Book 13 Chapter 37 - Yunqin Sword

“It was Great Mang’s number one archery master Gongsun Yang as expected.”

On the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, Li Wu slowly released an exhale, saying with amazement.

His eyes couldn’t see, but even while far up in the sky, he could clearly sense the astonishing power Gongsun Yang used to stop Big Black’s attack.

Green Luan Academy naturally knew more about Gongsun Yang, this type of enemy country expert at the very peak, than an ordinary cultivator would.

Gongsun Yang fired an arrow at Great Mang King City at early morning, dusk, and late at night. There were people from the academy who went there to take a look, reporting the position the three arrows were fired from and the power at which they entered the stone back to the academy. The conclusion they reached was that even if they used a similar level of soul weapon bow and arrow, Tong Wei might not necessarily be able to prevail over Gongsun Yang.

That was why in terms of arrow dao, he was a true genius, a true great master-like individual.

When placed in this type of battle, he became a top secret killing machine Great Mang’s military relied on the most, a force that could wipe out one or two Yunqin Sacred Experts.

However, before this type of figure truly took action, he directly fell here.

Even as someone on Lin Xi’s side, Li Wu’s mood also couldn’t help but become extremely complicated.

Lin Xi turned around to give Bian Linghan a look. “This can be considered a balanced trade, not a gain or a loss?”

Li Wu stared blankly. When he heard Lin Xi’s calm voice, realizing that he produced feelings of regret and other unnecessary emotions because of an enemy’s death, he immediately felt like his understanding and control of his emotions on the battlefield were a bit inferior to Lin Xi’s. He couldn’t help but say in self-mockery, nodding and saying, “Linghan can only take action with full power once. An archer who could kill Sacred Experts in exchange for an archer who can kill Sacred Experts, together with your exposure, as well as great consumption of your soul force, this can be more or less considered not a gain or loss.”

Lin Xi thought for a bit and said, “Since the other party definitely knows that it is me… Then we might as well be a bit more arrogant, do some things that will crush the enemy’s morale a bit more, seize back a bit more capital.”

Li Wu laughed.

He didn’t know what Lin Xi wanted to do, but he understood extremely clearly that since Lin Xi said this, then the things Lin Xi was going to do now were definitely going to be extremely brilliant.

“If you all believe that you will win, then you all are mistaken.”

Lin Xi spoke, allowing his soul force to surge, his calm voice descending clearly from the sky.

Then, his body released great radiance.

Within the scattered drizzle and overcast skies, it was as if a rising sun suddenly rose.

Then, Lin Xi produced a red arrow from his quiver, firing it downwards.

The objective of this arrow was that tattered Nanmo Country military banner.

While the red arrow descended with terrifying white streams, it turned into a blast of dazzling flames, surging with smoke, falling like a true falling star.

The one who held the flag was a Great Mang cultivator dressed in Sky Devil Heavy Armor[1].

When facing this arrow, this Great Mang cultivator who couldn’t think of any way to block it released a fierce shout, frantically flinging the military banner behind him. His heavy body leapt high into the air with a rumbling noise, directly using his body as a shield to stand in front of the military banner.

His actions were extremely decisive and bold.

However, this falling star, the instant it smashed into his body, it completely exploded. Countless wisps of flames turned into an even greater flame, instantly submerging his steel body and the military banner behind him.

Almost all Great Mang soldiers and cultivators saw the radiance on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, all of them saw this arrow.

Lin Xi didn’t announce his own name at all.

However, right now, every single Great Mang soldier and cultivator already knew that the one on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane was precisely the nightmare-like Lin Xi who previously roamed about South Tomb Province.

Moreover, right now, Lin Xi already became a great nightmare that crushed down on their hearts.

It was to the extent where it even spread to those Great Mang Military Governors who were specially in charge of shooting down soldiers who tried to run before the battle, their hands that gripped blades were shaking uncontrollably.

“The highest level of battle is precisely defeating the will of soldiers before the battle begins.” Within the carriage surrounded by seven court sword masters, a drawn-out sigh of admiration sounded. “If these were normal times, with just this display Lin Xi has shown, the victory and defeat of this battle would have already been decided.”

These seven sword masters who already had quite the status in Great Mang, far exceeding cultivators of similar ages, all had pale expressions, remaining silent.

While looking at that flame that directly devoured Nanmo Country’s military banner, and then looking at the figure on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane that released endless radiance, their previous pride completely vanished, only fear and reverence remaining.

The radiance on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane retracted, and then it flew back towards East Scenery City.

A black clothed man whose eyes were covered under a piece of black cloth slowly walked out from a line of Great Mang soldiers, walking up to Shentu Nian’s side.

“What, even you lost confidence?”

Shentu Nian whose eyes were narrowed slightly turned around, looking at this black clothed man who didn’t say anything, saying this with a bit of mockery.

The black clothed man gave Shentu Nian a calm look. “The two of us are originally grasshoppers on the same stalk, where do General Shentu’s words stem from? I am not the chief commander of the entire army, whether or not I have faith isn’t something major. Only, General Shentu normally wouldn’t speak these types of words, so I reckon General Shentu’s mood and mentality might be experiencing some issues.”

