Book 13 Chapter 21 - Beauty Like Jade, Like a Rainbow

“Who is she?”

At the same time, next to the stooped figured, grizzled haired Dragon Snake old general Liu Kun’s side, there were several high ranking officers who were shocked as well, asking a similar question.

“Qin Family’s young miss, a Green Luan Academy student.” The old general who held a long blade covered in a rough blood-soaked cloth replied, and then said to himself with a light sigh, “Qin Family’s young miss really is extraordinary…”

Qin Family’s young miss, this Green Luan Academy student, was precisely Qin Xiyue.

Qin Xiyue had many aspects where she was extraordinary.

Being able to enter Green Luan Academy, in Yunqin Empire, was already quite extraordinary.

Decisively enlisting in the army, her resolve to become a high ranking front lines officer also made her extraordinary.

This was especially when she was also an extremely beautiful woman, someone who joined the army after rejecting the marriage proposals of the local great officials’ Liu Family and Zhou Family who grasped Trade Sector. This made her even more extraordinary.

Only, the ‘extraordinary’ this old general spoke of right now was purely because of the bravery this woman whose rear figure was extremely beautiful showed, the glory she displayed at this moment.

Appearance was a type of natural capital. It was because cherishing beauty was an innate tendency of people.

However, beauty, sometimes, will instead be a type of burden. It can also be a source of calamity, bring a lot of pressure and worry.

Dressed in ordinary Yunqin black armor, Qin Xiyue’s face was covered in black cloth, yet despite this being the case, while charging crazily, her figure was still extremely beautiful.

Her fierce yet still beautiful figure looked just like a beautiful flower swaying in the wind.

Her expression was extremely calm, but at the same time, her pace became faster and faster. The already slightly cold air brushed against her beautiful brows, releasing some whistling noises, making some strands of hair continuously flutter about in the wind, blowing her black mask until it pressed tightly against her face, the wrinkles sharp and cold like streaks of iron lines.

After Jadefall City’s battle, she, Bian Linghan, Jiang Xiaoyi and Lin Xi’s other good friends were all brought back to Green Luan Academy.

Since Vice Principal Xia already firmly believed that this was a new age, that they were destined to accompany Lin Xi, this dazzling star in his growth, and thus inevitably change Yunqin, this great expanse of the heavens… Vice Principal Xia believed that it was already time. That was why he invested all of the power Green Luan Academy accumulated in the more than ten years after Principal Zhang left on these youngsters. Even though after the emperor cut off some of the supply of materials and some of Green Luan Academy’s soul weapons and spiritual pills might forever disappear from the world of cultivators, neither him nor the entire academy were stingy in the slightest.

That was why her, Bian Linghan and the others’ cultivation levels all increased greatly, all already reaching the absolute limit precious medicines could contribute to cultivation, all of them following right behind Lin Xi, breaking into the State Knight level[1].

Even though there were quite a few Sacred Experts who fought in Central Continent’s blood flowing streets and alleys, even if in South Tomb Province, the amount of cultivators was extremely great… The overwhelming majority of cultivators were still at Soul Expert, Soul Master level[2]. The reason why the State Knight level was called State Knight level was precisely because they were extremely rare, meaning that they were already extremely strong cultivators.

Only, even the most formidable State Knight had no chance of defeating over a thousand heavy cavalry.

Right now, the significance of her charge, for the Yunqin army behind her, was only to draw the arrow fire of these heavy cavalry, only to disrupt a bit of these heavy cavalry’s rhythm, thus allowing Yunqin’s military equipment to display greater effects.

Qin Xiyue’s beauty also left Great Mang’s heavy cavalry in even greater shock and bewilderment.

A woman who was extremely beautiful even in this type of situation, would always be a bit more of an alarming sight than an ordinary male Yunqin officer.

However, this pertained to life and death, which was why in this Great Mang heavy cavalry, regardless of whether it was the officers or ordinary soldiers, they all quickly reacted. Concentrated arrow rain accurately deduced her next position, surrounding her figure in a type of cover fire.

There was no way Qin Xiyue could dodge all of the arrows.

That was why she only lowered her head a bit, preventing her eyes and other weaker areas from being hit by the arrows. At the same time, the soul force within her body poured out in an unending stream, spreading through the surface of her entire body.

The arrows rapidly tore through the air, carrying heavy power as they smashed heavily into her body!

Arrows penetrated her thick leather armor, nailing themselves inside, but couldn’t penetrate her body.

Several arrows cut through her coiled fine black hair, to the extent where they even cut two gashes through the black cloth covering her face, making her hair scatter about crazily like a waterfall behind her.

All of the hearts of the Yunqin soldiers seemed to be struck by a great hammer, hot blood completely surging to their heads.

Even if Qin Xiyue still had enough soul force right now, even if before her soul force was exhausted, her cultivation was enough to prevent arrows from penetrating her body, all of these soldiers understood extremely clearly that when this type of cold arrow struck a cultivator’s body, it would still bring the cultivator great pain.

However, Qin Xiyue was still calm, her movements still not showing any sluggishness.

She was fast like a spirit, charging straight into the more than four hundred cavalry through the rain of arrows!

The heart of the Great Mang heavy cavalry soldier who was closest to her rapidly contracted. There were no more tender feelings, no shock or bewilderment. He only sensed the threat of death. Following an extremely fierce roar, he threw aside the feet crossbow, drawing the brown greatsword behind him, fiercely hacking it towards Qin Xiyue.

Regardless of whether it was Yunqin or Great Mang, all of the soldiers who could become heavy cavalry first had to have strength far exceeding that of an ordinary person, able to endure the weight of the armor on their body. After wearing the armor, even if there was some inconvenience to their mobility, in a frontal clash, this type of sword brandishing hacking stance would naturally far exceed that of ordinary soldiers.

