Book 13 Chapter 22 - Not a Waste

Qin Xiyue took a step back.

This was the first step she took backwards since the beginning.

With this step backwards, she coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Following the blood and some remaining soul force that shot out of her mouth, the black cloth covering her face was also completely torn.

Her path of retreat was already blocked by heavy cavalry. A heavy cavalry soldier saw her cough out blood from being wounded, taking a step back, believing that his chance had come. He urged his horse, a greatsword thrusting at her back.

However, this heavy cavalry’s gaze instantly froze. He saw that there were still faint green rune threads that appeared in the air.

He only felt as if his skin and heart shook at the same time, and then his heart exploded. This heavy cavalry soldier’s eyes instantly became blood red, blood shooting out from his mouth with extremely great pressure. His body fell to the ground, perishing.

The aged cultivator still had dazzling yellow light surging between his palm and fingers, but his right hand’s skin instead became a black and green color, hard like stone.

Under the cutting of the light green rune threads, his sword still couldn’t truly stab through, unable to land on Qin Xiyue’s body. However, when he saw the black mask rupture on Qin Xiyue’s face, seeing her cough out blood, her pale but absurdly beautiful face, this aged cultivator released a light sigh of pity, taking a step forward again, releasing another sword thrust.

In this instant, Xie Ying who had just crossed over an enemy warhorse, a shoulder knocking a heavy armored rider flying roared out.

Huang Tingchi had just had a bloody gash opened on his back by a greatsword, yet the spear in his hands fiercely planted into that heavy armored cavalry’s eyes, and then he viciously broke that heavy armored cavalry’s neck with a twist also roared out.

Many Yunqin soldiers also roared out.

It was because regardless of whether it was the cultivators in these armies or ordinary elite soldiers, they could all already tell that there was already no way Qin Xiyue could block this sword.

Qin Xiyue raised her head calmly.

She didn’t see the sword that was aimed at her, this sword didn’t even exist in her eyes even though the radiance of this Thousand Devil Nest sword was extremely brilliant, like countless gemstones that flickered with different colors under the sunlight.

She was only looking at that Great Mang commander with the mottle spear in his hands, this enemy who was still adjusting his breathing and commanding this entire heavy armored cavalry troop.

This Great Mang commander immediately felt a wave of horror.

He could sense Qin Xiyue’s intent. The soul force within his body surged crazily, surging to the point where the bones of the horse beneath him began to release noises. His body was about to break free from the saddle and fly backwards.

The aged cultivator could also sense Qin Xiyue’s intent. His expression became solemn. The soul force that poured into his longsword through his arm instantly became a bit more intense, sword radiance surging greatly.

In this instant, Qin Xiyue’s remaining soul force wantonly poured into the small green flower-like bells around her wrist, allowing the light green rune threads to extend towards that Great Mang commander, at the same time preparing to face death.

In this instant, many scenes appeared in her head, many people’s faces appearing.

She was about to take down this Great Mang commander with her.

However, right at this time, Lin Xi didn’t want this type of thing to happen.

For Lin Xi who cherished beautiful scenery and loved many parts of this world, cherishing many lives, especially one’s own life, these were the things most worth cherishing.

If you had to give up your own life to save the life of another, would you save them?

Previously, this type of question wasn’t something Lin Xi himself could give an answer to unless he truly faced the situation himself. However, in Jadefall City, Jiang Yu’er blocked behind him. She died, while he lived. The instant he woke up, that type of pain he felt made it so that he didn’t need to consider this type of issue at all. He was extremely sure that if in the future, if there was still this type of situation, unless he died first, he would definitely not allow any of the good friends he cared about to die before him.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane was still extremely far from the battlefield.

It was to the extent where right now, this Great Mang cultivator who should have come from Thousand Devil Nest didn’t release a second sword thrust yet. Apart from Lin Xi, Gao Yanan and Bian Linghan didn’t even see Qin Xiyue facing this Great Mang cultivator.

Heavy cavalry on the battlefield seemed extremely small from high up in the sky.

Under this type of distance, especially when firing from the air under powerful wind currents, this type of fighting method that hadn’t been fought through before, even if it was Tong Wei, there was no way he could accurately hit his target.

However, Lin Xi could.

He calmed down, using his most optimal stance to receive ‘Big Black’ from Bian Linghan’s hands. Then, he pulled the three bowstrings, firing an arrow.

A rift seemed to have suddenly been opened up in the sky.

A strange wave of power descended from the sky like a black thread.

This streak of black line that descended from the sky was too fast, fast to the point where it exceeded the limit of an ordinary person, or even a low level cultivator’s eyesight. Most of the people on the battlefield didn’t sense anything at all, all of them unable to sense any abnormal changes.

However, in the perception of the dazzling longsword wielding Great Mang cultivator, this black thread was a black sky that seemed to directly appear above his head.

It wasn’t a power that was domineering to the point where it was like a world that directly descended, but rather because in this extremely short amount of time, he couldn’t sense the source of this wave of power, to the extent where he couldn’t even sense the exact trajectory of this attack in time.

That was why in his world of perception, this was an expanse of black night, one that he couldn’t understand and didn’t know the true danger of.

