Book 13 Chapter 27 - Bawling Like a Child

Right now, this Great Mang troop’s main commander was already not far from Li Kaiyun. This Great Mang main commander wielding a dazzling soul weapon battle-axe had a sinister devil iron mask on his face. He could already tell that Li Kaiyun was a cultivator of similar cultivation as himself, someone who had just crossed into the State Knight level. Originally, he had absolute confidence in killing Li Kaiyun, this young Yunqin cultivator who mysteriously slaughtered his way into this battle.

However, when he saw Li Kaiyun’s mad tiger-like crazy slaughtering method and how the two deputy commanders who rushed out together with him were instantly dispatched by Li Kaiyun, this Great Mang main general was suddenly terrified, momentarily not daring to charge up. He continuously shouted out several military orders.

The surrounding Great Mang soldiers rushed out like a tide.

Li Kaiyun wanted to slaughter his way up to Windbreaker Troop’s fleet as quickly as possible, to check if Leng Qiuyu was still alive. However, because of the strength he displayed, he instead made the enemy’s most powerful troops move over, starting to gather around him.

Great Mang soldiers charged at Li Kaiyun one after another, and then they collapsed around Li Kaiyun one after another.

Li Kaiyun’s left hand clenched into a fist, smashing into the body of a Great Mang soul weapon heavy armor.

His fist wasn’t enough to penetrate this set of Night Devil Heavy  Armor[1], nor was it nearly as sturdy as this armor. The flesh covering his fist became badly mangled, leaving behind a bloody imprint on this Night Devil Heavy Armor, but his fist also made this Night Devil armor’s chest shake intensely, a crack appearing on it. The black green longsword on his right hand thus once again fiercely thrusted into this crack, making it even larger.

The solid sword released ear-splitting grinding noises against the edge of the armor, drawing streaks of sparks. Then, the sturdy sword tip fiercely planted into this Great Mang heavy armored soldier’s flesh.

The dark green longsword was pulled out. The demonic god-like heavy armor crashed down next to him.

At this time, Li Kaiyun who couldn’t see the situation around him felt great despair.

His soul force was almost exhausted, the back of his hand and even the nape of his neck already had wounds. The blood flowing through the injuries around the neck already entered his inner armor, damp and ice-cold.

However, his current despair was completely unrelated to his own life and death.

It was because his line of sight was completely blocked by Great Mang and Yunqin soldiers. His surroundings were still completely flooded with enemy soldiers or soldiers from both sides who were currently fighting each other. That carriage was completely blocked by human figures… Right now, he couldn’t even see that Windbreaker Troop carriage.

The Great Mang main commander who had a dazzling white dual bladed axe, on his face a sinister devil iron mask, was also inwardly filled with despair.

It was because even Li Kaiyun himself didn’t realize just how fast he killed enemies, how ruthless he was.

Along his path of advance, there were at least a hundred Great Mang soldiers who fell.

Moreover, these Great Mang soldiers were all a part of Great Mang’s elite force on this battlefield. There were quite a few of them dressed in heavy armors, to the extent where there were even several cultivators among them.

Originally, defeating this Yunqin escort army, and then encountering these Yunqin reinforcements, under this continuous fighting, what they relied on was only the group of soul weapon heavy armor, heavy armors and a few cultivators.

Even if Li Kaiyun, this young powerful cultivator, appeared just five or six halts later, or if he killed a bit slower… their soul weapon heavy armor would get rid of the Yunqin heavy armors and heavy cavalry. This way, even if they lost this battle, there would only be two to three hundred people that would ultimately remain standing on Yunqin’s side.

The current Li Kaiyun’s face was even covered under his own and Great Mang soldiers’ blood, his line of sight also blocked by the surrounding soldiers, unable to see outside. However, this Great Mang main commander could see everything clearly.

They were already done for.

It was because several cultivators were instantly dispatched by this young Yunqin cultivator, some of the soul weapon heavy armors who slaughtered their way over on his orders also quickly died here. Those Yunqin heavy cavalry outside that weren’t that many began to dominate the scattered battles. Apart from where they were right now… in the other places, Yunqin’s troops already began to sweep their way over. It was to the extent where some Great Mang soldiers, in their exhausted states, already lost their fighting spirit, kneeling down, waiting for blades to remove their heads.

This Great Mang main commander who was already in despair released an indescribably grieved howl, charging towards Li Kaiyun.

The dual bladed battle-ax covered in ‘山‘ character simple and ancient runes flowed with dazzling mysterious yellow radiance, instantly cutting through the bodies of both a Great Mang soldier and a Yunqin soldier to Li Kaiyun’s left, carrying a rain of blood with him as he charged towards Li Kaiyun.

Li Kaiyun’s pupils instantly contracted.

This Great Mang main commander who was in despair wanted to kill this young Yunqin cultivator who formlessly decided the ultimate situation on both sides.

Li Kaiyun who was also in despair could sense this Great Mang main commander’s strength. He naturally wanted to stake all of his remaining strength as well, wishing to kill this ringleader that took down Windbreaker Troop.

His body suddenly became like a great tree that was hacked down, falling backwards. However, in that instant, the tips of his toes instead grinded against the ground, making his body fall backwards in a level manner. He quickly slid forward, sliding under the axe, a sword thrusting towards this Great Mang main commander’s underbelly.

Under the iron mask, this Great Mang main commander’s eyes mask also suddenly contracted. His arm shook fiercely, the streaks of muscles on his arm actually starting to twist together. In this instant, the extremely heavy dual-bladed axe actually became as nimble as an embroidery needle, easily stopping its previous momentum, instead hacking downwards at Li Kaiyun’s body.

