was ultimately defeated by Principal Zhang through Big Black remained silent for a long time, and then after a sigh, he sincerely acknowledged his defeat.

Principal Zhang was just like Lin Xi, not originally from this world. He had seen many weapons that required much less effort, their power far greater than the most powerful soul weapons of this world, so forcing him to stick to inflexible conventions was impossible. He naturally wanted to use every method possible to ‘be lazy’, use any methods possible to find more formidable weapons to make himself stronger through other means.

Some of his concepts, for this world, were naturally ahead of its time, no one able to fully understand him. Even before he brought Big Black into Central Continent City for the first time, he already explored many places the cultivators of this world had never set foot in… Meanwhile, this process not only made it so that after he entered Green Luan Academy, he could quickly become Green Luan Academy’s principal, so it also brought Green Luan Academy many cultivation methods and many runes others didn’t know about at all, as well as some historical relic-like ancient powerful soul weapons.

Since his ideas were different, his view of the world also different, that was why when he wandered the world, he also brought back a lot of ‘eccentrics’ and ‘fools’. These people carried out some of his thoughts, researching many things, which was why during these years, Yunqin’s military’s military equipment was always varied and powerful. Moreover, Green Luan Academy had some unique works, some soul weapons the craftsmen of this world couldn’t copy or make again. Among them, these included Inkwind, Proud Phoenix, Green Luan Wargod Armor and other armors.

Even though Sky Devil Heavy Armor was powerful, this Great Mang officer obviously didn’t believe that it was stronger than Green Luan Academy’s most powerful heavy armor, that is the Green Luan Wargod Armor. That was why when he saw the several divine bird tail feather-like metal features behind Jiang Xiaoyi, he already knew that he was definitely going to die.

Right now, Jiang Xiaoyi’s figure was already a size bigger than usual, yet it was this green armor that looked especially tall, slender, and straight. While exuding a powerful presence, it instead gave one a type of exceptionally graceful feeling.

He pulled out his spear.

The black coating already disappeared from grinding against the Sky Devil Heavy Armor, revealing its green material. The spear tip and spear body were completely covered in fine runes that were as small as ants, complex like the stars.

The seven or eight Great Mang soldiers dressed in Night Devil Heavy Armor, when the spear was pulled back, still didn’t completely react to what happened.

They completely couldn’t imagine that their commander who was dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armor couldn’t even withstand a single blow from the enemy before dying.

A young Yunqin cultivator who was originally dressed in ordinary black armor suddenly became covered in a set of green heavy armor; this type of thing, even if it entered their eyes, left them feeling momentarily puzzled.


The Great Mang commander who had his inner organs crushed by the spear’s vicious thrust brought the heavy Sky Devil Heavy Armor with him, falling heavily into the slightly damp stone path, sending many fine splashes everywhere.

When this type of sound was released, these seven or eight Great Mang military cultivators dressed in Night Devil Heavy Armor finally reacted. They released roars at the same time, throwing themselves at this exceptionally straight and slender green heavy armor.

The spear in Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands smashed into the ground.

The green spear landed on the sturdy stone floor, yet it was like chopsticks cutting into a block of soft tofu, easily piercing through just by relying on its weight .

This degree of sharpness and sturdiness made the bodies of these Great Mang soldiers who charged in revenge for their leader instantly become flooded with coldness.

Jiang Xiaoyi looked at these mobile metal fortresses charging crazily at him, not much emotion visible on his face.

The soul force within his body slowly poured out, entering the set of armor he wore.

Within some of the extremely fine cracks on the armor he wore, there were naturally runes that formed, releasing lights. This fresh and green radiance scattered into the sky, forming several dozen green dazzling peacock-like tail feathers behind him. The seven tangible long metal feathers instead began to flutter, moving in front of him, and then breaking apart, turning into many sharp flying blades, all of them flying out at this time.

Every single sharp green flying blade’s end was connected to a green metal wire that was even finer than well-tempered steel wires.

All of the Night Devil Heavy Armored soldiers who were rushing over momentarily stopped breathing at this instant.

Within their line of sight, they couldn’t see Jiang Xiaoyi at all. The air in front of them was packed with all types of flying green blades.

Many metal rupturing noises sounded in the night rain.

Since this rupturing seemed to have happened too easily, the noise instead gave one the feeling of paper being easily ripped.

These Night Devil Heavy Armors had countless holes opened by these green flying blades, endless streams of boiling blood gushing out from within.

The green flying blades quickly retracted, forming seven long metal tail feathers behind Jiang Xiaoyi again.

All of these large and tall metal figures fell in front of him, smashing into the ground with dang dang noises.

A Great Mang cultivator who previously climbed up from the rubble again under the help of these heavy armored soldiers, but was now sitting down on the ground because of the damage to his armor’s components, upon seeing this scene, felt despair that even overwhelmed the feeling of Devil Eye Flower medicine.

In that instant, the light and graceful sounds of cloth shoes stepping on the damp stone path sounded behind him.

The pata sound of gathered water splashing out could be heard.

However, the bottom of the cloth shoes never released that type of wet cloth shoes pattering against stone, as if the bottom of those cloth shoes always remained miraculously dry.

Jiang Xiaoyi’s brows within his armor slowly began to rise upwards.

That black clothed man who previously appeared at Shentu Nian’s side appeared in Jiang Xiaoyi’s line of sight. He walked up to the collapsed memorial arch. As he walked forward, the wind and rain didn’t approach his body at all, in his hands was a tangerine yellow short sword that was a bit over a foot in length.

