Book 13 Chapter 28 - Wenren Cangyue and Green Luan Female Student

Lin Xi and Li Kaiyun were both extremely young.

However, the rise and fall of the empire, the lives and deaths of countless people, made them have to shoulder things that they originally didn’t have to shoulder.

While Li Kaiyun was bowling like a child, Wenren Cangyue was currently resting.

He was Great Mang Seven Armies’ greatest pillar, the greatest variable in the victory or defeat of this battle.

It was because before he truly appeared in a certain city, there wasn’t a single person in Yunqin who knew whether he would appear in Meteor City, Harmony Splendor City or East Scenery City.

His individual strength was too great, to the extent where it could affect the final results of one of these battles.

That was why he had to ensure that he was in his best condition, appearing at the most critical time within a certain city.

He needed rest.

At the same time, he would use this time of rest to deal with some things that previously almost made him completely lose the overall situation.

He was currently within a tent on a mountaintop.

The camp was covered in Great Mang’s best jackal fur. He slowly sipped on a bowl of viscous Blood Swallow’s nest, the bright red liquid making his lips look even more like blood.

The tent’s curtains were opened, facing the lower half of the mountain slope.

The lower half of the slope had thousands of troops lined up in an orderly formation. Meanwhile, gathered between these troops were sixty to seventy people. There were some among them that were Great Mang members, some who looked like cultivators. It was to the extent where there were several red robed Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators.

After drinking up a bowl of nourishing medicinal soup, Wenren Cangyue lowered the slightly hot bowl, looking at the six to seven thousand troops around the bottom of the slope, starting to speak calmly.

“Most of you do not understand why I would use up quite a bit of the military’s strength to gather you here before me. However, there are also some people among you who do know the reason.”

An indescribable expression of self-mockery appeared on the corners of Wenren Cangyue’s lips. “Southern expedition, battle at Moon Seizing City, this is one of the battles I am most proud of, destined to be recorded in the books of history. I also planned an entire autumn and winter for this battle. It is to the point where to a certain extent, it completely changed the contrast of national power between Yunqin and Great Mang, granting Great Mang the ability to take down Thousand Sunset Mountain, moreover forcing Yunqin and Great Mang to fight a decisive battle in South Tomb Province. However, three weeks or so ago, I received a secret report that informed me that this battle that I have taken the most pride in until now… was one that I almost lost right from the start, doomed to end prematurely.”

Wenren Cangyue’s voice was extremely distinct and powerful, resolute and decisive. Everyone heard what he said clearly.

Wenren Cangyue had never spoken these types of words in the army before. In this instant, the thousands of Great Mang elite soldiers below didn’t understand Wenren Cangyue’s intentions, only inwardly feeling a bit chilly.

“Back then, because of this person among you, I almost directly lost under Hu Piyi’s hands.” The ice-cold self-mockery at the corners of Wenren Cangyue’s lips became stronger. “When I was in Jadefall City, even facing all of Yunqin and Green Luan Academy, I didn’t lose, yet I almost directly lost under your hands. That is why using up all of this energy is something I feel like is worth it. I want to personally see the expression of you who almost succeeded… or perhaps I should say already succeeded, but ended up being defeated under the hands of those Yunqin intelligence’s officials.”

There was still no one who understood the meaning behind Wenren Cangyue’s words.

Wenren Cangyue instead clearly and forcefully continued to say, “Roughly three weeks ago, I received a secret report from a spy in Yunqin’s borders. This secret report told me that as early as during the southern expedition, there was a secret report that was sent back by a Yunqin spy in Great Mang, stating that there is a high chance I will use Purgatory Mountain’s hundred year accumulation of Black Phosphorus and Ghost Oil Wood to carry out a terrifying fire attack. However, this secret report wasn’t attached much importance to by some Yunqin military strategists, because Yunqin’s southern expedition still hadn’t begun. After a winter passed, this extremely valuable piece of information was deemed potentially a mistaken judgment due to no following evidence.”

All of the Great Mang soldiers below were horrified.

They immediately understood Wenren Cangyue’s intentions. Right now, among these sixty to seventy individuals, there was a Yunqin spy. Moreover, before the southern expedition began, this person already transmitted some extremely valuable information back to Yunqin, just that it didn’t end up triggering Yunqin military’s vigilance. Otherwise, Yunqin’s southern expedition… might have already succeeded!

“Those who have a chance of coming into contact with the information of me transporting goods out from Purgatory Mountain’s storehouse, even if they were along its path, even if they didn’t see the fleet, those who just have a shred of chance, have all been gathered here. These people are precisely all of you.” Wenren Cangyue calmly looked at these sixty to seventy people. His expression and tone made those people who were already horrified to the point where they wanted to kneel down all not dare release any sounds.

When Wenren Cangyue finished saying these things, he calmly made a hand gesture towards a carriage fleet.

That fleet quickly moved, forcefully escorting some Yunqin refugees from some camps in the back. They were almost all women and children, numbering a hundred and twenty in total.

“I reckon that in this world, no one will doubt my words, doubt my military orders.”

Wenren Cangyue calmly spoke out again. “You must stand out… or else I will kill everyone here, at the same time kill all of these Yunqin women and children.”

A burst of wailing, pleading and defending voices immediately sounded.

Only, that group of Yunqin women and children didn’t release any sounds.