His heart was gripped by endless fear. An extremely vicious roar erupted from his mouth,also making a choice  in this instant. He only wanted to kill Qin Xiyue in front of him, to take her down with him.

However, the speed of the soul weapon arrow released with soul force was even faster than a normal flying sword’s, obviously faster than his body’s movements and the longsword in his hands.

As such, his body suddenly became rigid.

The moment the sword tip already touched Qin Xiyue’s breastplate, this black night landed on his body. Only at this time, purely through the feeling of his skin, was he able to sense where this strike landed on his body. In his perception, only now did this black night become a black thread, landing between his brows.

His body and the longsword in his hands seemed to have experienced an emergency braking, freezing, and then he fell backwards. A dark red breach appeared between his brows, a dark red opening also appearing behind his head. Blood shot out crazily from the opening behind his head with great power, spraying all over the ground with pu pu sounds.

Faint green threads hacked against the spear of the Great Mang commander who was retreating backwards.

The spear’s radiance grew dim like it was quickly rusting. The Great Mang commander couldn’t grip this spear anymore, only watching as the faint green radiance continued to extend towards his chest. An exceptionally resolute expression appeared in his eyes. He loosened his grip, soul force pouring out from his left hand, a fist smashing out.

The green radiance disappeared. The soul force that covered his entire arm and armor completely shattered. His entire left armor ruptured, falling from his hand.

Qin Xiyue immediately felt despair.

She wasn’t able to kill this Great Mang commander, only removing one of his arms.

However, in this instant, her mind was full of pleasant surprise and warmth.

She didn’t die. The other party’s sword tip only drew a faint groove on her armor. The one who originally should have killed her was lying on the ground. In her perception, this strike came from the sky.

The Great Mang commander whose arm was severed raised his head towards the sky in alarm and pain.

Only now did the soldiers from both sides react, starting to feel shock.

Qin Xiyue turned her head towards the sky.

She saw that in the faint white clouds, a Divine Wooden Flying Crane was currently rapidly descending like a meteor.

An even warmer smile began to appear on the corners of her mouth.

It was because she was sure that in this type of situation, under this type of distance, only that fella could accurately shoot down that cultivator who was after her life.

“It’s been a while.”

She stared at this Divine Wooden Flying Crane, full of warmth and deeply moved emotions as she said this.

The Divine Wooden Flying Crane, for most people of the world, was still something unknown. Anyone would feel an innate feeling of fear towards unknown things. When they saw this streak of yellow light that fell from the sky, as well as the human figures on the yellow light, both sides’ fiercely fighting soldiers even displayed a bit of sluggishness, their hearts gripped by shock and alarm.

Lin Xi didn’t stop.

He pulled the three strings, firing another arrow.

He only poured in a bit of soul force, because Big Black’s advantage over Little Black was that when less soul force was put in, then a correspondingly weaker arrow would be released.

For this Great Mang commander who was already severely injured internally and externally, less soul force was already enough to end his life.

The black thread descended upon this Great Mang commander’s forehead.

His forehead and the back of his head split open. His body collapsed, dying.

This arrow’s speed was still far greater than what an ordinary person’s sight and perception could detect. That was why most of the soldiers still didn’t know how this Great Mang commander died.

This type of mysterious death even more so made them feel even greater shock and horror.

The Great Mang heavy cavalry that originally faced Yunqin’s troops in quite the strategic manner began to show a bit of disorder. It was to the extent where everyone present was sure that the ones who descended from the sky were definitely not Great Mang’s people, but rather cultivators from Yunqin.

However, Great Mang’s heavy cavalry were also the most elite troops in Great Mang’s army. This bit of chaos was controlled in an extremely short amount of time. Another commander released a fierce shout, taking over the order of command. However, when his hand was just raised, before he even released the first military order, his entire figure already fell off his horse’s back, flying out more than ten meters. The blood that shot out from his chest and back drew out a more than ten meter long clear line of blood.

“A bit wasteful.” On the back of the Divine Wooden Flying Crane, Bian Linghan looked at Lin Xi’s still shaking fingers, saying this quietly.

Lin Xi who used up too much soul force in one go said quietly with a serious voice, “It isn’t a waste, it can frighten the enemy.”

The battlefield suddenly became much more quiet.

All of the Great Mang soldiers’ faces became a bit pale, even turning a bit green.

They still didn’t understand how their officers were hit, and then suddenly silently died. However, this more than ten meters long bloody mist that fluttered out like a long banner in the sky allowed them to clearly sense the bow’s power.

“Could it be Lin…”

“It’s Sir Lin!”

Suddenly, a cry tore through the frozen battlefield’s skies.

“Sir Lin Xi!” Someone recognized Lin Xi. This type of voice quickly sounded like roars.

“It’s Lin Xi?!”

Some Great Mang heavy armored soldiers’ greatswords even fell onto the ground.

Because of Lin Xi’s assassinations on Great Mang cultivators and all types of other legends he established in South Tomb Province, right now, the terror his name brought these Great Mang heavy cavalry wasn’t beneath even that of Big Black.

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