Book 2 Chapter 34 - Falsified Reality

“He also came for Lin Xi? Why would he come for Lin Xi at this time?” When they heard Mu Qing’s words, Tang Ke, Hua Jiyue and the others all immediately frowned.

In reality, after having a few Martial Skills classes, they could all tell that Xu Shengmo didn’t really like Lin Xi, this Self Defense Department’s heaven’s choice. Apart from often treating Lin Xi like empty air, Lin Xi was also often used as a punching bag to display martial skills.

“I don’t believe I called any of the others here.”

While looking at Tang Ke, Hua Jiyue and the others who walked over with Lin Xi, Xu Shengmo spoke in an ice-cold and mocking tone. Then, after giving Lin Xi a cold look, he nodded towards the silverthread zipline next to him.

Lin Xi’s lips twitched as he looked at his good friends who were angry, but didn’t dare speak out. After touching his sleeves, making sure that the letter was securely stored, he still gave Xu Shengmo a respectful bow, and only then did he slide down the silverthread zipline, still bewildered.

This silverthread zipline led to a valley filled with all types of rocks, not a single road to be seen. Xu Shengmo floated behind Lin Xi like a black cloud, then stood in front of Lin Xi.

While looking at the respectful and cautiously standing Lin Xi, he didn’t hide his disdain at all, speaking with a similarly ice-cold and mocking tone, “Even though there is enough proof to prove that you have the talent required for becoming a Braveslayer, I can frankly tell you that just like how Tong Wei thinks highly of you, I have never had a good opinion of you from the very start, you can never become a Braveslayer… those who can become Braveslayers, which one of them are not proud and sharp like a blade? A yes-man like you, even if you do not like me inside, you still act so cautiously and respectfully before me. Even a letter from home can leave you absent-minded, like a little girl, even someone like you is worthy of becoming a Braveslayer? Even though I have accepted the academy’s arrangements, thus I will give you some essential Braveslayer training, that doesn’t mean that I acknowledge you, even more so doesn’t mean that I like you, that is why there is no need for you to feign any respect before me. Also, I do not like Tong Wei either, which is why I do not wish for you to let Tong Wei know about the training I will have you undergo here. If you fail to do this, I will teach you some unforgettable lessons, moreover deduct some points.”

After a slight pause, Xu Shengmo looked at the frowning Lin Xi who hadn’t completely sorted everything out yet, and then said with an even colder voice of mockery, “After all, even if I do not think highly of you, this Braveslayer… is just like Windstalker, in the academy, it is a secret few people have the authority to learn about.”

Lin Xi frowned once more. Him not liking Xu Shengmo was fact. The very first time he saw Xu Shengmo, he didn’t see much gentleness and love towards life, this instead gave him not much of a good impression towards Xu Shengmo. However, not liking him was not liking him, his respect and cautiousness wasn’t faked in the slightest, but rather came from the teachings of his mother from Deerwood Town. Unknowingly, he had already developed the habit of treating all those who taught him things, regardless of what their attitudes were like, as superiors he had to respect. However, since the other party felt like he was faking it, then there was not much of a need to dispute anything, he naturally didn’t have to maintain this type of respect either. Even so, under the other party’s candidness, he still didn’t develop much anger.

“Then what are Braveslayers? You’re saying that they are like Windstalkers, this type of identity cannot be revealed to anyone else either?” After slightly sorting out his thoughts, he looked at Xu Shengmo, moreover not with much formality.

Xu Shengmo didn’t waste any words either, with a sneer, he said, “To put it simply, Braveslayers are existences who, when unleashing slaughter on a battlefield, their performances will vastly surpass all others of the same level of cultivation. These people will grasp the killing techniques I’ve passed onto you all even better. For the empire’s enemies, these people will naturally be those who are best eliminated earlier. If you want to die, then feel free to reveal this to everyone during a practical training outside.”

“Could it be because my performance during the past few days has been too good?” Lin Xi thought in a rather simple manner. 

“There are two things over there, you should be able to tell their uses.” Right at this time, Xu Shengmo already turned around to leave, his ice-cold voice sounding. “In the following month, you will come to this valley each morning before classes, and then bring these two things with you, keep them inside your clothes while heading to class, you are not allowed to remove them along the way.”

“It seems like your breadth of mind really can’t be much more narrow.”

After making his way through several dozen rugged mountain boulders, seeing the two items Xu Shengmo was talking about, Lin Xi couldn’t help but shake his head, releasing a sigh.

The two things Xu Shengmo spoke of, were a pair of leg weights full of heavy pellets, as well as a leather vest that had an inner layer, filled with mercury or who knew what type of especially heavy substance. The combined weight of these two items was at least seventy jin, more importantly, when moving, the liquid in the vest would move irregularly, so the weight might be concentrated at the left, and then suddenly shift to the right. This made it so that with each step, it was as if someone was hacking down heavily on his body, only after exhausting great strength could he maintain his body’s balance, barely withstand the feeling of being struck.

Increasing endurance and the ability to maintain one’s balance even when struck or ran into, the uses of these two things weren’t hard to imagine.

However, just how much did Xu Shengmo loathe Lin Xi, for him to not even be willing to personally hand them to him?