This greatsword this Great Mang heavy cavalry was equipped with was one and a half times the length of an ordinary longsword, and it was also much wider.

Qin Xiyue reached out her hand.

Her hand was exquisite like jade, seeming extremely slim and tender compared to this greatsword. There were no weapons in her hand either, only five small light green bells around her wrist that looked like five light green little flowers.

When she was in the army, she didn’t bring the large wooden chest Green Luan students normally brought with them, so it was to the extent where no one associated her with a powerful cultivator.

At this time, when she reached out her hand, she didn’t directly reach towards this greatsword that was hacking towards her. She only shook her wrist.

There was shining yellow soul force that began to twist about in a cheerful manner, entering those bells around her wrist, releasing water drop-like ding dong noises.

Many light green rune threads suddenly appeared in the transparent air around her.

The rune threads flickered and disappeared.


The Great Mang heavy cavalry soldier who held a greatsword, currently hacking at her, released a blast of blood from between the gaps of his face mask, drawing out long wisps in the air. His greatsword was already close to making contact with Qin Xiyue’s body, but he no longer had the strength to exert anymore force.

His greatsword fell in front of Qin Xiyue.

His body couldn’t endure the weight of the heavy armor on his body, falling to the ground.

It wasn’t just this heavy cavalry, the Great Mang heavy cavalry several meters around Qin Xiyue’s body also began to spurt out blood from their mouths at the same time, falling off their horses and dying.

The warhorses didn’t die, all of them retreating in alarm.

The area around her body became a vacant area, several heavy cavalry corpses collapsed around her.

In the end, Green Luan Academy was still Green Luan Academy. Not only did they have some of the world’s most powerful secret cultivation methods, they also had some of the worlds’ most powerful soul weapons.

The gaze of that Great Mang high ranking officer who previously removed his helmet to get some air became slightly cold, he didn’t even see clearly what kind of method was used, these soldiers were instantly killed by Qin Xiyue.

Right at this time, Qin Xiyue raised her head.

Her gaze passed through the endless armors and crazy weapons, also landing on this Great Mang commander who was currently raising his hand to deliver orders.

Then, a hint of resolution flashed past her calm pupils.

When catching bandits, the king should be captured first.

Right now, in this type of situation, only by killing their highest level commander, would there be a chance of disrupting the enemy soldiers’ morale, changing this battle situation.

As such, she quickly lowered her body, once again breaking out into a rapid sprint, charging towards this Great Mang commander.

Once again, she changed into a phantom.

Streaks of green rune lights continuously flickered in her surroundings, rapidly fading, as if countless fine green little flowers were growing and wilting, at the same time releasing countless clear water flowing sounds.

Great Mang soldiers collapsed in front of her with blood crazily spurting out, dying.

When he saw this type of scene, Xie Ying released a fierce shout, raising the longsword high up into the air, leading the infantry and light cavalry behind him in a crazy charge forward, rushing at the Great Mang heavy cavalry ahead.

Behind them, the Yunqin soldiers who were originally part of the escort army also completely left the fleet, starting to charge. Only those soldiers who used military equipment continuously operated the mechanisms, adding crossbow arrows.

Qin Xiyue’s solo charge and death resolved bravery long made all of these Yunqin soldiers surge with hot blood. When they saw Qin Xiyue cleave through these Great Mang heavy cavalry like a sharp sword, directly charging towards the center of the army, this Yunqin army’s charge even more so became ferocious and powerful!

While watching Qin Xiyue charge at himself, that Great Mang commander’s eyes didn’t reveal any panic, only narrowing his eyes slightly, making a hand gesture.

The Great Mang heavy cavalry in front of Qin Xiyue no longer closed in, instead opening up a path.

In this Great Mang commander’s eyes, even though these Great Mang heavy cavalry could consume the other party’s soul force, in this type of battle situation, in the entire South Tomb Province situation, these Great Mang soldiers still had great use in remaining alive.

The Great Mang heavy cavalry gathered again behind Qin Xiyue, cutting off her path of retreat. Then, like a metal city wall, they began to charge towards the incoming Yunqin army.

Qin Xiyue didn’t look behind her.

She only charged at this Great Mang commander before her, and then took action again.

Her eyes were bright like stars, incomparably resolute.

This Great Mang commander’s brows were deeply furrowed, in his hand a pale white light green mottled spear that seemed like it was covered in moss. It didn’t stab at Qin Xiyue, but rather towards the fine green rune threads.

The rune threads disappeared.

The radiance on the spear grew dim.

Then, a wave of mysterious rippling force rippled out from within his body, transmitting through his spear.

This Great Mang commander released a muffled shout, a strand of blood trickling out from the corners of his lips.

Right at this time, that older faced man at this Great Mang commander’s side descended from the back of his horse. His body that seemed a bit weak compared to these heavy cavalry didn’t look like it matched the heavy armor he wore. The armor covering his body already slid off of him before he landed.

A soft sword that was unique to Thousand Devil Nest shot out from the hands of this ordinary white clothed aged cultivator, shooting towards Qin Xiyue’s throat.

Qin Xiyue’s expression suddenly turned snow-white. Following a light cough, her footsteps became exceptionally heavy, her body clearly weakening.

A faint green rune thread cut into this aged cultivator’s brilliant colored longsword. The sword shook intensely, stopping in the air.

The aged cultivator released a muffled groan. An expanse of dazzling faint yellow radiance scattered outwards  from between his palm and sword handle.

Then, he gripped this shining sword again.

It once again stabbed towards Qin Xiyue.

1. Due to the fundamental changes of a cultivator’s body, all spiritual pills, once State Knight level was reached, wouldn’t be of any use anymore. B8C13

2. Second and third cultivation level

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