Book 13 Chapter 26 - Bloody Battle

Normally, Yunqin’s military treated their military horses even better than themselves. Not only would they add more fodder in the evening, normally, there were many on duty soldiers who would help the warhorses comb their fur, drive out mosquitoes and other tasks, all of this out of fear that there would be issues when they needed the warhorses.

The warhorses in the army, during crucial moments, were equivalent to the very lives of the soldiers.

Normally, Li Kaiyun naturally treated the warhorses with even more care as well, to the extent where he shared great affection with several warhorses he often used. However, today, his horsewhip landed on the body of the warhorse below him for the first time.

The warhorse was in pain, but it could also sense the urgency, also frantically running at full speed.

The horse hooves were like thunder, scenery around him quickly falling backwards. Li Kaiyun only had a single thought on his mind, which was that if something bad already happened to Leng Qiuyu, then he might as well not continue living either.

Time, at this time, was already completely disproportionate for Li Kaiyun.

The military horses’ speeds were already like electricity, but every single step seemed extremely long for Li Kaiyun.

He didn’t know just how much time had passed either. After switching to another horse, there were flags, weapons, collapsed carriages, corpses and dismembered limbs everywhere on the ground around him… The air was always pervaded with a strong bloodiness, horse hooves stepping on soft flesh broken limbs from time to time. There were corpses of both Yunqin and Great Mang soldiers, but he didn’t see a single standing person.

Li Kaiyun’s body staggered. He screamed at the top of his lungs, “Leng Qiuyu! Qiuyu!...”

The voice echoed through the spacious battlefield, but there was no reply at all.

Li Kaiyun’s expression became exceptionally pale. He forcefully concentrated his attention on the black-armored Yunqin corpses scattered all over the ground. Suddenly, he heard the groan of a wounded soldier who didn’t die yet.

This was a Great Mang soldier with two black Yunqin arrows stuck in his chest.

Li Kaiyun leapt up to this Great Mang soldier’s body, his body almost lying on the ground. His arms forcefully grabbed this Great Mang soldier whose consciousness was already starting to fade, roaring out, “Are there any Yunqin soldiers still alive?! Where did they go?! Where did your Great Mang army head?!”

This Great Mang soldier raised his hand, as if he wanted to point in a direction. However, after raising it just a few inches, it hung down powerlessly, his breathing cutting off.

His breathing stopped, and Li Kaiyun’s breathing also suddenly stopped.

Right at this time, Li Kaiyun suddenly heard faint blade clashing sounds amidst distant wind sounds.

A blast of air shot out from his mouth like an arrow. In the following breath of time, he already leapt onto the warhorse at his side, charging crazily in the direction where the noise came from.

After charging crazily for who knew how long, the ground even seemingly trembling slightly, the noises of weapons clashing became loud and clear. Li Kaiyun saw that there was a Yunqin and a Great Mang army that were both respectively two hundred or so members fighting in what was originally a paddy field.

Right now, both sides’ battle already reached the absolute climax, many soldiers even hacking at each other at close quarters, many already fallen to the ground, rolling and wrestling in the mud, using anything they could use to face their opponents. Neither side expected to actually suddenly encounter a lone Yunqin soldier like Li Kaiyun here, all of them greatly shocked.

In that instant, there was a Great Mang soldier who urged a horse, charging towards Li Kaiyun.

This Great Mang soldier held an ash brown long blade, his figure bold and powerful. One could tell from a single look that this iron-blooded wave of killing intent was something that was obtained after experiencing many great life and death battles.

Li Kaiyun’s figure originally froze momentarily, his eyes still stopping over those black-armored Yunqin soldiers. When this Great Mang soldier charged at him, he instead released a crazy ah roar, crazily urging the horse towards this Great Mang soldier.

This Great Mang soldier’s expression flashed. Unknown as to the reason why, he used Yunqin language that he wasn’t as fluent in to shout, “I want you all to know that the one who killed all of you is Great Mang’s Iron Plume Army’s Strong Cavalry Officer Zang Qingxiong!”


The two approached under crazy winds. Li Kaiyun only released an extremely simple fierce roar.

This Great Mang Strong Cavalry Officer named Zang Qingxiong felt a mysterious heart trembling. He seized the initiative to be the first one to attack, the ash brown long blade in his hands suddenly erupting with great brilliance, producing a sinister and mottled blue-green python that hacked out towards Li Kaiyun.

There was a sword bound to Li Kaiyun’s back. However, under this blade, his right hand gripped this slightly purple sword hilt with a reverse grip, no soul force erupting from his hand at all. His soul force rushed out completely from beneath his feet. With a splitting zheng noise, the two stirrups completely split open, the horse beneath him releasing a sad cry. Its four hooves buckled, as if it was going to be directly crushed.