“Being able to witness the world’s number one heavy armor is truly a fortunate thing.”

In front of the collapsed memorial arch’s rubble, this black clothed man suddenly stood still. He reached out his arm, holding the short sword in front of him, slowly saying, “Could you be Lin Xi?”

Even though Jiang Xiaoyi’s brows jumped, his expression remained calm. When he heard the other party mention the name of his good friend at this time, he didn’t feel the discomfort of being mistaken for someone else, instead surging with a wave of warmth. “I am not Lin Xi.”

This black clothed man nodded, not saying anything.

He continued to hold his blade like this. Only, his eyes didn’t land on Jiang Xiaoyi, instead landing on a small courtyard behind Jiang Xiaoyi.

He was a Sacred Expert. Even if Jiang Xiaoyi was wearing Green Luan’s number one heavy armor right now, able to fight those above his level, he naturally couldn’t surpass this opponent. His defensive position was naturally not him being on guard against Jiang Xiaoyi.

With a groan noise, the door of that small courtyard opened. Due to the rainy season distorting the wooden door, the door opening sound seemed a bit strange.

An older woman dressed absolutely no different from that of a Yunqin peasant worker held two thick backed long blades, walking over from the courtyard entrance.

The black clothed man pulled the short sword back a bit, the sword stance even more grave. “The previous battle at Yellow Sparrow Temple[1] has already been known by the entire world. Your distinguished self must be Jiang Family’s Nightingale[2]?”

The older woman holding the two long blades gave him a look. “And you are?”

The black clothed man’s head hung slightly, saying with a slight sigh, “Fighting two against one is already a one-sided battle. This insignificant name is even more so not worthy of being mentioned.”

Jiang Xiaoyi seemed to have caught on to something, his expression within his armor suddenly becoming a bit pale, his grip slowly tightening.

“Perhaps I might be able to kill one.” The older woman threw out one of the blades, the blade inserting itself into the ground several feet in front of her, and then looked at the black clothed man, saying this.

The black clothed man didn’t reply.

Walking out from the night’s darkness behind him was a blue clothed man, on his face a white iron mask.

His body was similarly completely dry without the slightest wisp of rain.

Jiang Xiaoyi’s vest was already covered in a fine layer of sweat. The aura the other party released, even from this type of distance, was enough to make him certain that this blue clothed man was similarly a sword controlling Sacred Expert.

A similar leveled Sacred Expert had absolutely no way of dealing with the attacks of two sword controlling Sacred Experts.

Moreover, he also understood extremely clearly that under the two flying blades, within a hundred steps of distance, there would be countless opportunities of inevitable death. There was no way to escape.

He knew well that the surrounding troops arrangements already had no chance of changing some things. All he could really do was just like Nightingale’s reminder, to do their best to take down at least one of these Sacred Experts.

“Last time, you saved me once. This time, it is my turn to save you once.”

However, right at this time, a voice sounded from an alley in the back.

Jiang Xiaoyi suddenly froze.

He knew who this person was, but at the same time, according to normal reasoning, there was no way this person should appear here. However, he completely reacted to what was going on, inwardly suddenly suffused with rapt joy.

A similarly black clothed man walked out, his face ordinary, yet his figure gave off a feeling of strength and discipline like that of a calm and honest scholar.

“Now, things are fair.”

Nightingale chuckled, the wrinkles on her face relaxing. “Now, it is two versus two.”

“Zhong Cheng[3]?”

Next to the memorial arch, the black clothed man with the tangerine yellow short blade said with a deep voice, “Even so, you all will still lose.”

“Why do villains always love to talk so much?”

A young voice that made Jiang Xiaoyi relax even more, the face underneath his mask unconsciously producing a smile, sounded at this time.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan, these two, walked out from the same alley Zhong Cheng just came from.

“When there are many words, it can only signify a lack of confidence.” After saying this with a smile, Lin Xi looked at Jiang Xiaoyi and his armor, and then couldn’t help but say in praise. “This armor really is nice, it suits you.”

“This armor really is nice, it suits you.” These words might sound quite laughable at this type of time, but even when there were two Sacred Experts on the other side, not a single person felt like this was funny.

“Lin Xi?”

The tangerine yellow short sword wielding black clothed man became even more serious, saying this.

“That’s me.”

Lin Xi nodded, and then said with a chuckle. “What if I tell you that I know there are another thousand heavy armored soldiers behind all of you… would you all lose even more confidence?”

“We would.”

The tangerine yellow short sword wielding black clothed man remained silent for a moment, and then nodded, admitting to this. However, immediately afterwards, he raised his head to look at Lin Xi. “However, things in this world have to follow reason. The two of us, together with a thousand heavy armored troops dressed in Night Devil Heavy Armor, if we are to die under your hands, it wouldn’t match natural reason. I do not believe that there are things in this world that do not make sense.”

“There really is a thousand membered heavy armored army?”

Nightingale couldn’t help but want to ask Lin Xi.

However, she didn’t have to ask, because right at this time, she already heard many metal spring noises, as well as the sounds of countless metal parts touching each other.

“I won’t be able to explain through reasoning… the nature of those who have cultivated to Sacred Expert will naturally be more unyielding, so a fight is also definitely unavoidable.” At this time, Lin Xi said quietly to her and Zhong Cheng, “Seniors, please just focus on dealing with those two. As for the heavy armored soldiers, leave them to us.”

1. B12C63

2. B12C64

3. Zhong Family’s most powerful individual

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