Book 13 Chapter 36 - Should We Call Ourselves Lucky or Unlucky?

Book 13 Chapter 36 - Should We Call Ourselves Lucky or Unlucky?

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane flew through the sky.

The battlefield suddenly became quiet.

Shentu Nian’s brows slowly furrowed, a hint of bewildered expression flashing through his eyes.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane didn’t fly towards him, instead flying towards where Gongsun Yang was.

The existence of every single Sacred Expert was information classified at the highest level of confidentiality. Even if Yunqin military’s spies could detect the existence of someone like Gongsun Yang on this type of battlefield, how could this information possibly reach East Scenery City’s commander?

This was something impossible.

However, the Divine Wooden Flying Crane’s movements instead made Shentu Nian feel more and more like this wasn’t a coincidence.

Gongsun Yang’s brows were also slightly furrowed.

His sight far exceeded ordinary people. Moreover, he had faced countless powerful archers before, so his perception was entirely different from an ordinary cultivator’s… Right now, he already sensed a type of aura, sensed that the eyes of the one on that Divine Wooden Flying Crane already firmly locked onto his body.

Shentu Nian was extremely skeptical, but Gongsun Yang was already sure that the one on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane was already aware of his identity, they already chose to deal with him and not Shentu Nian.

Just who was the one on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane? How could he target him this easily amidst this type of great army?

This type of thought flashed past Gongsun Yang’s brain.

Then, he didn’t think about anything else, his mind only becoming clear. There were only countless clear sword paths.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane suddenly stopped.

It stopped right over Gongsun Yang.

Several breaths before this Divine Wooden Flying Crane stopped, within the carriage surrounded by the seven outstanding court sword masters, a voice of extreme shock sounded. “How do they know where Sir Gongsun is?”

The one in this carriage was extremely shocked.

If it was something even he found incomprehensible, then the seven disciples around the carriage naturally couldn’t understand either, moreover didn’t have time to understand.

Before he finished speaking, high up in the sky, there was already a loud noise coming from the Divine Wooden Flying Crane. Countless hazy wisps of rain suddenly gathered, forming a sparkling Heaven’s Lens Mermaid.

“Yunqin’s imperial princess?”

The one in the carriage was stunned, this type of thought directly instinctively produced in his head.

Then, in his perception, there was a black night that quickly appeared, descending upon this place.

“Big Black!”

His heart shook fiercely. This entire carriage and the ground below the carriage also suddenly shook.

The thoughts of a Sacred Expert would forever be faster than any arrows traveling through the air.

In this instant, Gongsun Yang’s eyes also became incomparably brilliant.

The raincoat around his body exploded to pieces.

A flawlessly pure white longbow appeared in his hands.

However, he didn’t immediately fire an arrow.

It was because for an archery master of his level, he naturally wouldn’t believe that he would remain completely unharmed before Big Black. That was why just like when he previously faced a decisive battle, he first had to ensure his own survival.

Right now, he still couldn’t sense the trajectory of Big Black, but he knew that there was one method that would allow him to sense the exact location where this arrow would land; this was when the arrow’s power was already extremely close to where he was.

That was why he only waited first.

Right at this time, on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, Lin Xi who held ‘Little Black’[1] in his hands fired an arrow.

Lin Xi fired at the same time as Bian Linghan.

Only, the bow he used was Little Black, so regardless of whether it was the arrow itself or the soul force power stored within this strike, it couldn’t compare to Bian Linghan’s arrow, which was why the speed was naturally slower than Big Black’s arrow radiance, a bit slower.

Gongsun Yang could also sense this arrow.

He was someone who devoted his life to archery dao, so during this extremely short amount of time where apart from sacred level cultivators, no one else could react, he could even directly sense that this was a heavy metal arrow fired from Little Black, fired through Windstalker Falling Moon style archery[2].

That was why the ones on this Divine Wooden Flying Crane should be two powerful archery masters from Green Luan Academy, and not just one.

However, he didn’t feel that this was unfair in any way.

It was because this was war. There was only life and death, it was not a normal duel.

Being able to face Little Black and Big Black at the same time, these two important weapons Principal Zhang used at two different stages of his life, how could he not feel happy about this?

Gonsun Yang only felt lucky, happy, and excited.

His calm lips produced a hint of a fanatical expression.

Then, he released an arrow.

It was because at this time, he already sensed Big Black’s true arrow path.

Big Black’s arrow path, in his perception, was already not an expanse of dark night, but rather like a clear black scar in the sky, firing towards his left temple. It was already less than five meters from him.

A peacock tail feather-like arrow that was already continuously flickering between his fingers flew out, smashing towards this black scar with incomparable precision.

At the same time, a wave of soul force already surged from beneath his feet, propelling his body slightly to the left.

Right at this time, a third arrow appeared in his perception.

For him, this was only a Cloud Piercing Arrow that wasn’t known for its power, only pursuing speed. It similarly came from that archer using Little Black, fired through Windstalker Falling Moon style.

Normally, this type of arrow wouldn’t leave him that moved…Judging from the power and technique of these two arrows fired from Little Black, he even vaguely deduced the identity of the one who used Little Black.

However, at this moment, in his perception, this arrow that seemed ordinary on its own was now stunning to the extreme.

It was because this Cloud Piercing Arrow, in terms of speed, caught up to the heavy metal arrow from before with incomparable precision.