Standing against Tong Wei and the others due to a fundamental difference in view on life, this was something Lin Xi could still understand. After all, even though some of what Xu Shengmo proposed was a bit more cruel, the previous Lin Xi would rather believe that his intentions were good, standing against the others politically purely because he wanted to reduce the casualties of academy students as much as possible. However, to go so far as to loathe even a student someone of different political view favored… this really was a bit too petty and narrow-minded.

In Ailao Peak’s rear mountains, the thick bespectacled Xiao Mingxuan’s hair was a bit sticky with sweat as he wrote in books at tremendous speed, one after another. The scrolls, books and letters were like a sea, completely submerging his bloated body.

This oversized elder who looked a bit like Sammo Hung and never went to the battlefield, looked completely harmless, but not even the proud and conceited Xu Shengmo, as well as the extremely intelligent Lin Xi could have imagined that there was an almost formless thread that was silently being controlled by him. They were just like chess pieces in Xiao Mingxuan’s hands, used by him to complete the arrangements for the Heaven’s Core level secret.

The powerfully intelligent didn’t need cruelty and blood. Just by finely manipulating and tuning the course of some things, even some emotional elements included in the calculations, Lin Xi’s ‘two bowls’ reality was concealed.

If Lin Xi knew that someone who had the ability to serve as the vice head of all of Yunqin Empire dedicated a small half of his energy on him, he really wouldn’t know whether to feel frightened or honored.

The purer the child, the more they knew how to enjoy this world’s joys, because in their eyes, everything in this world was new to them, worth seeing, worth exploring. This world, for Lin Xi, was also a new one, and together with a set of memories others didn’t have, he looked at everything with much more fascination than the other students, the joys he experienced also greater.

For example, Lecturer Ouyang Yuncang, who was currently teaching Toxicology on the podium, looked a lot like Ge You[1], if he had a head of sparse yellow hair and a somewhat thin and discolored beard.

Each time he pictured that world’s well-known Master Ge bald, and then stuck on a beard, comparing him to Ouyang Yuncang, he would always secretly laugh for quite some time.

Ouyang Yuncang who had no way of possibly understanding the amusement Lin Xi experienced was an excellent tempered lecturer, his words slow and extremely clear, but this didn’t mean he didn’t get angry.

This very day, when he was sitting upright and still, giving a lecture, a hint of anger that was hard to disguise suddenly appeared on his face. With a pa sound, a paper ball shot out from his hand, hitting Lin Xi right in the forehead, leaving behind a red mark. 

“Lin Xi!” His strict and enraged voice also sounded while many students turned their heads. “In today’s lesson, just this short half hour or so of time, forget about the fact that you already dozed off twice, you are even peeping at something else… don’t tell me that you think this Toxicology course is some child’s play?”

Lin Xi rubbed his slightly aching forehead, putting his letter from home away in a slightly embarrassed manner.

The vest and the two anklets Xu Shengmo left him with early this morning exhausted a large amount of stamina and soul force, and because this classroom was so cozy, he couldn’t help but feel a bit sleepy. That was why he produced that letter from home, looking at it, trying to wake himself up a bit. Also, he really wanted to see what his old dad, mom, and sis from Deerwood Town wanted to tell him, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to properly pay attention in class… However, because these reasons were connected to the Braveslayer secret, moreover, these reasons were still excuses for this furious teacher, Lin Xi still decided to lower his head and admit his wrongs.

However, Ouyang Yuncang’s rage wasn’t so easily quelled. He walked over from the front podium, through the students’ desks, and then arrived in front of Lin Xi. “During the very first lesson of Toxicology, I have repeated three times that this course emphasized attentiveness and memory. There is not a single type of poison in this world that can become completely undetectable, however, a single slip up, and the deadliness of poisonous matter will become much more vicious than even blades. That was why I repeated three times that in my class, one must be one hundred percent serious, because your error and negligence might not only harm your own lives, it might also harm the lives of many of your companions!”

“This is a matter of life and death!” Ouyang Yuncang’s finger pounded the desk in front of Lin Xi. “Leave this classroom! The things you did in this lesson, you should clearly reflect over them in the introspection room!”

While looking at this ‘Ge You’ whose anger was hard to quell, Lin Xi didn’t feel any amusement, knowing that regardless, this was his own mistake, and the other party’s anger originated from how much he cherished the lives of his students and the empire’s soldiers, he stood up without any dissatisfaction, seriously giving Ouyang Yuncang a respectful bow, and then left this Medicine Department classroom, entering the reflection room in the corner.

This was a clean and bright little room, the surrounding walls and decorations all a light green color, peaceful and extremely comfortable. On the wall opposite the door was a calligraphy painting, the one currently seated on a bamboo woven mat, facing this painting, was a Medicine Department female student dressed in gray robes.

The female student’s black hair was tied in a clean ponytail, which was why Lin Xi could see her fine, fair neck. Beautiful and gentle sunlight entered from the side window, the radiance not tainted by a speck of dust, just that pure as it landed on her body.

Lin Xi’s heart began to pound, he was in a daze as he stared at this female student basked under the pure radiance. He felt as if his brain became a bit sluggish, this scene freezing before his eyes, just like the time he first saw this female student by Summer Spirit Lake.

1. Chinese actor

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