In this instant, Li Kaiyun’s body separated from the horse, leaping over the sweeping long blade. His legs directly reached forward, his entire figure ramming straight into Zang Qingxiong, directly mounting Zang Qingxiong’s body.

Zang Qingxiong had never seen this type of cultivator fighting technique. He was greatly alarmed, his body instantly falling from the horse.

Li Kaiyun’s left elbow was like a sledgehammer, smashing viciously into Zang Qingxiong’s eyes.

Zang Qingxiong released a vicious roar, his voice extremely great, oppressing all sounds of killing. The long blade in his hands spun around, hacking towards Li Kaiyun’s lower back.

If this elbow did what it intended, then his blade would definitely hack through half of Li Kaiyun’s body.

However, Li Kaiyun’s right hand still always gripped that sword he brought out from Green Luan Academy.

At this time, Li Kaiyun finally used his sword.

His sword slightly left the scabbard. As if he raised a shoulder pole, with his shoulder as the support, he parried Zang Qingxiong’s blade.

This was Green Luan’s Back Blade Form.


His elbow was like a spear, smashing viciously into Zang Qingxiong’s face, this single strike making Zang Qingxiong’s face erupt with blood, burst like a jar of thick paste.

Under Zang Qingxiong’s blade, Li Kaiyun’s body was suddenly pressed downwards. The tip of his elbow moved a few inches. Under an extremely limited amount of space, it smashed heavily into Zang Qingxiong’s face again.

Zang Qingxiong’s mouth and nose completely cracked apart, his seven apertures all releasing thick and viscous blood.


This Great Mang officer who was still extremely domineering a breath ago, wanting all of the Yunqin people on the battlefield to remember his name, fell to the ground, instantly dying.

Li Kaiyun stood up from Zang Qingxiong’s body.

All of the Yunqin soldiers and Great Mang soldiers couldn’t help but freeze up from his display of might.

Li Kaiyun continued forward.

The Great Mang soldiers here seemed to have woken up from a dream. Several Great Mang soldiers released fierce roars, throwing themselves at Li Kaiyun.

Li Kaiyun thrusted out his sword.

Green Luan Sword Draw Form.

His sword’s sword body was deep green colored, flickering with brilliance. Moreover, the sword body wasn’t long and flat, instead almost cylindrical like a dark green icicle.

With just this thrust, the bodies of two Great Mang soldiers ahead were penetrated. Two Great Mang soldiers were strung up like fruits on a stick, and then sent smashing into a third Great Mang soldier behind them.

That third Great Mang soldier also immediately felt as if he was knocked down by a speeding carriage. All of the bones in his chest released fracturing sounds, a blast of bloody mist shooting out from his mouth as he fell backwards.

A blade hacked towards the black armor covering Li Kaiyun’s abdomen. The instant the blade hacked open a thin layer of armor, Li Kaiyun turned around. Then, the blade’s edge cut into that Great Mang soldier’s side, his shoulder smashed into that Great Mang soldier’s body.

That Great Mang soldier flew outwards in reverse, falling fiercely onto the ground. Li Kaiyun's armor now had a light cut added to it. 

After Jadefall City, Li Kaiyun who returned with Bian Linghan, Jiang Xiaoyi and the others experienced prolonged one on one training under Self Defense Department’s Madman Qin who was best at slaughtering his way through a formation. Even during the following academy chaos, under Madman Qin’s request, Li Kaiyun also already joined some of the academy’s internal battles. That was why the current Li Kaiyun not only understood how to fight extremely well, he also killed enemies extremely quickly and efficiently, he understood how to conserve soul force when killing enemies better than ordinary cultivators.

There were four others who charged up to Li Kaiyun’s side.

Then, the four individuals instantly fell, their throats all cut open by a streak of sword radiance. There was even a Great Mang cultivator among them.

The rest of the Great Mang soldiers suddenly shivered in fear.

The advantage that was originally still in these Great Mang soldiers’ hands was instantly lost.

Before they made a decision on what to do next, Li Kaiyun walked another six steps. Within these six steps, another eight Great Mang soldiers fell.

The Great Mang soldiers began to flee in all directions.

Li Kaiyun pressed down on the wound of a Yunqin officer who had half his arm cut off by Zang Qingxiong just now, and then with great speed, ripped off some black bandages, helping this Yunqin officer staunch his bleeding and binding it up.

“You all are Windbreaker Troop? Where is the rest of Great Mang’s army?” At the same time, he spoke quickly, asking this.

