Book 13 Chapter 29 - Only Heaven Knows, Divine General Descends

Wenren Cangyue didn’t actually understand Lin Xi that well.

Before Jadefall City, it was to the extent where he never even viewed Lin Xi as an opponent.

However, when Lin Xi arrived in South Tomb Province, took down the army that brought down Meteor City and killed Xu Qiubai in a decisive battle, it was already no longer an issue of him viewing Lin Xi as an opponent, but rather feeling the most direct threat… a threat of predestination.

During the previous age ten years before Yunqin was founded Yunqin’s Grand Court Great Consecrator Ni Henian spoke of, the reason why it was the best age for cultivators, the most brilliant times, was because there was no one like Principal Zhang who appeared… Many cultivators were extremely powerful, but there was no one who could make the others completely yield, all of them were dazzling stars. None of them could overshadow the radiance of everyone else.

When Principal Zhang, this type of person appeared, this type of age thus came to an end.

Meanwhile, once Principal Zhang disappeared from the world once more, Wenren Cangyue, already vaguely possessed the trend of being above all other cultivators in the same age, about to become that most dazzling star.

However, Green Luan Academy instead produced Lin Xi.

There could be many stars in the sky, but there definitely couldn’t be two most dazzling stars standing side by side.

This youngster named Lin Xi, as well as the performance of those youngsters at his side, already made him feel greater and greater threat. This type of fatal threat feeling, in his mind, even exceeded that of the threat of Purgatory Mountain Patriarch behind him.

That was why he would use all methods he could use to try and kill Lin Xi.

If there was something that even had a slight chance of dealing a blow to Lin Xi or killing him, he would do it.

He gave this restrained Green Luan Academy female student a look. When he thought about how this Yunqin spy who almost made him suffer a crushing defeat to Yunqin was actually another one of this generation of Green Luan students at Lin Xi’s side, he felt even more of a type of predestined feeling.

As a great general who had taken countless lives, stepped on endless bones to reach his current position, he naturally wouldn’t believe in the supernatural. However, he knew that there was something known as luck that existed in this world.

Not losing in Moon Seizing City, was precisely because of luck.

Now, another instant where he was going to have to test his luck arrived.

When his eyes shifted away from the body of that Green Luan Academy student, he crushed a ceramic container next to him, producing three broken pieces of ceramic from within, placing them into his own helmet. After shaking it like dice, he reached a hand in, pinching one piece.

During this entire process, originally with his perception, even if he didn’t see for himself, he could clearly sense every jump and bounce of these three fragments within his helmet, deduce where these three ceramic fragments ultimately landed.

However, he didn’t use his perception, only purely using his luck like an ordinary person, randomly picking out a piece.

In order for his opponents to completely have no idea what he planned, the best method was precisely like this, for even himself to rely on luck to choose where he would head.

The others didn’t know the significance these three different sized pieces of ceramic fragments represented in Wenren Cangyue’s mind, but Wenren Cangyue instead knew extremely clearly that the largest piece represented Meteor City, while the smaller represented Harmony Splendor City and the middle sized one represented East Scenery City.

That was why towards this entire Yunqin and Great Mang battle, the most crucial piece of information, which city he would ultimately appear in, was something only the heavens knew, something only he himself knew.

In South Tomb Province, it was now time for many Yunqin people to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their empire, the time to stand up and fight.

In many places within Yunqin, there were also many people who were bustling about for this battle’s sake.

“Let’s go.”

An Keyi whose expression was extremely weary walked into the woodland behind an unmanned desolate temple. She nodded towards a black robed academy lecturer who was standing guard over a Divine Wooden Flying Crane, and then this Divine Wooden Flying Crane carried her away, heading towards another city.

After preventing the disturbance in Heavenfall Province and Jadewater Province… since Nangong Weiyang and Zhantai Qiantang’s whereabouts were unknown by even Lin Xi, in order to pass on information into their hands as quickly as possible, they could only use Auspicious Virtue’s soaps. That was why she had to rely on the academy’s Divine Wooden Flying Cranes, in this way pass through many of Yunqin’s towns and cities with the greatest speeds, imprint the necessary unique characters onto the soaps and pass them into various Auspicious Virtue workshops… at the same time, she had to assassinate some enemies on the list the academy gave her, among them some officials from Yunqin and some Great Mang spies. Included among them were some formidable cultivators.

That was why even though she wasn’t in South Tomb Province, in reality, she was quite similar to many other people from Green Luan Academy, doing many things during these days, only having an extremely small amount of time to rest.

Seated within a carriage, Nangong Weiyang was flipping through a booklet, carrying out the somewhat strenuous task of reading through the contents of a piece of soap.

The only person familiar with the characters of Lin Xi’s previous world in this world was Chen Feirong alone.

Even though Nangong Weiyang had a memory exceeding most people in this world, she felt like wasting time memorizing these characters was an extremely senseless affair. Moreover, she didn’t believe anyone could seize this small booklet from her hands, so she just always carried this small booklet Lin Xi gave her with her.

“Honestly, flipping through this every time is also really annoying. You might as well just directly memorize it.” Zhantai Qiantang watched as she compared the little booklet with the soap, unable to help but say this quietly.