Shentu Nian’s brows furrowed fiercely. After remaining silent for a few breaths of time, there wasn’t much anger left on his face, instead calming down. “Even if it was Principal Zhang, he fought extremely bitterly in the past. According to reliable sources from Purgatory Mountain, not only did most of those powerful cultivators who followed him back then die, even he himself was seriously injured. At the very end, it was because everyone in the army of three hundred thousand, all of the cultivators who still lived were already terrified, that the battle ended. According to late reports, there were still many opportunities to take his life back then. Even if Lin Xi is a similar existence, Lin Xi is still only a State Knight level cultivator[2]. After firing out three arrows, together with releasing that radiance, he is now at his weakest state.”

“There is no way Divine Generals can intuitively sense everything. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many who followed Principal Zhang that died during the battle of Meteor City.”

“I fear that even if it is him, he will think that I will make full use of these two or three days of time… However, apart from me, no one knows that my chance to decide victory only lies within one day.”

The black clothed man suddenly raised his head, looking at Shentu Nian.

Shentu Nian only reached out his hand, facing the Sky Devil Heavy Armored Great Mang officers behind him and extending his five fingers, making a gesture.

Several Great Mang officers immediately uniformly released fierce roars, starting to run outwards.

At the same time, in Harmony Splendor City.

He Baihe[3] who was still dressed in white clothes and barefoot, hair bound in a simple manner with a single cloth strip, held a red longsword covered in fine swimming carp-like runes.

Even when he faced Ni Henian in a great confrontation at Immortal Academy, he still didn’t use this sword.

Right now, he was currently brandishing this sword within a wide street in Harmony Splendor City.

With each brandish of this sword, an extremely faint sword scar would be left on this wide street’s smooth limestone path, roadside trees, or the walls, wooden pillars, boards, roof tiles and other parts of the shops at the two sides.

Since the sword trace is too faint, after they appear, they would quickly become filled by dust, turning invisible soon after.

His sword stance was like moving clouds and flowing water, like spring winds, brushing about like fine rain.

However, his body was instead extremely heavy.

With every single sword that was brandished out, his breathing seemed to carry a bit of bloodiness, his expression also seemingly more pale, losing a bit of color.

In the distance, all around him, within the wind and rain, there were waves of intense fighting sounds from time to time. Countless military equipment rumbling noises could be heard, everything surging like overturning seas and rivers. However, his sword drawing stance still seemed abnormally focused and calm, to the extent where under his sword, the entire street, seemed to have become a peaceful painting scroll.

He already displayed who knew how many sword moves in this alley, yet he still didn’t show any sign of stopping, still continuously releasing sword radiance. Even though his body was heavy, the sword stance and sword intent were indescribably joyous and unrestrained.

Every sword was like a sip of strong alcohol.

In the misty rain, Grand Secretary Zhou’s figure appeared.

He Baihe sensed his arrival. He revealed a smile. He supported his chest with his hand, straightening his body, breathing heavily and coughing lightly.

Grand Secretary Zhou looked at him with a complicated expression, carrying a bit of bitterness as he said, “Do you really have to continue with this?”

He Baihe raised the red sword in his hands. He gave an old teahouse at the end of this street whose roof was overgrown with weeds a look, saying with a smile, “Since I even came all the way here, I naturally have to ensure the victory of this battle… Otherwise, wouldn’t paying such a great price be completely meaningless?”

Grand Secretary Zhou became quiet. He knew that many people in this city would die, and he also understood clearly that those who would come here without any consideration for personal glory, towards some things, regarded them more important than their own lives. He also knew that it was useless no matter how he advised He Baihe, but he still couldn’t help but say, “If you die, Immortal One’s Celestial Sword will forever be lost.”

“Grand Secretary Zhou, you are someone who cherishes talent, normally enough to serve as my teacher, but on this matter… I am more free of worry than you.”

He Baihe said with a smile, “Even from when Yunqin was established until now, in a short few decades, how many of Yunqin’s powerful cultivation methods have already disappeared? After so many powerful cultivation methods were lost, if we lost a single Celestial Sword, is it even a big deal? As long as Yunqin still exists, the heart of cultivators remain, even if this Celestial Sword is gone, in the future, there will naturally be other brilliant arts that are created.”

“In other aspects, I can perhaps serve as your teacher, but in terms of scope and breadth of mind, you can serve as my teacher.” Grand Secretary Zhou released a light sigh. He showed He Baihe a deep bow, and then said, “Sir’s sword is already no longer the Celestial Sword, but Yunqin’s sword.”

He Baihe shook his head, releasing a chuckle.

He no longer said anything else.

Then, he continued as if he was drinking strong alcohol, joyful and unrestrained, using his life as the sword, drawing out streak after streak of sword radiance.

In the distant streets and alleys, there were zither noises that sounded.

The zither sounds seemed to be sobbing, but also melodious, full of a brave and heroic feeling.

1. Only elite disciples of Purgatory Mountain with power above peak stage Soul Master have a chance of obtaining a Sky Devil Heavy Armor B7C11

2. Lin Xi didn’t reach peak State Knight level yet - B13C4

3. Immortal Academy swords master B13C11

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