Book 13 Chapter 34 - Great Mang’s Arrow, Yunqin’s Arrow

Shentu Nian’s expression was extremely calm.

This remained the case even when the four corner towers collapsed.

It was because his view was the same as that of the individual in that carriage surrounded by seven court swordsmen.

In order to take down East Scenery City’s walls, a certain price had to be paid to begin with.

The deaths of these infantry troops were within his predictions. What would ultimately decide the victory and defeat of East Scenery City, this great battle, apart from both sides’ powerful cultivators, laid in both sides’ surprise moves, in the final strength, willpower and morale of both sides’ soldiers.

The longer it took for Great Mang to take down over the entire city, the longer it took for them to kill most Yunqin people in the city, the longer it would take for this battle to end.

That was why there was no way this battle would end in a short amount of time.

Right now, these Yunqin methods, the sacrificial drum sounds of the drum masters and collapsed corner towers all greatly affected the Great Mang soldiers’ morale. However, regardless of how these Great Mang soldiers’ willpower and morale were in the end, he still grasped strength that could make these Great Mang soldiers’ once again become crazy.

That was why in his opinion, Yunqin military’s methods of crushing Great Mang’s willpower and morale were completely a waste of strength.

His attention was always focused on the faint yellow radiance in the sky.

“That is Green Luan Academy’s Divine Wooden Flying Crane. Green Luan Academy doesn’t lack powerful archers, so there is no way they won’t make an appearance.”

He turned his head slightly backwards, slowly saying, “Moreover, even if we don’t consider the archer element, this type of thing would forever be a watchtower floating at the highest point. The earlier they see our movements, the faster their maneuvers… The most crucial part is that these Divine Wooden Flying Cranes could bring the other side’s most powerful individuals right to a certain point. Using this type of thing to carry out an assassination in the early phase is completely suicidal, but towards the later phase of the battle, this type of thing is extremely fatal… That is why this Divine Wooden Flying Crane will always be the most troublesome thing that needs to be eliminated first.”

Right now, apart from that Sky Devil Heavy Armor high ranking officer who was standing behind him, there was also a man dressed in a raincoat, wearing a bamboo hat, even his face hidden under the bamboo hat’s shade.

When he heard Shentu Nian say this, it was instead this man who spoke, his voice rather gentle, possessing a type of charm. It was a middle-aged man’s voice. “Only when it flies close will there be a chance to take it down.”

“We can draw it in.” Shentu Nian said calmly.

This man in the raincoat said, “But there might not only be a single Divine Wooden Flying Crane.”

Shentu Nian said, “According to the reports, Green Luan Academy only obtained Divine Wooden Flying Cranes after their inner conflict, the amount of time they had the Divine Wooden Flying Crane’s manufacturing method is still rather short. Now that only a single Divine Wooden Flying Crane has shown up, this is still worth a gamble. If you take it out now, you can immediately use meditation cultivation to replenish your soul force. Towards the end phase of the battle, you will still have enough soul force to make another move.”

The man in the raincoat thought for a bit, and then nodded. “Alright, let's take the gamble.”

Lin Xi walked through East Scenery City’s alleys.

At this time, East Scenery City’s various alleys had already been plugged up like a maze. Even the armies that were stationed in one area, without the instructions of officers from other places, if they entered other regions’ streets and alleys, they would still unavoidably get lost. This was, unless they completely moved across the roofs or brute forced their way through.

However, because he had Tang Chuqing’s city defense layout, when Lin Xi walked through East Scenery City’s streets, he didn’t experience much trouble. He walked straight towards the outermost region that would face Great Mang troops the earliest.

Yunqin’s priest robes were naturally something that immediately drew Yunqin soldiers’ attention.

When they clearly saw the decorative designs on the fiery red High Priest robes, seeing that there was even a large wooden chest on the back of this High Priest, moreover, with Lin Xi’s appearance so young, all of the low level Yunqin soldiers who saw Lin Xi along the way immediately reacted to who this was.

They became moved and excited.

Within a street, several soldiers were currently doing everything they could to move a thick wooden board, wishing to use this to cover the opening of a bunker.

Suddenly, they felt like this thick wooden board became lighter. When they lifted their bodies in shock, they noticed that it was a youngster dressed in High Priest robes who lent them a hand.

They saw the decorative designs on the priest robes, also saw the excited and respectful expressions of the soldiers around them, also immediately reacting to who this youngster was.

“Sir Lin…” While their minds were trembling, bowing respectfully to Lin Xi, one of the soldiers couldn’t help but ask, “Sir Lin, will we be able to win this battle?”

“I do not know.”

When faced with this question that was extremely difficult to answer, Lin Xi shook his head. He looked at him and the other soldiers. “However, regardless, we won’t give up this city… unless all of us die here.”

There was no definitive answer… but this reply even more so left these soldiers indescribably moved. They immediately became speechless, only showing Lin Xi another solemn military salute.At this time, Lin Xi’s brows furrowed.

A sharp arrow sound roared through the sky like an eagle.