In this frozen instant, the distance between the axe’s blades and Li Kaiyun’s body was much closer than that of Li Kaiyun’s sword and this Great Mang commander’s abdomen.

Right now, this type of distance, in a battle between cultivators, meant that only after this Great Mang main commander killed Li Kaiyun, would Li Kaiyun’s sword tip have a chance of touching his body. Moreover, because of the severed supply of soul force, it wouldn’t be able to pierce through his armor and flesh at all.

However, Green Luan Academy’s power didn’t only lie in its battle techniques and cultivation methods, it also laid in the fact that… Green Luan Academy had many extraordinary soul weapons.

In this frozen instant, Li Kaiyun’s dark green longsword changed. It suddenly lengthened with almost the same speed at which his soul force surged.

The cylindrical sword body directly became flat, long and narrow, becoming an exceptionally long longsword that seemed to be twice the length of an ordinary longsword.

His sword was now already looking more like a spear.

This was the Stem Grinded Sword.

There were three forms in total.

‘Flying Wings Sword’, ‘Rod Sword’, and ‘Spear Sword’.

Right now, it was in its Spear Sword form.

That was why the longsword was like a spear, directly piercing through this Great Mang main commander’s body, and then thrusting his body backwards.

This Great Mang main commander’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The axe fell from his hands. It crushed down on Li Kaiyun’s chest and his forehead.

The axe that lost soul force cut through Li Kaiyun’s black chest armor, but couldn’t cut through the light yellow silk armor covering his entire body. The axe’s blade cut open a thin streak of blood on his forehead.

The Great Mang main commander’s corpse fell to the ground.

Li Kaiyun held his own sword like leaning on a crutch, standing up.

The eyes of all of the Yunqin soldiers around him were filled with the most sincere respect and admiration.

More than ten Yunqin soldiers already gathered at his side, preventing Great Mang soldiers from charging over at this time.

The outside battle was already just some odd and scattered bits.

The white mount Yunqin heavy cavalry were chasing after a group of howling Great Mang soldiers.

This was an exceptionally bitter battle. When Li Kaiyun arrived, there were still more than two thousand people added together from both sides, but right now, the victorious Yunqin soldiers only numbered six or seven hundred.

Li Kaiyun used his hand to wipe his own face and eyes, wiping away the blood and filth that were smeared all over his face.

In this battlefield that became vacant again, he once more saw the ruined Windbreaker Troop carriage.

He pushed away the two Yunqin soldiers that were blocking in front of him like shields in a rather crude manner, dragging his own sword behind him as he charged towards that carriage.

“Have you all seen a female officer… her name is Leng Qiuyu!”

There were several dozen Yunqin soldiers who were still standing in the carriage’s surroundings. He grabbed the arm of one of them and loudly asked.

Some of these Yunqin soldiers saw his performance in the battle just now… only, these Yunqin soldiers couldn’t understand how he was feeling. This soldier that had his arm grabbed, grabbed to the point where half his body became numb, looked at those soldiers at his side with a pleading expression, shaking his head while saying, “I don’t know… we are all Third Guerilla Army troops. The female officer you speak of is from Windbreaker Troop?”

“Is there anyone left from Windbreaker Troop?! Where are the people from Windbreaker Troop?”

Li Kaiyun let go of this Yunqin soldier’s hand, screaming this out.

“I think there was a female soldier… only…”

Suddenly, he heard someone say this.

He looked at that person, looking into that person’s eyes.

When he followed that person’s gaze, he saw that there was a group of Yunqin soldiers who surrounded some seriously injured individuals, nervously treating them.

He didn’t see any women standing around those Yunqin soldiers. His chest suddenly felt empty, as if all of his strength and all of the bones that supported his body were completely removed at this instant.

He ran towards that group of Yunqin soldiers.

There were several people among them who already heard his shouting just now. When they saw Li Kaiyun run over, several Yunqin soldiers surrounded over, shaking their heads while looking at him.

Li Kaiyun suddenly became rigid. He vaguely saw that there was a female soldier lying on the ground, her chest badly mangled, already no longer moving.

“You are still bleeding, let me help you wrap your injuries…” A Yunqin officer held him, holding bandages to help him wrap up the wound on his nape.

“Let me go.” Li Kaiyun directly pushed away this Yunqin officer.

This Yunqin officer and the surrounding Yunqin soldiers’ faces suddenly had confused expressions. They reached out their hands, wishing to stop Li Kaiyun.

“All of you, move aside!”

Li Kaiyun’s voice became completely unlike his own voice.

At this time, there was someone who pulled him from the back.

“Let me go! You said you would give me a bit more time! Why is it that I am still alive, I am still here, but you didn’t give me any time?!”

Li Kaiyun frantically struggled, almost throwing himself to the ground. His voice sounded like he was crying, also like he was howling.

However, the people behind him still didn’t let go, instead hugging him, supporting him.

“I am here…”

A voice entered Li Kaiyun’s ears. His body went rigid.

He turned around, seeing that person who made his chest go empty.

The entire set of black armor was covered in blood, even her head was covered in dried blood, as if it was a helmet. Right now, Leng Qiuyu who was even difficult to make out as a woman hugged him tightly, supporting him.

Her breathing was extremely rushed, her chest rising and falling intensely, in that instant breathing so heavily she couldn’t even speak. It was clear that she had experienced who knew how many battles, ran who knew how fast to get here.

Her eyes were filled with tears.

“You…” Li Kaiyun finally woke up, the air suffocating his chest finally released. He immediately hugged this woman whose body was also completely covered in blood like himself, starting to bawl like a child.

1. Purgatory Mountain’s soul weapon heavy armor B7C11

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