Because of the intense pain from Li Kaiyun stopping the blood loss, this thirty something year old Yunqin officer’s forehead was completely covered in cold sweat. However, he still replied with an extremely calm voice, “We are from Third Guerrilla Army, here to provide Windbreaker Troop with support. When we came, Windbreaker Troop was already completely broken down, our main army’s battlefield on that side.” While saying this, this military commander reached out his left hand that was still intact, pointing towards an abandoned farm.

Li Kaiyun’s expression suddenly became a bit darker. “Windbreaker Troop’s remains are also there?”

This high ranking military officer didn’t understand Li Kaiyun’s mood. Right now, he was only thinking about the battle situation. After so many deaths, it was to the extent where he didn’t even ask for Li Kaiyun’s surname, only nodding and saying, “Windbreaker Troop doesn’t have many people left… The battle over there is also extremely hard-pressed. If you hurry there, you should still be able to provide some help.”

Before this high ranking officer’s words finished, Li Kaiyun already crazily returned, charging crazily in the direction he pointed at.

Behind the abandoned farm was an expanse of moderate hills region.

In a river bank right behind the hilly region full of slender and tall trees, a slaughter was currently being carried out like a wildfire. The number of Yunqin and Great Mang soldiers still standing numbered around two thousand, already no longer in formation, fighting in six or seven groups, frantically hacking at each other. In the river bank and river water, the number of corpses from both sides numbered far greater than two thousand.

These groups that were fighting sometimes separated, sometimes gathered together, moving about chaotically along the river shore. The men of the two sides were already completely mixed, the battle also already continued for a long time… When it was continued for such a long amount of time, just running alone would greatly exhaust the strength of an ordinary soldier, let alone this type of charge and killing. That was why the fighting strength of most of the soldiers that were fighting already reached the limit, the weapons in their hands all already no longer that agile, all of them completely relying on their survival instincts and willpower to continue fighting.

Li Kaiyun’s eyes swept over this battlefield. There was completely no way for him to tell if Leng Qiuyu was here or not.

Suddenly, he saw a slightly damaged carriage at the center of one of the groups. In this instant, all of his hot blood rushed to his head, a fierce roar released from his mouth, urging his horse to charge crazily in that direction.

Li Kaiyun charged into this battle.

Great Mang soldiers fell around him one after another.

He made his way through the fighting groups one after another, wishing to charge towards where that carriage was.

He already lost track of how many Great Mang soldiers he killed, the horse under him also collapsed. He didn’t even notice himself that because there was a cultivator soldier like him who was still vigorous with energy who joined, the entire battlefield situation already greatly changed. Some heavy armors and other existences with the greatest fighting strength, under some orders, already charged at him, to the extent where there were some fighting groups that surrounded him.

A grim faced Great Mang cultivator silently but quickly rushed at Li Kaiyun’s rear flank. The instant the longsword in Li Kaiyun’s hands planted fiercely into a Great Mang heavy armored eye socket, the spear in his hands thrusted out like a viper, smashing fiercely into the middle of his back.

The speartip passed through the black armor Li Kaiyun wore as easily as if it was passing through a block of tofu.

However, what made this Great Mang cultivator’s eyes that just flashed with a wisp of joy suddenly feel chilliness, was that when his speartip touched a layer of soft inner armor, it just couldn’t pierce through no matter what.

The dark green sword radiance flew from Li Kaiyun’s hands, sweeping towards him. He naturally wanted to pull out his spear and block this strike, but he just couldn’t pull it out.

His speartip was firmly stuck to Li Kaiyun’s body through a type of strange force.

Li Kaiyun flipped over his hand.

The sword radiance left his hands, passing through this indescribably shocked cultivator’s forehead.

With a dang noise, the spear fell from Li Kaiyun’s back.

Li Kaiyun backed up. He didn’t even give this person a look, pulling out his longsword and blocking a lava-like streak of blade radiance hacking at him.

A blast of terrifying power was released from where the blades met, releasing a ring of crazy winds.


Li Kaiyun and this Great Mang cultivator who attacked from the side both spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, Li Kaiyun didn’t stop in the slightest.

He straightened his body, a sword piercing towards the chest of this Great Mang cultivator dressed in ordinary Great Mang infantry armor.

This Great Mang cultivator’s legs buckled, in that instant actually unable to dodge. He immediately clenched his teeth, a blade hacking towards Li Kaiyun’s neck.

Li Kaiyun’s body moved slightly upwards. The blade radiance landed on his shoulder, removing a large amount of black armor from it, but couldn’t cut through at all. The sword in his hands fiercely penetrated the body of this Great Mang cultivator, and then pushed out through the back.

Pu! Li Kaiyun spat out another mouthful of blood.

However, through the sword tip that came out from behind this Great Mang cultivator, another Great Mang soldier behind him was also instantly impaled.

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