Book 13 Chapter 23 - Red Lotus in Full Bloom

To a man, his reputation was as important as the silhouette of a tree.

Yunqin revered martial might, this was especially true for these Yunqin front line soldiers who might face a life and death situation at any time, building defensive fortifications day and night. Grand Secretary Zhou’s daughter’s Star General’s Advance[1], Lin Xi’s decisive battle against Xu Qiubai in Meteor City, these were things that regardless of how often they were brought up, would never become things they would become weary of, still making their hot blood surge when they heard it.

For all of these Great Mang soldiers, Lin Xi crossing levels and killing Xu Qiubai in Meteor City, later on fighting everywhere against countless Great Mang cultivator experts, furthermore killing many Great Mang cultivators and several Purgatory Mountain Divine Adjudicators and even assassinating Great Mang’s crown prince while within a great army… Lin Xi’s name represented a type of shadow of death. His reputation among Great Mang’s soldiers might even be more brilliant than among Yunqin’s.

Even if all of Great Mang’s soldiers wanted Lin Xi dead, when Lin Xi was mentioned, many Great Mang soldiers still couldn’t help but stick up a thumb, praise him for being formidable.

This was precisely reverence.

Great Mang’s heavy cavalry already truly became a bit chaotic.

A cultivator Great Mang officer, just through listening to the disorderly sound of horse’s hooves, without even looking at the situation, already knew that the situation of his side of the military already completely collapsed because of Lin Xi’s entrance.

“Even if it is a Sacred Expert, after continuously striking down a thousand of our men, he will use up his soul force!”

“Even if we only have two thousand heavy cavalry left, it still isn’t something these five thousand randomly mixed soldiers could face[2]!”

“No matter how strong Lin Xi is, he isn’t a Sacred Expert! Once he is dead, it is all the same, what is there to be scared of?! Kill!”

This Great Mang officer knew that if this continued, they would undoubtedly lose. He also knew that saying this would mean that he would definitely die, but he still resolutely raised the greatsword in his hand, releasing a throat tearing scream.

Strange killing intent instantly descended.

The entire head of this Great Mang officer who stood out without any regard for his own life or death disappeared. A tremendous power directly smashed his head to pieces, while his body still stood straight on his horse’s back. The greatsword in his hands still continued to rise upwards, only after moving a bit more did it lower in a decrepit manner, his entire figure suddenly collapsing.

In other times, the death of this type of Great Mang officer might be similar to the death of that private school instructor who was beheaded by Wenren Cangyue in Nine Peace City[3], making all those around him heroically set their resolve to die here. However, it was a pity that both him and this Great Mang heavy cavalry faced these five thousand Yunqin soldiers. Despite being inherently inferior to heavy cavalry, they definitely weren’t the ‘random mixed soldiers’ he spoke of.

When they thought about how a woman who came from an influential family, someone who originally ought to sit within a jade sculpted palace in brocade garments instead charged in front of all of them… and then almost watched Qin Xiyue be killed, all of these Yunqin soldiers long already completely went mad.

Even some Yunqin soldiers whose bodies were impaled by heavy cavalry’s greatswords, before death, all instead released crazy roars, throwing themselves at those mounted heavy cavalry, still wishing to hold these heavy cavalry in place, stall them.

Now, together with the appearance of a legendary Divine General like Lin Xi, continuously shooting down the enemy’s commanders, this Yunqin troop’s momentum already became huge waves, already in a state of inevitable victory.

The courage most of the Great Mang heavy cavalry stirred up only lasted a short time.

The heavy cavalry at the front couldn’t withstand Yunqin army’s attacks, the formations becoming increasingly chaotic. It was to the extent where when the horses clashed with each other, releasing muffled metal clashing noises and falling sounds, these Great Mang soldiers’ courage was instantly swallowed up by the irreversible trend of defeat.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane already approached the ground, entering the battlefield.

“Don’t waste.” Lin Xi first said this to Bian Linghan at his side, and then asked a black-armored Yunqin soldier, “Mind lending me a bow?”

This Yunqin archer who had an ordinary iron core strong bow on his back, but already began to charge with a long blade in hand was extremely moved, overwhelmed by the favor Lin Xi showed him, quickly removing the strong bow and quiver on his back, handing them to Lin Xi.

Bian Linghan replied with an en sound, retrieving a bow from another alarmed Yunqin archer.

Since the Divine Wooden Flying Crane already landed on the ground, the extremely weary Li Wu directly began to rest.

Lin Xi, Bian Linghan and Gao Yanan began to run.

The instant he received the bow and arrows, the leaves around him as if swept up by crazy winds, fluttering out forwards, his figure still in midair, Lin Xi already drew the Yunqin standard strong bow in his hands in a gentle manner, firing a black arrow.

By the time his feet landed on the ground, Lin Xi already fired three arrows.

The three black arrows struck three heavy cavalry soldiers around Qin Xiyue with absolute precision, either going through their eye sockets or through the gaps between the armor around their necks.

It was just an ordinary standard bow, yet one arrow was enough to shoot down one of the the heavy cavalry soldiers around Qin Xiyue.

Bian Linhan’s firing speed was almost the same as Lin Xi’s.

Black arrows were released from her and Lin Xi’s hands in a flowing manner. Heavy cavalry around Qin Xiyue continuously fell one after another.

The moving clouds flowing water-like bowstring drawing stance, rapid sounds of arrows tearing through the air, muffled noises of arrows continuously penetrating flesh, all of this actually formed a type of heart shaking rhythm and aesthetic.

While this type of archery left others with a breathtaking feeling, it also even more so left one in despair.

“Kill her!”

Dozens of Great Mang heavy cavalry released fierce and bitter shouts.