“It is a bit annoying.” Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed slightly. “However, this is an extremely senseless and meaningless thing in itself. The key lies in why I have to waste energy memorizing this set of words only Lin Xi knows, why I don’t just make up some random scribblings and make him memorize them… that is why I still don’t want to.”

Zhantai Qiantang couldn’t help but chuckle.

Nangong Weiyang’s mental world really wasn’t something anyone in this world could understand.

However, after laughing, his mind immediately became serious again. “So?”

“The decisive battle between Yunqin and Great Mang, counting the days, should have already begun. The message Lin Xi sent us states that if Yunqin loses, there is no way the three provinces behind South Tomb City will have any strength to defend themselves. Moreover, the provisions have already been greatly transferred, now that it is still far from fall harvest, if the commoners are forced to flee, becoming destitute and homeless, then there would be a great famine, many people would die.” Nangong Weiyang lowered her head, thinking seriously to herself, and then said, “We need to separate. You will return to Turtle Edge Mountain, settle those we brought back down. Also, if possible, try to bring some people to South Tomb Province. I will head to South Tomb Province first… Lin Xi obtained some of Wenren Cangyue’s military equipment, there shouldn’t be enough time to bring it all to South Tomb Province, but they should be able to reach those three provinces. Our people and these military equipment don’t have time to join in this great battle, but if Yunqin loses, we will at least serve some use in these three provinces.”

Zhantai Qiantang was already extremely used to Nangong Weiyang’s way of chatting. Just from Nangong Weiyang’s few sentences, he already understood the current situation clearly… Before this, he had never opposed Nangong Weiyang, but this time, he shook his head. “No, let’s change it to you returning to Turtle Edge Mountain, and me heading to South Tomb Province.”

Nangong Weiyang didn’t become upset, only looking at him and asking simply, “Why?”

“Even though you are inferior to the matters of army warfare, you are far better than me in watching over the bandits and keeping them under control.” Zhantai Qiantang looked at her and said, “moreover, the most crucial thing is that you are a Yunqin person, a Yunqin Sacred Expert, while I am a Great Mang person… the only way to bring those people behind South Tomb Province as early as possible is to go through Dragon Snake Border Pass. In this path, the chances of encountering Dragon Snake Border Army are extremely high. Dragon Snake Border Army might not necessarily be able to stake it all against a Yunqin Sacred Expert leading a private army. On top of this, the matter of you rescuing Nanshan Mu is something that can be verified[1]… However, Yunqin border army definitely won’t let a Great Mang serious convict bring a private army to Yunqin army’s backlines. This is an issue of the most basic trust and principle.”

Nangong Weiyang nodded. “What you are saying makes sense.”

Zhantai Qiantang looked at her and said, “It will be a bit faster if I set out alone, and I might be able to borrow Green Luan Academy’s strength… you might have overlooked one of my identities. I am the Great Mang Emperor designated by my late master.”

“I don’t know if Wenren Cangyue has considered me as a factor to consider, but regardless of whether he has or not, I will always be a variable.” Zhantai Qiantang’s face produced a bit of a bitter smile. “It is because not even I myself know, if I can appear on the battlefield, face Great Mang’s army… if it will sway Great Mang soldiers’ hearts at all.”

Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed deeply, nodding her head seriously again in recognition. “You are indeed a variable that is extremely difficult for him to control… only heaven knows what kind of effect you will have on this war.”

East Scenery City.

The mutual bombardment between Yunqin and Great Mang’s army was approaching a closure.

Inside the city, almost all of the heaven supporting giants like Yunqin giant Stone Catapult Carts were still intact, while Great Mang’s small scale Stone Catapult carts were already almost completely wiped out.

One could vaguely make out dark red streaks of blood flowing out like earthworms below the Stone Catapult Cart remains and rocks flung by Yunqin’s Stone Catapult Carts.

With several hundred Stone Catapult Carts and over a thousand Great Mang soldiers’ lives as the price, Great Mang’s army already made more than ten openings in East Scenery City’s walls. When one looked down from high up in the air, this East Scenery City’s walls looked just like they had a chunk bitten out of them.

A fine shower began to descend from the sky. There was still more than two hours of time left before it got dark, but Great Mang’s army still didn’t show any signs of launching a great offensive, still remaining in formation, waiting.

Inside the city, Yunqin’s giant Stone Catapult Carts completely stopped. However, there weren’t large amounts of Yunqin soldiers who rushed out to plug up the ruined parts of the wall... As time went on, all of East Scenery City, inside and out, began to become terrifyingly quiet.

On the city walls’ highest corner tower, a surveying guard suddenly raised his head. He saw that between the dark clouds and fine rain, there was a yellow streak of light that shone, flying through the air like a shooting star.

Under the aid of large scale Brass Hawkeyes, he quickly saw that this was a wooden crane that was flying through the sky.

He first felt shock.

Then, when he saw the black robes on the body of the cultivator near the head of the crane, he immediately became excited… However, immediately afterwards, when he saw the three people behind the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, seeing the wooden chests on two of their bodies, saw the red High Priest robes on one of them, he immediately realized something. His mouth opened, “Lin…”, involuntarily wishing to shout out, but he immediately forcibly stopped himself.

As he frantically waved several small banners to release flag signals, a Yunqin officer in the city looked into the sky through the wisps of rain, feeling deep respect and admiration as he awaited this Divine General’s arrival.

1. B4C27

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