There was no lack of Great Mang high ranking officers among these sixty to seventy people, to the extent where there were even some Purgatory Mountain red robed Divine Adjudicators among them. However, no one would doubt Wenren Cangyue’s decisiveness and military orders.

Among the sixty to seventy people below the slope, an individual whose head was hung right from the beginning released a light sigh, and then this person raised their head.

From the moment Wenren Cangyue spoke, this person already knew that there was no way they would escape today.

The moment this person sighed and raised their head, Wenren Cangyue also already noticed this person whose face was still calm at this time.

His expression carried a bit of shock.

This was a woman with slightly darker skin, having a tall and slender figure.

“It’s you?”

He looked at this woman, calmly asking this.

This woman dressed in Great Mang Etiquette Officer uniform didn’t move. The other Great Mang people beside her instead stirred up a lot of noise, panicking as they moved away out of fear of having any type of relationship with her. There was immediately a large space opened up.

This young woman’s face was still calm. She raised her head slightly to look at Wenren Cangyue. “It is me.”

Wenren Cangyue nodded. “Give me proof.”

The woman raised her hand slightly. A streak of yellow radiance rose from her hand, and then she made a few movements.

“To reach State Knight level at this type of age… Green Luan’s Twenty-Four Forms, you are a Green Luan student.” Wenren Cangyue nodded in satisfaction. “You are only a court Etiquette Officer, how did you discover this matter?”

This woman calmly said, “Within the court’s Etiquette Department storerooms, there is a lot of limestone used to prevent the fragrances and other things from becoming damp. When the amount suddenly decreased in such a large amount, I followed this trail, finding out that the workshops made large amounts of bound straw lines that could be used to ignite Black Phosphorus. These two clues, together with the massive amount of production, made me suspect that Great Mang’s military secretly transported Purgatory Mountain’s Black Phosphorus and Ghost Oil Wood reserves.”

“Just from limestone and bound straw lines, these things that normally seem to have nothing to do with war, you could already produce such an accurate judgment, your attention to detail and insight is precisely something I could not find even in all of Jadefall City’s entire army.” Wenren Cangyue’s eyes and face carried true admiration. “Only, you are a Green Luan student, according to normal reasoning, this information should be able to return to Green Luan Academy… With the abilities of those in Ailao Rear Peak, this information can obtain great importance. Why was it that this information only reached Central Continent military?”

“If I use the words of some of our Green Luan Academy’s lecturers,” This young woman gave Wenren Cangyue a look, “This truly is a stupid question.”

Wenren Cangyue didn’t become upset, instead asking calmly as if requesting guidance. “Feel free to speak forthrightly.”

The young woman said with a bit of mockery, “How could it be anything other than you assassinating Changsun Wujiang… The emperor and Green Luan Academy, after the chaos you stirred up in Jadefall City, already broke relations. Some of our Green Luan Academy’s paths also ended up being damaged, some also grasped by the emperor’s people. In order for our academy to repair these things, they obviously need time. Meanwhile, for us, sending the message back to Yunqin is something we should and must do, it is just that the amount of use it ultimately produced isn’t something we need to consider.”

Wenren Cangyue nodded his head slightly.

He expressed his gratitude towards this young Green Luan Academy student, at the same time also expressing respect for this young Green Luan female student who, because of luck, was only a hair away from making him suffer a complete defeat.

“You have such great abilities, yet you have almost no records left in Yunqin. Even after I investigated for so long, I could only use this type of method to find you. It seems like you are a student from this generation of Green Luan Academy? You should be quite familiar with Lin Xi.” Wenren Cangyue remained silent for a moment, and then he suddenly raised his head to look at this young Green Luan Academy female student, saying this.

This Great Mang etiquette uniformed Green Luan female student’s brows frowned slightly. Just from Wenren Cangyue’s current gaze, she keenly sensed why Wenren Cangyue would say these words at this time.

“Correct… that is why he will definitely get revenge for me, will definitely kill you.”

After she said this, she didn’t show any hesitation. She directed the soul force within her body towards her heart artery.

However, in this instant, while those around her seemed to be huddled in the crowd in fear, a white haired elder who looked so scared he might faint from fear instead reached a hand towards her.

Five extremely fine chains that were like embroidery threads pierced her body with speed she couldn’t detect at all, rapidly moving through her body, shattering the soul force within her body and scattering it.

Countless fine streams of air and a bit of bloodiness were released from the pores of her skin.

This Green Luan female student who was extremely attentive to everything and sensed some of Wenren Cangyue’s intentions already couldn’t move, her heart completely sinking.

All’s fair in war.

Wenren Cagnyue didn’t completely tell the truth.

Within the people around her, they weren’t all people he suspected to be spies, there was also a Great Mang army Sacred Expert level existence hidden within!

Now that her attempt to end her own life failed, she didn’t feel too much coldness or dejection inside. It was because she understood Lin Xi as well. In the eyes of outsiders, Lin Xi was naturally an extremely radiant person who attaches great importance to comradeship, but she was also sure that Lin Xi was the type of person who wouldn’t do stupid meaningless things… In other words, even if she was killed in front of Lin Xi, Lin Xi definitely wouldn’t choose to die with her, and would instead continue living, get revenge for her.

“As long as you cannot personally kill him, one day, you will die under his hands.” That was why at this time, she only thought this inwardly with a rather heavy mood.

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