There was already no way they could extravagantly hope to win this battle. Right now, the only thought that filled their mind was that they had to kill Qin Xiyue even if all of them had to sacrifice their lives.

In the situation where even the warhorses, because of the chaos, found it a bit hard to return to normal, most of the Great Mang heavy cavalry even directly leapt off their horses, erupting with all of their potential to charge at Qin Xiyue.

There were some Great Mang heavy cavalry in front of the charging Lin Xi, Bian Linghan and Gao Yanan who, because of despair and noticing those soldiers’ intent, also roared as they threw themselves towards Lin Xi and Bian Linghan.

Lin Xi and the others already had many Yunqin soldiers around them, moreover, they had Gao Yanan. These heavy cavalry that rushed up couldn’t truly threaten Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, the two’s firing still like a smooth stream, bringing down the heavy cavalry around Qin Xiyue one after another.

However, under their enemy’s vicious charge, there were still several Great Mang heavy cavalry who reached Qin Xiyue.

Qin Xiyue already poured all of her strength into the final attack she sent towards that Great Mang commander, which was why right now, she was already weaker than any one of these Great Mang heavy cavalry that charged up to her, she already had no way of stopping these Great Mang heavy cavalry’s attacks.

The Great Mang heavy cavalry soldier closest to her already fully sensed her weakness. When he saw that she didn’t do anything to resist, his heart produced a hint of joy, fiercely brandishing the greatsword in his hands.

The Great Mang heavy cavalry soldiers around him also fiercely raised the greatswords in their hands, inwardly full of a type of mysterious happiness filled with interweaving despair and cruelty.

However, right at this time, an extremely cute black claw reached out from next to Qin Xiyue.

Only at this moment, while surrounded by a wave of terrifying aura that made their hearts instantly twitch, only then did these Great Mang heavy cavalry notice that an entirely black soft furred cute Black Foxcat was currently looking at them.

This Black Foxcat had three tails.

An expanse of snowflakes appeared in the air.

When this first expanse of snowflakes appeared, these Great Mang heavy cavalry’s bodies were frozen solid, their eyes directly frozen like egg whites. The armor they wore and the greatswords in their hands immediately became covered in white frost.

Then, even more snowflakes fluttered down, about to pile up these Great Mang heavy cavalry into snowmen.

Panicked cries of alarm sounded.

The Great Mang heavy cavalry who were originally rushing towards Qin Xiyue at full speed all stopped their steps. Some of them were either rammed into by the horses behind them or didn’t reign in their horses in time, so they still rushed into the frost covered region, and then these Great Mang heavy cavalry also became snow-white statues.

There was a warhorse whose front half was in the cold frost region. In its final moments of alarm, this warhorse’s hooves left the ground, the front half of its body raised, frozen rigid just like that.

Since it didn’t immediately lose its center of gravity, this warhorse whose front half became a white statue remained still in the air. Only after maintaining this for several breaths of time, did it come crashing down to the side.

Lucky retracted its claw. Its round black eyes looked at the heavy cavalry around it, secretly gasping for breath.

All of the Great Mang heavy cavalry who were charging towards Qin Xiyue backed up in horror like a wave.

These snow-white sculptures and the abruptly fluttering snowflakes once again reminded these Great Mang soldiers about another one of Lin Xi’s identities.

Killing Qin Xiyue was already the final bit of their dignity in retaliating against Lin Xi in this type of defeated situation. Now that even this type of last hope couldn’t be fulfilled, it became true despair.

This Great Mang elite heavy cavalry was utterly defeated, in absolute chaos. None of them wanted to continue fighting, all of them starting to flee in all directions.

Lin Xi rushed up to Qin Xiyue’s side.

There were a few cuts on the green clothes he wore. After remaining silent for an extremely short amount of time, he directly ripped off the green clothes, removing them from his body and exposing the dazzling red High Priest robes underneath.

In that instant, the entire Yunqin army erupted into world shaking cheers and screams.

“Long time no see.”

Lin Xi lowered his bow, looking at Qin Xiyue, sincerely and gently saying with a smile.

“It’s beautiful.” Qin Xiyue gave the red priest robes flickering with brilliance a look, revealing a shockingly beautiful smile. “A bit prettier than even those red clothes you wore during Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination.”

Ah?” Lin Xi was a bit dumbstruck. “You even looked at me back then?”

“Can you not speak such stupid and senseless words please? Back then, you were the only one in Summer Spirit Lakeside who wore that kind of red clothes, it was hard to not look even if I didn’t want to.” Bian Linghan glared at Lin Xi. She nodded towards Qin Xiyue, and then began to massage her sore fingers.

Gao Yanan revealed a smile, and then continued to rush forward in pursuit.

Lin XI laughed, no longer saying any more words to ease the mood. The red color he wore right now carried much more significance than the clothes his mother personally made for him. Right now, he had to shoulder many more things… When he moved, he was like a red lotus in full bloom. As he moved through the army, a burst of radiance that was even more bright and dazzling than sunlight reached out from his hands, landing on a Yunqin soldier who was seriously injured, to the extent where he already couldn’t even breathe.

This was only an extremely small battlefield.

Lin Xi knew that from here on out, he still had to face great battles that would be much more bitter, to the extent where there might be some he couldn’t even deal with. He understood that there was no way he could save all of the fatally injured soldiers here, but he knew that he could grant these Yunqin soldiers greater courage and faith.

Under the radiance covering his body, the Yunqin soldier who couldn’t even breathe began to recover his breathing.

While looking at the red color that began to flicker even more brilliantly under the radiance, all of the Yunqin soldiers once again released world-shaking shouts and cheers. Their bodies were immediately filled with even more strength.

Five thousand ‘mixed soldiers’ utterly defeated three thousand heavy armored cavalry, their corpses scattered everywhere.

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