That peacock tail-like arrow he fired began to break apart under Big Black’s black scar. Under the powerful collision, it ruptured, even starting to melt under the powerful grinding force. However, these metal fragments could still wear down some of Big Black’s black scar-like arrow radiance’s power, stopping Bian Linghan’s arrow.

At the same time, the Cloud Piercing Arrow caught up to the heavy metal arrow, the rapidly spinning arrow smashing fiercely into the tail of the heavy metal arrow.

It was as if a hand forcefully gave the heavy metal arrow another push. The spinning white stream around the heavy black arrow’s surroundings instantly became more terrifying.

This was originally an archery skill Gongsun Yang created himself.

He named it Redoubled Waves.

By using a second arrow, he could increase the speed and power of the first arrow.

The reason he created this archery skill was because this world only had a single Big Black.

For a cultivator at his level, the bow and arrow already became the sole restriction regarding the power of the arrow he fired… It was because only Big Black could use up all of the strength of a Sacred Expect level cultivator. Apart from Big Black, in this world, no other bows and arrows could instantly consume all of the soul force of a powerful archer, using up all of their strength.

Being without the ability to use up all of one’s power, for Gongsun Yang, this was precisely not being able to display the most powerful attack.

His ‘Heaven’s Miracle’ bow, even though it was already one of the best bows in this world, it could still only take in a small half of his soul force infusion. That was why he created this Redoubled Waves archery skill, doing everything he could to increase the power of his own attack.

His Redoubled Waves looked simple, but not only did one have to precisely seize one’s previous arrow trajectory in an extremely short amount of time, they had to ensure that the second arrow had even greater precision, able to hit the tail of the first arrow, to apply a suitable propulsion effect onto the first arrow.

Among his dozen or so students, only two other archery masters could grasp his Redoubled Waves.

However, this individual on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane effortlessly used Redoubled Waves before him.

Moreover, at this moment, what made him feel was stunning to the extreme was not only this Redoubled Waves, but rather that this second Cloud Piercing Arrow Lin Xi fired not only provided an additive force, it even slightly adjusted the trajectory of the metal arrow, making this metal arrow fire at the pit of his chest with incomparable accuracy.

Originally, he could block Big Black’s strike, and he could also avoid Lin Xi’s arrow.

In his perception, Lin Xi’s arrow originally had no chance of landing on his body. However, because of this change, he instead couldn’t evade at all, didn’t have time to adjust his soul force to block this arrow.

Lin Xi’s arrow already wasn’t just precise. For an archery master of his level, it was already at the highest level, of true foresight and decisiveness.

When this arrow was fired, it would already formlessly lock onto the enemy’s next position.

When the arrow is fired, where the opponent would be by the time the arrow landed was already foreseen.

A blast of bloody mist erupted from his chest.

The metal arrow that was originally already extremely heavy carried a whirling stream, fiercely digging into his body, crushing his heart, and then came out of his back.

His body felt as if it was rammed into by a speeding carriage. It shook in the air, flying outwards.

Gongsun Yang, under an extreme feeling of amazement and admiration, died.

Regardless of whether it was the arrow fired with all of Bian Linghan’s strength, Gongsun Yang’s arrow and evasion, or Lin Xi’s two arrows, they were all fired in the same breath of time. Within this amount of time, most of Great Mang’s soldiers and cultivators couldn’t react to what just happened, all of them only feeling mysterious fear.

The carriage surrounded by the seven outstanding court sword masters shook again.

The instant Gongsun Yang was hit by an arrow, a white jade-like hand whose every finger was long and slender like a sword reached out from the carriage, seemingly forgetting himself as he wanted to move aside the carriage curtains.

In the next breath of time, this hand stopped, slowly retracting in the damp air.

“Absolutely brilliant…” A drawn-out sigh sounded from within the carriage. “Even if it was me, I would not be able to block the joint attack of these two archery masters.”

“Sir Gongsun!”

After he released this type of sigh, only then did the seven outstanding swords masters around the carriage realize what happened. They all couldn’t help but cry out, their voices shaking.

Sir Gongsun who could serve as the master of all archers in Great Mang was actually killed like this by the enemy’s archery!

The extremely powerful Sir Gongsun… Actually died like this!

“Should you all say that we are lucky or unlucky?” The one in the carriage spoke again amidst these sword masters’ trembling voices, releasing a light sigh, “There are three cities where decisive battles are carried out… yet our path ended up facing Green Luan’s Divine General.”

“Divine General” A sword master couldn’t help but say, “Teacher… your respected self is saying that the one on that Divine Wooden Flying Crane is that Lin Xi?”

“Big Black and Little Black’s pairing, killing Xu Qiubai under Meteor City, challenging enemies of higher levels with just State Knight level cultivation, using an arrow to chase after another arrow, apart from Lin Xi… what other archery master could display this type of miraculous skill, able to even make Sir Gongsun submit?” The one in the carriage spoke in a long and drawn-out manner.

However, when this voice sounded, there were many cultivators in Great Mang’s army that also finally reacted, understanding Gongsun Yang’s identity through the streaks of arrow radiance. In that instant, the words ‘Sir Gongsun’ couldn’t be restrained, spreading through the army with shock, fear and chaos like mosquitoes.

Shentu Nian’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“It’s Lin Xi.”

It was unknown if he was speaking for the Great Mang high ranking officer who was completely shocked behind him, or if it was for himself. An extremely cold voice sounded from his mouth. “East Scenery City’s main leader, is Lin Xi.”

1. Greatbow left in the academy by Principal Zhang B2C2

2. B4C2

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