Out of the corners of his eyes, he was always paying attention to that streak of yellow light, seeing that it descended slightly.

This was the signal that Lin Xi and Bian Linghan had previously arranged, the signal of detecting the enemy’s main leader… In his and Bian Linghan’s agreement, when the other party’s main leader was discovered, she can try to attempt an assassination first. After all, if Bian Linghan used all of her strength with Big Black, even if it couldn’t directly kill a Sacred Expert, it could still inflict quite the injury.

Only, Lin Xi immediately sensed that now wasn’t a good time.

Even if he trusted Bian Linghan’s judgment, he intuitively sensed that the enemy’s main leader showed himself too quickly.

When he sensed that something wasn’t quite right, he didn’t waste too much time to think, directly opening the wooden chest behind him in a fluid manner… Within the wooden chest were two bows. In just a breath of time, he picked up the dark red bow that saved relatively more soul force, firing a sound arrow towards that yellow light.

A streak of fiery light appeared above Yunqin’s city walls.

It appeared below that extremely old and tattered Nanmo Country flag.

Shentu Nian’s way of revealing his identity was extremely simple, only releasing a strand of terrifying flames only Purgatory Mountain’s Shentu Clan could release[1], directly burning a ruined Yunqin City Defending Crossbow cart into molten iron. This part of the city wall melted like magma, releasing ear-piercing sizzling sounds as it evaporated under the fine rain.

Right now, in Great Mang’s army, there were quite a few cultivators dressed in Purgatory Mountain divine robes. However, the one who possessed the greatest strength was him alone.

This was enough to prove that he was precisely Shentu Nian, one of Great Mang’s Seven Army chief commanders.

He believed that under the bait of his own status, the one on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane would naturally feel that he made an appearance to boost Great Mang’s morale.

In reality, while his body released dazzling fiery light, the runes on his red robes releasing sparks and tick smoke like magma, that Yunqin officer in charge of surveillance on the Divine Wooden Flying Crane should have already deduced his identity.

For Bian Linghan, Shentu Nian was at least a Sacred Expert, even if he wasn’t a chief commander, he would at least be the second in command, thus already meeting the conditions for her to carry out an assassination.

However, right now, she didn’t only represent herself, she was also Lin Xi’s eyes and hands. That was why when she heard Lin Xi release that arrow noise, already holding Big Black in her hands, she didn’t hesitate at all, stopping all plans of attacking. The Divine Wooden Flying Crane immediately flew in the direction Lin Xi fired that sound arrow from.

Great Mang’s infantry army already completely occupied East Scenery City’s walls, the rear army also already arrived beneath the city.

The court swordsmen’s brows all furrowed, watching as that Divine Wooden Flying Crane turned around and left.

From within the carriage they surrounded, a gentle voice sounded again. “What have you all seen?”

These seven cultivators exchanged looks, all of them revealing embarrassment and shameful expressions.

They understood that the teacher in the carriage obviously didn’t want to hear them tell him of the departure of the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, this type of obvious thing. Right now, they also already understood that the teacher in the carriage was worried that he wouldn’t be able to survive this East Scenery City battle. That was why along the way, after this battle started, he would talk so much more than normal, wishing to teach them some more things. However, right now, none of them could figure out why this Divine Wooden Flying Crane turned around and left, the deeper meaning contained within this.

“The cultivators from Central Continent City previously used a display of fireworks to describe the battles between cultivators. The battles between cultivators can also be viewed like cooking, the smell, taste and appearance all important.” The one in the carriage released a light sigh. “The two arrow sounds are something you all should have vaguely heard just now too. Only, you all just heard the arrow sounds, not noticing the extremely short interval between the two arrow sounds. Only when the control of the bowstring is extremely fine, would there be such a smooth sound arrow reply… That is why the one who released the second arrow has an extremely high chance of being a powerful archer who has been watching the Divine Wooden Flying Crane. If I speculate a step further, it is extremely likely that he is recruiting that powerful archer to assassinate General Shentu together.”

The seven talented swordsmen exchanged looks. They began to think carefully to themselves, inwardly filled with respect and shame.

“Observing fireworks is similarly a dao of protecting yourself. Only by knowing the arrival of a powerful opponent could a choice be made, whether to run or fight. Otherwise, even if the wind blows and grass moves, yet you are unaware, when a cultivator that far exceeds you suddenly attacks you, it will already be too late to run. Cultivation, this type of thing… it doesn’t only depend on perseverance, it also relies on surviving for a long time. If you all can live another three or four decades, even if your luck is a bit worse, you all should at least be able to become Sacred Experts, right?” The one in the carriage spoke in a meaningful and heartfelt manner, releasing a light sigh.

A swords master said respectfully, “Many thanks for teachers’ guidance… in that case, will General Shentu be in danger?”

“He is obviously the one taking the initiative to bait the opponent, what kind of dangers could there be?” The one in the carriage laughed and said, “From here on out, we only need to admire our Great Mang Sir Gongsun’s archery skill, or admire the archery skill of this Yunqin archer.”

1. B9C16 

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